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A bronze coin of the emperor Aurelian showing Sol and Mars Coin Type: Billon antoninianus of Aurelian, 270-275 CE
Mint and Date: Cyzicus, 10th emission, officina 3; start to mid 275 CE.
Size and Weight: 22mm x 24mm, 5.16g
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Mars, naked, holding spear, standing right receiving globe from Sol, standing left holding whip in left hand.
Field marks: Officina letter Γ in low field
Exergue: XXI
Provenance: antoniniani (eBay), November 2005
Ref: RCV (2005) 11556; RIC V 357
BW Ref: 034 028 066
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Note: This coin is listed on WildWinds under Aurelian, RIC 357.

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