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A silver denarius of the empress Plautilla showing Pietas holding a child Coin Type: Silver denarius of Plautilla, 202-205 CE
Mint and Date: Rome, 203 CE.
Size and Weight: 18mm, 3.11g
Draped bust right. Slightly waved hair with a brooch at the nape.
Pietas standing facing, head left, holding a child in left arm in front and a tall sceptre in right hand behind.
Ref: RCV (2002) 7072; RIC IV Caracalla 367
BW Ref: 003 030 008
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Note: The following is quoted from Curtis Clay on the Forum Classical Numismatics Discussion Board in June 2008:

"I do believe that Plautilla bore Caracalla a baby boy in 204, reflected in her PIETAS AVGG reverse type, Pietas holding naked child. According to the surviving acts of the Severan Saecular Games, one of the reasons why the Senate decreed the games in 203, to be held in 204, was that Caracalla was going to produce a son; presumably Plautilla was already pregnant. Herodian's general assertion that Caracalla and Plautilla hated each other and did not live together cannot prove that they did not have sex a few times and conceive a child! Presumably the child died before the fall of Plautianus in January 205, for there is no mention of him in the detailed surviving accounts of that event and the divorce and banishment of Plautilla which it entailed."

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