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Area/Ruler: France - Carolingians: Conrad the Peaceful, King of Burgundy
Reigned: 934 - 993 AD
Denomination: AR Denier
Mint: Lyon
Obverse: Cross; "+ CONRADVS".
Reverse: Temple with cross; "+ LVGDVNVS"
Reference: M&G 1683; Depeyrot 531; Poey d'Avant 5013; Boudeau 1122
Weight: 1.0 gms
Diameter: 22.9 mm

Conrad the Peaceful, King of Burgundy

Conrad I, called the Peaceful (c.? 925 19 October 993), a member of the Elder House of Welf, was King of Burgundy (Kingdom of Arles) from 937 until his death.

Conrad was the son of King Rudolph II, the first ruler over the united territories of Upper and Lower Burgundy since 933, and his consort Bertha, a daughter of Duke Burchard II of Swabia. Some sources call him Conrad III, since he was the third Conrad in his family: his great-grandfather was Duke Conrad II, whose father was Count Conrad I.

An apocryphal story says that when Conrad learned that both the Magyars and the Saracens of Fraxinetum were marching against him, he sent envoys to both armies warning them of the other. The envoys offered Burgundian aid to each invader against the other and then informed them of the other's whereabouts. When the Magyars and Saracens met, the Burgundians held back and only attacked when the opposing forces were spent. In this way, both invading armies were destroyed and the captives sold into slavery.

His first wife was Adelaide of Bellay and they had at least one daughter, Gisela who married Henry II, Duke of Bavaria.

Conrad then married Matilda, daughter of Louis IV of France and Gerberga of Saxony. They had at least four children: Bertha, who married Odo I, Count of Blois, and then Robert II of France: Matilda, who possibly married Robert, Count of Geneva: Rudolph and Gerberga, who married Herman II, Duke of Swabia.

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