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22 viewsEGYPT, Uncertain
PB Tessera (18mm, 4.15 g, 1h)
Dated year 2 of an uncertain era
Nilus recling left, holding cornucopia and mummiform figure of Osiris
Euthenia reclining left, holding cornucopia and grain ears; LB above
Milne 5391 var. (date); Dattari (Savio) 11623 var. (placement of date); Köln -
(0218) ELAGABALUS & JULIA MAESA31 views218 - 225 AD
Æ 5 Assaria. 26 mm; 8.99 g
O: Confronted busts of Elagabalus and Julia Maesa
R: Dionysos standing left, holding thyrsus and pouring wine from kantharos; E in right field
Moesia Inferior, Markianopolis (Marcianopolis)
Varbanov 1623; Pick 953
048 Ferdinand II., (Ferdinand II. of Habsburg), King of Hungary, (1619-1637 A.D.), AR-Groschen, U-909, 1623, Rare!119 views048 Ferdinand II., (Ferdinand II. of Habsburg), King of Hungary, (1619-1637 A.D.), AR-Groschen, U-909, 1623, Rare!
avers: FER•II•D•G•R•I•S•A•G•H•B•REX, Crowned, draped bust right.
reverse: VIIII/KB/GROS•REGN/HVNG:NOV•/DENARIO/1623, Between Crowned Hungarian shield and crowned two-headed eagle.
diameter: 20,3mm, weight: 1,86g, axis: 4h,
exergue, mint mark: KB//--, mint: Körmöczbánya, date: 1623 A.D.,
ref: Unger-909, CNH-3-290, Huszár-1191,
24a. Constantine: London.33 viewsAE3, 324 - 325, Londinium mint.
Obverse: CONSTANTINVS AVG / Laureate bust of Constantine.
Reverse: PROVIDENTIAE AVGG / Camp gate with two turrets, star above.
Mint mark: PLON
2.68 gm., 19.5 mm.
RIC #293; LRBC #2; Sear #16237.
1 commentsCallimachus
24e. Constantine: Heraclea.17 viewsAE3, 327 - 329, Heraclea mint.
Obverse: CONSANTINVS AVG / Diademed bust of Constantine, "Eyes to God."
Reverse: D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG / Laurel wreath enclosing VOT XXX.
Mint mark: .SMHB
3.42 gm., 18.5 mm.
RIC #92; LRBC #887; Sear #16231.

Eusebius stated that Constantine had himself depicted in the attitude of prayer on his coins. Since early Christians prayed looking up to Heaven, this obverse portrait is the one which Eusebius saw. Thus the phrase "Eyes to God" became associated with this portrait. We have no proof that Eusebius' statement is true; indeed the portrait could have been based on the way various Hellenistic kings portrayed themselves on their own coins. However, Eusebius' statement likely reflected the popular opinion of his time.

The "Eyes to God" portrait was used intermittently on gold and silver coinages from 324 to 337. It's use on the bronze coinage is limited to just three mints: Constantinople (Daphne coinage, 328), Cyzicus (Campgate coinage 328-29), and Heraclea (VOT XXX coinage, 325-26, 327-329).
5958 EGYPT, Alexandria. Hadrian Drachm 134-35 AD Asclepius standing12 viewsReference.
RPC III, 5958.4; Dattari-Savio Pl. 75, 1623 (this coin); Emmett 919.19

Issue L ƐΝΝƐΑΚ·Δ = year 19

Laureate head of Hadrian, left

Asclepius standing facing, head left, holding short serpent-staff.

22.75 gr
32.50 mm
5958 EGYPT, Alexandria. Hadrian Drachm 134-35 AD Asclepius standing6 viewsReference.
RPC III, 5958; Dattari 1623; Emmett 919.19

Issue L ƐΝΝƐΑΚ·Δ = year 19

Laureate head of Hadrian, left

Asclepius standing facing, head left, holding short serpent-staff

25.19 gr
33 mm
Aeolis, Kyme - [SNG Kayhan 84; SNG von Aulock 1623; SNG von Aulock 7690; SGCV II 4174; BMC 11; Klein 333; Rosen Collection 538]58 viewsSilver Hemiobol, 0.48g, 8mm, Kyme mint, ca.450-400 B.C.

Obv. - KY (retrograde K), head of eagle left

Rev. - incuse square of mill-sail pattern

Very life-like eagle

Possible Die Match:

Purchased Through FORVM Auction Catalog from Andreas Reich [Areich on Forum Ancient Coins]

Ex. Andreas Reich Collection and Photo
2 commentsrenegade3220
Aeolis, Kyme.18 viewsSGCV 4174, cf. SNG Kayhan 84 ff., SNG Cop 31 ff.; SNG von Aulock 1623; BMC Troas p. 105, 10 ff.; Klein 333; Rosen 538.

AR Hemiobol/tetartemorion, .24 gr., 7.84 mm. max.; struck ca. 450-400 B.C.

Obv: Head of eagle left (no ethnic).

Rev: Quadripartite “mill-sail” incuse square.
Attalos I., AR Tetradrachm, 241-197 BC80 viewsAttalos I., King of Pergamon, AR Tetradrachm, 241-197 BC.
Obv. Laureate head of Philetairos right.
Rev. Athena seated left, holding wreath and resting arm on shield, spear behind; to left, ΦΙΛΕΤΑΙΡΟΥ; bee on outer left, X above knee, bow on outer right.
30 mm, 16.67 g
SNG France 1623-4 var.
ex Rutten & Wieland
1 commentsareich
Augustus Denarius45 viewsLaureate head right, CAESARI AVGVSTO / Domed hexastyle temple of Mars Ultor (the Avenger) containing legionary eagle between two standards, MAR VLT. Uncertain Spanish mint (Colonia Patricia?), 18 BC. RIC I 105a (pg.48); BMCRE 373; RSC 190; RCV 1623 (Millennium Edition).
BAVARIA - Maximilian I184 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian I (1597–1651) AR 2 Kreuzer, c. 1623. Obv: Arms of Bavaria in circle, "*M.C.P.R.V.B.D.S.R.I.A.E.E (Maximilianus. Comes Paletinus Rheni, Utruisque Bavariae Dux, Sacri Romani Imperii Archidapifer, Et Elector.
Rev.: Orb with "2" inside; SOLI DEO GLORIA. The piece, though undated, MUST be made c. 1623. Maximilian was Elector from 1623–1651. Coins were dated beginning 1623, so this may be an earlier issue of that year. KM-20. Krause lists this as pre-1623, but I do not agree, due to the title on the coins mentioning ELECTOR.
BAVARIA - Maximilian I - 1598-165175 viewsBAVARIA - Maximilian I - 1598-1651 AR 2 Kreuzer, No Date. Obv: Spade-shaped Bavarian arms in inner circle. Legend: * M. C. P. R. V. B. D. S. R. I. A. E. E. Rev: Orb with 2 at bottom in inner circle. SOLI . DEO . GLORIA . Reference: KM #20. Note: Prev. KM#30.dpaul7
BOUILLON & SEDAN72 viewsBOUILLON & SEDAN -- Henri de la Tour - (1591-1623) -- Copper 2 Liards, 1613. Obv.: Bust right, date below. rev: Crowned arms. Reference: KM #12.1dpaul7
Cilicia-Irenopolis-Neronias, biga of panthers9 viewsValerian I, Cilicia-Irenopolis-Neronias, biga of panthers. 27mm, 15.95g. Obverse: radiate and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: Dionysos facing, head left, thyrsus in left hand, kantharos in right, in split biga of panthers. SNG Levante 1623; SNG BN 2271-2. ex areich, photo credit areichPodiceps
Comtat Venaissin, Avignon, Urbain VIII (1623-1644), Avignon.9 viewsDouble tournois
Cuivre, 2 g
Av./ VRBANVS VIII PONT MAX, tête du Pape à droite.
Réfs : CGKL 770e2
Comtat Venaissin, Avignon, Urbain VIII (1623-1644), Avignon.6 viewsLiard, billon, 0,52 g
Av./ VRBANVS VIII PON M, V sous une tiare entre trois abeilles.
Réfs : PA-4438
Constantine I "the Great," 307 - 337 AD 27 viewsObv: CONSTANTINVS AVG, diademed head of Constantine I facing right, gazing upward.

Rev: D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG around, VOT / XXX within a laurel wreath; •SMHA in exergue.

Note: A passage from Eusebius mentions this “eyes to the heavens” bust: "How deeply his soul was impressed by the power of divine faith may be understood from the circumstance that he directed his likeness to be stamped on the golden coin of the empire with eyes uplifted as in the posture of prayer to God: and this money became current throughout the Roman world." (Eusebius IV.15)

Billon Centenionalis, Heraclea mint, 1st Officina, 327 - 329 AD

3.2 grams, 18 mm, 180°

RIC VII Heraclea 92, S16231, VM 80
SPQR Coins
Constantine I, Follis, PROVIDENTIAE AVGG6 viewsAE Follis
Constantine I
Caesar: 306 - 307AD
Augustus: 307 - 337AD
Issued: 324 - 325AD
18.5 x 17.0mm 3.30gr 8h
O: CONSTAN-TINVS AVG; Laureate head, right.
R: PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG; City gate with two turrets, star above; six layers of bricks, doors closed.
Trier Mint
Rarity: C3
RIC VII Trier 449; Sear 16238.
Aorta: 1547: B59, O4, R148, T12, M19.
numis-kimel/Anna Kimelova 282904449347
4/11/18 8/8/18
Nicholas Z
Constantine II, RIC VII, Aquileia 9525 viewsConstantine II, AD 317-340
AE 3, 2.81g
Aquileia, AD 321, 3rd officina
Bust, draped and cuirassed, laureate, l.
Laurel wreath inscribed with VOT / X
in ex. dot AQT dot
ref. RIC VII, Aquileia 95; C.39
R1!, F+/about VF, nearly black patina
ex Marc Breitsprecher (Ancient Imports)
ex coll. Victor Failmezger
ex Numismatic Fine Arts Auction 3/93, Lot 2150
ex old Bavarian coll. #4159
ex A. Riechmann/Halle #1623 (AD 1919?)

For more information please look at the article 'The Bavarian Collection' at the board 'History and Archaeology'.
CONSTATINE I4 viewsCONSTATINE I. LONDON 324/5 AD. AE FOLIS, 19.5MM, 3.2GM, RIC VII 294.Sear 16237. RARE.Ancient Aussie
D.O. 18 ; SEAR 190926 viewsB*Numis
Danish India, Tranquebar: Christian IV (1588-1648) Pb Cash (UBJ-8; Gray-4; KM#9)9 viewsObv: DAN/NISB/ORG in three lines
Rev: IVP/TER in two lines; Named for the ship Jupiter, which left Copenhagen in 1623 and was wrecked off Bengal in 1625
Danish India, Tranquebar: Christian IV (1588-1648) Pb Cash (UBJ-8; Gray-4; KM#9)4 viewsObv: DAN/NISB/ORG in three lines
Rev: IVP/TER in two lines; Named for the ship Jupiter, which left Copenhagen in 1623
Friedrich von Pluvoise (1171-1173 A.D.)32 viewsFRANCE, Provincial
Metz (évêché)
AR Denier
O: FRIDERICS, Bareheaded and draped bust left.
R: (rose) METE[N]SIS, Cross path with central pellet; crescent in second quarter, rosette in third quarter.
Robert 1; Boudeau 1623; Roberts 8856

AKA Frédéric de Pluvoise
2 commentsMat
India. Mughal Empire. Nuruddin Mohamed Jahangir A.H. 1014 - 1037 (1605 - 1623 A.D.) Copper 1/2 dam ND.11 viewsIndia. Mughal Empire. Nuruddin Mohamed Jahangir A.H. 1014 - 1037 (1605 - 1623 A.D.) Copper 1/2 dam ND.

Agra mint
Italy- Rome- The Mausoleum  of Hadrian.jpg
Italy- Rome- The Mausoleum of Hadrian33 views- Castel St.Angelo
(Hadrian's Mausoleum) -
This building has had a checkered history. Originally a dynastic tomb, it was converted into a fortress, then became a noble dwelling and finally a papal residence; between times it served as a barracks, a prison and a museum.
Hadrian (117-38 AD) built a tomb in Domizia's gardens that was to become the dynastic sepulcher of the Antonines. Work started in 123 but was only completed in 139, after's death. The Pons Aelius (the predecessor of the Ponte Sant'Angelo 239), inaugurated in 134, linked the monument to the Campo Marzio.

The Sepulchral Chamber. The present entrance (which is about 10 feet above the level of the ancient one) leads via a short corridor to a square hall. The semicircular niche hollowed out in the back wall was probably intended to contain a statue of Hadrian. On the right is a spiral ramp leading to the cella (mortuary chamber), the heart of the monument. In this square room, which was originally faced with marble, the funerary urns of Emperor Hadrian and his wife, sabina.

Sant'Angelo was Rome's most important fortified area, anyone who held it had virtually the whole town at his mercy. Consequently, its history reflected the city's turbulent internal conflicts. Between the 10th and 11th centuries it passed into the hands of the most powerful noble families before suffering a massive attack by the Roman people, who made up their minds to demolish it in 1379.

Fortifications and Modifications. Under Nicholas III the castle became papal property. Most of the alterations to the building carried out between the pontificates of Nicholas V (1447-55) and Urban VII (1623-44) had a military purpose. Access to the subterranean galleries was blocked, two towers were built at the entrance and four bastions at the corners, a moat was dug, pentagonal ramparts were erected with five small forts (today no longer standing) and, finally the Corridoio or Passetto, the fortified passageway linking St Peter's to the castle, was strengthened
John Schou
Marie de Montpensier (1608-1627), Double Tournois type 5 - 162319 viewsAtelier de Trévoux
+ MARIE SOVVER DE DOMBE Buste à gauche avec large collerette et collier de perles
+ DOVBLE . TOVRNOIS 1623 Trois lis et une brisure
2.75 gr
Ref : Divo Dombes # 153, CGKL # 728 (k1 ?)
1 commentsPotator II
OTTOMAN EMPIRE - Mustafa I54 viewsOTTOMAN EMPIRE - Mustafa I (Second Reign - 1622-1623) AR Onluk. Fine, reverse has permanent marker on it that the collector used to aid in reading the coin. This should be removeable with no problems, but I chose to leave it on... For me, these coins are difficult enough to read! Size: 16 mm. Scarce!

PAPAL STATES - Urban VIII38 viewsPAPAL STATES - Urban VIII (1623-1644) Cu Double Tournois, Avignon mint, 1637. Approx 20mm across, size of a quattrino, but really a Double Tournois. Obv.: Bust of Urban VIII right, . VRBANVS VIII PONT MAX Rev .: Three bees center, ANT CAR BARB LE AVE 1637 Reference: Berman #1802, KM #53dpaul7
Papal States -- Urban VIII Barberini76 viewsPapal States -- Urban VIII Barberini (1623-1644 AD) AR Barberino of Avignon, 1626. Obv.: VRBANVS VIII PONT M Tiara and keys over shield of arms Rev.: S PETRVS AVENIO St. Peter over shield of arms. BerMAN 1796. Toned VF. 26 mm.dpaul7
Parion, Mysia 480 B.C.32 viewsSilver hemidrachm, Parion mint 12mm

Obverse: Gorgoneion head facing
Reverse: incuse square containing cruciform pattern with pellet in center
2 commentsDk0311USMC
POLAND - Sigismund III107 viewsPOLAND - Sigismund III (1587-1632) silver 3 Polker, 1623. KM #15.dpaul7
POLAND - Sigismund III54 viewsPOLAND - Sigismund III (1587-1632) AR 3 Polker, 1623. KM #15.dpaul7
Principauté de Sedan, Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne (1594-1623), France.6 viewsLiard, type 4, cuivre, 4,10 g.
A/ HENR DE LA TOVR D BVLLIONII 1614, buste à droite.
R/ SVP PRINCEPS SEDANI ET RAV, écu écartelé de la Tour d'Auvergne, d'Auvergne, de Turenne, de Bouillon et Boulogne couronné.
Réfs : PA 6328
Principauté de Sedan, Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne (1594-1623), France.5 viewsLiard, type 4, cuivre, 4,25 g.
A/ HENR DE LA TOVR D BVLLIONAEVS 1613, buste à droite.
R/ SVP PRINCEPS SEDANENSIS, écu écartelé de la Tour d'Auvergne, d'Auvergne, de Turenne, de Bouillon et Boulogne couronné.
Réfs : PA 6324
Pseudo-Autonomous, AE27,TΩΝΜεΙΖΟΝΩΝ2 viewsAE27
Roman Provincial: Termessos Major, Pisidia
circa 200 - 268AD
27.5mm 12.5gr 6h
O: ΤεΡ-ΜΗCCεΩΝ; Laureate head of Zeus, right.
R: TΩΝ-ΜεΙΖΟΝΩΝ; Hygieia standing facing, head right, feeding serpent in her arms, Asklepios standing facing, head left, holding serpent-entwined staff; altar between.
SNG France III, 2216 var. (Obv. leg.); Paris 895; Waddington 4001 (w/ Δ underneath bust).
nikafinds/Peter Stanchev 223162383345
9/30/18 2/11/19
Featured on Wildwinds, January, 2019.
Nicholas Z
Riga under Swedish Rule. Gustaf Adolphus 1611 - 1632 A.D. Silver 1/24-thaler, 162352 viewsRiga under Swedish Rule. Gustaf Adolphus 1611 - 1632 A.D. Silver 1/24-thaler, 1623. *MON.NOVA(3)CIVI.RIGE* / GVST: ADOL: D: G: REX.oneill6217
Spain - 1623 - 4 Maravedis6 viewsSpain, Madrid
Four Maravedis
Swedish Livonia. Riga. Gustavas II Adolfus 1611-1632. Silver 1/24 Thaler 1623.51 viewsSwedish Livonia. Riga. Gustavas II Adolfus 1611-1632. Silver 1/24 Thaler 1623. MON.NOVA (3) CIVI.RIGE*, Orb containing value divides date / GVST: ADOL: D: G: REX S., Crowned arms.

KM 10
Upper AUSTRIA - Leopold V as Archduke295 viewsUpper AUSTRIA - Leopold V as Archduke (1623-1632) AR Kreuzer, no date. Hall mint. Reference: #KM788. (Old number).dpaul7
tirol leopold.jpg
Upper AUSTRIA - Leopold V as Archduke249 viewsUpper AUSTRIA - Leopold V as Archduke (1623-1632) AR 3 Kreuzer. No date (1625-1632). Hall mint. Reference: KM#583.dpaul7
VENICE - Antonio Priuli77 viewsVENICE - Antonio Priuli (1618-1623) AE Soldo. Obv.: Lion of St. Mark facing kneeling Dodge with cross stave. Rev.: Nimbate Saint Mark stands facing. Ref.: EK-1194.dpaul7
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