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A silver serrate Republican denarius of Lucius Memmius Galeria showing Saturn and Venus Coin Type: Silver serrate denarius of Lucius Memmius Galeria, Roman Republic, 106 BCE
Mint and Date: Rome, 106 BCE.
Size and Weight: 17mm x 18mm, 3.76g
Obverse: Laureate head of Saturn left, control letter below chin, harpa behind; ROMA behind the harpa.
Reverse: Venus in biga of horses walking right, holding reins with both hands and sceptre in right. Cupid flying left above holding wreath.
Exergue: L MEMMI (ME in monogram) GAL
Provenance: Antikacoins (eBay), July 2008
Ref: RCV (2000) 190; RSC Memmia 2.
BW Ref: 051 038 129
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