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Roman Empire, Galba denarius, Gaul mint153 viewsGalba AR Denarius. Gaul, Narbo? (68-69 A.D.)
SER GALBA IMPERATOR - Laureate head right
VICTORIA P R - Victory standing facing on globe, holding wreath and palm
RIC 111
Ex. Gorny & Mosch, ex. Stacks and Bowers
5 commentsHolding_HistoryJan 15, 2015
Sestertius, Arch14 viewsClaudius I AE Sestertius. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP, Laureate bust right / Triumphal arch. RIC 98Holding_HistoryAug 06, 2014
Sestertius, Spes16 viewsClaudius I AE Sestertius. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P, Laureate head right / SPES AVGVSTA, Spes advancing left. RIC 115Holding_HistoryAug 06, 2014
As, Libertas18 viewsClaudius I AE As. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P, Bare head left / LIBERTAS AVGVSTA, Libertas standing right. S-C. RIC 113Holding_HistoryAug 06, 2014
As, Constantia17 viewsClaudius I AE As. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P, Bare head left / CONSTANTIAE AVGVSTI, Constantia standing left, S - C. RIC 111Holding_HistoryAug 06, 2014
As, Minerva14 viewsClaudius I AE As. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P, Bare head left / Minerva advancing right, brandishing spear. RIC 116Holding_HistoryAug 06, 2014
Roman Empire, Vespasian Mars denarius112 viewsVespasian AR Denarius. Rome, 77-78 A.D. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, Laureate head right. / COS VIII, Mars standing facing, head left, holding spear and trophy. RIC 103; Cohen 125 6 commentsHolding_HistoryAug 04, 2014
Roman Empire, Domitian Minerva denarius110 viewsDomitian AR Denarius. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VII, Laureate head right / IMP XIIII COS XIII CENS P P P, Minerva standing left with thunderbolt & spear, shield at foot. RIC 519 2 commentsHolding_HistoryAug 04, 2014
10 - Vespasian19 viewsVespasian AR Denarius. Rome, 77-78 A.D. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, Laureate head right. / COS VIII, Mars standing facing, head left, holding spear and trophy. RIC 103; Cohen 125Holding_HistoryAug 04, 2014
12 - Domitian24 viewsDomitian AR Denarius. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VII, Laureate head right / IMP XIIII COS XIII CENS P P P, Minerva standing left with thunderbolt & spear, shield at foot. RIC 519Holding_HistoryAug 04, 2014
Augustus, M Salvius Otho, Moneyer15 viewsAugustus AE As. Rome, 7 B.C. CAESAR AVGVST PONT MAX TRIBVNEC POT, Bare head left / M SALVIVS OTHO III VIR AAA F F, Legend around large S C. RIC 432Holding_HistoryAug 04, 2014
Sestertius, SPQR/P P/OB CIVES/SERVATOS19 viewsCaligula AE Sestertius. Rome, 39-40 A.D. C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG P M TR P III PP, Laureate head left / SPQR/P P/OB CIVES/SERVATOS within wreath. RIC 46 (Rated R2)Holding_HistoryAug 04, 2014
Sestertius, EX SC/PP/OB CIVES/SERVATOS13 viewsClaudius AE Sestertius. Rome, 50-54 A.D. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P, Laureate bust right / EX SC/PP/OB CIVES/SERVATOS within wreath. RIC 112. Ex. Johnathan K. Kern, Ex. Heritage AuctionsHolding_HistoryAug 04, 2014
Augustus Quadrans - RIC 42015 viewsAugustus Quadrans. 9 BC. LAMIA SILIVS ANNIVS, clasped hands holding caduceus / III VIR A A A F F around large S C. RIC 420, Cohen 338Holding_HistoryJul 28, 2014
Augustus Moneyer issue12 viewsAugustus Moneyer issue - To be identifiedHolding_HistoryJul 28, 2014
Tiberius, Altar of Lyon13 viewsTiberius AE As. Lugdunum, 14-16 A.D. TI CAESAR AVGVST F IMPERAT VII, Laureate bust right / ROM ET AVG, Altar of Lugdunum, decorated with corona civica between laurels and two male figures, columns on each side with Victories on top raising wreaths. RIC I 245, Cohen 37, BMCRE I 585, CBN 1769Holding_HistoryJul 27, 2014
Countermark: Bust of Hercules14 viewsAgrippa AE As. Countermark: Bust of HercluesHolding_HistoryJul 27, 2014
Countermarks: S, AVG, TICA 13 viewsAugustus AE As. Countermarks: S (devalued to a semis), AVG, TICA Holding_HistoryJul 27, 2014
Countermarks: S, AAC, TICA13 viewsAugustus AE As. Countermarks: S (devalued to a semis), AAC, TICA Holding_HistoryJul 27, 2014
Countermarks: DVA, Helmet, Dolphin9 viewsAugustus AE As. Bust right, Countermarks: DVA, Helmet / Countermarks: DolphinHolding_HistoryJul 27, 2014
Countermark: Wreath and Bust8 viewsRoman AE As. Countermarks: Wreath and BustHolding_HistoryJul 27, 2014
Domitian AE As18 viewsDomitian AE As. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VIII CENS PER P P. Laureate head right. / COS XIIII LVD SAEC FEC / S C. Domitian standing left, sacrificing over altar; to left flute player and lyre player standing right; hexastyle templefront in background. 27mm, 8.57g. RIC 623Holding_HistoryJun 11, 2014
Ptolemy V Epiphanes Tetradrachm10 viewsPtolemaic Kingdom. Ptolemy V Epiphanes. 205-180 B.C. AR tetradrachm (26.4 mm, 13.83 g, 12 h). Alexandria, ca. 204 B.C. Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis / ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt; wings closed. Svoronos 1231; Noeske 176-7; SNG Cop 244Holding_HistoryJun 07, 2014
Titus AE As20 viewsTitus, as Caesar, AE As. Rome, 72 A.D. T CAES VESPASIAN IMP P TR P COS II, laureate head right / VICTORIA AVGVSTI S-C, Victory advancing right crowning a standard with wreath. RIC 453, Cohen 3811 commentsHolding_HistoryApr 10, 2014
Vindex Denarius18 viewsVindex, Civil War, 68-69 A.D. AR Denarius. Uncertain mint in Gaul. SALVS GENERIS HVMANI, Victory standing left on globe, holding wreath in right hand and palm frond in left / SPQR within oak wreath. RIC I 73a, AM 77, RSC 4211 commentsHolding_HistoryApr 10, 2014
Nero AE dupondius, Macellum Magnum10 viewsNero AE dupondius. Lugdunum, 64-65 A.D. NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, Laureate bust left. / MAC AVG, S-C, Frontal view of the Macellum Magnum; statue standing facing on base within cylindrical tetrastyle entrance set on tiered base, upper tristyle story surmounted by ornate conical dome; two-story tristyle porch on either side. RIC I 402Holding_HistoryMar 12, 2014
Claudius AE Quadrans, Modius18 viewsClaudius AE Quadrans. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG, Legend around modius / PON M TR P IMP COS DES IT, Legend around large SC. RIC 84, Cohen 70Holding_HistoryFeb 10, 2014
Agrippa AE As17 viewsAgrippa AE As. 37-41 A.D. M AGRIPPA L F COS III, Bust of Agrippa left, wearing rostral crown / S-C, Neptune standing facing, head left, holding dolphin and trident. RIC I 58Holding_HistoryFeb 06, 2014
Class I Christ Follis6 viewsAnonymous Class I Christ Follis. IC XC, Nimbate bust of Christ facing, holding book of the Gospels / Latin cross with x at centre and globule and pellets at each extremity. Sear 1889 Holding_HistoryFeb 06, 2014
Tiberius AE Sestertius, Temple of Concordia55 viewsTiberius AE Sestertius. Rome , 36-37 A.D. Facade of the Temple of Concordia: hexstyle temple, Concordia enthroned left at center above an altar; statues of Hercules to left & Mercury to right; statues of Jupiter, Juno, Minerva & Victories on pediment above / CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST P M TR POT XXXII, Legend around large SC. Cohen 69. RIC I 67 2 commentsHolding_HistoryFeb 01, 2014
Augustus Sestertius, C. Gallius Lupercus24 viewsAUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. Orichalcum Sestertius (20.16 gm) of C. Gallius Lupercus, 16 BC. Civic crown / Large S C. RIC.377(SHolding_HistoryJan 11, 2014
Vespasian AE As, RIC 33321 viewsVespasian AE As. IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG COS III, Laureate bust right / VICTORIA AVGVSTI, SC in exergue, Victory advancing right to place wreath on standard. RIC 333. Rarity R2. Rare Judea Capta typeHolding_HistoryJan 01, 2014
Vespasian AR Denarius. Antioch, Judea Capta36 viewsVespasian AR Denarius. Antioch, 72-73 A.D. IMP CAES VESP AVG PM COS IIII, Laureate bust right / Jewess seated right beneath palm tree. Vespasian standing behind in military dress, foot on helmet, holding spear and parazonium. Hendin 763, RIC 1558, RPC 19302 commentsHolding_HistoryDec 19, 2013
Antonia dupondius48 viewsAntonia dupondius. Rome mint, under Claudius 41-50 A.D. ANTONIA AVGVSTA - Draped bust right, wearing hair in long plait down neck / TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP S-C - Claudius standing left, holding simpulum. RIC 92 (Claudius); BMC 166 (Claudius); Cohen 6
3 commentsHolding_HistoryDec 01, 2013
Vespasian AE Sestertius, IVDEA CAPTA27 viewsVespasian AE Sestertius. IMP CAES VESPAS AVG PM TR P P P COS III, Laureate bust right / IVDAEA CAPTA, Jewess seated mourning to the right under palm tree. Jewish captive standing behind with arms bound. RIC 425, BMC 539v, Cohen 233, Hendin 773Holding_HistoryNov 25, 2013
Titus AE Sestertius, IVD CAP26 viewsTitus AE Sestertius, Rome, 79-81 A.D. Laureate bust right / IVD CAP, Jewish captive standing to the right, hands bound behind him. Jewess seated beneath palm tree in attitude of mourning. Arms scattered. Hendin 792vHolding_HistoryNov 25, 2013
Agrippina I Senior AE Sestertius33 viewsAgrippina I Senior AE Sestertius. Rome, 37-41 A.D. AGRIPPINA M F MAT C CAESARIS AVGVSTI, Draped bust right / SPQR MEMORIAE AGRIPPINAE, Two wheeled Carpentum left, drawn by two mules, stilt supported by Caryatids. RIC 55

Ex. Artemid Aste, Jean Baptiste Collection
2 commentsHolding_HistoryNov 20, 2013
Livia AE dupondius23 viewsLivia AE dupondius. Restoration issue under Titus, 80-81 A.D. Veiled and diademed bust of Livia as Pietas right, PIETAS below / IMP T CAES DIVI VESP F AVG RESTIT around SC. RIC 222, RCV 2588

Ex. Artemid Aste, Jean Baptiste Collection
Holding_HistoryNov 20, 2013
Nero sestertius35 viewsNero sestertius. Lugdunum, 67 A.D.. Laureate bust left, globe at point of bust / Port of Ostia with ships in the harbor and pharos; below is a reclining figure of Tiber, holding rudder and dolphin. 34 mm, 20.54 g, 6 h. RIC 589; WCN 470. Ex. John C. LavenderHolding_HistoryNov 15, 2013
Domitian AE As, Temple15 viewsDomitian AE As. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VIII CENS PER P P, Laureate bust right / COS XIIII LVD SAEC FEC / S C, Domitian standing left, sacrificing over round altar with patera in right hand; River god Tiber reclining right, lyre and flute players standing right. Temple showing 9 columns in the background. RIC 627Holding_HistoryNov 13, 2013
Titus As, Judea Capta25 viewsTitus As. Lyons mint, 77-78 A.D. T CAES IMP AVG F TR P COS VI CENSOR, Laureate bust right / IVDAEA CAPTA, Judaea seated right under palm-tree, captured arms behind, SC in ex. 7.7g. Cohen 117Holding_HistoryNov 05, 2013
Caligula AE As16 viewsCaligula AE As. Rome, 37-38 A.D. C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT, Bare head left / VESTA, S C across field, Vesta seated left, holding patera and sceptre. RIC 38, BMC 46, Cohen 27Holding_HistoryNov 04, 2013
Divus Augustus AE Dupondius, struck under Caligula19 viewsDivus Augustus AE Dupondius, struck under Caligula, Rome, 37-41 A.D. DIVVS AVGVSTVS S-C, Radiate bust of Divus Augustus left. / CONSENSV SENAT ET EQ ORDIN P Q R, Laureate and togate Caligula seated left on curule chair, holding branch in right hand. RIC 56, BMC 90, RCV 1811Holding_HistoryNov 04, 2013
Vespasian Judea Capta quadrans29 viewsVespasian AE Quadrans. Rome, 71 A.D. IMP VESPASIANVS AVG, Trophy / PM TRP PP COS III SC, Two crossed spears between two shields . RIC II 345, Hendin 784a

Apparently quite rare, the only auction record I found was for the Hendin plate coin.
Holding_HistoryNov 04, 2013
Titus AV Aureus, Venus31 viewsTitus AV Aureus. Rome, 79 A.D. T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANVS, Laureate bust right / TR PONT VIII COS VII, Venus standing right leaning on column holding helmet and spear. RIC 1077, Calico 7902 commentsHolding_HistoryOct 26, 2013
11 - Titus17 viewsTitus as Caesar, AR Denarius. T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANVS, Laureate bust right / COS IV, Mars standing left holding spear and trophy. RIC (Vespasian) 948, RSC 65Holding_HistoryOct 26, 2013
Domitian AR Quinarius, Herald12 viewsDomitian AR Quinarius. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VII, Laureate bust right / COS XIIII LVD SAEC FEC, Salian priest/herald with feathered cap advancing left holding wand and shield decorated with helmeted bust of Minerva. RIC II 118/599, RSC 78. Ex. K.E.Day CollectionHolding_HistoryOct 26, 2013
Agrippina I Senior AE Sestertius31 viewsAgrippina I Senior AE Sestertius. Memorial issue struck by Claudius, 42 AD. AGRIPPINA M F GERMANICI CAESARIS, Draped bust right. / TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR P IMP P P, Legend around large S C. 34mm, 27.8g. Sear 19062 commentsHolding_HistoryOct 26, 2013
Domitian AE Sestertius, Platform12 viewsDomitian AE Sestertius. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VIII CENS PERP, Laureate bust right / COS XIIII LVD SAEC A POP, FRVG A C on front of platform, SC in exergue. Domitian seated right on stool set on low platform; citizens standing left, offering "fruges" (literally, fruits: sacrificial libations) which they pour onto the ground; temple in background. 25.80g, 35mm. RIC II 375, BMCRE 419, Cohen 82. Very rare.Holding_HistoryOct 26, 2013
Domitian AE Sestertius, Procession15 viewsDomitian AE Sestertius. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VIII CENS PER P P, Laureate bust right / Domitian standing right; companion standing behind, three children leading procession, each carrying a branch. 24.00g, 34mm. RIC 615. Extremely Rare.Holding_HistoryOct 26, 2013
Drusus with Tiberius and Germanicus Gemellus. AE Sestertius24 viewsDrusus, with Tiberius and Germanicus Gemellus. AE Sestertius, Rome, 22-23 A.D. Struck under Tiberius. Crossed cornuacopiae, each surmounted by bare-headed bust of a boy facing one another, winged caduceus between. / DRVSVS CAESAR TI AVG F DIVI AVG N PONT TR POT II, Legend around large S C. RIC 42. Ex. GoldbergHolding_HistoryOct 26, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE, Licinius I GENIO POP ROM Follis99 viewsLicinius I
IMP LICINIVS PF AVG - Laureate and cuirassed bust right
GENIO POP ROM - Genius standing left, turret on head, loins draped, holding cornucopia. T-F in fields, BTR mint mark
Trier (316 A.D.)
RIC VII Trier 121

Absolutely superb coin! The hairlines and beard are very detailed, and the reverse is incredibly detailed right down to Genius' boots and turreted head.
5 commentsHolding_HistoryMar 11, 2013
Roman Empire, Maximinus II Dia quarter follis, Genius86 viewsMaximinus II Dia
Quarter Folles, 205-306 A.D.
MAXIMINVS NOB C - Bust right
GENIO POP-VLI ROMANI - Genius left, modus on head, holding patera and cornucopia.
SIS mint mark, Siscia mint
RIC VI Siscia 171b
Rarity R
Nice EF condition!
2 commentsHolding_HistoryDec 13, 2012
Roman Empire, City Commemorative, Urbs Roma, VRBS ROMA108 viewsAnonymous AE Follis
VRBS ROMA - Roma helmeted, wearing imperial mantle
No reverse legend - She wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, wolf right
SMAN Theta mint mark, Antioch mint (330-335 AD)
RIC VII Antioch 91/113

Stunning EF coin, nicest I have ever seen. Bust is sharp, reverse has incredible details on the wolf, and wonderful facial details on Romulus and Remus. Flan is problem free with no flan cracks.
2 commentsHolding_HistoryOct 22, 2012
GREEK, Quasi-Autonomous, Silanus, Antioch, Syria, "Star of Bethlehem"105 viewsSilanus (Legatus Augusti pro praetore)
Syria, Antioch AE22
No obverse legend - Laureate bust or Zeus right
EΠI ΣIΛANOY ANTIOXEΩN - Ram running right, looking back, star above. ΓM (year 43) below.
RPC I 4269 | GICV 5186
BMC Galatiaia pg 159, 65
12-13 A.D.
The astronomer Michael Molnar believes this coin depicts Jupiter's occultation of Aries in 6 B.C., which could be the Star of Bethlehem in the Bible.

2 commentsHolding_HistoryOct 10, 2012
ROMAN EMPIRE, Marcian AE4, Monogram within wreath50 viewsMarcian AE4
DN MARCIANVS PF AVG - Pearl diademed draped & cuirassed bust right
No reverse legend - Monogram 2A within wreath
Cyzicus (450-457)
RIC X 563
Incredibly nice coin. Very hard to find with a sharp monogram and full legends!
1 commentsHolding_HistoryOct 10, 2012
Roman Empire, Domitian Minerva Denarius99 viewsDomitian AR Denarius, Rome, 91-92 A.D.
IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XI - Laureate bust right
IMP XXI COS XV CENS P P P - Minerva standing left with thunderbolt and spear, shield on ground to right
RIC (Old) 158 | RIC (New) 726, RSC 268, BMC 184.

Absolutely stunning portrait!
5 commentsCoinScrubberJul 14, 2012
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II GLORIA ROMANORVM89 viewsConstantius II
D N CONSTANTIVS P F AVG - Pearl diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right
GLORIA ROMANORVM - Emperor standing left in military dress, holding labarum and scepter
RIC VIII 293, 355, 386
All RIC numbers identical, different dates
Rare reverse
1 commentsCoinScrubberApr 14, 2012
CELTIC, Celtic Imitation of Roman Republican Semis101 viewsObverse-Bust of Saturn
Reverse-Galley prow, S above, OMA below.

I think the R in the exergue may be off center. The A is about 30 degrees tilted left.
CoinScrubberOct 06, 2011
ROMAN EMPIRE, Leo I. Latin monogram in wreath, rare68 viewsLeo (Augustus)
DN LEO PER AVG - Pearl diademed bust draped and cuirassed bust right.
None - Latin monogram within wreath
Minted in Cyzicus (457-474)
RIC X 690, Rare
CoinScrubberSep 03, 2011
Roman, Gratian162 viewsGratian (Augustus)
Bronze AE3
DN GRATIANVS PF AVG - Pearl diademed bust draped and cuirassed bust right.
GLORIA RO-MANORVM - Emperor advancing right dragging captive and holding a military banner inscribed with a Chi-Rho
RIC IX Siscia 14c, type xvi, Minted in Siscia (367-375), 2.25g / 17mm /
This is the nicest bust of Gratian I have seen. Very pleased to have it!
2 commentsCoinScrubberAug 18, 2011
Roman, Theodosius I AE4 Bust189 viewsTheodosius I (Augustus)
Bronze AE4
DN THEODO-SIVS PF AVG - Pearl diademed bust draped and cuirassed right.
SALVS REI-PVBLICAE - Victory dragging captive left and holding trophy. Cross in left field.
Minted in Antioch or Alexandria (388-395 A.D.)
Cross in left field, A-- mint mark.
RIC IX Antioch 67b/70a or RIC IX Alexandria 20b/23a

WOW! When I was making an order and I saw this bust on a AE4, how could I pass on it!?
2 commentsCoinScrubberAug 18, 2011
ROMAN EMPIRE, Valentinian II VICTORIA AVGGG89 viewsValentinian II (Augustus)
Bronze AE4
DN VALENTINI-ANVS PF AVG - Pearl diademed bust draped and cuirassed bust right.
VICTOR-IA AVGGG - Victory advancing left holding wreath and palm branch.
RIC IX Siscia 39a
Minted in Siscia (384-387 AD)
Has some wear, but for a Late Roman AE4, it has some amazing detail. You just don't really find them any better.
1 commentsNathan HJul 18, 2011
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