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A billon centenionalis of the emperor Constantius II, hut type; RIC VIII Trier 220 Coin Type: Billon centenionalis of Constantius II, Caesar 324-337 CE, Augustus 337-361 CE
Mint and Date: Treveri, officina 1; 348-350 CE
Size and Weight: 21mm x 22mm, 4.3g
Pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust left, globe in right hand.
Helmeted soldier, spear in left hand, advancing right, head left; with his right hand he leads a small bare-headed figure from a hut beneath a tree. The spear points downwards and to the left.
Exergue: TRP
Provenance: bi11ynom8s (eBay), June 2006
Ref: RIC VIII Trier 220; LRBC 28
BW Ref: 043 025 078
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Note: No rosette on diadem; odd bust style; odd tree type. Barbarous, or just a rare type?

Note: This coin is listed on WildWinds under Constantius II, Trier RIC VIII 220.

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