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Alexander III, The Great; AR Tetradrachm. Mesembria, Thrace. 250-175 BC.95 viewsHead of Herakles, right, wearing lionskin headdress
Zeus seated left, holding eagle and sceptre; BASILEWS to right, ALEXANDROY to left; Corinthian helmet in left field, L-A beneath throne.
Antonivs Protti
GREEK, Messembria, Thrace, AE 2044 viewsAe20, 6.5 gm, 19mm, 450-350 BC, SNG BM Black Sea 276
Obv: Anepigraphic with crested helmet.
Partitioned oval with legend above and below.
GREEK, Thrace, Messembria14 viewsÆ 20 Bronce
250 - 200 a.C.
ANV:Casco crestado a izquierda
REV: Leyenda ME/S/AM-BRINWN alrededor de una rueda
Pedro Jose D
GREEK, Thrace, Messembria, Obol32 viewsDiobolo de plata
470 - 330 a.C.
ANV: Casco corintio de frente
REV: Rueda de cuatro radios con la inscripción META en el interior
Pedro Jose D
Helmet | Radiate wheel - AR Diobol, Messembria, Thrace, 450-350 BC.126 views
Helmet | Radiate wheel - Silver diobol.

Obv: Crested war helmet facing, horse hair plumes to left and right sides.
Rev: Quadripartite radiate wheel. M-E-T-A between radiate-spokes, within linear circle, radiate lines on the outermost edge.

Exergue: None.

Mint: Mesembria
Struck: 450-350 BC.

Size: 10.19 mm.
Weight: ca. 1.12 grm.
Die axis: 270°

Condition: Quite fine. As shown. Obverse struck slightly off center. Nice style, good devices and relief.

SNG. Cop: 652f
SNG BM, 267 (Var.)
Sear Greek Coins and their Values (SG) Number sg1673
4 commentsTiathena
Mesembria Thrace, Corinthian helmet, Æ drachm85 views
Mesembria, Thrace, Æ drachm, 450-350 BC.

Obv: Corinthian helmet facing
Rev: Incuse circle with wheel, M E S A in demarcated spaces between radiate spokes. (MESA / Messembria).
Decorative radiate ‘rays’ around reverse rim, outside the incuse wheel.

David Sear, Greek coins and their values; 1673, Vol. 1, pg. 166

Mesembria, Thrace, Greece, c. 450 - 350 B.C.136 viewsSilver diobol, cf. SNG Cop 652 ff. (rev legend counterclockwise on all specimens in the major references), Mesembria? mint, 1.078g, 13.3mm, c. 450 - 350 B.C.;
Obverse: Crested Corinthian helmet facing;
Reverse: M-E-T-A in four quarters of a wheel, read clockwise, surrounded by border of radiating lines;

Forvm said; "We examined hundreds of coins of this type and for all except one other on coin archives the legends are counterclockwise. The attribution of the coin archives example made no notice of the reversed legend. This coin may be an ancient forgery or a mint error".
1 commentsb70
Messembria Diobol40 views400 BC Sear Greek 1673Ghengis_Jon
Messembria (Thracia)10 viewsantvwala
Messembria - AE 181 views3rd - 2nd century BC
diademed female head right
Athena Promachos standing left, brandishing shield and spear
Sear #1676; SNGCop 661, BMC 8, Moushmov 3978
Messembria - AR diobol6 views450-350 BC
crested Corinthian helmet facing
BMC 3; Sear #1673; SNGBMC 268ff, Moushmov 3974
Messembria, Thrace56 viewsSilber, Diobol, ca. 450-350 v.Ch
Vs: Frontaler korinthischer Helm
Rs: M-E-T-A in vierspeichigem Rad umgeben von Strahlenkranz
Erhaltung: Raue Oberfläche, sonst fast vorzüglich
1,19 gr, 12 mm
SNG Cop 652 f.; Barclay V. Head, Historia Numorum, S.2387
The Helmet is a Symbol of the sun-god Ares; the radiate wheel is also the midday sun (cf. the meaning of Messembria). _6545
Antonivs Protti
moneta 432.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Gordian III and Tranquillina, Messembria, AE2552 viewsobv: Facing busts of Gordian III and Tranquillina.
rev: Hygeia standing right holding snake, feeding it from a patera.
Struck 238-244 A.D. at Messembria
1 commentsJericho
Thrace, Anchialus; Commodus56 viewsThrace: Anchialus, Æ 33mm,

Laureate and draped bust of Commodus, facing right. / Commodus on horseback.
Moushmov 2799.

Anchialos (Pomorie, Bulgaria today) was possibly founded in the 5th or 4th century B.C. as a colony of Apollonia. It is mentioned in Strabo's Geographica as a small town. It was briefly captured by Messembria in the 2nd century B.C., but retaken by Apollonia and its fortified walls destroyed. The western Black Sea coast was conquered by the Romans under Marcus Licinius Crassus in 29 - 28 B.C. after continuous campaigns in the area since 72 - 71. The city became part of the Roman province of Thrace and was formally proclaimed a city under Trajan. Anchialos prospered as the most important import and export location in Thrace during the 2nd and 3rd centuries and acquired the appearance of a Roman city during the Severan Dynasty.
2 commentsecoli
Thrace, Mesembria BMC 1210 viewsMessembria, Thrace, AE20. c 200 BC.
Diademed female head right /
MESAM BRINWN, Athena advancing left, holding shield and brandishing spear.
Sear 1677
Thrace, Messembria Philippus II12 viewsThrace, Messembria. Philipp II ( 247-249). AE26, 9.60 gr. Obv. - MAR IOVLIOC FILIPPOC / KAICA / [R] - Confronted busts of Philipp II, draped and cuirassed, bare-headed, r., and Serapis, draped and wearing kalathos, l. Rev. - MECAMBR – IANWN - Demeter, wearing high-girdled double chiton, stg. facing, head l., holding grain- ears in outstretched r. hand and long torch in l. hand. Karayotov 351; Varbanov (engl.) 4283, (bg.) 2684; Moushmov 4034 maxthrax
Thrace, Messembria. Philip II AE2621 viewsObv: MAPIOYLIOC PILIPPOC KAISAP. Bare head draped bust of Philip II facing r and bust of Serapis wearing kanlathos facing l.
Rev: MECAMBPIANWN. Nemesis standing l., scales in r., transverse scepter in l., wheel at side.
26.9mm, 9.01g.
Varbanov II 4293
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