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A bronze semi-autonomous coin of Kyzikos showing Kore and a panther with a krater Coin Type: Bronze semi-autonomous AE20 of Kyzikos in Mysia.
Mint and Date: Kyzikos, 2rd century CE.
Size and Weight: 20mm, 4.24g
Wreathed and draped bust of Kore Soteira right.
Reverse: KYZIKH and NΩN in ex.
Collared panther standing right, placing paw on calyx krater.
Provenance: CNG e-auction 325 lot 386, April 2014
Ref: SNG France 503 var. (rev. legend); SNG Copenhagen 102; SNG von Aulock 1253
BW Ref: 003 056 170
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Note: This is the only coin type I have found that shows a calyx krater. Many kraters appear on ancient coins, but the others are all the volute type (of which my next coin shows a rather nice example). Kraters are almost always wrongly identified in coin descriptions, typically as amphoras; this one is usually called a vase. Kudos to CNG for calling it a krater in their e-auction catalogue.

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