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A silver denarius of the empress Faustina Junior with a reverse showing the empress with six children. Coin Type: Silver denarius of Faustina Junior, 147-176 CE
Mint and Date: Rome, 161-175 CE.
Size and Weight: 17 x 18mm, 3.39g
Draped bust right, hair waved and coiled at the back of the head.
Reverse: Faustina, perhaps as Felicitas or Fecunditas, standing facing, head left, holding two nude male infants (the twins Commodus and Antoninus); two clothed female children of various ages standing at either side.
Provenance: persis1957 (eBay), April 2009
Ref: RCV (2002) 5263; RIC III Marcus Aurelius 719.
BW Ref: 031 040 139
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Note: RIC III Marcus Aurelius 719 describes a coin showing only four children, two standing and two carried. This is a mistake in copying Cohen's description, and it does in fact refer to this coin. RIC 718 uses the same description for the corresponding aureus and thus has the same error.

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