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A holed and looped silver new style tetradrachm of Athens Coin Type: A holed and looped silver new style tetradrachm of Athens.
Mint and Date: Athens, c. 124 BCE.
Size and Weight: 26 mm x 30mm, excluding loop; 16.53g, including loop.
Obverse: Head of Athena Parthenos right in triple crested helmet ornamented with Pegasos and the foreparts of horses.
Reverse: A - ΘE / MIK - IΩN / EYP - YKΛE / ΔIO / KΛH / Σ; below amphora, ΣΩ
Owl standing right, head facing, on prostrate transport amphora right; to the right, two standing figures (the Dioskouroi), the one on the left holding out a phiale as if pouring a libation; all within an olive wreath.
Provenance: 7930jason (eBay), August 2010.
Ref: GCV 2552-2558.
BW Ref: 004 051 163
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Note 1: the flan is extended in one dimension by the hammering of the loop's rivet.

Note 2: The loop and rivet don't respond to a magnet, so are probably silver.

Note 3: I think ΔIO / KΛH / Σ rather than ΔIO / KΛI / Σ because you would expect the former, and I can see the horizontal bar of the H.

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