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Crawford 20/1 - Hercules and Wolf and Twins30 viewsDenomination: Didrachm
Era: c. 269-266 BC
Metal: AR
Obverse: Head of Hercules R. Club and lionskin over shoulder. Border of dots.
Reverse: She-2olf r., suckling twins. ROMANO in exergue.
Weight: 7.21 gm
Reference: Crawford 20/1
Provenance: CNG shop, 09-MAR-2009

Comments: Obverse fully centered and complete. Reverse struck from a somewhat worn die, and slightly off-center obscuring the O in ROMONO. GVF/VF.
3 commentsSteve B5
Macrinus counter.jpg
Macrinus & Diadumenian Cilicia Aegeae203 views Ob. MAKPINOVP M EU P AIGEW [N] Wreathed head of Dionysos right; thrysos over shoulder, grapes before
Rev. Confronted busts of Macrinus, on left, and Diadumenian, on right; Macrinus radiate, draped and cuirassed, Diadumenian draped and cuirassed
Countermarks: 2, Bust right and Tyche

Ref. SNG Levante -; SNG France 2347
C/m Howgego -.
Size AE26
Weight: 11.86g
(Bacchus collection)

The oval countermark (between M & D) is Howgego 100, described as bust right. It probably depicts Elagabalus since his coins of Aegeae are plentiful (although never found countermarked). Howgego lists 11 specimens of this countermark, 1 of which on a Macrinus/Diadumenian coin. The countermark in the rectangular punch (behind D) is probably Howgego 200, of which only 3 specimens are noted. It is described as Tyche, turreted right. Two of these three listed by Howgego are of Diadumenian. Howgego lists only one coin that combins H100 and H200.

Special thanks to Automan for assistiance
1 commentsBacchus
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