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Last additions - Roman - Severan Dynasty
Severus Alexander Provincial AE17 viewsSeverus Alexander. Caesar 221-222 AD, Augustus 222-235 AD.

Nicaea, Bithynia.

19mm., 3.89g.

M AVR CEV ALEXANDROC AVG, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, seen from the back

NI-KA-IE-ΩN between the masts of three standards with one badge and two bars each.

References: Believed to be Kemppinen 204; BMC 103 var (obv legend + bust type + rev breaks).

RLAug 29, 2018
Severus Alexander Denarius12 viewsSeverus Alexander. Caesar 221-222 AD, Augustus 222-235 AD.

Antioch. AD 222 - AD 235.

19mm., 1.87g.

IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG. Bust of Severus Alexander, laureate, draped, cuirassed?, right

PIETAS AVG. Pietas, veiled, draped, standing left, raising right hand over altar, and holding incense-box in left hand.

References: RIC IV Severus Alexander 292 or 293

RLAug 29, 2018
Elagabalus Provincial AE9 viewsElagabalus 218-222 AD.


19mm., 4.21g.

[?] ANTΩNEINOC, radiate head right

Large SC within wreath ornamented by star at top; Delta Epsilon to left and right above [eagle below?]

RLAug 29, 2018
Macrinus Provincial AE12 viewsMacrinus. 217-218 AD.


18mm., 4.96g.

Obverse unread. Laureate head right.

Large SC within wreath, star over Delta above, Epsilon below.

RLAug 29, 2018
Geta Denarius13 viewsGeta. Caesar 198-209 AD; Co-Augustus with Caracalla 209-212 AD.

Rome. 203-208 AD

20mm., 3.27g.

P SEPTIMIVS GETA CAES. Bust of Geta, bare-headed, draped, right.

PROVID DEORVM. Providentia, draped, standing left, holding in right hand wand over globe set on ground and sceptre in left hand.

References: RIC IV Geta 51

RLAug 29, 2018
Caracalla Denarius12 viewsCaracalla. 196-217 AD.

Rome. AD 207.

19mm., 2.47g.

ANTONINVS PIVS AVG. Head of Caracalla, laureate, right.

PONTIF TR P X COS II. Caracalla, in military attire, standing right, left foot on helmet, holding spear in right hand and parazonium in left hand.

References: RIC IV Caracalla 95

RLAug 29, 2018
Septimus Severus Denarius26 viewsSeptimus Severus. 193-211 AD.

Rome. 202-210 AD.

19mm., 3.43g.

SEVERVS PIVS AVG. Head of Septimius Severus, laureate, right

RESTITVTOR VRBIS. Roma, helmeted, draped, seated left on shield, holding palladium in right hand and spear in left hand

References: RIC IV Septimius Severus 288 (denarius)

1 commentsRLAug 25, 2018
Septimus Severus Denarius16 viewsSeptimus Severus. 193-211 AD.

Rome. AD 210.

18mm., 2.25g.

SEVERVS PIVS AVG BRIT. Head of Septimius Severus, laureate, right

P M TR P XVIII COS III P P. Neptune, naked except for cloak over left shoulder and right arm, standing left, right foot set on globe, holding trident in left hand

References: RIC IV Septimius Severus 241

RLAug 25, 2018
Elagabalus Denarius12 viewsElagabalus 218-222 AD.

Antioch or Rome. AD 218 to AD 222

19mm., 2.49g.

IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, laureate, horned, draped bust right

INVICTVS SACERDOS AVG, Elagabalus standing left, holding patera sacrificing over altar and holding club upright, bull lying down behind altar.

References: RIC 88b (Rome) or 191b (Antioch)

RLJul 16, 2018
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