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Area/Ruler: Crusaders -Antioch: Boemund IV
Reigned: 1201 AD - 1232 AD
Denomination: AR Denier
Obverse: Bust left with helmet and chain mail, star behind. "BOAMVNDVS"?
Reverse: Cross, crescent in one quadrant. "ANTIOCHIA"
Reference: Metcalf 411-413 var.
Weight: 1 gms
Diameter: 17.7 mm

Bohemond IV (1201 - 1232)

Bohemond the One-Eyed, French Bohemond le Borgne count of Tripoli (11871233) and prince of Antioch (120116, 121933). The younger son of Bohemond III and Orguilleuse, he became count of Tripoli in 1187 and succeeded his father in the principality of Antioch to the exclusion of his nephew Raymond Ruben in 1201. In 1216 Raymond seized control while Bohemond was off in Tripoli, but he was deposed in 1219 and died the following year. Bohemond reigned in Antioch and Tripoli until his own death.

Principality of Antioch
Bohemond I (c. 1057-1111), prince of Antioch, leader of the First Crusade, founded a Crusader dynasty in Syria. Antioch was captured in June 1098, and Bohemond received it as a principality. He was captured by the Muslims in 1100 and held prisoner until 1103. After suffering a great defeat the following year, he returned to western Europe to seek help. During his stay in France, he married the daughter of Philip I of France. By 1107 he was head of a large army of adventurers who had been attracted by his military renown, but instead of returning to Antioch, he led his forces against the Byzantine Empire, which had restricted the expansion of his principality after 1098. His attack was unsuccessful, and Bohemond was forced to accept a peace that made him a vassal of the Byzantine emperor.
Bohemond's descendants ruled Antioch until 1268 and Tripoli from 1187 to 1289.

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