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Area/Ruler: Germany - Constance: Bishop Diethelm von Krenkingen
Reigned: 1190-1206
Denomination: AR Bracteate
Obverse: Bishop holding crozier in right hand and Gospels in left, under triple arcade decorated with globules.
Reverse: same as obverse, intaglio
Reference: Cahn 36, Slg. Bonhoff 1806, Berger 2479
Weight: 0.5 gms
Diameter: 21.7 mm

Bishop Diethelm von Krenkingen

Diethelm Bishop of Constance, 1190-1206

As a member of an important noble free family of the southeast Black Forest, Diethelm had become first monk of the monastery of Reichenau, and then made it’s Abbot by Emperor Friedrich I (Barbarossa) in 1169. He was selected Bishop of Constance in 1189.

He was in conflict with Friedrich’s successor, his son Henry VI (the Cruel). He became a close advisor to Friedrich’s other son, Philip of Swabia. In 1197 Philip gave Diethelm temporary administration of the duchy Swabia.

Pope Innocent III had been left guardian of Henry’s infant son after Henry’s death, but Philip and Otto IV (son of Henry the Lion of Saxony) warred over the succession. Innocent intervened (for Otto) in 1201, which established the role of the Pope in determining the imperial succession.

At the beginning of 1206, Diethelm it laid down his office of bishop. He died as monk at the Cistercian abbey of Salem.

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