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Most viewed - Roman Republic
0079 - Denarius Tituria 89 BC177 viewsObv/Bearded head of king Tatius r., before TA, behind SABIN.
Rev/Rape of Sabines, two Roman soldiers hurrying l. carrying two Sabines; L TITVRI in ex.

Moneyer: L. Titurius L.f. Sabinus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 344/1a [dies o/r: 294/327 (1a to 1c)] - Syd. 698
ex-Numismática Ramos
0014 - Denarius Anonymous 209-8 BC117 viewsObv/Helmeted head of Roma r., X behind.
Rev/Dioscuri riding r., stars above their heads, dolphin below, ROMA in ex.

Ag, 19.0mm, 4.17g
Moneyer: anonymous.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 80/1a [dies o/r: 40/50] - BMCRR 423 - Syd. 214 - Calicó 20 - RCV 39 - RSC 20k
ex-Kuenker, auction 124, lot 8237
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0008 - Denarius Aemilia 63 BC105 viewsObv/PAVLLVS LEPIDVS CONCORDIA, veiled and diademed head of Concordia r.
Rev/L Aemilius Paullus standing to r. of trophy, Perseus and his two sons captive on the left, PAVLVS in ex.

Ag, 19.1mm, 3.78g
Moneyer: L Aemilius Lepidus Paullus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 415/1 [dies o/r: 240/267] - Syd.926 - RCV 297 - RSC Postumia 8 - Calicó 1216 - Cohen Postumia 7 - BMCRR 2839
ex-felixcuquerella (ebay)
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0009 - Denarius Papia 79 BC102 viewsObv/Head of Juno Sospita r., wearing goatskin, symbol behind.
Rev/Gryphon dancing r., symbol below, L PAPI in ex.

Ag, 19.9mm, 3.82g
Moneyer: L. Papius.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 384/1 [dies o/r: 211/211] - Syd. 773 - Calicó 1057 - RCV 311 - RSC Papia 1 - Cohen Papia 1
ex-Numismática Saetabis
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0126 - Denarius Marcia 56 BC99 viewsObv/ Diademed head of Ancus Marcius r.; behind, lituus and below, ANCVS.
Rev/ Equestrian statue standing on aqueduct, behind PHILIPPVS; at horse’s feet, flower. Below, AQVA MAR ligate within the arches of the aqueduct.

Ag, 20.0 mm, 3.37 g
Moneyer: L. Marcius Philippus.
Mint: Roma.
RRC 425/1 [dies o/r: 447/497] - Syd. 919 - Bab. Marcia 28
ex-J.B. González Redondo (, jul 2011 (ex–CNG, auction e228, lot 274)
0164 - Denarius Norbana 83 BC95 viewsObv/ Diademed head of Venus r.; behind, control mark CL; below, C NORBANVS.
Rev/ Corn ear, fasces with axe and caduceus.

Ag, 19.0 mm, 3.89 g
Moneyer: C.Norbanus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 357/1b [dies o/r: 156/173 (all var.)] - Syd. 739 - RSC Norbana 2
ex-Auctiones, auction e3, lot 106 (ex-De La Tour colln., Hess-Divo, auction 314, lot 1350) (ex-Varesi, auction nov 1989, lot 175)
0111 - Denarius Caecilia 81 BC79 viewsObv/ Diademed head of Pietas r., stork before.
Rev/ Elephant walking l., Q C M P I in ex.

Ag, 17.9 mm, 3.35 g
Moneyer: Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius.
Mint: North Italy.
RRC 374/1 [dies o/r: 88/98] - Syd. 750 - RSC Caecilia 43
ex-Gerhard Hirsch, auction may 2011, lot 411
0084 - Denarius Calpurnia 67 BC76 viewsObv/Head of Apollo r., hair tied with band; behind, monogram.
Rev/Horseman r., holding palm; above, E retrograde and pellet; below, C PISO L F FRV.

Ag, 18.6mm, 3.45g
Moneyer: C. Calpurnius Piso Frugi.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 408/1b (o: 43 var./r: 47) [dies o/r: 144/175 (all var.)] - Syd. 850
ex-Baldwin's, NY Sale XXV, lot 149
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0036 - Denarius Cassia 55 BC70 viewsObv/Head of Genius Populi Romani r. with sceptre over shoulder.
Rev/Eagle on thunderbolt r., on l. lituus, on r. jug, below Q CASSIVS.

Ag, 19.4mm, 3.59g
Moneyer: Q. Cassius Longinus
Mint: Rome.
RRC 428/3 [dies o/r: 126/140] - BMCRR Rome 3868 - RSC Cassia 7 - Syd. 916
ex-Tkalec, auction 27 apr 2007, lot 162
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0035 - Denarius Cassius 63 BC64 viewsObv/Head of Vesta l. wearing veil and diadem; on l. dish, on l. control letter.
Rev/Voter l., dropping tablet marked V into cista; on r., LONGIN III V.

Ag, 22.1mm, 3.89g
Moneyer: L.Cassius Longinus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 413/1 [dies o/r: 94/104] - BMCRR Rome 3931 - RSC Cassia 10 - Syd. 935.
ex-Tkalec, auction 27 apr 2007, lot 156
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0187 - Denarius Pompeia 137 BC61 viewsObv/Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, jug; before, X.
Rev/She-wolf suckling twins Romulus and Remus; behind, ficus Ruminalis with birds and to the l. Faustulus; around, SEX PO FOSTLVS; in ex., ROMA.

Ag, 20.6mm, 3.74g
Moneyer: Sextus Pompeius Fostlus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 235/1c [dies o/r: 127/159 (all var.)] - BMCRR Rome 927 - Pompeia 1 - Syd. 461a
ex-Naville Numismatics, auction e6, lot 80
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0012 - Denarius Postumia 81 BC60 viewsObv/HISPAN, veiled head of Hispania r.
Rev/A ALBIN S N, togate figure standing l. between legionary eagle and consular fasces, POST A F in ex.

Ag, 20.0mm, 3.88g
Moneyer: Postumius Albinus.
Mint: Rome aux.
RRC 372/2 [dies o/r: 198/220] - Syd.746 - RCV 297 - RSC Postumia 8 - Calicó 1216 - Cohen Postumia 7 - BMCRR 2839
ex-Incineratio Roma (vcoins)
0048 - Denarius anonymous 115-4 BC58 viewsObv/ Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, X; below, ROMA.
Rev/Roma seated r. on pile of shields, holding spear; before, she-wolf r. suckling twins; two birds in the field.

Ag, 22.0mm, 3.93g
Moneyer: anonymous.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 287/1 [dies o/r: 82/102] - Syd. 530 - RCV 164 - RSC 176 - Calicó 58 - BMCRR Italy 562
ex-Numismática y Arqueología J. Antonio Salvador
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0015 - Denarius Annia 82-1 BC55 viewsObv/C ANNI T F T N PRO COS EX S C, draped bust of Anna Perenna r., hair in a knot, winged caduceus behind, scale before, dot below.
Rev/Victory in galloping quadriga r., Q above, L FABI L F HISP in ex.

Ag, 19.2mm, 3.82g
Moneyer: Annius Luscus, L Fabius Hispaniensis.
Mint: Hispania.
RRC 366/1b [dies o/r: 18/(20)] - Syd.748a - BMCRR 352 - - Cohen Annia 1 - Calicó 116 - RCV 289 - RSC Annia 2a
ex-Kuenker, auction 124, lot 8326
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0033 - Denarius Postumia 131 BC55 viewsObv/Helmeted head or Roma r., nehind apex, before crossed X.
Rev/Mars in quadriga r., holding spear, shield and reins in l. and trophy in r. hand; below L POST ALB, ROMA in ex.

Ag, 20.0mm, 3.92g
Moneyer: L.Postumius Albinus (son)
Mint: Rome.
RRC 252/1 [dies o/r: 47/59] - BMCRR Rome 1129 - RSC Postumia 1 - Syd. 472
ex-Münzen & Medaillen, auction 28 may 207, lot 1310
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0017 - Denarius Octavian 30-29 BC50 viewsObv/Octavian head as Apollo, laureate, r.
Rev/IMP CAESAR, rostral column surmonted by cloaked figure (Octavian?), r. holding spear, l. parazonium.

Ag, 20.1mm, 3.47g
Mint: Rome.
RIC I/271 [S] - BMCRE 633 - BMCRR 4349 - RCV 1559 - Cohen (Imp.) 124 - Cohen (Rep.) 86 - Calicó 686 - RSC Augustus 124
ex-Kuenker, auction 124, lot 8598
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0018 - Denarius Thoria 105 BC50 viewsObv/ISMR, head of Juno Sospita r. in goat skin.
Rev/Bull charging r., C above, THORIVS below, BALBVS in ex.

Ag, 20.0mm, 3.93g
Moneyer: L. Thorius Balbus.
Mint: Gallia Cisalpina.
RRC 316/1 [dies o/r: 450/562] - Syd. 598 - BMCRR 1615 - Calicó 1300 - Cohen Thoria 1 - RCV 192 - RSC Thoria 1
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0029 - Denarius Vibia 89-8 BC47 viewsObv/Laureate head of Apollo r.; PANSA behind, below control mark.
Rev/Minerva in quadriga r., holding spear and reins in l. and trophy in r.; C VIBIVS C F in ex.

Ag, 18.2mm, 3.90g
Moneyer: C.Vibius C.f. Pansa
Mint: Rome.
RRC 342/5b [dies o/r: 988/1097 (3b-5b)]
ex-LHS Numismatik, auction 100, lot 389
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0055 - Denarius Acilia 49 BC47 viewsObv/Head of Salus r., SALVTIS behind.
Rev/MN ACILIVS III VIR VALETV, Salus standing l. holding serpent.

Ag, 20.0mm, 3.89g
Moneyer: Mn. Acilius Glabrio.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 442/1a [dies o/r: 651/723 (1a+1b)] - Syd. 922 - BMCRR Rome 3944 - RCV 412 - RSC Acilia 8, 8a - Calicó 66.
ex-Incitatus Coins (vcoins)
0016 - Denarius Cornelia 56 BC45 viewsObv/Head of Hercules r. in lion skin, SC and TAS in monogram behind, below winged paws.
Rev/Globe between jeweled wreath and three triumphal wreaths.

Ag, 19.9mm, 3.74g
Moneyer: Faustus Cornelius Sulla.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 426/4a [dies o/r: 33/37] - Syd. 882 - BMCRR 3912 - Cohen Cornelia 49 - Calicó 498 - RCV 385 - RSC Cornelia 61
ex-Kuenker, auction 124, lot 8390
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0027 - Denarius Mark Antony 32-1 BC45 viewsObv/Ship r., with sceptre tied with fillet on prow; above ANT AVG; below, III VIR RPC
Rev/Eagle between two standards, LEG XII below.

Ag, 18.8mm, 3.42g
Mint: Patra
RRC 544/26 [dies o/r: 864/960 (all var.)] - Syd.1230 - Calicó 193
ex-Áureo, auction 25 apr 2007, lot 2045
0051 - Denarius Scribonia 62 BC45 viewsObv/Diademed head of Bonus Eventus r., behind LIBO, before BON EVENT.
Rev/Well-head ornamented with garland and two lyres, tong at base, PVTEAL above, SCRIBON below.

Ag, 19.5mm, 3.42g
Moneyer: L Scribonius Libo.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 416/1b [dies o/r: 206/229] - Syd. 928 - Calicó 1247 - BMCRR Rome 3382 - RSC Scribonia 8-8b - RCV 367.
ex-Valencia Coin Fair, 29 feb 2008
0099 - Denarius Coelia 104 BC45 viewsObv/ Head of Roma l.
Rev/ Victory in biga left, C COIL below horses: above, A with point below; CALD in ex.

Ag, 19.0 mm, 3.94 g
Moneyer: C. Coelius Caldus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 318/1a [dies o/r: 72/90] - Syd. 582 - Bab. Coelia 2
ex-Jesús Vico, auction 125, lot 208
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0087 - Denarius Aemilia/Plautia 58 BC44 viewsObv/ M SCAVR / AED CVR Kneeling figure r., holding olive branch and reins of camel standing beside him; on either side, EX – S·C. In exergue, REX ARETAS.
Rev/ P HVPSAE / AED CVR Jupiter in quadriga l. holding reins in l. hand and hurling thunderbolt with r.; behind, CAPTV. Below, C HVPSAE COS / PREIVE.

Ag, 18.6 mm, 3.96 g
Moneyers: M. Aemilius Scaurus, P. Plautius Hypsaeus
Mint: Rome.
RRC 422/1b [dies o/r: 336/373] - Bab. Aemilia , Plautia 10 - Syd. 912
ex-CNG Coins, auction e-248, lot 350
0152 - Denarius Rubria 87 BC43 viewsObv/ Laureate head of Jupiter r., with sceptre over shoulder; behind, DOSSEN.
Rev/ Triumphal quadriga r., side-panel decorated with thunderbolt; (above, Victory with wreath); L RVBRI in ex.

Ag, 16.9 mm, 3.52 g
Moneyer: L. Rubrius Dossenus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 348/1 [dies o/r: 178/208] - Syd. 705 - RSC Rubria 1
ex-VAuctions, auction 267, lot 39
0192 - Denarius Valeria 45 BC43 viewsObv/ Diademed head of Apollo Soranus r., ACISCVLV(S) behind, with acisculus; star above.
Rev/ Europa riding bull r., holding veil above; in ex., L VALERIV(S).

Ag, 3.75 g
Moneyer: L. Valerius Acisculus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 474/1a - BMCRRE Rome 4099 - Sear Imp. 90.
ex-Soler y Llach, auction 83, lot 151.
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0034 - Denarius Postumia 81 BC42 viewsObv/Bust of Diana r., draped, with bow and quiver over shoulder; above brucanium.
Rev/A POST A F S N ALBIN, rock on which stands lighted altar, bull on l., togate figure holding aspergillum over bull on r.

Ag, 19.8mm, 3.95g
Moneyer: A.Postumius A.f. S.n Albinus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 372/1 [dies o/r: 90/100] - BMCRR Rome 2836 - RSC Postumia 7 - Syd. 745.
ex-Herbert Grün, auction 47, lot 1594
0037 - Denarius Carisia 46 BC42 viewsObv/ Head of Sibyl r.
Rev/ Sphinx r.; above, T CARISIVS; in ex., III VIR.

Ag, 17.7 mm, 3.73 g
Moneyer: T. Carisius
Mint: Rome.
RRC RRC 464/1 [dies o/r: 117/130] - BMCRR Rome 4060 - RSC Carisia 10 - Syd. 983 - Calicó 389
ex-Baldwin’s, Argentum auction A207, lot 608
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0078 - Denarius Pomponia 66 BC41 viewsObv/Laureate head of Apollo r.; six pointed star behind.
Rev/Urania, the Muse of Astronomy, standing l., pointing with wand to globe on tripod.

Ag, 17.5mm, 3.87g
Moneyer: Q Pomponius Musa.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 410/8 [dies o/r: 10/11] - Syd. 823
ex-Soler y Llach/Martí Hervera, auction dec 2010, lot 3461
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0095 - Denarius Porcia 110-9 BC41 viewsObv/ Head of Roma in winged helmet r., (above, ROMA), P. LAECA l., X below.
Rev/ Military governor standing l., placing hand over citizen before him; after him, attendant standing r. and holding rods; in ex., PROVOCO.

Ag, 19.1 mm, 3.91 g
Moneyer: P. Porcius Laeca.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 301/1 [dies o/r: 88/110] - Syd. 571 - RSC Porcia 4
ex-AENP Coin Convention Valencia, feb 2011
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0169 - Denarius Hostilia 48 BC41 viewsObv/Female head r., wearing oak-wreath.
Rev/Victory advancing r., holding caduceus and palm-branch, L HOSTILIVS before, SASERNA behind.

Ag, 18.5mm, 3.95g
Moneyer: L. Hostilius Saserna.
Mint: Roma.
RRC 448/1a [dies o/r: 99/110 (var. 1a+1b)] - Syd.951 - RSC Hostilia 5
ex-AUREA Numismatika, auction 49, lot 3207
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0189 - Denarius Plautia 60 BC41 viewsObv/ Head of Neptune r.; behind, trident; before, P YPSAE SC.
Rev/ Jupiter in quadriga r., holding reins and thunderbolt; below C YPSAE COS PRIV; behind, CEPIT.

Ag, 19.7 mm, 3.88 g
Moneyer: P. Plautius Hypsaeus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 420/1a [dies o/r: 34/38 (all var.)]
ex-NAC, auction 78, lot 674
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0083 - Denarius Vargunteia 130 BC40 viewsObv/Helmeted head of Roma r., behind M VARG, before crossed X.
Rev/Jupiter in slow quadriga r., ROMA in ex.

Ag, 20.5mm, 3.90g
Moneyer: M. Vargunteius.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 257/1 [dies o/r: 107/134] - Syd. 507 - RCV 133
ex-Madrid Coin Market
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0121 - Denarius Cipia 115-4 BC40 viewsObv/ Helmeted head of Roma r.; before, M CIPI MF; behind, X.
Rev/ Victory in biga r., holding reins and palm-branch tied with fillet; below, rudder; in ex. ROMA.

Ag, 17.5 mm, 3.93 g
Moneyer: M. Cipius M.f.
Mint: Roma.
RRC 289/1 [dies o/r: 535/669] - Bab. Cipia 1 - Syd. 546
ex-Numismática Hinojosa, eBay june 2011 - art. #350470428453
0147 - Denarius Sicinia 49 BC40 viewsObv/ Diademed head of Fortuna r.; before, FORT; behind, PR.
Rev/ Palm branch tied with fillet and winged caduceus, in saltire; above, wreath; below, Q SICINIVS; III VIR at sides.

Ag, 17.5 mm, 4.03 g
Moneyer: Q. Sicinius.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 440/1 [dies o/r: 129/143] - Syd.938
ex-CNG, auction e260, lot 453 (ex–Dante Alighieri colln., CNG auction e219, lot 406).
0199 - Denarius Licinia 55 BC40 viewsObv/ Laureate bust of Venus r., togate and with stephane; behind, SC.
Rev/ Female figure standing front, leading horse and holding spear; at feet, cuirass and shield; around, P CRASSVS M F.

Ag, 4.09 g
Moneyer: P. Licinius Crassus M.f.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 430/1 - BMCRR Rome 3901 - Syd. 929 - RSC Licinia 18
ex-Bremens-Belleville, november 2014, lot 363 (ex-St.Florian monastery, Dorotheum, june 1956, lot 2764 / ex. Apostolo Zeno colln., 18th c.)
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0175 - Denarius Mussidia 42 BC39 viewsObv/Head of Concordia r.; behind CONCORDIA.
Rev/Shrine of Venus Cloacina, inscribed CLOACIN; L MVSSIDIVS LON(GVS) around.

Ag, 16.2mm, 4.46g
Moneyer: L. Mussidius Longus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 494/42 [dies o/r: 87/97 (all var.)] - RSC Mussidia 6 - Syd. 1093 - Sear Imp. 188
ex-VAuctions 303, lot 388 (ex-Ivar Gault colln., CNG e-auction 271, lot 397)
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0031 - Denarius Cupienna 147 BC38 viewsObv/Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind cornucopiae, before X.
Rev/Dioscuri r., below L CUP, ROMA in ex.

Ag, 19.0mm, 4.34g
Moneyer: L.Cupiennus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 218/1 [dies o/r: 73/91] - RSC Cupienna 1 - Syd. 404
ex-Hess-Divo, auction 307, lot 1442
0049 - Denarius Aemilia 114-3 BC37 viewsObv/ Laureate female bust (Roma?) r., veiled and wearing diadem; before, ROMA; behind, crossed X.
Rev/ Three arches, on which stands equestrian status - horseman wears cuirass and wreath, and holds spear in r. hand; around, MN AEMILIO; between arches, L E P.

Ag, 18.5 mm, 3.85 g
Moneyer: Mn. Aemilius Lepidus
Mint: Rome
RRC 291/1 [dies o/r: 283/354 - BMCRR Italy 590
ex-Jesús Vico, auction 116, lot 3080
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0077 - Denarius Vibia 48 BC37 viewsObv/Head of Liber r., wearing ivy wreath; behind, PANSA.
Rev/Ceres walking r., carrying torches, plow before.

Ag, 19.0mm, 3.66g
Moneyer: C.Vibius Pansa Caetronianius.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 449/2 [dies o/r: 54/60]
ex-Artemide Aste, auction 5E, lot 1151
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0089 - Denarius Furia 119 BC37 viewsObv/ M FOVRI L F, laureate head of Janus.
Rev/ Roma standing l., holding sceptre in l. hand and crowning trophy with r. hand; behind, ROMA; above, star; on the l. field, trophy surmounted by a helmet in the form of a boar's head and flanked by carnyx and shield on each side; in ex. PHILI.

Ag, 19.1 mm, 3.90 g
Moneyer: M. Furius L.f. Philus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 281/1 [dies o/r: 393/491] - BMCRR Italy 555 - Bab. Furia 18 - Sydenham 529
ex-inAsta, auction 38, lot 473
0193 - Denarius Sulpicia 69 BC37 viewsObv/ Veiled bust of Vesta r.; behind, S C.
Rev/ Knife, simpulum and axe; AE CVR in field; P GALB in ex.

Moneyer: P. Sulpicius Galba.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 406/1 - RSC I/Sulpicia 7.
ex-Jesús Vico, auction 140, lot 79.
0140 - Denarius Plancia 55 BC36 viewsObv/ Head of Diana Planciana r., wearing causia; before, CN PLANCIVS; behind, AED CVR S C.
Rev/ Cretan ibex standing r., bow and quiver behind.

Ag, 18.5 mm, 4.00 g
Moneyer: Cn. Plancius.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 432/1 [dies o/r: 99/110] - Syd. 933 - RSC Plancia 1
ex-NAC, jul 2011 - art. #01062q00
0046 - Denarius Licinia 47 BC35 viewsObv/Laureate head of Fides r., behind NERVA, before FIDES.
Rev/Horseman galloping r., dragging captive by the hair, A LICINI below, III VIR in field.

Ag, 18.5mm, 3.93g
Moneyer: A. Licinius Nerva.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 454/1 [dies o/r: 66/73] - Syd. 954 - RCV 430 - Calicó 891 - RSC Licinia 24.
ex-Inclinatio Roma (vcoins)
0019 - Denarius Herennia 108-7 BC34 viewsObv/PIETAS, laureate head of Pietas r., control letter below chin.
Rev/M • HERENNI, Amphinomus carrying his father r.

Ag, 18.8mm, 3.88g
Moneyer: M. Herennius.
Mint: South Italiy (Reggio?)
RRC 308/1a [dies o/r: 120/(150)] - Syd. 567 - BMCRR 1231 - Calicó 615 - Cohen Herennia 1 - RCV 185 - RSC Herennia 1
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0050 - Denarius Lutatia 109-8 BC33 viewsObv/Helmeted head of Roma r., before CERCO, above (RO)MA, behind crossed X.
Rev/Galley r. within oak wreath, Q LVTATI above.

Ag, 18.5mm, 3.94g
Moneyer: Q Lutatius Cerco.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 305/1 [dies o/r: 135/169] - Syd. 559 - Calicó 914 - BMCRR Italy 636 - RCV 182.
ex-Valencia Coin Fair, 29 feb 2008
0024 - Denarius Volteia 78 BC31 viewsObv/Laureate head of Jupiter r.
Rev/Capitoline temple, tetrastyle; M VOLTEI M F in ex.

Ag, 18.9mm, 3.94g
Moneyer: M. Volteius M.f.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 385/1 [dies o/r: 70/78] - Syd. 774 - RCV 312 - RSC Volteia 1 - Cohen Volteia 1
ex-Sayles & Lavender
0032 - Denarius Marcia 134 BC31 viewsObv/Helmeted head of Roma r., behind modius, before crossed X.
Rev/Victory in biga r., holding reins in l. and whip in r. hand; below M MAR C, below RO MA divided by two grain ears.

Ag, 19.7mm, 3.79g
Moneyer: M.Marcius Mn.f.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 245/1 [dies o/r: 120/150] - BMCRR 1008 - Syd. 500.
ex-Valencia Coin Market 20 may 2007
0061 - Denarius Petilia 43 BC31 viewsObv/ Eagle on thunderbolt r.; above, PETILLIVS; below, CAPITOLINVS.
Rev/ Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus; roof is decorated with armed figure at each side and cuadriga at apex; within pediment, uncertain figure; between central four columns, hanging decorations; on l., S; on r., F.

Ag, 18.0 mm, 3.85 g
Moneyer: Petilllius Capitolinus
Mint: Rome.
RRC 487/2b [dies o/r: 85/74 (all var.] - BMCRR Rome 4222
ex-Spink, auction march 2008, lot 994 (ex-Glendining, auction april 1980, lot 159)
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0062 - Denarius Cordia 46 BC31 viewsObv/Conjoined heads of the Dioscuri with pilei, r., with star atop; behind, RVFVS III VIR.
Rev/MN CORDIVS, Venus (Aequitas?) standing l., holding scales & scepter.

Ag, 18.9mm, 3.52g
Moneyer: Mn. Cordius Rufus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 463/1a [dies o/r: 549/610 (1a+1b)] - RCV 440 - Syd. 976-976a - RSC Cordia 1-2c - Sear (Imp.) 63-63a -Calicó 465.
ex-Spink, auction march 2008, lot 994 (ex-Glendining, auction april 1976, lot 140)
0101 - Denarius Marcia 82 AC31 viewsObv/ Laureate head of Apollo r.
Rev/ Marsyas walking l. bearing wine skin on shoulder; behind, statue of Victory on column: before, L CENSOR.

Ag, 17.5 mm, 3.78 g
Moneyer: L. Censorinus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 363/1d [dies o/r: ~197/~228] - Syd. 737 - RSC Marcia 24
ex-M.Iglesias Alvarez, march 2011 (ex - Jesús Vico, auction 125, lot 232)
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0116 - Denarius Octavian 32-29 BC31 viewsObv/ Head of Venus r., wearing diadem.
Rev/ CAESAR DIVI F, Octavian l., in military dress, cloak flying behind, holding spear.

Ag, 20.2 mm, 3.51 g
Mint: Italy (Brundisium or Roma?)
RIC I/251 [S]
ex-Nomisma, auction e2, lot 18
0030 - Denarius Caecilia 81 BC30 viewsObv/Head of Pietas r. wearing diadem; before, stork.
Rev/Jug and lituus, IMPER in ex. Laurel-wreath border.

Ag, 19.5mm, 3.76g
Moneyer: Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius.
Mint: North Italy.
RRC 374/2 [dies o/r: 30/33] - BMCRR Spain 47 - Syd. 751 - RSC Caecilia 44 - RCV 302
ex-Gerhard Hirsch, auction 250/1, lot 796
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0060 - Denarius Minucia 134 BC30 viewsObv/Helmeted head of Roma r., behind crossed X.
Rev/TI MINVCI C F on l., RO MA above, AVGVRINI on r.; 2 togate figures, one holding a simpulum, the other a lituus, standing by statue on column.

Ag, 19.0mm, 3.93g
Moneyer: Ti. Minucius C.f. Augurinus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 243/1 [dies o/r: 76/95] - RCV 120 - Syd. 494 - RSC Minucia 9 - Calicó 1026.
ex-Jean Elsen et Fils, auction 95, lot 311 (ex-colln. A.Senden)
0076 - Denarius Fabia 102 BC30 viewsObv/Veiled and turreted bust of Cybele r., behind EX A PV.
Rev/Victory in biga r., symbol below, stork before; C FABI C F in ex.

Ag, 20.0mm, 3.96g
Moneyer: C. Fabius C.f. Hadrianus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 322/1b [dies o/r: (64)/80] - Syd. 590.
ex-Künker, e-auction dec 2010, lot 776756
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0141 - Denarius Julia 103 BC29 viewsObv/ Helmeted head of Mars r.; above, control mark C; behind, CAESAR.
Rev/ Venus in biga of Cupids l., holding sceptre and reins; above control mark C; below, lyre; L IVLI L F in ex.

Ag, 17.0 mm, 4.09 g
Mint: Roma.
Moneyer: L. Iulius Caesar.
RRC 320/1 [dies o/r: 92/92] - Syd. 593a - RSC Julia 4
ex-Artemide Aste, auction 9E, lot 9194
0093 - Denarius Valeria 82 BC28 viewsObv/ Draped bust of Victory r., wearing pendant earring and necklace, (control letter behind).
Rev/ C VAL FLA (VAL in ligature) on l., IMPERAT on r., EX SC across lower fields, aquila between signa exhibiting vexilla marked H (for hastati) and P (for principes).

Ag, 18.2 mm, 3.47 g
Moneyer: C. Valerius Flaccus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 365/1a [dies o/r: 36/39 (var. 1a --> 1c)] - Syd. 747a
ex-Tintinna, auction e9, lot 1108
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0148 - Denarius Rustia 76 BC28 viewsObv/ Helmeted head of Minerva r.; behind, SC; before, crossed X.
Rev/ Ram r., L RVSTI in ex.

Ag, 18.5 mm, 3.74 g
Moneyer: L.Rustius.
Mint: Roma.
RRC 389/1 [dies o/r: 42/47] - Syd. 782 - RSC Rustia 1
ex-Numismatica Tintinna, auction e11, lot 1063
0172 - Denarius Cassia 55 BC28 viewsObv/Head of Liberty r., LIBERT behind, Q CASSIVS before.
Rev/Curule chair within temple of Vesta; to l., urn; to r., voting tablet inscribed AC.

Ag, 18.1mm, 4.02g
Moneyer: Q. Cassius Longinus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 428/2 [dies o/r: 60/67] - Syd. 918 - RSC Cassia 8
ex-Valencia Coin Market, Dec 2012
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0071 - Denarius Pomponia 66 BC27 viewsObv/Laureate head of Apollo r., two crossed flutes behind.
Rev/POMPONI MVSA, Euterpe, muse of lyric poetry, standing r., holding two flutes in r. hand.

Ag, 19.6mm, 3.88g
Moneyer: Q Pomponius Musa.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 410/5 [dies o/r: 10/11] - BMCRE Rome 3613 - Syd.815 - RCV 355 - RSC Pomponia 13 - Calicó 1184.
ex-Jesús Vico, auction nov 2008, lot 290
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0100 - Denarius Furia 63 BC27 viewsObv/ Bust of Ceres r., wheat-ear behind; ear of barley before; III-VIR across fields; BROCCHI below.
Rev/ Curule chair between fasces; L FVRI CN F above.

Ag, 20.7 mm, 3.94 g
Moneyer: L. Furius Cn. f. Brocchus .
Mint: Rome.
RRC 414/1 [dies o/r: 110/122] - Syd. 902a
ex-Jesús Vico, auction 125, lot 221
0043 - Denarius Plaetoria 67 BC25 viewsObv/ Head of Cybele r.; behind, forepart of lion; before, globe; behind CESTIANVS downwards; before, SC downwards. Bead and reel border.
Rev/ M PLAETORIVS AED CVR EX SC; curule chair; control mark on l. Bead and reel border.

Ag, 19.0 mm, 3.82 g
Moneyer: M. Plaetorius Cestianus
Mint: Rome
RRC 409/2 [dies o/r: (49)/54] - BMCRR Rome 3574
ex-DNW, auction june 2007, lot 351
0090 - Denarius Plautia 47 BC25 viewsObv/ Head of Medusa facing, below L PLAVTIVS.
Rev/ Aurora holding palm and leading four horses; below, PLANCVS.

Ag, 19.9 mm, 4.02 g
Moneyer: L.Plautius.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 453/1c [dies o/r: 195/217 (all var.)] - Syd. 959 - RSC Plautia 15
ex-inAsta, auction 38, lot 514
0096 - Denarius Aelia 138 AC24 viewsObv/ Head of Roma r. in winged helmet, X behind.
Rev/ Dioscuri galloping r., two stars above, P PAETVS below, ROMA in ex.

Ag, 21.0 mm, 3.84 g
Moneyer: P. Aelius Paetus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 233/1 [dies o/r: 73/91] - Syd. 455 - RSC Aelia 3
ex-AENP Coin Convention Valencia, feb 2012
0158 - Denarius Fabia 126 BC24 viewsObv/ Head of Roma with winged helmet r., behind, crossed X.
Rev/ Q. Fabius Pictor seated l. wearing cuirass and helmet, and holding spear and apex, leaning on shield inscribed QVI / RIN; to the r., N FABI; to the l., PICTOR; ROMA in ex.

Ag, 18.2 mm, 3.85 g
Moneyer: N. Fabius Pictor.
Mint: Rome.
RRC RRC 268/1a [dies o/r: 4/5] - Syd. 517 - RSC Fabia 11
ex-CGB, list Rome 30, art. #brm_262510 (ex- CGB, auction 49, lot 471)
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0183 - Denarius Nonia 59 BC23 viewsObv/ Head of Saturn r., before SVFENAS, behind SC, harpa and conical stone.
Rev/ PR L V P F, Roma seated l. over pile of arms, holding scepter and sword, crowned by Victory standing l. behind; SEX NONI in ex.

Ag, 19.9 mm, 3.65 g
Moneyer: M. Nonius Sufenas.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 2421/1 [dies o/r: 56/62] - Syd. 885 - RSC Nonia 1
ex-Jesús Vico, auction 137, lot 203
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