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A bronze obol or hemiobol of Faustina Junior from Alexandria showing the Uraeus serpent. Coin Type: Bronze obol of Faustina Junior, 147-176 CE
Mint and Date: Alexandria, 148-149 CE.
Size and Weight: 17 x 18mm, 3.74g
Draped bust right, hair coiled at the back of the head.
Reverse: Uraeus serpent coiled with head to right, wearing disk and horns headdress.
Field Marks: LI in left field, B in right field (Regnal year 12 of Antoninus Pius)
Provenance: denant (eBay), November 2009
Ref: ?
BW Ref: 033 044 149
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Note 1: Milne would call this coin an obol; Sear would call it a hemiobol.

Note 2: Notice that the A is missing from the word CЄBACTH on the obverse.

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