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A bronze provincial coin of Augustus from Amphipolis in Macedonia, with a reverse showing Artemis riding a bull Coin Type: Bronze provincial AE22 of Augustus, 27 BCE - 14 CE.
Mint and Date: Amphipolis in Macedonia, 27 BCE - 14 CE
Size and Weight: 22mm, 7.03g
Obverse: KAICAP CEBACTOC (anticlockwise)
The emperor standing in military dress, holding spear and parazonium.
Reverse: (AMΦIΠOΛEITΩN) – obscured on this specimen.
Artemis Tauropolis riding bull right, veil or garment flowing above.
Ref: AMNG 70 (1 ex. in Copenhagen)
BW Ref: 009 032 113
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Note: The AMNG reference for this coin, with its anticlockwise obverse legend, was identified by Jochen on the Forum Classical Numismatics Discussion Board. He relayed this information: "AMNG makes a note to the rev.: Here, like on the next rev., the garment of Artemis - usually round her body and only with a corner hold above her head - is completely detached from her body."

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