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Colonial Genoese, Part 6

Tripoli - Vicina

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Italy, Colonial Genoese (Genoese occupation), Tripoli (Levant),
1230-1235, AE denaro, 0.75g
stylized Genoese castle (city gate of Genoa)/
+ CIVITAS, pomata cross, pellet in each angle
Lunardi CT26, Schl. IV, 13, Very Rare (R2)
Posted January 2017

Italy, Colonial Genoese (Genoese occupation), Vicina(?) (Romania),
Genoese colony on the Black Sea, early 14th century, AE Follaro,
dated 710-711 H = 1310-1311 AD, 0.95g
Tamga of the Batu family/
SATY (retrograde), cross
Lunardi LR1, Extremely Rare (R3)
purchased from Artemide in 2019 via private sale,
previously appeared in 2013 Artemide auction
Posted June 2019

Note: The exact location of Vicina is unknown. Archaeologists have never found ruins.
It is believed that Vicina was located somewhere in the vicinity of where the lower
Danube River flows into the Black Sea. That is modern-day Romania.

Dealer's Note (translated from Italian): The "SATY" legend indicates the mint, today's Isaccea, at the mouth
of the Daube River. Recent studies confirm the Genoese attribution of these follari with the Christian
cross, probably to be attributed to the Genoese Vicina mint. Vicina was probably situated to the
south-west of the most important Chilia colony, to which the specimens with the Tamgiform
castle and the cross, entirely anepigraphic, are probably to be attributed instead.