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Roman Republic

Part 38

46 BC

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Roman Republic, Mn. Cordius Rufus, 46 BC, AR denarius
jugate heads of The Dioscuri, wearing laureate pileii, 2 stars above,
uncertain countermark (figure standing on base or pedestal?)/
MN CORDIVS, Venus standing, holding scales and
transverse sceptre, Cupid perched on shoulder
Cr. 463/1a, Syd. 976, Babelon Cordia 2
Posted May 2017

Roman Republic, T. Carisius, 46 BC, AR denarius, Rome mint, 17 mm, 2.88g
head of Sibyl Herophile, hair elaborately decorated with
jewels, enclosed in a sling, tied with bands/
T CARISIVS III VIR, Sphinx seated
Cr. 464/1, RBW 1613, Syd. 983a, RSC Carisia 11
Posted February 2018

Roman Republic, T. Carisius, 46 BC, AR denarius, 18 mm, 3.43g
MONETA, head of Juno Moneta/
T CARISIVS, Coin-striking instruments: anvil, tongs,
hammer, and (Vulcan?) cap; all within laurel wreath
Cr. 464/2, Syd. 982, Babelon Carisia 1
Posted May 2017

Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, 46 BC, AR denarius, Sicily or Africa(?) mint, 3.56g
head of Ceres, wearing barley wreath, banker's marks/
AVGVR, PONT MAX, culullus, aspergillum, jug, and lituus, D
Cr. 467/1a, Syd. 1023, Babelon Julia 16, Sear Imp. 57
Posted May 2017