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Alexandria, Troas, AE11.3; Apollo left/ ΑΛΕ Horse feeding left, below thunderbolt23 viewsTroas, Alexandria, 300 B.C. 11.3mm, 1.03g. Head of Apollo laureate left; ΑΛΕ Horse feeding left, below, thunderbolt. Cf. BMC 10, 9. Ex Gerhard RohdePodiceps
Amphipolis, 410 - 357 B.C. Apollo/torch, 11mm24 viewsAmphipolis, AE11, 410 - 357 B.C. Apollo/torch, 11mm, 1.05g. Head of Apollo r. A - M / F - I; racing torch in linear square. SNG Copenhagen 43. Ex areich, photo credit areichPodiceps
Antiochos III; AE11; Head of Apollo/ Elephant left12 viewsSeleukid Kingdom, Antiochos III, 223 - 187 B.C., Sardes, Lydia. Bronze AE 11, Houghton and Lorber 979, cf. SNG Spaer 613 ff., Newell WSM 1114, 1.468g, 10.8mm, 0o, obverse Apollo head right; reverse “BASILEWS ANTIOCOU”, Elephant left, anchor flukes up in left field. Newell attributed this type to Antioch. Houghton and Lorber assign it to Sardes based on control links. This coin was purchased in a group that appeared to be part of a hoard that included coins mostly from Ionia and Lydia, supporting the re-attribution to Sardes. Ex FORVM, photo credit FORVMPodiceps
Antiochus XII. AE11, 1.1gm.6 viewsObv: Apollo r.
Rev: Tripod.
Aradus, Phoenicia, Tyche/Aplustre, AE1126 viewsAradus Phoenicia circa 174 - 110 BC
AE11, 1.2g
Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche Right
Reverse: Aplustre
Artabanos II., 10 - 38 AD14 viewsAE11, 1,46gr., 11,09mm;
Sellw. 63.25, Shore 578;
mint: Ekbatana, axis: 12mm;
obv.: bare-headed, left, w/diadem, loop and ribbons; medium-long straight hair, mustache, beard;
rev.: amphora w/2 handles, oval dotted border 1 - 11h;
Asia Minor, Mysia, Pergamon, Athena, Ivy leaf15 viewsMysia, Pergamon
KINGS of PERGAMON. Philetairos
AE11, 282-263 BC
Obv.: Helmeted head of Athena right
Rev.: ΦIΛE/TAIΡOΥ, Ivy leaf
AE, 11mm, 1.5g
Ref.: SNG France 1676-7 and 1679-81
Barbaric imitation of Tetricus I / II . AE11mm.11 viewsObv. Radiate bust right.
Rev. Figure standing, border of dots.

UK detector find.
Lee S
Barbarous imitation of FEL TEMP REPARATIO Fallen Horseman ( Constantine dynasty ) AE11mm12 viewsBarbarous imitation of FEL TEMP REPARATIO Fallen Horseman ( Constantine dynasty )
Obv. Bust right.
Rev. Rev. Soldier spearing fallen horseman.
Uk Detector find
Lee S
Barbarous imitation of Roman coin ( Constantine dynasty ) AE11mm12 viewsBarbarous imitation of Roman coin C.300-350AD

UK Metal detector find
Lee S
Barbarous imitation of Roman coin AE11mm14 viewsBarbarous imitation of Roman coin C.300-350AD
UK Metal detector find
Lee S
Barbarous imitation of Roman coin AE11mm Tetricus I/II..13 viewsObv. Radiate bust right
Rev. Figure advancing right.

UK metal detector find.
Lee S
BCC m5234 viewsCaesarea Minima BCC m52
Mint: unknown. Possibly
Jerusalem or Caesarea?
Revolt Imitation or
Jewish Prutah minima.
Obv: Amphora with two
handles, no lid? in wreath
Rev:Grape vine leaf. Scratched in antiquity.
BCC m5452 viewsCaesarea Minima BCC m54
Mint: unknown. Possibly
Jerusalem or Caesarea?
Revolt Imitation or
Jewish Prutah minima.
Obv:Three ears of wheat
Rev:Grape vine leaf.
1 commentsv-drome
Birytis, AE11, BI PY9 viewsAE11
Greek Provincial
Birytis, Troas
Issued: 300BC
O: NO LEGEND; Head of Kabeiros, left, wearing pileus.
R: BI PY; Club dividing legend, all within laurel wreath.
Exergue: Obverse: Two stars above head.
SNG Cop 249; SNG Von Aulock 1502-1503; Laffaille 447; BMC 40.
Holding History 221721905426
3/28/15 4/30/17
Nicholas Z
Birytis, Troas 300 B.C. AE11mm14 viewsBirytis, Troas 300 B.C.

Obv. Obverse bearded head of Kabeiros left wearing pilos

Rev. B - I / P - Y in fields at sides of club, all within laurel wreath

Ref. SGCV II 4056 var, SNG Cop 250.
Lee S
Cyclades, Syros, 3rd- 1st Centuries BC, Æ 1129 viewsHead of Dionysos wreathed with ivy left.
Kantharos, between two symbols 8-Ʒ (symbols largely off-flan).

Unpublished in the standard references, cf. CNG eAuction 248 (26 Jan 2011) Lot 119 (Syros).

(11 mm, 1.46 g 10h)
Forvm Ancient Coins

This coin was acquired with an "unknown attribution". Subsequently, CNG attributed the coin type to Syros. A handful examples are known from sales in recent years.
1 commentsn.igma
Dardanos. AE11; c. 4th century B.C. Horseman riding r. ΔAP/ Cock 4 viewsTroas, Dardanos. AE 11mm (1.31g) c. 4th century B.C. Horseman riding r./ ΔAP; Cock stg r. SNG Tübingen 2579. Very fine. Ex Gert Boersema.Podiceps
Demetrios I Poliorketes; Tarsos; Prow r. apluster, B A above, AN (ligate) X below; AE1122 viewsMacedonian Kingdom, Demetrios I Poliorketes, 306 - 286 B.C. Bronze AE 11, Newell p. 50, 40; SNG Alpha Bank -, SNG Cop -, Weber -, Cilicia, Tarsus mint, 1.649g, 11.8mm, 135o, 298 - 295 B.C.; obverse head of Demetrios right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet ornamented with bull horns; reverse , prow right, apluster right behind, B A above, AN (ligate) X below; rare. Ex FORVM, photo credit FORVMPodiceps
Demetrios Poliorketes, AE1117 viewsTarsos (Cilicia), ca. 298-295 BC
11 mm, 1.70g
obv: youthful male head, wearing Corinthian helmet right
rev: BA, ship's prow right, aphlaston to left, monograms below
(Newell 34)
Elaia, Athena / Barley, AE1175 viewsAE11, 1.45g
obv: helmeted head of Athena left
rev: corn of barley in wreath
3 commentsareich
Ephesos AE 118 viewsIonia, Ephesos, AE 11, 4th/3rd century BC, 11 mm, 1.35 g, Ephesos mint, obverse E-F, bee in wreath; reverse stag standing right, head turned back, quiver above, magistrate's name right. cf. SNG Cop 265 – 6. ex areich, photo credit areichPodiceps
Ephesos, AE11 - AE1346 viewsBee / Stag kneeling l.; Stag standing r.; Head of Apollo l.

SNG Keckman II 217; 226; 216.
Pekka K
REVERSE: Forepart of stag recumbent right, head left
Sturck at Ephesos, ca 387-289 BC
11mm, 1.63 g
SNGCop 244
Greek15 viewsAE11, Kolophon, Ionia 400-350 B.C.
Ob. Head of Apollo wearing taenia.
Rev. Lyre within linear square.
nathan s2
Greek18 viewsAE11, Rhodos, Caria 166-88 B.C.
Ob. Radiate head of Helios
Rev. Rose, P O at sides, al in incuse square.
nathan s2
GREEK, Aeolis, Ealaea, AE11, 340 - 300 B.C.72 viewsAE 11, Aeolis, Ealaea, 340-300 BC
Obv: Helmeted head of Athena left
Rx: Grain within wreath

SNG Cop 169,170 similar
GREEK, Caria, Kos, AE1118 viewsCaria,kos
AE 11mm

obv: head of herakles right
rev: crab
GREEK, Ptolemaic Kingdom, Egypt, Cleopatra VII, AE1121 viewsCleopatra VII

ae 11mm
Ionia, Erythrae. AE11. Athena23 viewsAE11. 1.4g. Head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet / Magistrate's name with patronymic, above ERY. SNG Cop. Ionia 735ff.; BMC 126-134.ancientone
Ionia, Smyrna, 2nd-1st cent. BC. AE1119 viewsIonia, Smyrna, 2nd-1st cent. BC.

Obv. Laureate head of Apollo right
Rev. Lyre and name of Magistrate
Lee S
Lampsakos; AE11.3; Head of nymph Io r./ Ψ Α forepart of Pegasos right14 viewsLampsacus, Mysia, Fourth - third century B.C. 1.15g, 11.3mm.
Head of nymph Io r. /
Ψ Α 
Forepart of Pegasos r. Aulock 1300; SNG Copenhagen 206; BMC 84, 55. Ex Gerhard RohdePodiceps
Laodicea, AE1111 viewsLaodicea (Phrygia), AE11. 11mm, 1.57g. Head of Aphrodite or Laodice right / Two cornucopiae?. Ex Roland Müller collection. Ex areich. Photo credit areichPodiceps
Larissa Phrikonis, AE11; Horned female head/ ΛΑ, bull's head right6 viewsAeolis, Larissa Phrikonis, 4th Century B.C. Bronze AE 11, SNG München 564, Weber 5563, SNG Cop -, BMC -, SNG von Aulock -, Laffaille -, SGCV -, aF, pitting and corrosion, Larissa Phrikonis mint, weight 1.058g, maximum diameter 9.8mm, die axis 0o, c. 4th Century B.C.; obverse horned facing female head, turned slightly right; reverse ΛΑ, bull's head right; interesting facing bust; very rare. Ex FORVMPodiceps
Lesbos - Methymna ??27 viewsUnidentified greek AE11
AE, 1.57g, 11mm

Lesbos - Methymna
Koinon of Lesbos, 330-280 BC
Obv.: Female head right
Rev.: ΑΙΟΛΕ, thunderbolt, bunch of grapes right
Lucania, Velia20 viewsAE11
390-100 B.C.
11mm, 1.46g

Corinthian helmeted head of Athena right.

Owl standing left, wings closed.
Lycia Ae11 bow and quiver 150 viewsObv: Laureate head of Apollo right
Rev: LUKIWN / Bow and quiver within incuse square
11 mm.
MACEDON - Demetrius Poliorcetes21 viewsMACEDON - Demetrius Poliorcetes, King of Macedonia (306-283 BC) AE-11. Obv.: Head of Demetrios right wearing Corinthian crested helmet. Rev.: Prow of galley right, BA above and monogram below. dpaul7
Macedonian Kingdom58 views336-323 BC
AE11 (1.22g)
O: Head of Alexander as Herakles right, clad in lion's skin.
R: AΛE / ΞANΔPOY above and beneath club; bow and quiver below.
Forrer-Weber 2145; Sear 6745
ex Thomas D. Walker
MAGNA GRECIA, Metaponto, 420-400 a.C.43 viewsGrecia, Metaponto (Lucania), AE11 bronzo. (420-400 a.C.)
AE, 11-12 mm, gr. 1,06. B+
D/ Testa di Demetra, dea delle messi (Cerere), a dx
R/ META, spiga d'orzo
SNG Cop. 1261, SNG ANS 574
Nota: patina verde con punti rossi
Provenienza: collezione Berardengo, Roma Italia (13 dicembre 2007, numero catalogo 58), ex Martina Dieterle collection (Schenkenzell Germany, via Vauctions lotto 57856, fino al 2007).
Miletos AE11 lion8 viewsIonia, Miletos, AE 11 mm c. 200 BC
Facing head of Apollo, slightly right / Lion walking right, head reverted; no apparent magistrate name. ex Vauctions
Myrina, AE11, Athena/ MVPEI NAIΩN, Telesphoros standing facing12 viewsMyrina, Aeolis, 2nd Century A.D. Bronze AE 11, BMC Aiolis p. 138, 38, gF, reverse encrusted, Myrina mint, weight 1.470g, maximum diameter 14.8mm, die axis 0o, c. 2nd century A.D.; obverse helmeted bust of Athena right; reverse MVPEI NAIΩN, Telesphoros standing facing, hooded and draped; Telesphorus, a dwarf who always wore a hood or cap, was a son of Asclepius and brother of Hygieia. He symbolized recovery from illness. Originally a Celtic god, he was probably introduced to the Greeks by Galatians in Anatolia in the 3rd century B.C. His influence spread to the West under the Roman Empire, in particular during the 2nd century A.D. Ex FORVM, photo credit FORVMPodiceps
Mysia, Atarneos. AE11. Apollo/ Forepart of horse.38 viewsObv: Laureate head of Apollo right.
Rev: ATAP / Forepart of horse right, serpent behind.
11mm., 0.75 gm.
SNG France 129; SNG Copenhagen 25.
MYSIA: Miletopolis14 viewsMiletopolis, Mysia, Civic coinage, 4th century BC. AE11. Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right; below, tunny right. Rev: MYLH clockwise, Bull standing left. SNG France 1301 corr (Tunny not described). Rare.Molinari
Nabataea, Aretas IV, 9 BC - 40 AD8 viewsAE11, 1.29g, 6h; Petra Mint.
Obv.: Eagle standing left in dotted border, heth in r. field.
Rev.: Heth in wreath.
Reference: Meshorer 88.
Notes: ex-Zach Beasley, electronic sale, 12/2/14, 76.
1 commentsJohn Anthony
Orodes II., 57 - 38 BC19 viewsAE11, 1,3gr., 11mm;
Sellw. 47 type, Shore --;
mint: Ekbatana, axis: 12h;
obv.: bare-headed, left, w/diadem; medium-long hair in 4 waves, mustache, short beard; multi-layer necklace; star (sun?) in upper left, crescent in upper right field;
rev.: winged Nike walking, right, monogr. 34 at her feet on the right, 5 lines of illegible legend visible.
Orontas, satrap of Ionia, AE1166 viewsBronze coin
Orontas, satrap of Ionia
362 BC
Head of Zeus r.
Pegasus r.
1.61 gram
11.3 mm
BMC 326, 16
2 commentsPhiloromaos
Orontas. Circa 357-352 B.C. AE11; Zeus; OPONTA/ Pegasus protome26 viewsSatraps of Mysia, Orontas 357-352 B.C. AE 11.2 mm (1.38g) Bearded, laureate head of Zeus/ OPONTA; Pegasus protome r. SNG France 1163; VF. Ex Gert Boersema.Podiceps
Pakoros II., 78 - 105 AD31 viewsAE11, 0.92gr., 11,33mm;
Sellw. 73.16, Shore 601;

mint: Ekbatana, axis: 12h;
obv.: bare-headed, left, w/broad diadem, loop, and3 ribbons; medium-long straight hair, beardless; earring, 3-layer necklace; dotted border 2 - 5h;
rev.: amphora surrounded by laurel wreath;

ex: Vienna Coin Show, VA.
1 commentsSchatz
Pakoros II., 78 - 105 AD20 viewsAE11, 0.81gr., 10,92mm;
Sellw. 77.13, Shore --;
mint: Ekbatana; axis: 12h;
obv.: head, left, w/tiara and 3-strand diadem, tiara crest decorated w/hooks; mustache, lock on temple; rest of face off flan; dotted border 10 - 13h; oval flan with flattened top;
rev.: eagle, facing w/head to left side, open wings;

ex: G. Clark, VA.
PANTIKAPAION - BOSPORUS20 viewsPANTIKAPAION - THRACE AE11. 2nd - 1st Century B.C.E. Head of Apollo right/bow case, Greek letters for "PAN" dpaul7
Parlais, Pisidia. AE113 viewsParlais, Pisidia. AE11
Obv. head of Zeus
Rev. panther standing on a small platform more
like the end of a boat than a ship’s prow or stern.

1,5g 10,8mm

Noted by Mark Fox on The Numismatist Nov. 2019.
Pekka K
Paros, Cyclades AE1144 viewsHead r. / Goat l.
9.7 - 11.1 mm, 1.26 g

HGC6-680v, comp. HGC6-671
Pekka K
RHODES - Carian Islands43 viewsRHODES - Carian Islands, c. 350-300 BC. AE 11mm. Obv.: Diademed head of Rhodos right, in earring & necklace. Rev.: P-O, rose with bud to the right; uncertain symbol left. Reference: Sear 5071dpaul7
RIC 44311 viewsAE11 for circulation in Syria, 101-103
Obv: Laur. r., dr. l. s.
Rev: S C in laurel wreath.

11mm, 0.62g
Woytek 939e (1 known, this coin depicted)
ROMAN EMPIRE, Barbarous imitation of Roman coin AE11mm123 viewsBarbarous imitation of Roman coin C.300-350AD
UK Metal detector find
Lee S
Seleucid - Seleucus III Keraunos (225/4-222 BCE)15 viewsMetal/Size: AE11; Weight: 5.1 grams; Denomination: Bronze Unit; Mint: Antioch-on-the-Orontes; Date: 225-223 BCE; Obverse: Head of Artemis right, wearing wrapped fillet; bow case may be on shoulder. Reverse: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣEΛEYKOY (King Seleucos) in two vertical lines either side of Apollo seated left on omphalos, holding arrow & resting hand on grounded bow, YΞ (??) monogram to left. References: SNG Israel #522; Houghton #63; Newell #1043; HGC, #421, p. 83.museumguy
Sestos. AE11; Term with bearded head and two short arm/ Amphora.19 viewsThrace, Sestos. AE11mm (1.41g) c. 300 B.C.
Term with bearded head and two short arms, to l. grain ear, to r. caduceus Σ-A Long-necked amphora. BMC 6; Very rare; VF. Ex Gert Boersema.
Skepsis, Troas, AE1128 viewsSkepsis, Troas, AE11 -- Circa 4th Century BC. Æ 11mm. Obv.: Rhyton (drinking vessel) in the shape of Pegasus left. Rev.: S-K, fir tree in square, all within square frame. Reference: SG 4136 SNGCop 47.
Taras, Calabria115 views281-209 BC
AE11 (10.72mm, 0.96g)
O: Scallop shell with nine teeth.
R: Two dolphins swimming right; TA below.
Vlasto 1842-46; Cote 441-42; Hands Type VII; SNG Cop 1088; HN Italy 1088
ex Ancient Imports

Taras became the dominant Greek city in Magna Graecia, and the marine symbols on this coin showcase the source of Tarentine wealth and power.
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