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Most viewed - GERMANY
ANHALT-DESSAU - Friedrich II317 viewsANHALT-DESSAU - Friedrich II (1904-1918) AR 3 Mark. Obv.: Bust left. Rev.: German Imperial eagle. KM #30. Low mintage!dpaul7
hans krauwinckel.jpg
NURNBERG - Hanns Krauwinckel295 viewsNURNBERG - Hanns Krauwinckel AE Rechenpfennig (counting jeton). ca. 1586-1636. Obv.: *GOTT.ALLEIN.DIE.EHRE.SEI, Orb in pointed 3-lobed border. Rev.: *HANNS.KRAVWIN CKEL.IN.NVR, 3 crowns alternating with 3 lilies, around a rosette. Reference: Stalzer, Staatliche Münzsammlung München 1,1, Tafel 40, 389. dpaul7
BAVARIA - Maximilian II Joseph290 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian II Joseph AR Thaler, 1754. KM #223.dpaul7
WURZBURG - ADAM FRIEDRICH281 viewsWURZBURG - ADAM FRIEDRICH (1755-1779) AR 20 Kreuzer. 1763.
Obv.: AD FRI D G EP RAM ET WIR S R I P F O D around bust right. L beneath bust.
Rev.: Radiate madonna and child, over crescent moon rusting atop "20" in cartouche. 60 EINE FEINE MARCK 1763 around.
Reference: c-39.
BAVARIA - Maximilian II Joseph278 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian II Joseph (1745-1777) AR Thaler, 1774. Bust of king right/Nimbate Madonna holding Christ child and sceptre, seated on crescent. KM#234.1. dpaul7
bavaria albert iv .jpg
BAVARIA - Albert IV234 viewsBAVARIA - Albert IV (1465-1508) AR 1/2-Batzen, 1506. Obv.: Bavarian lion standing left. Rev.: Bavarian coat-of-arms. This is the first dated Bavarian coin! Ref.: Wittlesbach #200Aa.1 commentsdpaul7
Prussia albert.jpg
PRUSSIA - Duke Albert234 viewsPRUSSIA - Albert (Lived May 16, 1490 - March 20, 1568 -- Reigned 1525-1569 ), Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and first duke of Ducal Prussia, was the third son of Frederick of Hohenzollern, prince of Ansbach and Bayreuth, and Sophia, daughter of Casimir IV Jagiello grand duke of Lithuania and king of Poland and his wife Elisabeth Habsburg. Obv.: IVSTVS EX FIDE VIVIT 1545 [shield] – Bareheaded, cuirassed bust right. Rev.: ALBER D G MAR BRAN DVX PRVSS – Eagle with open wings. 24 mm, 1.84 g
PRUSSIA - Duke Albert 226 viewsPRUSSIA - Duke Albert. Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. Albert (Lived May 16, 1490 - March 20, 1568 -- Reigned 1525-1569 ), Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and first duke of Ducal Prussia, was the third son of Frederick of Hohenzollern, prince of Ansbach and Bayreuth, and Sophia, daughter of Casimir IV Jagiello grand duke of Lithuania and king of Poland and his wife Elisabeth Habsburg. Obv.: IVSTVS EX FIDE VIVIT 1538 [shield] – Bareheaded, cuirassed bust right. Rev.: ALBER D G MAR BRAN DVX PRVSS – Eagle with open wings. , 1.84 g. dpaul7
WURZBURG - Johann Gottfried II219 viewsWURZBURG - Johann Gottfried II (1684-1698)AR Schilling, 1694. Similar to Helmschrott #454; except the coat of arms order is reversed!!! dpaul7
WURZBURG - Anselm Franz206 viewsWURZBURG - Anselm Franz 1746-1749 AR 1 Schilling, 1747. Rarer type! Obv.: Crowned coat-of arms of Anselm. Rev.: St. Peter standing, with sword and crozier. St. Peter divides dat. Reference: KM#318.dpaul7
BAVARIA - Maximilian II203 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian II (1848-1864) AR 2 Gulden, 1855. Commemorates the restoration of the Madonna Column in Munich. Obv.: MAXIMILIAN II KOENIG V. BAYERN, bust of king right. Rev.: Madonna column, and legend around. The Madonna is the patron of Bavaria. KM-465.dpaul7
BRANDENBURG - PRUSSIA GEORGE WILHELM202 viewsPrussia Georg Wilhelm 1619-40 AD Billon 1/24 Thaler 3 Polkar. Fine. Size: 19 mmdpaul7
PRUSSIA - Friedrich Wilhelm IV198 viewsPrussia, Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1840-1861) 2 Thaler, Silver. KM-440.2.1 commentsdpaul7
fred prussia.jpg
PRUSSIA - Frederick the Great190 viewsPrussia - 1 Thaler, 1779. Berlin mint. Frederick the Great.dpaul7
NURNBERG - JETON176 viewsNURNBERG - JETON -- An interesting Jeton, or counting piece, made by Lazarus Conrad Lauffer between 1663-1709.
The piece is brass.
BAVARIA - Ludwig II174 viewsBAVARIA - Ludwig II (1864-1886) AR Thaler, "Victory Thaler". Made to commemorate Germany's victory over France in the Fraco-Prussian war. Obv: Ludwig's head left; LUDWIG II KOENIG V. BAYERN J. REISS below bust. Rev.: Woman seated right, holding wreath and cornucopia; a tree at her feet; DURCH KAMPF UND SIEG ZUM FRIEDEN In exurge: FRIEDENSSCHLUSS ZU FRANKFURT A.M. 10. MAI 1871. Small obversse rim nick. Reference: KM #496.dpaul7
PRUSSIA - Friedrich II169 viewsPRUSSIA - Friedrich II (1740-1786) Reichs Thaler, 1774. Reference: C-32a. dpaul7
BADEN168 viewsBADEN - CU 1 Kreuzer, 1841. Obv.: Head of Grand Duke faces right. LEOPOLD GROSHERZOG VON BADEN. Rev.: Value and date in wreath. KM#203.dpaul7
BAVARIA - Maximilian I166 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian I (1597–1651) AR 2 Kreuzer, c. 1623. Obv: Arms of Bavaria in circle, "*M.C.P.R.V.B.D.S.R.I.A.E.E (Maximilianus. Comes Paletinus Rheni, Utruisque Bavariae Dux, Sacri Romani Imperii Archidapifer, Et Elector.
Rev.: Orb with "2" inside; SOLI DEO GLORIA. The piece, though undated, MUST be made c. 1623. Maximilian was Elector from 1623–1651. Coins were dated beginning 1623, so this may be an earlier issue of that year. KM-20. Krause lists this as pre-1623, but I do not agree, due to the title on the coins mentioning ELECTOR.
GERMANY - HALL166 viewsGerman, City of Hall. Anonymous 14th to 15th century. Silver hand Heller. Denomination :Silver Heller. Mint : Hall in Germany. Reference : Saurma 1365 / 608. Size : about 16.5 mm. Weight : about 0.55 grams.
Grade : gVF. Obverse : Hand with the palm forward, probably representing the "hand of God".
Reverse : Cross, splayed at the ends, with a dot at each end.
PRUSSIA - WILHELM I161 viewsPrussia - Wilhelm I (1861-1888) 1879 20 Marks, Gold. KM-504.dpaul7
PRUSSIA - Friedrich II158 viewsPRUSSIA - Friedrich II (1740-1786) AR 1/2 Thaler, 1767. C-28.5. Small loop at top.dpaul7
PRUSSIA - Frederick II155 viewsPRUSSIA - Frederick II (1740-1786) AR 1 Thaler, 1784-E. (East Prussian mint). C-32i.dpaul7
NURNBURG KREUZER154 viewsNURNBERG -- 1693 AR Kreuzer, KM #215. Crowned arms with Angel above; mintmark "N" below/double cross, "STADTMUNZ 1693". 0.78 g. Slight bend typical of issue, struck from roller dies. dpaul7
BAVARIA142 viewsBAVARIA - Carl Theodor (1777-1799) Cu 2 Pfennig, 1796. KM #269.dpaul7
SAXONY - JOHANN - 1854-1873142 viewsSAXONY - Johann (1854-1873) AR Thaler. 1858. Obv: King's portrait right; JOHANN V.G.G. KOENIG VON SACHSEN F mintmark below head. Rev: Crowned and draped arms; EIN VEREINSTHALER XXX EIN PFUND FEIN 1858 below. Reference: KM-1192.dpaul7
Münster141 viewsPrince-bishopric Münster - Klemens August von Bayern 1719 - 1761. 1/24 Taler 1755. 18mm, 1.35g, aVF KM#-190. Billondpaul7
NURNBERG - Friedrich III141 viewsNURNBERG - Friedrich III (1452-1493) silver 1/2-Schilling, made c. 1465. Reference: K-110.dpaul7
BAVARIA - Ludwig II140 viewsBAVARIA - Ludwig II (1864-1886) Silver 2-Mark, 1876-D. KM-505.dpaul7
Braunschweig wolf karl i.jpg
Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel135 viewsDuchy Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel, Karl I. 1735-1780. Size/Weight: 21mm, 2.15g. Denomination: 1 Pfenning (1773), copper. Mint: Braunschweig Preservation: Nice uncirculated. KM-891dpaul7
SAXONY - Elector Friedrich August III134 viewsSAXONY - Elector Friedrich August III (1763-1806) AR 1/12 Thaler, Obv.: Crowned arms. Rev.: Value, rosette below, surrounded by value statemenet and date. 1763. Reference: KM #954.dpaul7
saxony JOHANN GEORG.jpg
SAXONY - Johann George131 viewsSAXONY - Johann George (Alone) 1615-1656 - AR Groschen - 1/24 Thaler, 1639 SD. KM#71.dpaul7
COLOGNE - MAXIMILIAN FRIEDRICH128 viewsCOLOGNE - MAXIMILIAN FRIEDRICH (1761-1784) Cu. 1/4-Stuber. Obverse with crowned monogram; reverse with value and date 1765 in floreate cartouche. Reference: KM#161.dpaul7
bayern albert iii MONK PFENNIG.jpg
BAVARIA - Albert III127 viewsBAVARIA - Albert III (1438-1460) AR pfennig. Uniface. Monk's head (a canting device for Munich) in 6-lobed border, Munich mint. Beierlein #178.dpaul7
Brandenburg-Ansbach - 2½ Kreuzer.jpg
BRANDENBURG-ANSBACH127 viewsBRANDENBURG-ANSBACH -- Billon 2½ Kreuzer 1778. Obv.: Crowned coat of arms, OVER LETTER "s" IN CARTOUCHE; "NACH DEM CONVENTIONS FUS" Reverse: On 4 lines: 'BR./ONOIZB/LAND:M/1778. Reference: KM# 277.dpaul7
regensburg 1 heller.jpg
REGENSBURG125 viewsREGENSBURG - Free City issue, octagonal Cu 1 Heller, 1716. Uniface. Crossed keys; divide date. Above keys: .P. Below keys: *H*. Reference: KM#237. dpaul7
Bishopric Metz 123 viewsBishop Bertram (1179-1212). Size/Weight: 15mm, 0.73g Denomination: 1 Pfennig, silver. Mint: Bishopric Metz. Preservation: very fine. BERTR - ANN, Bust of Saint Stephen right / ME - MT / - NS - IS, hand on cross From the Barbarossa treasure. dpaul7
PRUSSIA - Friedrich Wilhelm II120 viewsPRUSSIA - Friedrich Wilhelm II (1786-1797) AR 4 Groschen, 1797. KM#84b.dpaul7
BRANDENBURG - GEORGE WILHELM - 1619-1640117 viewsBRANDENBURG - GEORGE WILHELM - 1619-1640 Silver Solidus, 1627. Obv.: GW monogram in beaded circle, shield below divides legend: SOLIDVS PRVSSIAE 1627 Rev.: Eagle in circle. Ruler's names & titles. Reference: KM #113.dpaul7
HANNOVER111 viewsHANNOVER - 1851 AR 6 pfennig. Obv.: Horse galloping left; "NEC ASPERA TERRENT" B in exurge. Rev.: 6/PFENNIGE/ 1851 in center, "KON. HANN. SCHEIDEM. 48 EINEN THAL." around. KM#205.dpaul7
BAVARIA - Ernst I & Wilhelm III110 viewsBAVARIA - Ernst I & Wilhelm III (1397-1435) AR pfennig. Obv.: Monk's head (a canting device for Munich). Rev.: Gothic E W. Munich mint. Reference: WITT-164 variety.dpaul7
braunschweig wolfenbuttel.jpg
Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel 107 viewsKurfürstentum Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel - Georg August 1727-1760. Size/Weight: 20mm, 3g. Denomination: 1 Pfenning (1754), copper. Mint: Zellerfeld. Preservation: EF/aMS. KM-901.2dpaul7
SAXONY106 viewsSAXONY - Elector Friedrich August III silver 1 Thaler, 1790 - Vicariat (Mining) issue. One year type. KM #1022.dpaul7
LUBECK (Free City) -- 1728 4 Schilling102 viewsLUBECK (Free City) -- 1728 4 Schilling, 4 SCHILLING (1/8 Thaler) - 3.0500 g., 0.5620 Silver 0.0551 oz. ASW Obv: Crowned imperial eagle, 4 in circle on breast Obv. Legend: CIVITATIS. - IMPERIALIS. Rev: 3-line inscription between 2 palm branches above shield of city arms, date at end of legend Rev. Legend: LUBECKS. COURANT. GELDT. Rev. Inscription: 4 / SCHIL / LING Note: Reference: KM# 143; B#328-30.dpaul7
PRUSSIA - Wilhelm I102 viewsPRUSSIA - Wilhelm I (1861-1888) AR 5 Marks, 1876-B. KM #503.dpaul7
NORDLINGEN - Maximilian I101 viewsNORDLINGEN - Maximilian I AR Batzen 1518. Obv: MAXIMI­LIAN:ROMA': IMPER', crowned bust right, holding sceptre and imperial orb. Rev.: +MONETA:NOVA:NORDLIN GENS', 2 coat of arms side-by-side, date in Roman Numerals above. Herz­felder 79 b, Schulten2416. 3,86g. Sehr schön.
PRUSSIA - Wilhelm II98 viewsPRUSSIA - Willhelm II (1861-1888) 1867-A AR 1 Thaler. Obv.: Bust right; WILHELM KOENIG VON PREUSSEN Mintmark below bust. Rev.: Crowned Prussian eagle; EIN VEREINSTHALER XXX EIN PFUND FEIN 1867. Reference: KM-494.dpaul7
TRIER 4Pfennig.jpg
TRIER - Petermenger96 viewsTRIER - Petermenger, 1659, silver. Dated with Roman Numerals - MDCLIX. KM#121.dpaul7
augsburg 1 heller.jpg
AUGSBURG94 viewsAUGSBURG - Cu 1 Heller, 1617 Reference: KM# 1.dpaul7
BAMBERG93 viewsBAMBERG - Cu 1 Heller, 1786. KM #133.dpaul7
SAXONY - Friedrich August III93 viewsSAXONY - Friedrich August III (1904-1918) AR 3 Mark, 1912. Obv.: Bare-headed bust of king facing right, FRIEDRICH AUGUST KONIG V. SACHSSEN. Rev.: Imperial German eagle, DEUTSCHES REICH 1912 - DREI MARK. E mintmark. Reference: KM#1267.dpaul7
WURTTEMBERG - Wilhelm I92 viewsWURTTEMBERG - Wilhelm I (1816-1864) Billon 1 Kreuzer, 1838. Obv.: Head of king. Rev.: Wurttemberg arms in oval shield. Reference: KM #548.dpaul7
GERMANY - Baden91 viewsGERMANY - Baden, Friedrich II (1907-1918) AR 5 Reichsmark, 1908-G. Grand Duke faces left; FRIEDRICH II GROSSHERZOG VON BADEN Mintmark G below. Rev.: Crowned German Imperial eagle; *DEUTCHES REICH 1908* and FUNF MARK. Reference: KM#281.dpaul7
JETON - General Tolli89 viewsJETON - By Lauer of Nurnberg. Made circa 1814. Probably brass, and sadly 2 holes. Obv erse features the Russain Czar Alexander. Reverse features Barclay de Tolli, Russia. Actually a very scarce Lauer jeton produced at the end of the wars honoring one of the more obscure Russian generals. dpaul7
REGENSBURG89 viewsREGENSBURG - BISHOP JOHANN I VON BAYERN 1384-1409 AR Pfennig. Ducal/Bishopric issue - Duke with sword and flag/Crossed keys. Emmerig #249A. dpaul7
HESSE-CASSEL - Friedrich II88 viewsHESSE-CASSEL - Friedrich II (1760-1785) 24th/Thaler, 1780 BR (Johann Balthasar Reinhard, Mintmaster). Obv.: Lion rampant left, BR. Rev.: Value and date. Metal: Silver. 1,80 g; 21 mm. KM#-520.dpaul7
OLDENBURG86 viewsOLDENBURG - AR 1/2-Groschen, 1858. Reference: KM #192.dpaul7
SAXONY - Friedrich August III85 viewsSAXONY - Friedrich August III (1904-1918) silver 2 Marks, 1909. Commemorative coin, 500th Anniversary of Leipzig University. KM #1269.dpaul7
BERG84 viewsBERG - 1806-s AR 3-Stuber. Obverse shows initial of Joachim Murat, ruler from 1806-1808. KM#10.dpaul7
MANSFELD84 viewsMANSFELD (Friedeburg line). Peter Ernst I., Johann Albrecht, Johann Hoyer III, Bruno II. and Hoyer Christoph 1579-1585. 1/2 Taler dated 1582, BM-Eisleben. P · E : ERN : IO : AL : IO · HO : BRV · HO : CHR : FRA : E : PA, helmeted coat-of-arms; partial date above shield / COMI : E : DOMI : IN : MAN : NOBI : DOMI : I : HEL, St. George right on horseback, slaying the Dragon below. Reference: Tornau 564 f. Holed...but scarce!
SILESIA - Leopold I81 viewsSILESIA - Leopold I (1655-1705) AR Kreuzer, 1701. Obv.: Bust of Leopold "The Hogmouth" right; reverse: Crowned double-headed eagle; denomination on breast. Oppeln Mint. Reference: KM #612. (FORMER AUSTRIA KM#1280 (1382).dpaul7
hamburg 4 schilling.jpg
HAMBURG - 4 Schilling80 viewsHAMBURG - 4 Schilling, 1727. AR. KM #162..1dpaul7
BRANDENBURG - GEORGE WILHELM79 viewsBRANDENBURG - GEORGE WILHELM - 1619-1640 Silver Solidus, 1633. Obv.: GW monogram in beaded circle, shield below divides legend: SOLIDVS PRVSSIAE 1627 Rev.: Eagle in circle. Ruler's names & titles. Konigsburg mint. Reference: KM #113. dpaul7
hildesheim 4 pfennig.jpg
HILDESHEIM - Free City79 viewsHILDESHEIM - Free City, Billon 4 Pfennig, 1720. Obv.: City coat of arms, "MO:NO:CIV:HILDES"
Rev.: On 3 lines: "IIII/STADT/17 PF 20". Reference: KM#251.
STRASLUND78 viewsSTRASLUND - AR Schilling, 1538. Obv.: Iconographic image of a beam of light with ring in center ray; in a circle, MONETA.NOVA.SVND.38. Rev.: Cross in circle; DEVS IN NOM TUO SAL. Reference: Saurma 4597/2626. Ex-Areich collection.dpaul7
FRANKFURT 1839.jpg
FRANKFURT76 viewsFRANKFURT - No date (1839) 1 Kreuzer. Silver. Obv.: City view. Rev.: Spread eagle looking left.
Reference: KM#317.
SAXE-ALTENBURG75 viewsSAXE-ALTENBURG - Under Ernst I (1853-1908) Cu. 1 Pfennig, 1858.
Reference: C-14.
WURTTEMBURG - Wilhelm II75 viewsWURTTEMBURG - Wilhelm II (1891-1918) AR 5 Mark, 1901-F. KM #632.dpaul7
PASSAU (Bavaria) - ERNST VON BAYERN72 viewsPASSAU (Bavaria) ERNST VON BAYERNAR Zweier, 1530. Uniface. Arms of Passau next to arms of Bavaria. Date 1530 above; E flanked by rosettes below. Reference: Kellner 79b.dpaul7
SAXONY - Albert71 viewsSAXONY - Albert (1873-1902) AR 5 Mark. KM #1237.dpaul7
SAYN-WITTGENSTEIN/MINDEN67 viewsSAYN-WITTGENSTEIN/MINDEN mint. II Mariengroschen, 1656. dpaul7
CONSTANCE/KONSTANZ65 viewsCONSTANCE/KONSTANZ - AR Schilling, c. 1493. Obv.: Enthroned and nimbate St. Conrad. Rev.: City arms in tri-lobed border, eagle above. Ref.: Nau-18ff.dpaul7
BAVARIA - Maximilian I - 1598-165163 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian I - 1598-1651 AR 2 Kreuzer, No Date. Obv: Spade-shaped Bavarian arms in inner circle. Legend: * M. C. P. R. V. B. D. S. R. I. A. E. E. Rev: Orb with 2 at bottom in inner circle. SOLI . DEO . GLORIA . Reference: KM #20. Note: Prev. KM#30.dpaul7
GOSLAR63 viewsGOSLAR - 1749 1 Leichter (light) Pfennig. Cu. Obv.: Radiate madonna, GOSLAR below. Rev.: *1*/LEICHTER/PFENNIG/1749dpaul7
BRUNSWICK-WOLFENBUTTEL62 viewsBRUNSWICK-WOLFENBUTTEL - Karl I (1735-1780) AR 1/3 Thaler, 1765. Obv: Portrait of Karl I facing right. Reverse shows the iconic HORSE design for this area! Reference: KM #972.dpaul7
BAVARIA - Maximilian I - 1598-165160 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian I - 1598-1651 AR 2 Kreuzer, 1625. Obv: Spade-shaped Bavarian arms in inner circle. Legend: * M. C. P. R. V. B. D. S. R. I. A. E. E. Rev: Orb with 2 at bottom in inner circle. . SOLI . DEO . GLORIA . 1625 Reference: KM #128. Note: Prev. KM#31.
GERMAN MILITARY COMMAND56 viewsGERMAN MILITARY COMMAND - Eastern Region, World War I. 1 Kopek, Fe, 1916-J. Obv.: Iron Cross with denomination and date inside. Rev.: 4 pairs of Oak leaves arranged in square pattern; GEBIET DES OBERBEFEHLSHABERS OST Mintmark "J" below. For use in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Northwest Russia. Reference: KM-21.dpaul7
LOWENSTEIN-WERTHEIM-ROCHEFORT56 viewsLOWENSTEIN-WERTHEIM-ROCHEFORT -- Cu. Double tournois (Denier), 1634. Johann Theodore, 1611-1644 (pictured facing right). KM #20.dpaul7
MEISSEN - BALTHASAR56 viewsMEISSEN - BALTHASAR (1349-1406) AR Kreuzgroschen. Obv.: Rampant lion left, with ornate tail. letter B in front of lion; GROSSVS MARCH MISNENSIS . Rev.: Floral cross in quatra-lobe; C R V X in lobe angles. BALTH DI GRACIA TVRING LNG. Reference: Saurma #2328.dpaul7
HAMBURG - "Notgeld"52 viewsHAMBURG - "Notgeld" or Necessity Money, 200,000 Mark, Al., 1923. Obv.: Arms of Hamburg; FREIE UND HANSESTADT HAMBURG; Mintmark below arms. Rev.: NOTGELD/200000/MARK/AUGUST 1923.dpaul7
ISNY - Imperial City, 1508 Batzen52 viewsISNY - Imperial City, Maximilian I (1486-1519) AR Batzen, dated 1508. Obv.: Crowned eagle looking left; City arms on chest; M . NOV. CIVIT . YSNI . 1508 (Anchor-Like Marking) Rev.: 6-pointed star under Eagle, in the angles 5-pointed stars, GRA . MAXIMIL . RO . REG Reference: Nau 22.1 commentsdpaul7
BAVARIA - Maximilian I - 1598-165151 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian I - 1598-1651 AR 2 Kreuzer, 1632. Obv: Spade-shaped Bavarian arms in inner circle. Legend: * M. C. P. R. V. B. D. S. R. I. A. E. E. Rev: Orb with 2 at bottom in inner circle. . SOLI . DEO . GLORIA . 1632 Reference: KM #128. Note: Prev. KM#31.dpaul7
GREIFSWALD - Grosspfennig51 viewsGREIFSWALD - Grosspfennig, AR, circa 1425. Obv: Griffin left, MONETA GRIPE WO. Rev: arms with long cross, DA / LAV / DEN / DEO. Reference: Jesse 493, Saurma 4957/2606. Ex-Areich collection.dpaul7
HESSE-CASSEL51 viewsHESSE-CASSEL - WILHELM II & FRIEDRICH WILHELM - 1831-1847. AR 1 Thaler, 1841. KM#587.dpaul7
MEISSEN - Wilhelm I51 viewsMEISSEN - Wilhelm I the One-Eyed (1382-1407) AR Kreuzgroschen. Onv.: Lion rampant left; ornate tail. Maltese cross in front of lion. GROSSVS MARCH MISNENSIS Rev.: Floral cross in quatralobe; C R U X in lobe angles, WILH DI GRA TVRING LANGRAV Reference: Saurma #2329.dpaul7
REUZZ-OBERGREIZ -- Heinrich XXII 44 viewsREUZZ-OBERGREIZ -- Heinrich XXII (1859-1902) Cu 1 Pfennig, 1868-A. Obv.: Crowned arms, * FÜRSTEMTHUM REUSS ÄLTERER LINIE Rev.: SCHEIDE MÜNZE / 1 / PFENNIG / 1868 / ------- / A Berlin mint. Reference: KM #117.
BADEN -- Frederick I43 viewsBADEN -- Frederick I (1858-1907) Cu 1 Kreuzer, 1871. Obv.: Crowned arms of Baden, BADEN above, 1.KREUZER / 1871 in exergue. Rev.: Radiant star, below: FRIEDENS- / FEIER / 1871 with ornament below. Around: ZU DES DEUTCHEN REICHES Reference: KM #253dpaul7
SAXE-MEISSEN - Friedrich II & Margarethe43 viewsSAXE-MEISSEN - Friedrich II & Margarethe AR Schwertgroschen, no date (Coin issued 1463-1464) 27 mm. Obv.: Rampant lion left holding shield. GROSSUS MARCI RISNENSIS M Rev.: + F . DEI . GRACIA TVRINGE LANG Floral cross in quatra-lobe. Crossed swords in shield in legend. Colditz mint. Reference: Saurma 2344.dpaul7
SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN -- Christian VII of Denmark42 viewsSCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN -- Christian VII of Denmark (1784-1808) Copper Sechsling, 1787. Obv.: Crowned monogram. Rev.: * 1 * / SECHSLING / SCHLESW.HOLST / SCHEIDEMUNZE / 1787 / * Reference: KM #118.dpaul7
BRUNSWICK-LUNEBERG-CALENBERG-HANNOVER -- George Ludwig (George I of England)40 viewsBRUNSWICK-LUNEBERG-CALENBERG-HANNOVER -- George Ludwig (George I of England) (1698-1727) SILVER 2 Mariengroschen, 1708-HB. Obv.: In circle: * II * / MARIEN / GROS: / FELS . S . / H•B Around: * GEORG : LVD : D • G • BR • ET • LVN : S • R • I • EL • Rev.: In circle: St. Andrew with cross, date 1708 below; around: S.ANDREAS REVIVISCENS. Reference: KM #52.dpaul7
MUNSTERBERG-OELS -- KARL II - 1687-161739 viewsMUNSTERBERG-OELS -- KARL II - (1687-1617) Silver 3 Groschen, 1615. Reference: KM #5.dpaul7
PFALZ-BIRKENFELD-ZWEIBRUCKEN -- Christian IV38 viewsPFALZ-BIRKENFELD-ZWEIBRUCKEN -- Christian IV (1735-1775) Billon 2 Kreuzer, 1759. Obv.: Crowned CP monogram divides P Z Rev.: *II* / EINEN / KREUZER / * 1759 * / * Reference: KM #25. dpaul7
BAVARIA/LANDSHUT -- Henry XVI (IV) the Rich37 viewsBAVARIA/LANDSHUT -- Henry XVI (IV) the Rich (1392–1450) Silver Pfennig, Landshut Mint. Obv.: Helmet. Rev.: Gothic H between 2 flowers. Reference: Saurma #417.dpaul7
BAVARIA/LANDSHUT -- Henry XVI (IV) the Rich36 viewsBAVARIA/LANDSHUT -- Henry XVI (IV) the Rich (1392–1450) Silver Pfennig, Neuötting Mint. Obv.: Dog running left, tree behind him. Rev.: Gothic "H" between 2 stars. Reference: Wittelsbach 3433; Saurma #418.dpaul7
SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-GOTTORP - Christian Albrecht28 viewsSCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-GOTTORP - Christian Albrecht (1659-1694) Billon 1 Sosling, 1682. Obv.: Crowned arms of Schleswig in circle. CHRIST : ALB : D.G. etc. Rev.: Around edge: * DUX SCHLES : & HOL : 1682 In center of beaded circle: .I. / SOS.L / ING . ---- Reference: KM #139.dpaul7
NURNBERG27 viewsNURNBERG -- Copper 1 Kreuzer (4 Pfennig), 1622. Obv.: Nurnberg arms, N above. Rev.: KREUTZ / ER / 1622 *NOTE: Kipper Kreuzer. Reference: KM #37dpaul7
EINBECK26 viewsEINBECK - AR Mariengroschen, 1551. Obv.: Cross, overlaid with crowned E. MONETA NOVA EIMBEC : 51 Rev.: Radiant madonna and child; MARIA MATER CRISTI Reference: Saurma #2114. dpaul7
WALDECK-PYRMONT - GEORG FRIEDRICH HEINRICH24 viewsWALDECK-PYRMONT - GEORG FRIEDRICH HEINRICH (1813-1845) Copper 1/2 Mariengroschen. 1825. Obv.: Arms under crowed drapery. FURSTL . WALDECK LAN MUNZE. Rev.: 1/2 / MARIEN / GROSCHEN / 1825 / ------ / F. W. Reference: KM #141dpaul7
MAINZ - FRIEDRICH KARL JOSEF22 viewsMAINZ - FRIEDRICH KARL JOSEF (1774-1802) Copper 1/2-Kreuzer, 1795 S-IA Obv.: Bust right, S below. FRID . CAR . IOS . A EP . ET EL . MOG . EP . W Rev.: In beaded circle: 1/2 / KREVT= ./ =ZER / 1795 Below: I . * A. Legend: KVP MAINZER LAND MVNZ Reference: KM #403dpaul7
SCHAUMBURG-HESSEN - Wilhelm II19 viewsSCHAUMBURG-HESSEN - Wilhelm II (1821-1847) Copper 1 Pfennig, 1826. Obv.: Crowned arms divide W. K. Rev.: Diamond-like rosettes flank I / GUTER / PFENNIG / 1826 over rosette. Reference: KM #41.dpaul7
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