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Troas, Abydos, Time of Augustus or Tiberius(?), AE 16, 2.13g
cult statue of Artemis Ephesia/
KAI CAP, in wreath
RPC 2282, Very Rare (R2), ex Lindgren collection
Posted September 2016

Uncertain Asia Minor mint, Troas(?), Abydos(?), attribution uncertain,
Marcus Aurelius or Commodus, AE 27, 10.27g
bare-headed draped bust of Marcus Aurelius or Commodus,
2 countermarks eagle and thunderbolt/
Dioscuri standing, holding spears and bridles of horses
cf. SNG Cop. 59 (Troas, Abydos), cf. SNG BnF 2240 (Pisidia, Verbe),
cf. SNG von Aulock 1270 (Mysia, Kyzikos)
Posted September 2016

Troas (Troy), Ilion (Illium), under Roman Rule, autonomous,
Time of Augustus, minted 29-19 BC, AE 1.02g
head of Athena facing, wearing decorated helmet/
IΛI, helmeted Athena Ilias advancing, holding
battle lance and spindle, A monogram
SNG Munchen 221, Bellinger, T. 37, T109, Rare (R1)
Posted September 2016

Troas (Troy), Ilion (Illium), Claudius, with Divus Augustus, AE 25, 8.458g
TI KΛAYΔIOC KAICAP, bare head of Claudius/
ΘEOC AYTOKPATΩP, IΛI, radiate head of Divus Augustus, statue
of Athena Ilias standing on base, countermark Gorgoneion
RPC I, 2313 (10 specimens, this countermark noted),
BMC Troas p. 62, 38, SNG von Aulock 153, Bellinger Troy 121,
SNG Cop. ---, Very Rare (R2)
countermark: Howgego 193
Posted September 2017

Troas, Skepsis, Time of Augustus, Gaius and Lucius Caesar, AE 1.28g
ΓAI KAIΣAP, head of Gaius Caesar/
ΛEY KAIΣAP ΣKH, head of Lucius Caesar
RPC 2326, Rare (R1)
Posted September 2016