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A billon antoninianus of the empress Salonina with a reverse showing Juno. Coin Type: Billon antoninianus of Salonina, 253-268 CE
Mint and Date: Rome, 257-258 CE
Size and Weight: 21mm x 22mm, 3.35g
Diademed, draped bust right, with a crescent behind her shoulders. Hair weaved in rows with long plait carried up the back of the head and tucked under a stephane.
Juno standing left, tall sceptre in left hand behind, with right hand extending a patera; at her feet below, a peacock.
Provenance: callisto2uk (eBay), April 2003
Ref: RCV (2005) —; RIC V (Gallienus joint reign) 30; Göbl 0242b
BW Ref: 003 036 024
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Note: RIC describes Juno's bird on this coin as an eagle, but this is almost certainly a mistake. RIC references Cohen, which describes the bird as a peacock. The index of reverse types in the Cunetio Treasure report, p. 77, includes a type in which Juno is accompanied by an eagle, but this probably copies the error in RIC. The actual coins listed, nos. 661-2, are are described as showing variant 1b, with a peacock. (Thanks to Curtis Clay for this information.) The bird on the coins and photos I have seen, including this one, certainly looks like a peacock, and not like an eagle.

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