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A silver drachm of the Sasanid Shapur I with a fire altar reverse Coin Type: Silver drachm of the Sasanid Shapur or Šāpūr I, 241-272 CE
Mint and Date: ?
Size and Weight: 27mm, 4.4g
Obverse: Bearded bust of Shapur I right, wearing merlon crown with ear flaps and surmounted by globe, diadem ties do not follow contour of hair behind.
Legend translated by Göbl as "The Mazdah worshipper, the divine Shapur, King of the Kings of Iran, heaven descended of the Gods"
Reverse: Fire altar with two attendants dressed in kingly garb, facing outward, spear in outer hand.
Legend translated by Göbl as "The fire of Shapur".
Ref: Göbl SN, crown I, reverse 1.
Provenance: antikacoins (eBay), June 2005
BW Ref: 001 026 037
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