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Phrygia, Grimenothyrae, pseudo-autonomous issue,
Roman times, minted 97-138 AD, AE 20
EΠI Λ TYΛ, bearded head of Zeus, wearing taenia/
Athena standing, holding spear and shield
von Aulock, Phrygia II, 365, SNG Cop. 400,
SNG von Aulock 3599, Lindgren I, 954,
BMC 4, Scarce (NC), Rare city, ex Lindgren collection
Posted May 2016

Phrygia, Hierapolis, semi-autonomous issue,
Roman times, 3rd century AD, AE 25, 6.15g
IEPA CYNKΛHTOC, draped bust of Senate/
around A-KTI-A in 3 lines in wreath
SNG Cop. 444, BMC 89, ex Lindgren collection, ex Kovacs,
ex Jackson collection, commemorates games
Posted May 2016

Phrygia, Laodikeia, Time of Augustus, AE 15, 3.89g
Aphrodite standing, holding dove, monogram/
wolf seated in front of double-headed axe, all in wreath
BMC 59, Rare (R1)
Posted May 2016

Phrygia, Laodikeia, Augustus, magistrate Zeuxis Philalethes,
minted 15 BC(?), AE 11, 3.91g
ΣEBAΣTOΣ, laureate head of Augustus, lituus/
snake entwined around staff (or caduceus?)
RPC I, 2895, SNG von Aulock 3837, SNG Munchen 375
Posted May 2016

Phrygia, Midaeum, Augustus, AE 18, 4.35g
CEBACTOC, bare head of Augustus/
MIΔAEΩN, bare head of Caius
RPC 3229, Rare (R1), ex Hoffman collection
Posted June 2019