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A Silver tetradrachm  or tridrachm of hadrian from Aigeai in Cilicia, with a reverse showing Amalthea. Coin Type: Silver tetradrachm or tridrachm of Hadrian, 117-138 CE.
Mint and Date: Aigeai in Cilicia, Caesarean Era 164 = 117-118 CE
Size and Weight: 25mm, 9.93g
Laureate bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder.
Amalthea standing facing, head right, wearing a kalathos; holding a cornucopia in her right arm and the infant Zeus, who crowns her, in her left; at her feet, a goat kneeling right, head left.
Ref: Prieur 716; SNG Levante 1713; SNG France 2328.
Provenance: Owned by Patricia Lawrence; obtained in January 2008 from Forum Ancient Coins.
BW Ref: 027 000 000
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Note 1: This coin is owned by Pat Lawrence. This is her photograph, and it is used on this site with her permission.

Note 2: The goat on the reverse is a punning reference to the name of the town and was used as its symbol on coins. AIΓЄAIΩN means "of Aigeai"; AIΓЄIΩN means "of the goats." That the nymph Amalthea kept goats was probably also part of the pun.

For another such goat, see this tetradrachm of Aigeai showing Perseus.

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