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A bronze coin of Perge showing the local cult figure of Artemis Coin Type: Bronze AE18 of Perge in Pamphylia, 2nd-1st century BCE
Size and Weight: 17mm x 18mm, 3.40g
Obverse: Cult statue of Artemis Pergaia, in the form of a baetyl or similar object on a votive support, in distyle temple with eagle-decorated pediment. Countermark of a circle containing a seated sphinx.
Bow and arrow case.
Provenance: cojo-collector (eBay), January 2007
Ref: GCV 5422 var (countermark); SNG Fr. 373 var.
BW Ref: 001 030 109
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Note 1: Part of the reverse legend has been obscured by the flattened area caused when the countermark was struck.

Note 2: This obverse type is usually listed as a temple containing a cult statue of Artemis Pergaia. But the structure within is too complex to be just a cult statue, as can be seen more clearly from later coins showing the same structure, like this AE15 of Marcus Aurelius. See chapter 33 of Marvin Tameanko's "Monumental Coins" for details, and my own page on sacred stones for further discussion.

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