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A silver Roman Republican denarius of M. Nonius Sufenas showing Saturn, Roma and Victoria Coin Type: Silver Roman Republican denarius of M. Nonius Sufenas, Roman Republic, 59 BCE.
Mint and Date: Rome, 59 BCE.
Size and Weight: 18mm, 3.67g.
Obverse: Bearded head of Saturn right; harpa and baetyl behind.
S.C. behind, SVFENAS in front.
Reverse: Roma seated left on cuirass and shields, holding sceptre and sword; behind, Victory standing left, holding a palm frond and crowning Roma with a wreath.
PR L V P F around.
Exergue: SEX NONI
Provenance: numismatiklanz (eBay), December 2012.
Ref: RCV (2000) 377; Crawford 421/1; Sydenham 885; Nonia 1.
BW Ref: 069 054 000
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