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A bronze coin of Bargylia showing Pegasus and a cult statue of Artemis Coin Type: Bronze AE17 of Bargylia in Caria, 1st century BCE
Mint and Date: Bargylia, 100-0 BCE CE
Size and Weight: 16mm x 17mm, 3.29g
Obverse: Pegasus flying right.
Reverse: Cult statue of Artemis Kindyas, facing, veiled.
Ref: BMC 10 var.
Provenance: shoppin4me2 (eBay), August 2007
BW Ref: 001 033 113
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Note: "Near Bargylia (in Karia opposite the island of Kos) is the temple of Artemis Kindyas, round which the rain is believed to fall without striking it. And there was once a place called Kindye." - Strabo, Geography 14.2.20

From Barclay Head's "Historia Numorum": "Bargylia was said to have been founded by Bellerophon in honour of his companion Bargylos, who had been killed by a kick from Pegasos. The types refer to this legend and to the cultus of Artemis Kindyas at the neighbouring temple open to the sky, containing the cultus-statue of the goddess, upon which neither rain nor snow ever fell (Polyb., xvi. 12; Strab., 658)"

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