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A silver denarius of the emperor Geta with a reverse showing Providentia. Coin Type: Silver denarius of Geta, Caesar 198-209 CE, Augustus 209-211 CE
Mint and Date: Rome, 205-208 CE.
Size and Weight: 20mm, 3.78g
Bare-headed, draped bust right.
Providentia, wearing stephane, draped, standing facing, head left, holding a wand pointing downwards in her right hand and a sceptre, nearly vertical, in her left hand behind; at her feet, a small globe.
Provenance: Mikesancientstuff (eBay), April 2009
Ref: RCV (2000) 7197; RIC IV 51; BMCRE V p246, 458.
BW Ref: 023 040 138
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Note: The three listed references all give a different date for this coin. Sear uncritically based his date of 206 CE on Philip Hill's "The Coinage of Septimius Severus and his Family of the Mint of Rome AD 193-217," which made incorrect and unsubstantiated assumptions. RIC IV gives 203-208 CE, and the British Museum Catalogue (probably the most reliable) gives 205-208 CE.

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