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A bronze coin of the emperor Commodus from Philippopolis with a reverse showing Apollo Coin Type: Bronze AE18 of Commodus, Caesar 175-176 CE, Augustus 177-192 CE
Mint and Date: Philippopolis, ?
Size and Weight: 18mm, 3.32g
Laureate, cuirassed bust right seen from behind.
Bonus Eventus or Apollo standing slightly left, head left, holding out patera at waist level in front in right hand, branch held low behind in left hand. (But see the note below.)
Provenance: Ancient Imports (Vcoins), February 2004.
Ref: Moushmov 5182.
BW Ref: 002 027 011
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Note 1: The figure on the reverse of this coin is identified on Wildwinds and the on-line Moushmov as Bonus Eventus. However, it is probably more likely to be Apollo. Looking at Roman examples, the hairstyle and the patera on this one could indicate either, but the branch belongs to Apollo rather than Bonus Eventus, who would hold ears of corn, and there is no particular reason to expect a type of Bonus Eventus from the Balkans.

Thanks to Patricia Lawrence for this observation, on the Forum Classical Numismatics Discussion Board on 24th November 2006.

Note 2: This coin is on Wildwinds under Commodus, Philippopolis AE19 Moushmov 5182; and also the on-line Moushmov.

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