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A modern cast copy of a silver stater of Thebes with a shield and a volute krater Coin Type: Modern cast copy of a silver stater of Thebes in Boeotia
Mint and Date: Thebes, c. 425-400 BCE.
Size and Weight: 18mm x 24mm, 8.63g
Obverse: Boeotian shield.
Reverse: Volute krater with a bunch of grapes to the left.
Θ E across fields.
Provenance: lavenderblue24 (eBay), February 2010
Ref: See Myron Hoard pl. B, 29-30
BW Ref: 001 047 153
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Note 1: This coin is too light for a normal stater, at about 2/3 of the normal weight. But this weight does not match any known demonination, and the design is that of a stater. It shows considerable porosity. I will treat this as an unusually light, internally eroded stater, with a large question mark as a possible fake, until proven one way or the other.

Note 2: A complete match to his coin has come to light, not just the same dies but the size and shape too. This is impossible unless they are both cast fakes (or, though this is less likely, innocent replicas). I have therefore updated the coin description to include the words "modern cast copy."

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