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Parion (Parium)

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Mysia, Parion (Parium), Augustus, AE 24, 4.2g
head of Augustus/
AVGVSTVS, Capricorn, cornucopia
RPC 2263
Posted May 2016

Mysia, Parion (Parium), Commodus, AE 23, 6.645g
laureate and cuirassed bust of Commodus/
DEO AESC SVB, Asclepius seated on throne, treating an injured bull
standing before him, his hand holding the bull's raised right foreleg,
C G H I P (Colonia Gemelia Iulia Hadriana Pariana) in exergue
RPC IV online temp. 624 (5 specimens), SNG von Aulock 1337, Weber 5152,
BMC Mysia p. 105, 104 var. (obverse legend), SNG Cop. 290 var. (same),
cf. SNG BnF 1484 (obscure), Rare (R1)
Posted September 2017

Note #1: The SVB in the reverse legend of this issue may be expanded to
"subvenienti", giving the meaning "To Aesculapius, the god who helps".

Note #2: This particular depiction of Aesculapius (Asclepius) is the
only ancient coin reverse type referring to veterinary medicine.