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A silver denarius of the emperor Caracalla with a Virtus reverse Coin Type: Silver denarius of Caracalla, Caesar Dec 195 - 28 Jan 198 CE, Augustus 28 Jan 198 - 8 Apr 217 CE.
Mint and Date: Laodicea, 200 CE
Size and Weight: 18mm x 19mm, 3.23g
Laureate, draped bust right, seen from behind.
Reverse: VIRT AVGG
Virtus, helmeted, standing facing, head left, right breast exposed, Victory on globe in right hand in front at shoulder height, reversed spear held behind in left hand.
Provenance: Beast Coins (Vcoins), October 2006
Ref: RCV (2005) 6902; RIC IV 354; BMCRE V p.294, 710.
BW Ref: 021 028 089
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