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LUCCA39 viewsLUCCA - In Tuscany, 12th Century AD - Billon eDenier. Struck in the name of Henry III Holy Roman Emperor AD 1017-1056 ( with debased Otto monogram ). Obv.: +IMPERΛTOR, in centre debased Otto monogram. Reverse: +ENRIVCVS, LVCA in centre. Ref:Metcalf 10-15.

The deniersof the mint of Lucca along with those issued from the mints of Charters, Le Mans, Melgueil, Le Puy, Valence and Melle are mentioned bythe chronicler Raymond of Aguilers who accompanied the count of Toulouse Raymond of Saint-Gilles as the "Erat Haec Nostra Moneta" the coins used in the Latin East by members of the First crusade.These coins frequestly turn up in hoards found in lands held by the Franks in Syria and Palestine.
dpaul7Feb 20, 2013
VENICE -- Anonymous, decree of 1565188 viewsVENICE -- Anonymous, decree of 1565, AR Gazzetta of 2 Soldi Obv.: + SANCTVS MARCVS VENET Lion of St. Mark left. Rev.: DILIGITE IVSTITIAM. Justice, seated facing on two lions, holding sword and scales. Reference: CNI VIII, 350; Papadopoli 163a. dpaul7Dec 02, 2012
ARMATA ET MOREA -- Under Venice133 viewsARMATA ET MOREA -- Under Venice - Copper Gazetta da 2 Soldi, 1688-1691. Obv.: S.MARC.VEN. Venetian Lion or St. Mark facing, in exergue: * II * Rev.: ARMATA /E.T/ MOREA [Between 2 Rosettes]. ARMATA = Navy; Morea is the name for Peloponnisus. Because the first Venetian newspapers cost 2 Soldi, the coin acquired the name GAZETTA. Reference: Paolucci 816.dpaul7Dec 02, 2012
VENICE -- Lorenzo Celsi 98 viewsVENICE -- Lorenzo Celsi (1361-1365) Silver Soldino. Obv.: Kneeling Doge to left holding banner. +LAVR.CE LSI.DVX Rev.: +.S.MARCVS.VENETI. Nimbate lion stands left with banner; letter S before (Mintmaster Secondo Aventurado). Reference: Biaggi 2837, CNI 3 var., Papadopoli 2.dpaul7Nov 25, 2012
SARDINIA -- VITTORIO AMEDEO III33 viewsSARDINIA -- VITTORIO AMEDEO III (1773-1796) Copper 5 Soldi, 1796. Obv.: Bust right. Date below bust. VIC • AMED • D • G • REX • SARD • Rev.: Standing figure above value, SOL • 5 Around: S • MAURITIUS • PAT • TOT • DIT Reference: Craig #58.dpaul7Nov 25, 2012
PARMA - Ferdinanco di Borbone30 viewsPARMA --20 SOLDI, 1795. 4.0000 g., Billon Ruler: Ferdinando di Borbone (1765-1802) Obv: Crowned, oval shield in sprigs separates initials D G Legend: FERD • I • H • I • D • G • PAR • PL • VAST • D • 1795 Rev: St. Thomas Rev. Legend: S • THOMAS • APOST • PAR • PROT In exergue: SOLDI XX over • E • * • S • Reference: C# 7
dpaul7Jul 31, 2012
AQUILEIA - Ludwig von Teck II49 viewsAQUILEIA - Ludwig von Teck II (1412-1420) AR Denar. Obv.: Bavarian arms (Rautenschild), LODOVICVS DVX D TECh Rev.: Madonna and child; PAThA AQVILE. Reference: Bernardi 69; Biaggi 193.dpaul7Apr 19, 2012
NEAPOLITAN REPUBLIC - Henry de Guise54 viewsNEAPOLITAN REPUBLIC - Henry de Guise (1647-1648) AE 3 Tornesi, 1648. Obv.: Crowned shield with letters SPQN. Legend: HEN DE LOR DUX REIP N. Rev.: Bound wheat and olives, legend PAX ET UBERTAS 1648. Reference: KM #55. Ex Ardatirion collection.
These are always poorly struck, usually not this nice. The design quality of this piece is rather crude, and the SPQN is NOT aligned properly... letters are sideways. Usually they are straight. Probably made toward the end of the siege of the Republic by Spain.
From Wikepedia: The Neapolitan Republic was a Republic created in Naples, which lasted from 22 October 1647 to 5 April 1648. It began after the revolt led by Masaniello and Giulio Genoino against the Spanish viceroys.
The leader of the Republic was Henry II of Lorraine, duke of Guise, descendant of the former king of Naples Rene I of Anjou. The Republic had the following official names: Serenissima Repubblica di questo regno di Napoli ("Most Serene Republic of this Kingdom of Naples"), Reale Repubblica ("Royal Republic"), and Serenissima Monarchia repubblicana di Napoli ("Most Serene Republican Monarchy of Naples"). All indicated the double nature of the Republic, both republican and monarchical, and "Serenissima" was a purposeful comparison with the famous Italian maritime republic with the same title, Venice. The coat of arms was a red shield with the motto S.P.Q.N., in imitation of the well-known S.P.Q.R., the initialism of the Latin phrase, Senatus Populusque Romanus ("The Senate and the People of Rome"), Thus, the Neapolitan phrase meant "The Senate and People of Naples." The coat of arms contained the crest of the duke of Guise.
dpaul7Aug 14, 2011
MILAN - Gian Galeazzo Visconti81 viewsMILAN - Gian Galeazzo Visconti, as duke. 1395-1402. AR Grosso (24mm, 2.3 g). Obv.: Coiled serpent eating a man (or, as some say, a Basilisk), flanked by G-3, all within quadrilobe. + GALIAZ · VICECOES · D · MEDIOLAИI
Rev.: St. Ambrose mitred, nimbate, seated, holding scourge and crozier; annulet in left field. S AMBROSIVS (AMB ligate) MEDIOLAN. Reference: Casellotti 2.
1 commentsdpaul7Feb 08, 2011
TUSCANY - Victor Emmanuel II86 viewsTUSCANY - Victor Emmanuel II, under Second Provisional Government (1859-1861). AR 50 Centesimo. Obv.: King faces right; VITTORIO EMANUELE RE ELETTO ; mint marks below bust. Rev.: Crowned arms in wreath; CINQUANTA CENTESIMI .FIRENZE. (mint name) 1860. Reference: C#84.dpaul7May 30, 2010
VENICE - Antonio Priuli71 viewsVENICE - Antonio Priuli (1618-1623) AE Soldo. Obv.: Lion of St. Mark facing kneeling Dodge with cross stave. Rev.: Nimbate Saint Mark stands facing. Ref.: EK-1194.dpaul7Jan 20, 2010
SARDINIA - Victor Amadeo III58 viewsSARDINIA - Victor Amadeo III (1773-1796) Billon 20-Soldi, 1796. Reference=Craig #58.dpaul7Oct 27, 2009
LUCCA - Charlesl Louis56 viewsLUCCA - Charlesl Louis (1824-1847) AR 2 Lire, 1837. Obv.: Bust right. "CARLO LOD.I.D.S. DUCA DI LUCCA" Rev.: Crowned arms in wreath, date below. Craig #41.dpaul7Oct 25, 2009
SAVOY - Emmanuel Philibert43 viewsSAVOY - Emmanuel Philibert (1553-1580) Forte TYpe IV. Minted in Nice. Lower grade, but Rare! Obv.: Simple shield with an anellino over and to sides, around: +• PHILIBER • DUX • SABA Rev.: Large P surrounded by four anellini, around: + AUXILUM • MEUM • To • DOM. Sim 75 Biaggi 467 MIR 553.
MANY THANKS to Paleologo for identification!
dpaul7Sep 16, 2009
VENICE - Bertruccio Valiero93 viewsVENICE - Bertruccio Valiero (1656-1658) CU Soldo. Obv.: Dodge with staff kneels left before Lion of St. Mark. S.M.V.BERT.VALER -- Value "12" flanked by rosettes in exurge. Rev.: Nimbate saint stands with right hand raised in benediction; {rosette} DEFENS. NOSTRA {ROSETTE}. dpaul7Jul 14, 2009
SAN MARINO47 viewsSAN MARINO - Rome mint - 1938_R · 5 CENTESIMI. Composition: Bronze · Size: 19mm. VF condition - KM#12.dpaul7May 17, 2009
EMILIA58 viewsEMILIA - 1826 (1860) 5 Centesimi, copper. KM#3.dpaul7Mar 09, 2009
NAPLES & SICILY44 viewsNAPLES & SICILY - Ferdinand II (1830-1859) AR 120 Grana. Portrait facing right/Crowned coat of arms. Reference #: C-153b.dpaul7Nov 23, 2008
LUCCA107 viewsLUCCA - Silver denier, Henry III-V (1039-1125), Roman Emperor, Civic issue from Lucca. H in the center, MPERATOR / LVCA arranged in the center, +ENRICVS. The deniers from Lucca were widely used during the first crusade and are often found in Israel and Lebanon. This specimen is exceptionally nice for these crude issues!dpaul7Nov 01, 2008
SICILY - JAMES I63 viewsSICILY - JAMES I of Aragon (1285-1296) AE Denaro. Obv: Crowned head, "+IAC DEI GRA/Reverse: Cross, "+REX SICILIE".dpaul7Oct 31, 2008
GENOA82 viewsGENOA - Republic of Genoa. Conrad I-III. 1139-1339. AR denaro (16 mm, 0.80 g, 5'). + . IA . NV . A ., castle / CVNRADI REX, cross pattιe. dpaul7Oct 31, 2008
GENOA90 viewsGENOA - Republic of Genoa. Conrad I-III. 1139-1339. AR denaro (16 mm, 0.80 g, 5'). + . IA . NV . A ., castle / CVNRADI REX, cross pattιe. 1 commentsdpaul7Oct 31, 2008
venice giovanni corner.jpg
VENICE - Giovanni Corner119 viewsVenice. Giovanni I Corner (1624-1630). Quarter Soldi, Copper. Mint Period: 1625-1629 AD
Doge: Giovanni Corner (96th Doge of Venice)
Denomination: Quarter Soldi of 12 denarii (1 Soldino)
Reference: Davenport 4267. Papadopoli 146; Scarfθa 960.
Diameter: 20.6mm Material: Copper Weight: 1.7gm
Obverse: Doge kneeling to right, holding cruciform staff. Nimbate and winged lion to left, holding Gospels open with left fore-paw.
Legend: *S•M•V•IO•CORN
Exergue: *12* (value)
Reverse: Full length facing Christ, nimbate and robed.
dpaul7May 06, 2008
VENICE - Giovanni Dandolo102 viewsVENICE - Giovanni Dandolo, 1280 - 1289. Silver Grosso, without date.
Obv.: St. Mark gives an investiture banner to the Dodge.
Rev.: Christ enthroned facing.
21 mm. 2,06 g. VF.
dpaul7Mar 01, 2008
VENICE Orio Malipero.jpg
VENICE - Orio Malipero140 viewsVENICE - Orio Malipero (1178-1192) silver Piccolo. Obv.: Cross in pearled circle. Writing around rim.
Rev.: Cross in pearled curcle. Writing around rim.
Weight: 0,28g
dpaul7Mar 01, 2008
GORIZIA - Italy110 viewsGORIZIA - Italy, under Austrian rule. 1 Soldo, 1762, Cu. Graz mint. Some damage on reverse. Reference: Craig 2.1.dpaul7Jan 31, 2008
AQUILEIA - Antonio II. Panciera 144 viewsAQUILEIA - Antonio II. Panciera (1402-1411)
Obverse: Coat of arms of the Patriarch, in a beaded circle; "+ANTONIVS * PATRIARCH" around which is another beaded circle.
Reverse: Eagle over beaded circle; above it a rosetter, under, right and left a star. "AQU ILE GEN SIS" around which is another beaded circle.
dpaul7Dec 08, 2007
naples & sicily phil ii.jpg
NAPLES & SICILY - Philip II216 viewsNAPLES & SICILY (Under Spain) -- 1 Grano, Philip II of Spain (1556-1598). Obv: Crowned Eagle/Rev: VT/COMMO/DIVS. 17x15 mm, 3.88 g. dpaul7Oct 20, 2007
SICILY - William II Follaro97 viewsSICILY (Norman) -- William II (The Good) -- 1166-1189. Follaro, 12 mm. Facing lion head/Kufic inscription, meaning KING WILLIAM II. 2.29 g. dpaul7Oct 20, 2007
MILAN - JOSEPH II128 viewsMilan, under Austrian Rule, Emperor Joseph II. Silver 1 Croccione (Kronenthaler). 1787, Milan Mint. C#49.
*This coin is identical to issue for Austrian Netherlands, KM-#32, except for mintmark.
1 commentsdpaul7Jun 29, 2007
phil iii tornese.jpg
Naples & Sicily - Philip III158 viewsTornese, Phlip III (of Spain - 1598-1621), dated 1616. dpaul7Jun 28, 2007
phil iv tornese 1.jpg
Naples & Sicily - Philip IV129 viewsTornese, dated 1647, Philip IV (of Spain), reverse showing the Order of the Golden Fleece.dpaul7Jun 28, 2007
PHIL IV tornese 2.jpg
Naples & Sicily - Philip IV116 viewsNaples & Sicily, Tornese of Philip IV (of Spain), 1621-1665. Reverse shows the Order of the Golden Fleece.dpaul7Jun 28, 2007
philip iv grano3.jpg
Naples & Sicily - Philip IV138 viewsGrano, dated 1637, Philip IV (of Spain). dpaul7Jun 28, 2007
ITALY - ANCONA89 viewsItaly, Ancona. 13th to 15th century Anonymous billon denaro. Denomination : Billon Denaro or 1/2 Grosso Date : 13th to 15th century. Reference : Biaggi-42. Size : about 16 mm. Weight : 0.6 grams. Grade : VF toned. Obverse : V C S in the center, with P P S QVIRIA around. Reverse : Short cross in a circle with DE ANCONA around. dpaul7May 23, 2007
ITALY - VERONA92 viewsItaly, Verona. Anonymous billon denario. 13th century. Denomination : Billon Denaro or Piccolo. Date : Issued anonymously, but at about the time of Friedrick II, ca. AD 1218 to 1250. Reference : Thompson #1940. Size : about 13 mm, scyphate. Weight : 0.33 grams. Grade : VF toned. Obverse : Long cross with a circle ove it, withVERONA outside of the circle and between the arms of the cross. Some of the letters in VERONA are ligate. The obverse is on the convex side. Reverse : Long cross with a circle on it, with CIVI CIVI between the arms of the cross. The letters are crudely engraved, and some are retrograde, so difficult to read. The reverse is on the concave side.
dpaul7May 23, 2007
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