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Most viewed - HUNGARY: The Earliest Arpads (1000-1095)
Huszr 1; Tth-Kiss 1.3 legend variation 1; Unger 1; Rthy I 1; Frynas H.1.2; Adamovszky A2; Cskvri p. 30; Kovcs pp. 33-35196 views1 commentsStkp
Huszr 8; Tth-Kiss 4.1 legend variation 1; Unger 4; Rthy I 11; Frynas H.4.1; Adamovszky A12; Kovcs pp.100-101107 viewsStkp
Huszr 9; Tth-Kiss 4.4 sigla a4b1.1/195; Unger 5; Rthy I 12-14; Frynas H.4.2; Adamovszky A15v1; Kovcs p.10192 views1 commentsStkp
Huszr 17; Tth-Kiss 7.5 sigla a1.4/5; Unger 10; Rthy I 22; Frynas H.6.3; Adamovszky A26; Kovcs pp. 117-11983 viewsStkp
Huszr 27; Tth-Kiss 10.8 sigla 0.1/1; Unger 22; Rthy I 33; Frynas H.8.8; Adamovszky A39; Kovcs pp. 148-15081 viewsStkp
Huszr 18; Tth-Kiss 8.1 sigla b5.5/7; Unger 12; Rthy I 23; Frynas H.7.1; Adamovszky A28v3; Kovcs pp.124-12660 viewsStkp
Huszr 14 var.; Tth-Kiss 7.1 sigla b3.1/14; Unger 8; Rthy I 19; Frynas H.6.1; Adamovszky A20, Kovcs pp.114-11553 viewsStkp
Huszr 24; Tth-Kiss 10.4 sigla a1.1/2; Unger 17; Rthy I 29; Frynas H.8.4; Adamovszky A35a; Kovcs pp. 144-14547 viewsStkp
Huszr 23; Tth-Kiss 10.3 sigla ?; Unger 19; Rthy I 27; Frynas H.8.5; Adamovszky A34; Kovcs pp. 42-14440 viewsStkp
Huszr 25; Tth-Kiss 10.5 sigla b1.5/6; Unger 20; Rthy I 31; Frynas H.8.6; Adamovszky A36; Kovcs pp. 146-14740 views2 commentsStkp
Huszr 22; Tth-Kiss 10.2 sigla d1.1/14; Unger 16; Rthy I 26; Frynas H.8.2; Adamovszky A33; Kovcs pp. 141-14229 views1 commentsStkp
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