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Search results - "Gordianus-III"
Gordian III, ‚ÄúBalbinus portrait", VIRTVS AVG13 viewsGordian III, Antoninianus. Obv: ďBalbinus portraitĒ, IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, radiate, draped bust right / VIRTVS AVG, Virtus in crested helmet standing left with branch & spear, shield on ground before. Obv portrait has Balbinus features, otherwise as, RIC 6, Sear RCV III: 8668 (Rome 238-9).Podiceps
Gordianus III RIC 177a.8 viewsAntioch 238-239 AD
AR Antoninianus, 22mm, 4.9 g.
IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, radiate bust right, draped & cuirassed
AEQVITAS AVG, Equity standing left, holding scales & cornucopia.
Roman Empire, Gordian III, 29 July 238-25 February 244 A.D.18 viewsAR antoninianus, RIC IV 148, RSC IV 296, S 8654, VF, Rome mint, 3.438g, 22.1mm, 0o, 241 - 243 A.D.; obverse IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, from behind; reverse PROVID AVG, Providentia standing left, wand in right and scepter in left, globe at feet left.
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