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The Abbaeti - Gambrion

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Mysia, The Abbaeti, 2nd century BC, AE 20
laureate head of Zeus/
thunderbolt (fulmen) within laurel wreath
BMC p. 1, #4-5
Posted October 2016

Mysia, Adramyteion, ca. 2nd century BC, AE 21, 7.32g
laureate head of Apollo/
AΔPAMYTHNΩN, cornucopia between piloi
(caps) of the Dioskouroi, surmounted by stars
cf. SNG BnF 16, SNG von Aulock 1051,
BMC 7-8, Sear 3807
Posted February 2018

Mysia, Astyra, ca. 400-395 BC, Satrap Tissaphernes, AE 12
TIΣΣA, bare bearded head of Tissaphernes/
AΣTYPH, cult statue of Artemis Astyra, club(?)
SNG Fr. 124A var., Klein 253 var., Rare (R1)
Posted October 2016

Note: The dealer mis-attributed this coin as Mysia, Lampsakos,
head of Poseidon/fore-part of pegasus.

Mysia, Gambrion, AE 10
laureate head of Apollo/
ΓAM, star of 12 rays
SG 3871, BMC 2
Posted October 2016

Mysia, Gambrion, after ca. 350 BC, AE 10
laureate head of Apollo/
bull butting
SNG Cop. 157, SNG von Aulock 1088 var.
Posted October 2016