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14 Constantius II37 viewsDN CONSTAN-TIVS PF AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right, A behind/FEL TEMP RE-PARATIO soldier spearing Horseman, Phrygian helmet, sitting on ground, arm(s) up, A in left field, TS Delta in ex
Thessalonica 129 scarce.
3 commentsRandygeki(h2)
A strange "theta" device?17 viewsA panorama of two microscopic images of the reverse of

What looks like a "theta" is probably just a dot inside an oval. UPD: found a mention of this variation in one of the catalogs, indeed some of the Caesar Constans coins from Thessalonica have "dot inside o" device.
Yurii P
EB0875 Maximinus II / Carthage6 viewsMaximinus II, AE Follis, Carthage 305-306 AD.
Obverse: GAL VAL MAXIMINVS NOB CAES, laureate head right.
Reverse: SALVIS AVGG ET CAESS FEL KART, Carthage standing left, holding fruits and corn-ears. I in left field. Mintmark Δ.
References: RIC VI Carthage 40b; Sear 14763.
Diameter: 28mm, Weight: 9.114g.
Elymais -- Orodes III., 2nd cent. AD,44 viewsAE 13, 3,68 gr., 13,1mm
Vanít Haaff 16.1.1-1
mint; Susa, axis: 12h;
obv.: bust, left, w/anchor adorned tiara, row of pellets as crest, 2-strand diadem, knot, and ribbon; mustache, long beard; very large eye; earring, necklace; in right field anchor w/1 upper crossbar, crescent and pellet above; dotted border 7 - 13h;
rev.: radiate bust of Artemis wearing kalathos, right; corrupted Greek lettering around rim; dotted border 11:30 - 17h;
almost black patina;

ex: Jean Elsen, BEL.
1 commentsSchatz
German Notgeld: Frankenthal, Pfalz15 viewsCity: Frankenthal
State: Pfalz
Denomination: 10 Pfennig
Obverse: FŁrs Vaterland, a woman carrying cannon shell inside a munitions plant.
Reverse: Stadt Frankenthal + Kriegsgeld 1918 +
Date: 1918
Grade: VF
Catalog #:
Matt Inglima
Licinius I, Follis, SOLI INVICTO COMITI9 viewsAE Follis (Silvered)
Licinius I
Augustus: 308 - 324AD
Issued: 314AD
21.0 x 19.5mm
O: IMP LICINIVS PF AVG; Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
R: SOLI INV-I-CTO COMITI; Sol standing left, raising right hand and holding globe in left.
Exergue: R, left field; F, right field; R(Star)Q, below line.
Rome Mint
Aorta: 971: B15, O18, R53, T68, M11.
RIC VII Rome 22, rated r5; Sear 15301.
Nicholas Z
S.869 Osberht (Aethelhelm)30 viewsStyca of Osberht, king of Northumbria 849-867
Moneyer: Aethelhelm
Mint: York (presumably)
S. 869
Motif: 1/1

Aethelhelm also struck coins for Archbishop Wigmund.

Ex- eBay, UKDFD 47634
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