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A holed fourree denarius of Julia Maesa showing Pietas and an altar Coin Type: Holed, fourrée denarius of Julia Maesa,218-225 CE
Mint and Date: Unofficial mint, after 218-222 CE.
Size and Weight: 19mm x 20mm, 2.51g
Draped bust right, head bare.
Pietas standing left dropping incense on garlanded and lit altar with right hand, left hand behind holding incense box.
Ref: RCV (2002) 7754, RIC IV Elagabalus 263; BMCRE V p.541, 73.
Provenance: ancient_treasures (eBay), February 2008.
BW Ref: 008 036 122
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Note: Notice that the silver coating extends to the inside of the hole, suggesting perhaps that the hole was made at the time this fake was manufactured, as an attempt to allay any suspicions. But the hole just draws attention to the coin, so how likely would that be? Yet how else can this have come about?

An official, silver example of this coin is here: Julia Maesa Pietas denarius.

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