Problem solved (I've put this at the start to save you reading on). It is a coin of Trajan from Ephesus. The two figures are Koresos on the left, a personification of the mountain adjacent Ephesus, and the figure on the right is Androklos, the mythical founder.

Many thanks to Michel Amandry of the Bibliotheque National in Paris for coming up with that!

Without wanting to sound big headed it is seldom that I come across something from the Roman world that defies identification, however with the above coin I am somewhat at a loss.

It is made of bronze/copper and is approximately 19mm in diameter, The legend on the obverse reads outwards and starts in front of the bust AVTOK and may then be followed by DOMITIANOC KAI ...... suggesting the emperor Domitian.

The reverse has two figures shaking hands (the one on the right being Herakles?) and above the two figures the letters EF may be identified.

This lead me to an initial identification of a provincial coin of Ephesus, possibly in alliance with somewhere else but the type eludes me. I've tried Amandry, Burnett et el's Roman Provincial Coinage and failed to find it.

Any help you can offer, preferably with catalogue references would be appreciated. If you know what it is please e-mail me at

Many thanks in anticipation.

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RJB 2002