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Last additions - ex-coins
Istros drachm16 viewsIstros AR Drachm, 4th Century BC
6.74 g
Obv. Facing male heads, the right inverted.
Rev. IΣTPIH, sea-eagle right, grasping dolphin with talons; monogram below
areichAug 16, 2015
Macedon, Antigonos Gonatas, tetradrachm58 viewsAmphipolis, 277/6-239 BC
31 mm, 17.04 g
obv.: horned head of Pan left, lagobolon behind, in the centre of a Macedonian shield
rev.: BAΣIΛEOΣ ANTIΓONOY; Athena Alkidemos advancing left, shield decorated with aegis on left arm, preparing to cast thunderbolt held aloft in right hand; crested Macedonian helmet to inner left, TI monogram to inner right
(AMNG III 2 S. 186 Nr.3; SNG Copenhagen 1202; SNG Oxford 3260)
ex Dorotheum May 2014 Coin Auction (26. May 2014), lot 60
1 commentsareichJan 03, 2015
Macedon, Aesillas tetradrachm23 viewsAesillas Quaestor
93 - 92, unknown mint
16.60 g
obv.: MAKEΔONΩN; head of Alexander the Great with horn of Ammon right, Q behind
Rs: AESILLAS; cista, club, Q and sella curulis in laurel wreath
(SNG Cop. 1329; AMNG III 70 Nr. 214; Bauslaugh, Gruppe I, O1-O6D, Taf. 1, 2-7)
areichJan 03, 2015
Seleucid Kings, Antiochos VII Evergetes, tetradrachm28 viewsTyre 136-135
30.5 mm, 13.87g
obv.: diademed head right
rev.: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ −ANTIOXOY Eagle standing left on thunderbolt; in left field, A / PE / club and in right field, A ΣΥ ligate / ΠΡ, between eagle's legs, monogram
(Newell, Tyre, 116. Seleucid Coins 2109.3)
areichJan 03, 2015
Syria, Seleukeia, tetradrachm25 views110-109 BC
14.97 g
obv.: draped and turreted bust of Tyche right
rev.: ΣEΛEΥKEIAΣ / THΣ IEΡAΣ – KAI / AΥTONOMOΥ; Thunderbolt bound with fillet upon stool, below date AI (=year 11), to right Θ; all in laurel wreath
BMC 271, 18var. (Rev. Γ instead of Θ)
from fixed price list Freeman & Sear, Los Angeles 8 (2003), 197; Hess-Divo, Auction 327(22. October 2014), lot 65.
1 commentsareichJan 03, 2015
Rhodos, AE1217 viewsca. 350-300
12 mm, 1.21 g
obv: head of nymph right
rev: rose and rose bud
areichApr 07, 2014
Caria, Halikarnassos(?), hemiobol28 views7 mm, 0.53 g
obv: ram
rev: head of youth right, in quadratum incusum
1 commentsareichJan 03, 2014
Thasos tetradrachm imitation, Eastern Celts25 views2nd - 1st cent.
31 mm, 15.91 g
obv: head of Dionysos wearing ivy wreath right
rev: HPAKΛEOYΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ / ΘAΣIΩN, Herakles standing facing, head left, holding club and lion skin

(Göbl OTA cf. Pl. 46, 2)
ex Münzen & Medaillen Deutschland GmbH, Auctions #3 (1998), Lot 293 and #38, Lot 234 (05.06.2013)
1 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Maroneia, tetradrachm34 views37x32 mm, 16.08 g
obv: head of Dionysos right wearing ivy wreath.
Rev: ΔIONYΣOY ΣΩTHPOΣ / MAPΩNITΩN; Dionysos standing left, holding bunch of grapes and narthex stalks, monograms
2 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Syracuse, Tetradrachm41 views2nd republic, 466 - 406, struck ca. 430 - 420
27 mm, 17.11 g
obv: slow Biga to right, being crowned by Nike
rev: ΣΥΡAKOΣION; bust of Arethusa right, surrounded by four dolphins
(Boehringer 667 (same dies))
ex Gorny & Mosch, Auction 216, Lot 2156
areichDec 26, 2013
Aegina stater47 views16x20 mm, 11.38 g
obv: Sea turtle with pellets on back and countermark (female head right)
rev: incuse square divided into five triangles.
1 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Aegina stater54 views21x19 mm, 12.19 g
obv: land tortoise with segmented shell.
rev: square incuse skew pattern.
2 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Sikyon stater40 viewsca. 335-330 BC
obv: Chimaera standing left; wreath above, ΣE below.
rev: Dove flying left; N before; all within wreath.

(BCD Peloponnesos 218)

ex Pecunem Auction 5, Lot 101 (07.07.2013)
1 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Macedonia, Tetradrachm33 views33 mm, 15.94 g
obv: diademed and draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder, in the centre of Macedonian shield
rev: MAKEΔONΩN / ΠPΩTHΣ; Club; monogram above, two monograms below; all within oak wreath, thunderbolt to left
1 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Macedonia, Tetradrachm25 views31 mm, 16.81 g
obv: diademed and draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder, in the centre of Macedonian shield
rev: MAKEΔONΩN / ΠPΩTHΣ; Club; monogram above; all within oak wreath, thunderbolt to left
areichDec 26, 2013
Alexander, Tet, Odessos(?)23 viewsOdessos mint?
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ; Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter
areichDec 26, 2013
Alexander, Tet, Mesembria38 viewsMesembria, ca. 150-125 BC
31 mm, 16.25 g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter;Corinthian helmet and ΔA to left, ΓOP monogram below throne
(Price 1062)
areichDec 26, 2013
Alexander, Tet, Phaselis24 viewsPhaselis
33 mm, 16.63 g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ; Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, C over Φ to left, anchor countermark to right

areichDec 26, 2013
Alexander, Tet, Alabanda20 viewsAlabanda, 169-168
30 mm, 16.45 g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ; Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, Pegasos to left, date (year 6 of local era) below throne
(Price 310, 2466. SNG Cop. 757)
ex Münzen und Medaillen GmbH, Auction 32, Lot 41 (26.05.2010)
areichDec 26, 2013
Alexander, Tet, Byblos(?), 330-32031 viewsByblos(?), 330-320
27 mm, 16.95 g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ; Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter
(Price 3426; SNG Oxford cf. 3009)

ex De La Tour, ex Hess-Divo Auction 314/1083 (04.05.2009) and The Lugdunum Sale 1/ 25 (23.07.2013)
areichDec 26, 2013
Philipp II tetradrachm34 viewsAmphipolis mint, ca. 316/5-295/4 BC
obv: laureate head of Zeus right
rev: ΦIΛIΠΠOY; Youth on horseback right, holding palm; Λ above bucranium below, E below raised foreleg
(Le Rider pl. 47, 1; SNG ANS 759-762)
1 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Philipp II tetradrachm43 viewsAmphipolis circa 323-315
25 mm, 14.30 g
obv: laureate head of Zeus right
rev: ΦIΛIΠΠOY; Youth on horseback right, holding palm; dolphin below, pellet in Π below raised foreleg
(SNG Delepierre 695. Le Rider pl. 46, 19)
3 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Pontos, Amisos, AE2755 views27 mm, 20.67 g
obv: head right wearing bashlyk
rev: AMIΣOY; quiver and unstrung bow.
1 commentsareichDec 26, 2013
Cilicia, Seleuceia ad Calycadnum, Julia Mamaea, AE2239 views22 mm, 5.03 g
obv: [...]MAMEA CE / BA (in field), draped bust right
rev: CEΛEUKEΩN KAΛYKAΔ, ? standing right, holding ?
3 commentsareichNov 19, 2013
Datames stater62 views384-361/0 BC
25 mm, 10.57 g
obv: Baaltars seated right; holding grain ear and grape bunch, resting on eagle-tipped scepter; thymiaterion to left, branch under throne; all within crenellated wall
rev: Satrap seated right, wearing Persian dress, holding arrow; winged solar disk upper right, bow lower right
(Casabonne series 2; SNG Levante 86 = SNG von Aulock 5951 (this coin); SNG France 288ff var. (symbol under throne on obverse))
4 commentsareichAug 28, 2013
Tarsos20 viewsareichJun 29, 2013
Kelenderis22 viewsareichJun 29, 2013
Tarent23 viewsTarentum, Calabria. AR Litra (9 mm, 0.54 g), c. 480-470 BC.
Obv. Cockle shell.
Rev. Wheel of four spokes.
Vlasto 1106-1116; HN Italy 835.

Very rare. Dark find patina. Good very fine.
areichJun 29, 2013
Abdera31 viewsAbdera, Thrace. AR Obol (9 mm, 0.50 g), c. 475-450 BC.
Obv. Griffin seated left, forepaw raised.
Rev. Head of eagle left within incuse square.
May, Abdera, 125.

Rare. Good very fine.
areichJun 29, 2013
Cilicia48 views12 mm, 0.57 gareichJun 29, 2013
Methymna37 views8 mm, 0.42 gareichJun 29, 2013
36 viewsCORINTHIA, Corinth. Circa 375-300 BC. AR Diobol (10mm, 0.78 g, 12h). Pegasos flying left / Pegasos standing left; Δ-I below. BCD Corinth -; SNG Copenhagen -; cf. BMC 208. Fine, toned, porous.

Ex Coin Galleries (14 November 1984), lot 121.
areichJun 29, 2013
23 viewsBOEOTIA, Pharai. 4th century BC. AR Obol (0.85 g). Boeotian shield / Amphora; wheat ear to left; all within concave circle. BCD Boiotia 236. Near VF, toned, light roughness.

From the BCD Collection.
1 commentsareichJun 29, 2013
22 viewsLocri Opuntii
Obol (0,75g), ca. 340-330 v.Chr.
BCD Lokris 89-91
areichJun 29, 2013
21 viewsareichJun 26, 2013
45 viewsdidrachm, 330/290 BC
7.82 g
obv: head of Demeter left
rev: ear of grain, tongs to left, META to right
(Johnston C 4.20 (this coin); Rutter, Historia Numorum 1583)
from Ars Classica 15, Luzern 1930, No. 167, ex Künker e-Auction 17, No. 7
2 commentsareichMay 08, 2013
Ptolemaios IV. Philopator 221-205/204, AE3427 views34 mm, 35.9 g
obv: head of Zeus-Ammon right, wearing tainia
rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt; cornucopia tied with fillet before, ΔI between legs
Svoronos 1127
2 commentsareichApr 01, 2013
Celtic Tetradrachm45 viewsImitation of Philipp III of Macedon Tetradrachm
3rd - 2nd centuries BC
26 mm, 16.93 g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: ΒAΣIΛEΩΣ ΦIΛIΠΠOY; Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, two monograms in left field, Z below throne
(Lanz 899; CCCBM I 189-191)
ex Friedinger-Pranter collection
1 commentsareichMar 24, 2013
Carian Dynasts, Hidrieus, tetradrachm78 views24 mm, 14.55 g
obv: head of Apollo facing, inclined slightly to right, wearing a laurel-wreath.
rev: IΔPIEΩΣ , Zeus Labraundos standing to right, wearing a chiton and a himation, holding spear left, labrys over his shoulder in his right, small E at his feet

SNG von Aulock 8046
ex Gorny & Mosch
5 commentsareichMar 24, 2013
Seleukis and Pieria, Apameia, Athena / Nike, AE 2040 views20 mm, 7.62 g
obv: head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet
rev: AΠAMEΩN THΣ IERAΣ / KAI AVTONOMOV; Nike advancing left
areichMar 23, 2013
Phoenicia, Marathos, AE1625 views16 mm, 3.34 g
obv: turreted bust of Tyche right, palm frond behind
rev: Marathos stading left, leaning on column, aphlaston in right
areichMar 23, 2013
Alexander, tetradrachm, Amphipolis, Price 8345 viewsAmphipolis mint, 336-323 BC
28x25 mm, 17.10 g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter; to left, TE monogram
Zeus seated left, holding spear and eagle
Price 83
areichMar 04, 2013
Macedon tetradrachm38 views32 mm, 16.76 g
obv: diademed head of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder, in boss of a Macedonian shield
rev: Club, monograms above and below, all within oak wreath, thunderbolt to left.
1 commentsareichFeb 21, 2013
Gallienus, Seleukeia ad Kalykadnum, AE2613 views26 mm, 9.14 g
obv: radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind
rev: Athena standing right, spear in right, shield in left, striking down serpent-footed giant, who is hurling a stone with right hand
areichFeb 21, 2013
Thasos stater74 viewsca. 500 BC
22 mm, 9.52 g
obv: satyr advancing right, carrying protesting nymph
rev: quadripartite incuse
2 commentsareichFeb 17, 2013
Alexander The great, Mesembria, tetradrachm80 viewsKings of Macedon. Alexander III. "the Great" (336-323 BC). AR Tetradrachm (29 mm, 16.74 g). Civic issue, Mesembria mint, c. 250-187 BC.
Obv. Head of Herakles wearing lion's skin right.
Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, rev: Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter; to left, corinthian helmet above monogram.
Price p. 182, 992 var. (slightly different monogram).
ex Auctiones eAuction #10, Lot 12
2 commentsareichJan 17, 2013
16 viewsareichDec 12, 2012
21 views1 commentsareichDec 12, 2012
46 viewsareichDec 12, 2012
Maximianus Herculius, Follis, Ticinum54 viewsFollis, 300-303 AD, Ticinum
26 mm, 9.83 g
obv: IMP C MAXIMIANVS P F AVG, laueate head right
rev: SACRA MONET AVGG - ET CAESS NOSTR / PT•; Moneta with scales and cornucopia facing, head left
1 commentsareichNov 24, 2012
Cleopatra Thea and Antiochos VIII Epiphanes (Grypos)51 views125-121 BC
19 mm, 5.90 g
obv: radiate and diademed head of Antiochos right
rev: ΒΑΣΙΛIΣΣHΣ KΛEOΠATPA ΘEAΣ / KAI ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟY; owl standing right on amphora, head facing
Hoover p. 241, #1189
2 commentsareichNov 17, 2012
Antiochos II Theos, AE1646 viewsAntiochus II Theos, 261 - 246 BC, Sardes
16 mm, 4.13 g
obv: laureate head of Apollo right
rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOΥ, tripod, anchor below
2 commentsareichNov 16, 2012
Cilicia, incertum, tetartemorion23 views4th century BC
6 mm, 0.18 g
obv: facing head
rev: Sphinx sitting left
(Troxell/Kagan S. 278, 20.)
ex Künker Auction 216, lot 472
areichNov 12, 2012
Cilicia, incertum, tetartemorion22 views4th century BC
6 mm, 0.18 g
obv: head of Ares wearing Attic helmet left
rev: lion's head right
(Troxell/Kagan S. 278, 15.)
ex Künker Auction 216, lot 470
areichNov 12, 2012
Cilicia, Mallos, obol19 views8 mm, 0.57 g
obv: forepart of winged goddess facing, head right, hands on hips
rev: MAP, swan standing left
areichNov 12, 2012
Olympia hemidrachm24 views390/380 BC, signed by Polykaon (signature not visible on this coin)
16-17 mm, 2.73 g
obv: head of eagle left
rev: F-A; winged thunderbolt in wreath
Slg. BCD 103
ex Künker, ex. Robert Ball Nachf., Berlin
1 commentsareichNov 12, 2012
Cilicia, Kelenderis, (hemi?)obol20 viewsca. 400 BC
10mm, 0.66g
obv: facing gorgoneion
rev: forepart of pegasos right within beaded incuse square
(SNG France 108-11)
areichNov 09, 2012
Cilicia, Anazarbos39 views113 - 114 AD (year 132)
23mm, 8.75g
obv: KAICAPEΩN ANAZAPBΩ laureate head of Zeus right
rev: ETOVC BAP, draped, veiled and turreted bust of Tyche right
(Ziegler 105)
areichNov 08, 2012
Antiochos VIII Grypos, AE1820 views18mm, 5.10g
obv: diademed head right
rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ANTIOXOV - EΠIΦANOVΣ thunderbolt on tripod, to left monogram
HGC 9, p. 247, #1215
areichNov 08, 2012
Sicily, Himera, hemilitron 38 viewsca. 420-408 BC
16-17mm, 4.80g
obv: IME; head of nymph Himera left, wearing sphendone, six pellets before
rev: six pellets within laurel wreath
1 commentsareichNov 08, 2012
Lydia, Nakrasa, Herakles / snake around omphalos, AE1518 viewstime of Trajan to Antoninus Pius
15mm, 2.42g
obv: EΠI CTPA MAP IOVNI ANOV; bearded, bare head of Herakles right
NAKPACITΩN; snake right, curled around omphalos
SNG München 335
areichNov 07, 2012
Attalos I., AR Tetradrachm, 241-197 BC80 viewsAttalos I., King of Pergamon, AR Tetradrachm, 241-197 BC.
Obv. Laureate head of Philetairos right.
Rev. Athena seated left, holding wreath and resting arm on shield, spear behind; to left, ΦΙΛΕΤΑΙΡΟΥ; bee on outer left, X above knee, bow on outer right.
30 mm, 16.67 g
SNG France 1623-4 var.
ex Rutten & Wieland
1 commentsareichSep 10, 2012
Aigina stater139 views16-20mm, 12.27g
obv: sea turtle
rev: irregular incuse
3 commentsareichAug 16, 2012
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16 viewsareichJul 19, 2012
city commemorative, VRBS ROMA, Antioch90 views335-337 AD, Antioch mint

obv: VRBS ROMA, bust of Roma left, helmeted with plume, wearing imperial mantle and ornamental necklace
rev: she-wolf standing left, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus; 2 stars above, flower-like symbol on wolf's shoulder above, SMANΘ in exergue.

RIC VII Antioch 91 var (shoulder mark)

3 commentsareichJul 19, 2012
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Birytis / Skepsis12 views10mm / 10mmareichJul 17, 2012
37 views21mmareichJul 17, 2012
15 views19mmareichJul 17, 2012
31 viewsareichJul 16, 2012
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Tetricus II, PIETAS AVGG32 viewsobv: C PIV ESV TETRICVS CAES, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, from behind
rev: PIETAS AVGG, sprinkler, simpulum, jug, knife, and lituus
areichJul 16, 2012
Tetricus I, PAX AVG42 viewsareichJul 16, 2012
18 viewsareichJul 16, 2012
Thessaly, Pharkadon, obol18 viewsca. 440-400 BC
12mm, 0.82g
obv: horse advancing right
rev: Athena standing left, holding spear; to left, shield resting against tree
(BCD Thessaly 1272; SNG Copenhagen 215)
ex CNG e-auction 266, Lot: 97
areichJul 07, 2012
Cilicia, Incertum, tetartemorion13 views6mm, 0.17g
obv: female head facing, dotted border
rev: female bust right within shallow incuse circle
areichJul 07, 2012
Macedon, Tragilos, hemiobol14 viewsca. 450-400 BC
7mm, 0.25g
obv: grape in dotted circle
rev: quadripartite incuse square; T-P-A-I in quarters (clockwise, starting in the top left quarter)
(SNG Cop. 447)
areichJul 07, 2012
Thrace, Chersonesos, hemidrachm, imitation72 views13mm, 2.25g
obv: forepart of lion right, looking back over shoulder
rev: quadripartite incuse square with alternating raised and sunken quarters, two pellets in opposite sunken quarters
1 commentsareichJul 02, 2012
Kings of Macedon, Alexander III, AE1754 views17mm, 4.13g
obv: gorgoneion, facing, on macedonian shield
rev: B-A; macedonian helmet, caduceus in left field
1 commentsareichJul 01, 2012
Lycian dynasts76 views500/460 BC
17-20mm, 8.88g
obv: forepart of boar left, on it, KVB(?)
rev: irregular incuse square
2 commentsareichJul 01, 2012
Moesia inferior, Markianopolis, Macrinus and Diadumenian, pentassarion 61 views217-218 AD
Pontianus, consular legate
27mm, 10.90g
obv: AVT K OΠEΛ CEV MAKPEINOC K M OΠE ANTΩNINOC; laureate and cuirassed bust of Macrinus right, vis-à-vis bare-headed and draped bust of Diadumenian left
rev: VΠ ΠONTIANOV MAPKIANOΠOΛEITΩN; Macrinus standing left, right foot on helmet, holding Victory on globe and reversed spear; shields before
(H&J, Marcianopolis; AMNG 778; Varbanov 1290)
ex CNG e-auction 278, Lot 179
4 commentsareichJul 01, 2012
Philipp III hemidrachm19 views13-14mm, 2.11g, 'Babylon' mint
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion's scalp right
rev: Zeus Aëtophoros seated left, legs crossed, ΦIΛIΠΠΟΥ to right; to left symbol, monogram below throne
areichJun 27, 2012
Severus Alexander, sestertius, MARS VLTOR80 views30mm, 20.00g), Rome, 231-235 AD
obv: IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG; laureate and draped bust right
rev: MARS VLTOR / S - C; Mars advancing right, carrying spear and shield
(RIC IV, 2, p. 120, 635)
ex Auctiones GmbH, eAuction #5, Lot 100
3 commentsareichJun 27, 2012
Carian Satraps, Pixodarus, 340-334 BC, didrachm81 views20mm, 7.01g
obv: laureate head of Apollo facing slightly right
rev: ΠIΧOΔAPOV; Zeus Labraundos standing right, holding labrys and lotus-tipped sceptre
2 commentsareichJun 27, 2012
Kings of Macedon, Alexander III, tetradrachm, Macedonian mint (Amphipolis?)76 views336-323 BC (lifetime)
24-26 mm, 17.14 g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ to right; to left, janiform-head vase
(Price p. 89, 6.)

ex Auctiones GmbH, eAuction #5, Lot 9
2 commentsareichJun 02, 2012
Caria, Pixodarus, trihemiobol33 views340-334 BC
10mm, 0.80g
obv: head of Apollo facing slightly right
rev: ΠIΖΩΔAPO between eight rays of an ornament star
Klein 509
1 commentsareichApr 25, 2012
Lydia, Silandos, Silen/ dionysos, AE1759 views17mm, 4.62g
obv: CIΛANΔEΩN, bearded head of Silen, wreathed in ivy right
rev: EΠI CATTAΛIANOV Dionysos(?) with thyrsos on mule right

SNG Aulock -; SNG Leypold -; SNG München -; SNG Tübingen -
3 commentsareichApr 17, 2012
Kings of Macedon, Alexander III, AE1840 viewsca. 323-319 BC
18mm, 4.12g
obv: head of Apollo with taenia right
rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, horseman right; above, monogram WA, below, monogram ME
(Price p. 284, 2131)
ex Auctiones eAuction #3, Lot 14
1 commentsareichApr 17, 2012
Macedon, Paroreia, AE1641 viewsca. 185-168 BC
16mm, 3.60g
obv: laureate head of Zeus right
rev: eagle standing right, to left, Θ, to right, monogram ΠAP
ex. Auctiones eAuction #4, Lot 6
1 commentsareichApr 17, 2012
Alexander III, AE2081 viewsuncertain mint in Asia minor, ca. 323-310 BC
20mm, 4.72g
obv: head of Alexander as Herakles right
rev: BAΣIΛEOΣ between club and bow in bow case, below, racing torch
countermark (lion's head)
Price 2800
3 commentsareichApr 15, 2012
Lydia, Akrasos, Athena / Telesphoros, AE1445 views14mm, 1.43g
obv: helmeted bust of Athena, wearing Aegis right, linear border
rev: AKPAC-IOTΩN; Telesphoros standing facing
SNG von Aulock -; SNG Leypold -; SNG Righetti -
1 commentsareichApr 15, 2012
Seleukid kingdom, Antiochus VI Dionysos, 145-142 BC55 views16mm, 2.54g, serrated
obv: radiate head right, dotted border
rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOΥ EΠIΦANOΥΣ ΔIONΥΣOΥ, horse standing left, right foreleg raised
2 commentsareichApr 15, 2012
Thrace, Istros, AE1996 views19mm, 6.37g
obv: head of Apollo? right, countermarks: head of Hermes wearing petasos right; facing head of Helios
rev: Eagle left, holding dolphin in talons, grain ear to left, XA[?] below

1 commentsareichApr 15, 2012
Thrace, Islands off, Thasos, hemiobol28 viewsca. 412-404 BC
8mm, 0.38 g, 12h
obv: head of satyr right
rev: two dolphins within shallow incuse
(Le Rider, Thasiennes 12; SNG Copenhagen 1033-4; HGC 6, 340)
ex CNG 267, Lot 41
1 commentsareichApr 09, 2012
Ionia, Magnesia ad Meandrum, tetartemorion45 views5th century BC
6mm, 0.21g
obv: M[A], youthful head right
rev: ΓNH, bull butting right over maeander pattern
(cf. Hauck & Aufhäuser 19 (2006), 121)

Auctiones eAuction #2, Lot 42
2 commentsareichApr 09, 2012
Macedon, Tragilos, hemiobol47 viewsca. 450-400 BC
8-9mm, 0.37g
obv: ear of grain in dotted circle
rev: T-P / A-I in quarters
Klein 163
2 commentsareichApr 09, 2012
Alexander the Great, AE21, contemporary imitation61 views21mm, 6.4g, cast
obv: head of Herakles, wearing lion-skin headdress, right
rev: AΛEΖANΔP[OY]; bow and quiver above, club below
1 commentsareichMar 30, 2012
Pisidia, Termessos minor, AE 2254 views22mm, 6.61g
obv: laureate head of Zeus right, scepter behind, uncertain countermark
rev: [ΤΕΡΜΗΣΣΕΩΝ], winged thunderbolt, bee within circular countermark

supposedly found near Sarmizegetusa Regia in the seventies
1 commentsareichMar 28, 2012
Severus Alexander, Seleukeia ad Kalykadnum, AE3038 views30mm, 14.97g
obv: radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: Athena standing right, spear in right, shield in left, striking down serpent-footed giant, who is hurling a stone with right hand
1 commentsareichMar 25, 2012
Larissa drachm, 5th century BC25 views20mm, 5.59g
obv: nude youth, trailing petasos and cloak, wrestling bull right
rev: ΛAP/IΣAI; horse running right, trailing reins; all within incuse square
Triton XV, lot 1962 (part of)
areichMar 18, 2012
Antiochos IX Kyzikenos48 views114/3 - 96/5 BC
19mm, 4.29g
obv: winged bust of Eros right
rev: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟY to right, ΦΙΛΟΠΑΤΟPΟΣ to left, date off flan; Nike advancing left, holding wreath
HGC 9, p. 256, #1254
2 commentsareichMar 18, 2012
Alexander II Zabinas, AE2142 viewsAlexander II Zabinas (128-122 BC)
21mm, 8.07g
obv: radiate and diademed head right
rev: ΒΑΣΙΛΕ[ΩΣ] ΑΛΕΞΑΝ∆[ΡΟΥ]; double cornucopia, A and caduceus to left, Π to right
HGC 9, p. 234, #1164
2 commentsareichMar 16, 2012
Domitian, Antioch ad Orontem, AE3129 views31mm, 14.58g
obv: IMP DO[]AES AVG;laureate head right
rev: SC in wreath
areichMar 14, 2012
Philipp II sestertius49 views30mm, 18.38g
obv: M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES; bare-headed and draped bust right
rev: PRINCIPI IVVENT, S-C; Emperor standing left, holding globe in right, inverted spear in left hand
(RIC 256a)
1 commentsareichMar 14, 2012
Antiochos VIII tetradrachm53 viewsSELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Antiochos VIII Epiphanes (Grypos). 121/0-97/6 BC. AR Tetradrachm (29mm, 15.86 g, 12h). Ake-Ptolemais mint. Struck circa 121/0-113 BC. Diademed head right / Zeus Ouranios standing left; monogram to outer left; all within wreath. SC 2336.2a; HGC 9, 1197h2 commentsareichFeb 27, 2012
Olympia, Elis, drachm42 views17 mm, 4.33g, ca. 440-430 BC
obv: eagle flying left with wings spread, grasping hare with his talons; to right, flower.
rev: thunderbolt, with lily above, wings below and volutes above; in fields, F - A.
Seltman pl. VIII, 12 (same reverse die)

From the BCD collection and ex Leu 90 (2004), 51., Auctiones eAuction #1, Lot 30
1 commentsareichFeb 19, 2012
Larissa drachm36 viewsca. 355-342 BC
19-21mm, 6.00g, 12h
obv: head of nymph Larissa facing slightly left, hair in sphendone
rev: ΛAPIΣ - AIΩN, horse kneeling to right, about to roll, plant below
3 commentsareichJan 23, 2012
Boiotia, stater56 viewsca. 395-338 BC
20mm, 12.36g
obv: Boiotian shield
rev: Amphora; TI-MO across field, all within concave circle
2 commentsareichJan 23, 2012
Thrace, Chersonesos, hemidrachm101 views13mm, 2.23g
obv: forepart of lion right, looking back over shoulder
rev: quadripartite incuse square with alternating raised and sunken quarters, a pellet and a bunch of grapes in opposite sunken quarters
2 commentsareichJan 05, 2012
Mysia, Gambrion, AE1735 views3rd century BC
obv: laureate head of Apollo right
rev: ΓAM; 12-rayed star
BMC p. 62, #4
2 commentsareichJan 05, 2012
Cilicia, Diocaesarea13 viewstime of Hadrian or later, after AD 117
18mm, 4.41 g, 12h
obv: draped bust of Hermes, right, caduceus over shoulder
rev: grape bunch on vine
(Staffieri Diocaesaria 10 (Marcus Aurelius) = SNG Levante 666 (this coin); SNG France 857 (same dies))

ex CNG 269, Lot 259
areichJan 02, 2012
CILICIA, Tarsos. Tarkumuwa (Datames)31 viewsSatrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia, 384-361/0 BC
19mm, 10.22 g, 7h
obv: female head facing slightly left, hair in ampyx, wearing necklace
rev: bearded male head (Ares?) right, wearing crested Attic helmet; monogram before
(Casabonne series 1; Moysey issue 4; SNG France 248; SNG Levante -)

ex CNG 269, Lot 146
areichJan 02, 2012
Thrace, kings of, Sparadokos, diobol19 viewsca. 445-435 BC
obv: forepart of horse left
rev: eagle flying left with serpent in beak
areichDec 31, 2011
Troas, Abydos, obol83 views10mm, 0.71g
obv: eagle standing left
rev: facing gorgoneion within incuse square
(SNG Copenhagen 4-5)
1 commentsareichDec 31, 2011
Macedon, uncertain, hemiobol22 views8mm, 0.35g
obv: spear-head in dotted circle
rev: quadripartite incuse square
areichDec 31, 2011
Lucania, Thurium, diobol28 views13mm, 1.13g
obv: head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with Skylla hurling rock
rev: bull butting right
1 commentsareichDec 31, 2011
Caria, Mylasa, hemiobol42 viewsca. 450 - 400 BC
8mm, 0.58g
obv: facing forepart of lion
rev: scorpion in incuse square
Klein 429 (Miletos)
areichDec 31, 2011
Chalkidian league, Olynthos, hemiobol45 viewsChalkidian league (432-348 BC)
8mm, 0.24g
obv: laureate head of Apollo left
rev: XAΛKI; tripod
1 commentsareichDec 31, 2011
Kolophon, tetartemorion32 views5mm, 0.12g
obv: archaic head of Apollo left
rev: quadripartite incuse square
1 commentsareichDec 31, 2011
Lydia, Maionia, Zeus / Roma, AE2635 views161–165 AD, Quintos II, first Archon (on some coins Quientos)
26mm, 8.50g, 0h
obv: ZEYC OΛYMΠIOC; head of Zeus Olympios right, wearing taenia, CM Nike with wreath left in dotted circle, all in dotted circle
rev: ΕΠΙ ΚΥΙΝΤΟΥ Β ΜΑΙΟΝΩΝ; turreted Cybele seated left, holding patera, resting arm on tympanum

cf. for reverse and
for a coin of this Archon with Roma reverse
CM Howgego 256
areichDec 30, 2011
Troas, Antandros, trihemiobol84 viewsca. late 5th-early 4th century BC
11mm, 1.27g
obv: head of Artemis Astyrene right
rev: ANTA/N; goat standing right; grapes above
(SNG von Aulock 1491; SNG Copenhagen 216)
areichDec 30, 2011
Ionia, Kolophon, tetartemorion32 viewsca. 480-450 BC
7mm, 0.32g
obv: head of Apollo right
rev: TE (for tetartemorion?) in incuse square, cicada to left
areichDec 29, 2011
Ionia, Kolophon?, hemiobol32 views8mm, 0.30g
obv: laureate head of Apollo right
rev: quadripartite incuse square with pellet in center

1 commentsareichDec 29, 2011
Macedon, Skione, hemiobol28 viewsca. 424 BC*
7mm, 0.31g
obv: laureate head of youth right
rev: Corinthian helmet

In 424 BC Skione rebelled against Athens and was completely destroyed in 421. It is thought that these coins were minted in the short interval between.
areichDec 29, 2011
Thessaly, Larissa, obol13 viewsca. 350 - 325 BC
12mm, 0.95g
obv: head of nymph Larissa facing half left
rev: Thessalian horseman, wearing chlamys and kausia, on horse prancing right
areichDec 29, 2011
Troas, Neandreia, obol73 viewsca. 400 BC
8-9mm, 0.61g
obv: laureate head of Apollo right
rev: NEA/N; Ram standing right
areichDec 29, 2011
Lukania, Heraclea, diobol17 views12-14mm, 1.23g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion’s skin left
rev: HE above lion running left
SNG München 806
areichDec 29, 2011
Macedon, Akanthos, triobol37 viewsca. 470-390 BC
15mm, 2.56g
obv: forepart of bull left, head reverted; A above
rev: granulated quadripartite incuse square
1 commentsareichDec 28, 2011
Macedon, Eion, trihemiobol20 views5th century BC
12mm, 0.88g
obv: goose right, head turned back, above salamander, below and to left N, all in dotted circle
BMC p. 74, # 20
areichDec 28, 2011
Cilicia, Mallos, obol18 views10mm, 0.70g
obv: bearded head of Herakles left, wearing lion's skin headdress
rev: MA, swan left, head reverted, on kernel of grain
Klein -
areichDec 28, 2011
Boiotia, Orchomenos, obol39 views8mm, 0.62g
obv: wheat grain
rev: large square incuse quartered perpendicularly, with additional diagonal line

(BCD Boiotia 186)
areichDec 27, 2011
Caria, Mylasa, tetartemorion46 views9mm, 0.24g
obv: lion's head left and forepaw
rev: facing head of Apollo(?), E below?
Klein 504
2 commentsareichDec 27, 2011
Ionia, Kolophon, diobol56 viewsca 375-360 BC, Posis, magistrate
11mm, 0.97g
obv: laureate head of Apollo left
rev: lyre
(Milne, Colophon 57a; SNG Copenhagen 142)
ex CNG
4 commentsareichDec 24, 2011
Panormos litra44 viewsca. 409-380 BC
10mm, 0.62g
obv: male head left
rev: man-headed bull walking left
2 commentsareichDec 24, 2011
Thrace, Istros diobol40 viewsca. 400-350 BC
11mm, 1.04g
obv: two facing heads, one inverted
rev: IΣTPI; eagle with dolphin in talons
1 commentsareichDec 24, 2011
Kelenderis obol40 viewsca. 5th century BC
10mm, 0.76g
obv: gorgoneion facing
rev: forepart of horse right
1 commentsareichDec 24, 2011
Thasos diobol45 viewsca. 5th century BC
11mm, 0.96g
obv: satyr in Knielauf right
rev: quadripartite incuse square
areichDec 24, 2011
Macedon, Tragilos, hemiobol40 viewsca. 450-400 BC
8mm, 0.31g
obv: ear of grain in dotted circle
rev: T-P / A-I in quarters
Klein 163
areichDec 24, 2011
Mysia, Parium, drachm41 views14x11mm, 3.03g
obv: gorgoneion
rev: incuse with cruciform pattern
areichDec 08, 2011
Bithynia, Kalchedon, drachm54 views15mm, 3.73g
obv: KAΛX; bull standing left, ear of grain below, caduceus to left
rev: granulated mill-sail incuse
2 commentsareichDec 08, 2011
Larissa drachm85 viewsca. 355-342 BC
20mm, 5.98g, 11h
obv: head of nymph Larissa facing slightly left, hair in sphendone
rev: ΛAPIΣ - AIΩN, horse kneeling to right, about to roll, plant below
(Lorber (SNR 79) 61; SNG Copenhagen 121)

ex ROMA Numismatics
ex Rockefeller University / Dr. Alfred E. Mirsky Collection
3 commentsareichDec 01, 2011
Boiotia, stater54 viewsca. 363-338 BC
24x19mm, 12.15g
obv: Boiotian shield
rev: Amphora; grape bunch on vine above, ΦI-ΔO across field
1 commentsareichNov 15, 2011
Mysia, Kyzikos, hemiobol70 views9mm, 0.33g
obv: forepart of wild boar left, tunny fish behind
rev: lion's head left, facing lion's head above
2 commentsareichNov 08, 2011
Philipp II, AE18-1972 views18-19mm, 7.15g
1 commentsareichOct 11, 2011
Thrace, Chersonesos, hemidrachm51 views14mm, 2.43g
obv: forepart of lion right, looking back over shoulder
rev: quadripartite incuse square with alternating raised and sunken quarters, a pellet and a ? in opposite sunken quarters
2 commentsareichOct 04, 2011
Ionia, Kolophon, hemiobol38 views8mm, 0.49g
obv: laureate head of Apollo facing
rev: HM monogram (for hemiobol?) within incuse square
areichOct 04, 2011
Ionia, Kolophon, tetartemorion49 views7mm, 0.28g
obv: head of Apollo right
rev: TE (for tetartemorion?) in incuse square, stork to left
1 commentsareichOct 04, 2011
Ionia, Kolophon, tetartemorion40 views6.5mm, 0.21g
obv: facing head of Apollo
rev: TE (for tetartemorion?) in incuse square
areichOct 04, 2011
Pisidia, Selge, gorgoneieon / Athena36 views10mm, 0.95g
obv: facing gorgoneion
rev: helmeted head of Athena right astragalos behind
2 commentsareichOct 04, 2011
Cilicia, Incertum, obol20 views9mm, 0.57g
obv:facing head (of Helios?) in dotted circle
rev: head of Aphrodite (?) left, wearing stephane
(SNG France 236)
areichSep 25, 2011
Mysia, Parium, drachm22 views14x11mm, 3.51g
obv: Gorgoneion
rev: incuse with cruciform pattern
areichSep 22, 2011
Thrace, Chersonesos, hemidrachm56 views13mm, 2.44g
obv: forepart of lion right, looking back over shoulder
rev: quadripartite incuse square with alternating raised and sunken quarters, a pellet and an ivy leaf in opposite sunken quarters
1 commentsareichSep 22, 2011
Thrace, Chersonesos, hemidrachm, plated103 views13mm, 2.33g, plated
obv: forepart of lion right, looking back over shoulder
rev: quadripartite incuse square with alternating raised and sunken quarters, a pellet and a [grain ear?] in opposite sunken quarters
areichSep 22, 2011
Thrace, Chersonesos, hemidrachm34 views13mm, 2.14g
obv: forepart of lion right, looking back over shoulder
rev: quadripartite incuse square with alternating raised and sunken quarters, a pellet and a leaf in opposite sunken quarters
areichSep 22, 2011
Lydia, Sardes, Zeus / Herakles, AE1540 views15mm, 1.86g
obv: ZEYC ΛY-ΔIOC; draped bust right
rev: CAPΔIANΩN; Herakles standing facing, head left, holding lion skin in left, resting club on ground in right hand
areichSep 20, 2011
plated Republican denarius, P. Clodius M.f. Turrinus29 viewsP. Clodius M.f. Turrinus, 42 BC
18mm, 2.87g
obv: laureate head of Apollo right, hair in knot, falling in two locks; lyre behind
rev: Diana Lucifera, wearing long drapery, standing facing, head right, holding lighted long torch in each hand, bow and quiver on her shoulder; P • CLODIVS • to right, M • F • to left
areichSep 19, 2011
Lydia, Thyateira, Athena / eagle, AE1445 views14mm, 1.37g
obv: helmeted bust of Athena, wearing Aegis right
rev: ΘYATEIPHNΩ[N?]; eagle standing facing, head right
1 commentsareichSep 19, 2011
plated Alexander tetradrachm57 viewsPella mint
28mm, 14.84g
obv: head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress
rev: Zeus seated left, holding eagle and sceptre; crested helmet left, monogram under throne and in exergue
imitating Price 629; Müller 233
areichSep 19, 2011
Phrygia, Trajanopolis, Demos / Hero, AE19174 views2nd century AD
19mm, 4.59g
obv: ΔH - MOC; draped bust of Demos right
rev: TPAIANOΠOΛITΩ - N; horseman on horse walking right, bipennis over shoulder
BMC Phrygia p. 426, 10; SNG von Aulock 4034 (different dies)
(von Aulock: Münzen und Städte Phrygiens 1372 (same dies))
1 commentsareichSep 06, 2011
Aiolis, Kyme hemiobol, 480/450 BC121 views8mm, 0.35g
obv: KY; head of eagle left
rev: incuse square of mill-sail pattern
BMC p. 105, 11 or 12, Klein 333 var (different placement of letters)
2 commentsareichAug 29, 2011
Ionia, Erythrae, Herophile / fire beacon, AE1623 viewsmiddle of 3rd century
16mm, 2.37g
obv: EPVΘPAIΩN; Sibyl Herophile seated left on rock
rev: EPVΘPAIΩN; fire beacon

SNG München 416 (SNG Copenhagen 754)
areichAug 23, 2011
Mysia, Pitane, Roma / pentagram, AE1655 views1st-2nd century AD
16mm, 2.12g
obv: ΘΕΑ ΡΟΜΗ, draped bust of Roma, wearing crown of Isis right
rev: ΠΙΤΑΝΑΙΩΝ around round shield with pentagram

SNG von Aulock 1431
3 commentsareichAug 21, 2011
Lydia, Sardes, Zeus Lydios / bull and snakes, AE1547 viewsmagistrate Rufus
15mm, 1.86g
obv: ZEYC - ΛYΔIOC, draped bust of Zeus Lydios right
rev: EΠI PO[VΦOV] / CAPΔIA / NΩN, Bull standing right between two altars with a coiled serpent on each

BMC Lydia, p. 248, #88
(SNG Cop. -)
areichAug 15, 2011
Mysia, Lampsakos, diobol73 views12mm, 1.27g
obv: janiform female head
rev: helmeted head of Athena right
6 commentsareichAug 07, 2011
Aspendos stater85 viewsca. 380/75-330/25 BC
21mm, 10.78 g, 12h
obv: wo wrestlers grappling; AΦ between
rev: Slinger in throwing stance right; triskeles to right; all within pelleted square border
SNG Paris 83 (Tekin Series 4)
2 commentsareichAug 04, 2011
Gordian III, Epiphaneia20 viewsareichJul 03, 2011
Elagabal, Anemourion, Artemis, AE268 viewssize/weight: 26mm, 6.79g

obv: AV KA M AV ANTWNEINON, laureate and draped bust right

rev: ANEMOVPIEWN ET B, Artemis standing facing, head right, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver, stag at feet left

Attribution: SNG Pfälzer Privatsammlungen 332
areichJul 03, 2011
Thrace, Byzantion, Dionysos, AE22157 views22mm, 6.00g
obv: bust of Dionysos wearing ivy-wreath right
rev: BYZANTIΩN, bunch of grapes
SNG Copenhagen 501

ex R&W
1 commentsareichJun 07, 2011
Lydia, Philadelphia, Tyche/Nike, AE2132 views21mm, 4.33g
obv: ΦΛ ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEΩN, turreted and draped bust of Tyche right
rev: NEΩKOPΩN; Nike standing right, holding fillet
areichJun 07, 2011
Lycaonia, Iconium, Perseus, AE2024 viewsca 1st century BC
20mm, 8.78g
obv: bust of Perseus seen from behind, holding harpa and gorgoneion's head
rev: EΙΚΟΝΙEΩΝ [ΜEΝEΔΗΜ ΤΙΜΟΘEΟΥ ?], Zeus seated left, holding scepter and thunderbolt
(von Aulock, Münzen und Städte Lykaoniens, 190)
areichJun 07, 2011
Himera, Sicily, hemilitron 48 viewsca. 420-408 BC
15mm, 2.80g
obv: [IME]; head of nymph Himera left, wearing sphendone, six pellets before
rev: six pellets within laurel wreath
2 commentsareichJun 04, 2011
Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles AE20-22114 views317-289 BC
20-22mm, 9.16g
obv: ΣΩΤΕΙΡΑ; head of Artemis right, behind quiver
rev: ΑΓΑΘΟΚΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ; thunderbolt

Click picture for a better, sharper version.
6 commentsareichJun 04, 2011
Philipp II, AE19 (celtic imitation)57 views19mm, 6.34g
obv: diademed head right
rev: XIΛIΠ...; horseman right, retrograde C below

ex H.D. Rauch
2 commentsareichApr 30, 2011
alexander the great, AE1986 views19mm, 6.93g1 commentsareichMar 31, 2011
Seleukid Kingdom, Seleukos I Nikator, 312 - 280 BC86 views21mm, 4.98g
obv: winged head of Medusa right, snakes in hair
rev: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΟΥ, Indian humped bull butting to right
4 commentsareichMar 31, 2011
Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles , tetradrachm383 viewsAgathokles (317 - 289 BC), struck ca. 310 - 305 BC
24.5mm, 16.96g
obv: wreathed head of Arethusa left, wearing triple-pendant earring and necklace; three dolphins around, NI below neck
rev: Charioteer, holding kentron and reins, driving fast quadriga left; above, triskeles; ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ and AN monogram in exergue
(Ierardi 40 (O 7/R 23). SNG ANS 639 (same dies))
10 commentsareichMar 19, 2011
Alexander obol73 views10mm, 0.59g
uncertain Eastern mint
obv: head of Herakles wering lion-skin headdress right
rev: AΛEΣANΔPOY; Zeus on throne left, holding scepter and eagle

ex David Hendin, bought from bcmainland on Ebay 12/2010
2 commentsareichMar 17, 2011
Phrygia, Kibyra, Helios / basket, AE1945 views19mm, 5.44g
obv: radiate and draped bust of Helios right
rev: KIBYPA - TΩN; basket

BMC 25, p. 135, #26, SNG Aulock -; Lindgren -; SNG Leypold -; SNG Righetti -
areichMar 11, 2011
Lycian League, Hemidrachm22 viewstime of Augustus, ca. 27-20 BC
15-18mm, 1.54g
obv: Λ - Υ, laureate head of Apollo right
rev: M - A, Lyre, tripod in right field
Masikytes (District)
Periode IV, 6th series, c. BC 27-20
Troxell 110, RPC 3310
areichFeb 19, 2011
Caria, Mylasa(?), Hekatomnos33 views6mm, 0.24g
obv: facing head of Apollo
rev: head of lion left
Klein 507, (Slg. Karl Karien 16)
areichFeb 18, 2011
Sicily, Syracuse, Arethusa / wheel, litra 32 viewsca. 480 BC
10mm, 0.38g, unofficial style
obv: diademed head of Artemis Arethusa right, with necklace
rev: wheel of four spokes
areichFeb 18, 2011
Thrace, Istros, obol39 views8mm, 0.53g
obv: facing male heads, the right inverted
rev: IΣTRI; sea-eagle left, grasping dolphin with talons
areichFeb 18, 2011
Thrace, Istros, trihemiobol23 views11mm, 1.36g
obv: facing male heads, the right inverted
rev: IΣTRIH; sea-eagle left, grasping dolphin with talons
areichFeb 18, 2011
Bruttium, Rhegium, litra30 viewsca. 400 BC
11mm, 0.64g
obv: facing head of lion
rev: PH; olive leaves
areichFeb 18, 2011
Calabria, Tarent, Athena, Herakles26 views11mm, 0.75g
obv: bust of Athena, wearing Atthic helmet adorned with Scylla right
rev: Herakles wrestling with the Nemean lion
areichFeb 18, 2011
Thasos obol, satyr / dolphins38 viewsca. 400-350 BC
8mm, 0.38g
obv: bearded head of satyr right
rev: ΘA, two dolphins
areichFeb 18, 2011
Ionia, Smyrna, Senate / Temple, AE2047 views20mm, 3.68g
obv: IEPA CVNKΛHTOC; laureate and draped bust of the Roman Senate right
rev: CMVP Γ ΝΕ - ΩΚΟΡΩΝ; Tyche, holding rudder and cornucopia, inside tetrastyle temple
SNG von Aulock 2192, BMC 231var (different reverse break, there CMVP Γ Ν - ΕΩΚΟΡΩΝ )

ex Rutten & Wieland
2 commentsareichFeb 16, 2011
Claudius, Phrygia, Aizanis, Zeus, AE2081 views19-21mm, 3.96g
obv: KΛAYΔION KAICAPA AIZANITAI; laureate head right
rev: EΠI KΛAΥΔIOΥ IEΡAKOC; Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre
RPC 3088
ex Rutten & Wieland
1 commentsareichFeb 16, 2011
Caria, Attuda, Men / temple, AE2330 views23mm, 5.31g
obv: MHN KAROV; bust of Mên Karou right, wearing Phrygian cap, uncertain countermark
rev: A-TTOV-Δ - EΩN, large garlanded altar of Mên, on it, three pinecones, two small flaming altars between

BMC 18, p. 65, #18
areichFeb 11, 2011
44 views16mm, 2.14g
obv: ZEYC; diademed bust right
rev: ΤΡΑΛΛΙΑΝΩΝ; zebu bull right, star below

BMC 22, p. 342, #101-2
areichFeb 11, 2011
Macedon, Thessalonika, AE1924 views19mm, 5.73g
obv: ΘECCAΛ/ONIKH; turreted and draped bust of Tyche right
rev: ΘEC/CAΛONI/KEΩN in wreath
areichFeb 05, 2011
Athens New Style tetradrachm157 viewsPolycharm(os), Nikog(enes), and Aianti-, magistrates, struck 133/2
30mm, 16.82g, 11h
ob: head of Athena Parthenos right, wearing necklace, pendent earring, and triple-crested Attic helmet decorated with the protomes of four horses above the visor, a Pegasos in flight rightward above the raised earpiece, and a curvilinear ornament on the shell
rev: Owl standing right, head facing, on amphora; A-ӨE above ΠOΛY-XAPM/NIKOΓ/AIAN/TI (magistrates’ names) in five lines across field; winged kerykeion to left, B on amphora, ΔI below; all within wreath

Thompson 377 var. (same obv. die; unlisted month/control letters combination)

ex Triton XIV, Lot: 216
3 commentsareichJan 31, 2011
Cilicia, Tarsos, Balakros, stater122 viewsBalakros (333 - 323 BC)
25mm, 10.95g
obv: draped bust of Athena, wearing Attic helmet, facing
rev: Baaltars enthroned left, holding lotus scepter, ear of grain and bunch of grapes left, B over ivy leaf right, T under throne
(SNG BN 367)
2 commentsareichJan 26, 2011
Valerian, Seleucia ad Calycadnum, AE3236 views32mm, 13.57g
obv: radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: draped bust of Apollo right, laurel branch before, facing draped bust of Artemis-Tyche left, cornucopia behind
areichJan 05, 2011
Alexander obol, Babylon?38 views9mm, 0.67g
obv: head of Herakles wering lion-skin headdress right
rev: Zeus on throne left, holding scepter and eagle
areichJan 05, 2011
Cilicia, Soloi, Athena/grapes, obol95 views8mm, 0.69g
obv: helmeted head of Athena right
rev: [ΣΟΛΕΩΝ]; bunch of grapes
1 commentsareichJan 05, 2011
Pamphylia, Perge, Sphinx / Artemis, AE1935 views19mm, 3.49g
obv: Sphinx seated right
rev: NANAΨAΣ ΠΡEIIAΣ; Artemis standing left, holding wreath and scepter
SNG Paris 355-61
areichJan 04, 2011
Ionia, Kolophon, tetartemorion26 views5mm, 0.19g
obv: male head right
rev: quadripartite incuse
areichDec 31, 2010
Cilicia_Tarsos_Athena_Shield_obol_AR10_0_55g55 views4th century BC
10mm, 0.55g
obv: helmeted head of Athena, facing slightly left
rev: Shield ornamented with thunderbolt
3 commentsareichDec 30, 2010
Lydia, Attaleia, Dionysos / Pan, AE1850 views18mm, 2.20g
obv: ivy-wreathed head of Dionysos right
rev: ATTAΛEATΩN; Pan walking left with grapes and lagobolon
SNG Leypold 899

ex Rauch
1 commentsareichDec 24, 2010
Campania, Phistelia, obol36 views11mm, 0.50g
obv: head of Nymph facing slightly left
rev: lion left, star above, snake below
(HN Italy 619, SNG ANS 590-592)

ex Rauch
1 commentsareichDec 24, 2010
Phrygia, Laodikea, Helios / Pluto, cornucopia, AE1517 views15mm, 2.81g
obv: radiate and draped bust of Helios right
rev: ΛAOΔIKEΩN; cornucopia with infant Pluto

ex Rauch
areichDec 24, 2010
Aeolis, Elaia, AE1542 views15mm, 2.11g
obv: EΛAIΩN, draped and turreted bust of ? right
rev: basket of poppies
areichDec 24, 2010
Aeolis, Kyme, Tyche, AE1931 views19mm, 2.50g
obv: KYMH, draped bust of Tyche right
rev: KYMAIΩN, Tyche standing left with rudder and cornucopia

areichDec 24, 2010
Aeolis, Kyme, Tyche, AE1941 views19mm, 3.01g
obv: KYMH, draped bust of Tyche left
rev: KYMAIΩN, Tyche standing left with rudder and cornucopia

areichDec 24, 2010
Gallienus, Smyrna, Tyche, AE2349 viewsunder magistrate M. Aurelius Sextus, ca. 260-268 AD
23mm, 6.80g
obv: laureate and draped bust right
rev: Amazon standing with small temple, bipennis and patera

ex Rauch
areichDec 24, 2010
Alexander the Great, plated tetradrachm, imitating one of Pella mint72 views28mm, 10.97g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion skin right
rev: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ; Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, Macedonian helm to left, monogram below throne
seems to match most closely Price 625 but the monogram seems to have only two cross bars instead of three
ex Gitbud & Naumann
CLICK picture for a larger, sharper version
areichDec 20, 2010
Lydia, Saitta, Demos / Herakles, AE2030 views20mm, 4.94g
obv: DHMOC; laureate head of Demos right
rev: CAITTHNΩN; Herakles facing, head left, holding club and lion skin
areichNov 30, 2010
Lydia, Saitta, Demos / Dionysos, AE2131 views21mm, 5.67g
obv: DHMOC; laureate head of Demos right
rev: ΕΠΙ ΤΙΤΙΑΝΟΥ CΑΙΤΤΗΝΩΝ; Dionysos facing, head left, holding thyrsos and kantharos, panther at feet left
RPC online 1409
areichNov 30, 2010
Pisidia, Antioch, men / cock, AE1457 views14mm, 1.41g
obv: ANTIOCHA; bust of Mên right
rev: colonia, cock right
2 commentsareichNov 30, 2010
Phrygia, Aizanis, Demos / Hygeia, AE1917 views19mm, 3.53g
obv: DHMOC, bearded head of Demos right
rev: AIZANEITΩN; Hygeia standing right, feeding serpent from phiale
areichNov 30, 2010
Sicily, Syracuse, Arethusa / wheel, litra 44 viewsca. 485 - 479 BC
9mm, 0.58g
obv: diademed head of Artemis Arethusa right, with necklace
rev: wheel of four spokes
(SNG Copenhagen 632 var.;
SNG ANS 116 var.;
Weber Coll. 1580;
Förschner -)

ex Roland Müller collection, ex Rutten & Wieland
areichNov 27, 2010
Cilicia, Tarsos, Pharnabazos, obol53 views9mm, 0.80g
obv: female head facing slightly left
rev: bearded male head (Ares?) left, wearing Attic style helmet
(Göktürk 21-2; SNG France 303-8)

ex CNG, e-auction 240, lot 229
areichNov 27, 2010
Sicily, Panormos, litra49 views10mm, 0.57g
obv: male head left
rev: man-headed bull standing left
(Jenkins, Punic pl. 24, 12; SNG ANS 548)

ex CNG, e-auction 240, lot 57
2 commentsareichNov 27, 2010
Macedon, Eion, diobol21 views10mm, 0.92g
obv: goose standing right, head left
rev: rough incuse square
Klein 149
(SNG ANS 270-2; SNG Copenhagen 174-5)

ex CNG, e-auction 240, lot 108
areichNov 27, 2010
Bruttium, Terina, Trihemiobol24 views11mm, 1.22g
obv: head of nymph left, hair bound in sphendone
rev: Nike seated left on cippus, holding wreath; Π to right
(Holloway & Jenkins 74 (same obv. die); SNG ANS 875; HN Italy 2624)

ex CNG, e-auction 240, lot 36
areichNov 27, 2010
Cilician Satraps, Datanes, obol40 views10mm, 0.73g
obv: female bust wearing necklace and earring right
rev: bearded warrior's head, wearing Attic helmet right

Klein 820
areichNov 27, 2010
Ionia, Miletos, Tetartemorion42 viewslate 6th-early 5th century BC
5mm, 0.23g
obv: head of a roaring lion left
rev: eagle standing left within incuse square
(SNG Tubingen 3001; Klein 430; SNG Kayhan 941 (Mylasa))

ex CNG e-auction 236, lot 166
areichNov 26, 2010
Sicily, Syracuse, Hiketas II, AE2545 viewsHiketas II (287-278 BC), struck ca. 283-279 BC
25mm, 10.14g
obv: laureate head of Zeus Hellanios right
rev: eagle standing left on thunderbolt

(BAR issue 39; CNS 167; SNG ANS 785)
overstruck on another coin of Syracuse - most likely the Artemis/Thunderbolt issue (SNG ANS 708)
5 commentsareichNov 26, 2010
Macedon, Tragilos, hemiobol55 views9mm, 0.40g
obv: grain ear
rev: quadripartite incuse square; T-P-A-I in quarters
(SNG ANS 903; SNG Copenhagen 446)

ex CNG, e-auction 240, lot 117
areichNov 26, 2010
Phrygia, Laodikeia, Senate / Tyche, AE2426 views24mm, 7.40g
obv: IEPA CYNKLHTOC, draped bust right
rev: ΛAOΔIKEΩN NEΩKOP, Tyche standing left, with rudder and cornucopia
cf. SNG Aulock 3832 (different reverse, same obverse die); Lindgren -; KM -; SNG Righetti -; cf. BMC 25, p. 298, #126 (reverse holding wings, wheel and corn growing behind, unclear on plates)
areichNov 25, 2010
Antiochos VIII tetradrachm88 viewsSELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Antiochos VIII Epiphanes (Grypos). 121/0-97/6 BC
29mm, 16.38 g, 12h, Sidon mint. Dated SE 197 (116/5 BC)
obv: diademed head right
rev: Zeus Ouranios standing left; to outer left, ΣIΔΩ/IEP/A and two monograms; IP(retrodrade)P (date) in exergue; all within wreath
SC 2330.2; HGC 9, 1197g

Ex Kricheldorf XXVI (19 February 1973), lot 132, ex CNG
1 commentsareichNov 24, 2010
Lydia, Tripolis, Demos / Meander, AE2557 views25mm, 7.02g
obv: ΔHMOC, draped bust of Demos right
rev: TPIΠOΛEITΩN MAIANΔPOC; river god Meander reclining left, holding weed and cornucopia, upturned vase below
SNG Aulock -; SNG Leypold -; Lindgren -; KM -
1 commentsareichNov 22, 2010
Lydia, Tripolis, Roma / Dionysos, AE2556 views25mm, 8.48g
obv: ΘEA PΩMH; draped bust of Roma right
rev: TPIΠOΛEITΩN; Dionysos standing facing, head left, holding thyrsos and kantharos
SNG Aulock 3303
1 commentsareichNov 22, 2010
Aiolis, Kyme, Athena / swan, AE1651 views16mm, 2.99g
obv: KYMAI; head of Athena right
rev: ΕΠΙ ΙΕΡΩΝΥΜΟΥ; swan standing right

ex Javorsek
4 commentsareichNov 12, 2010
Ionia, Kolophon, tetartemorion 51 viewsKolophon, Ionia, ca. 490 - 400 BC
7mm, 0.22g
obv: laureate and veiled head of Apollo facing
rev: TE monogram within incuse square
(SNG Aulock 7900 var.;
Klein 398 var.;
Millne, Kolophon 7a;)
areichNov 12, 2010
Ionia, Kolophon, hemiobol51 views8mm, 0.37g
obv: head of Apollo Klarios facing
rev: HM monogram (for hemiobol?) in incuse square
areichNov 12, 2010
Ionia, Ephesos, bee / eagle head95 views7mm, 0.18g
obv: bee within dotted border
rev: EΦ; head of eagle right within incuse square
5 commentsareichNov 11, 2010
Ionia, Kolophon, tetartemorion38 views7mm, 0.30g
obv: laureate head of Apollo right
rev: TE monogram (=tetartemorion) within incuse square
areichNov 11, 2010
Caria, Sebastopolis, Dionysos / cista mystica, AE1833 viewstime of Trajan - Hadrian
18mm, 2.64g
obv: head of Dionysos (or Maenad?) right
rev: CEBASTOΠOΛEITΩN, snake emerging from cista mystica right
SNG Aulock 2648, BMC 18, p. 146, #2
areichOct 29, 2010
Aeolis, Aegeae, Tyche / Apollo178 views19mm, 4.32g
obv: AIΓAI; turreted head of Tyche left
rev: AIΓAЄΩN, Apollo standing left, leaning on column left and holding laurel right
areichOct 21, 2010
Aeolis, Temnos, Tyche, AE1865 viewstime of Valerian and Gallienus, AD 253-268
18mm, 2.93g
obv: turreted and draped bust of Tyche right
rev: Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia
(SNG Copenhagen 274-5; SNG von Aulock 1677)
ex CNG
1 commentsareichOct 20, 2010
Boeotia stater128 views21mm, 9.19g

Robert Ready electrotype, stamped RR on edge
5 commentsareichOct 19, 2010
Larissa drachm60 views18-20mm, 5.90g

ex CNG
2 commentsareichOct 19, 2010
Boeotia stater114 viewsca. 395-338 BC. AR Stater (21mm, 12.14 g). Kalli-, magistrate. Struck circa 363-338 BC. Boeotian shield / Amphora; KA-Λ[ΛI] across field; all within concave circle. Hepworth 63; BCD Boiotia 555.

ex CNG: auction 236, lot 108
1 commentsareichOct 19, 2010
Ionia, Miletos, 1/24 stater47 viewsca. 600-550 BC
EL5, 0.41g
obv: lion’s head facing
rev: incuse punch
(SNG Kayhan 453; Klein 416)
ex CNG, dealer's picture
1 commentsareichSep 29, 2010
Ionia, Smyrna, Amazon / prow, AE1947 views19mm, 3.47g
obv: CMYPNA; draped bust of turreted Amazon Smyrna left, holding labrys over shoulder
rev: CMYPN[AIΩ]N; prow right
1 commentsareichSep 26, 2010
Moesia, Istros, Athena / Dionysos, AE1748 views17mm, 3.47g
obv: helmeted head of Athena right
rev: ICTPHNΩN; Dionyos facing, head left with kantharos and thyrsos
ex Righetti collection
areichSep 26, 2010
Moesia, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Dionysos (?), cisty mystica, AE1424 views14mm, 1.56g
obv: NEIKOΠOΛITΩN (or similar); youthful head of Dionysos (?) right, wearing ivy-wreath
rev: ΠPOC - ICTPON; snake emerging from cista mystica
ex Lars Rutten collection
areichSep 26, 2010
Mysia, Adramyteion, Zeus / horseman, AE1834 views18mm, 2.25g
obv: CTP A KAI KAΠITΩNA; laureate and bearded head of Zeus left
rev: AΔPAMYTHNΩN; horseman (emperor?) galloping right, raising right arm
ex Lars Rutten collection, discussed here

areichSep 26, 2010
Karia, uncertain mint34 views7mm, 0.28g
obv: forepart of bull left
rev: two confronted foreparts of bulls (minimally off center)
SNG Helsinki 912, (SNG Kayhan 968)
1 commentsareichSep 21, 2010
Cilicia, Kelenderis50 views4th century BC
9-10mm, 0.76g
obv: horse rearing right
rev: KE[Λ]; goat kneeling left, looking back over shoulder
3 commentsareichSep 21, 2010
Salonina, Perge, Elpis, AE30 52 views30mm, 17.2g
obv: KORNHΛIA CAΛONINA CEBA; draped bust with crescent and stephane right, I (mark of value=10) to right
rev: ΠEPΓAIΩN; Elpis to left, flower in raised right, gathering skirts with left hand

SNG Copenhagen 365; SNG PfPS 447

(updated picture, CLICK for a sharper version)
areichSep 19, 2010
Ionia, Klazomenai, winged boar15 views6-8mm, 0.27g
obv: forepart of winged noar right
incuse square with windmill pattern
areichSep 18, 2010
Pamphylia, Aspendos, amphora(?) / triskeles14 views9mm, 1.00g
obv: amphora(?)
rev: triskeles of human legs

SNG Paris 14, SNG Aulock 4485
areichSep 18, 2010
Ionia, Ephesos, diobol, bee / stags26 views10mm, 0.99g
obv E -[Φ], bee
rev: ΕΦ; heads of two stags facing each other
areichSep 18, 2010
Thrace, Trieros, hemiobol27 viewsca. 450-400 BC
obv: laureate head of Apollo left
rev: branch
Klein 99, (SNG Copenhagen 823)
areichSep 18, 2010
Kyzikos, boar / lion 36 views8-10mm, 0.82g
obv: forepart of boar left
rev: lion's head left, retrograde K above left
1 commentsareichSep 18, 2010
Kyzikos, boar / lion19 views7mm, 0.22g
obv: forepart of boar right
rev: lion's head left, retrograde K above left
areichSep 18, 2010
Mysia, Kyzikos, boar / lion34 views7mm, 0.32g
obv: forepart of boar right
rev: lion's head left, retrograde K above left
areichSep 18, 2010
Kyzikos, boar / lion54 views9mm, 0.40g
obv: forepart of boar left, tuna behind
rev: lion's head left, star above left
3 commentsareichSep 18, 2010
Kyzikos, boar / lion20 views9-11mm, 0.38g
obv: forepart of boar left, tuna behind
rev: lion's head left, star above left
areichSep 18, 2010
Macedon, Amphipolis, Athena / Eagle, AE1431 views2nd century AD
14mm, 2.70g, 6h
obv: helmeted head of Athena right
rev: AMΦΠOΛEITΩN; eagle standing facing, head right
(SNG ANS 145 var. (head left))
1 commentsareichSep 08, 2010
Lydia, Hierocaesarea, Artemis / Altar, AE1553 views1st century AD
15mm, 2.11g
obv: ΠERCIKH; draped bust of Artemis Persica left, quiver over shoulder
SNG von Aulock 2953; SNG Leypold 962; (SNG Copenhagen 174-5 var. (bust right))
areichSep 08, 2010
Moesia, Nikopolis ad Istrum, AE1421 views2nd-3rd century AD
14mm, 1.54g
obv: NEIKO; head of Apollo right
rev: ΠPOC ICTPON; volute krater
(Hristova & Jekov, Nikopolis
areichSep 08, 2010
Troas, Abydos, obol32 views10mm, 0.88g
obv: eagle standing left
rev: facing gorgoneion within incuse square
(SNG Copenhagen 4-5)
areichSep 07, 2010
Boeotia obol36 viewsca. 395-338 BC
10mm, 0.81g
Theot(i)-, magistrate
obv: Boeotian shield
rev: youthful head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin, ΘE downward before, all within concave circle
Klein -; (BCD Boeotia 548)
1 commentsareichSep 07, 2010
Troas, Neandria, obol42 views4th century BC
9mm, 0.56g
obv: laureate head of Apollo right
rev: NEAN; ram standing right within shallow incuse sqare
(SNG München 293; SNG Copenhagen 446)
areichSep 07, 2010
Cilicia, Tarsos, Heracles, AE2944 views29mm, 10.68g
obv: A∆PIANHC TAPCOY, bearded head of Herakles right, club across shoulder
rev: ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩC; Perseus left holding harpa and small statue of Apollo holding wolves, lion bringing down bull at feet, ΒΟΗ/ΘΟΥ in field
1 commentsareichSep 07, 2010
Pisidia, Selge, Heracles / Stag, AE1425 views2nd - 1st century BC
14mm, 1.72g
obv: three-quarter facing bust of Herakles right, holding club and wearing lion's skin
rev: ΣEΛ; forepart of stag right, looking back over its shoulder
areichSep 07, 2010
Philipp II, AE18 89 views18mm, 6.51g
obv: diademed head right
rev: ΦIΛIΠΠOY; horseman right
4 commentsareichSep 07, 2010
Lydia, Silandos, Silen/ dionysos, AE18 30 views18mm, 4.88g
obv: CIΛANΔEΩN, bearded head of Silen, wreathed in ivy right
rev: EΠI CATTAΛIANOV Dionysos(?) with thyrsos on mule right

SNG Aulock -; SNG Leypold -; SNG München -; SNG Tübingen -
ex. Münzen und Medaillen GmbH

updated with better picture
areichSep 07, 2010
Cistophorus, Pergamon98 views26mm, 12.37g
obv: snake emerging from cista mystica with serpent emerging, ivy-wreath around
rev: two snakes around bow case, city monogram to left, PE and prytaneis monogram above, snake entwined thyrsos to right
SNG BN Paris 1750. Kleiner, LCP 81, 47

ex Roland Müller collection, ex Rutten & Wieland
2 commentsareichAug 16, 2010
Alexander III, AE2094 views20mm, 5.43g
obv: head of Alexander as Heracles right
rev: BAΣIΛEOΣ between club and bow in bow case, below, racing torch
countermark (helmet left?)
3 commentsareichAug 16, 2010
Caria, Hekatomnos, lions, obol67 views391-377 BC
8mm, 0.42g
obv: lion right, looking back over shoulder
rev: lion's scalp facing
Klein 506, (SNG Tübingen 3310)

ex Roland Müller collection, ex Lakeview collection, ex Rutten & Wieland
5 commentsareichAug 07, 2010
Cilicia, Nagidos, Aphodite / Dionysos, obol48 viewsca. 420-380 BC
10mm, 0.68g
obv: head of Aphrodite facing slightly right, hair in sphendone
rev: wreathed head of young Dionysos facing slightly left
(SNG Levante 6)
4 commentsareichAug 07, 2010
Cilicia, Kelenderis, obol69 views9mm, 0.72g
obv: forepart of Pegasos right
rev: goat kneeling right, head reverted
(SNG France 2, -;
SNG Levante I, 27;
SNG Pfälzer Privatsammlung 6, Ziegler, -;
BMC 21.56.30
Sear 5536 var.;)

ex Roland Müller collection, ex Rutten & Wieland
1 commentsareichAug 03, 2010
Sinope drachm41 viewsca. 490-425 BC
16mm, 6.07g
obv: head of sea-eagle left, [dolphin below]
rev: double incuse punch with pellets at center
SNG BMC Black Sea 1361; BM-2; Kray, NC 1981, pl2. 31

ex HJB
areichAug 03, 2010
Antiochos VII (in the name of) tetradrachm, c. 130 - 80 BC85 views29-32mm, 16.29g
obv: diademed head right
rev: Athena standing left, Nike in right, spear and shield in left, ligate ∆Ι / A left, Nike extends wreath into laurel wreath border
From FORVM Ancient coins: Oliver Hoover, in Coins of the Seleucid Empire from the Collection of Arthur Houghton, attributes this type to the Cappadocian Kingdom, c. 130 - 80 B.C. The symbols were used on Cappadocian royal coinage, the coins are found in Cappadocian hoards and a tetradrachm naming the Cappadocian King Ariarathes VII Philometor (116 - 99 B.C.) bears the obverse portrait of Antiochus VII. He notes they may have been struck to pay foreign (Syrian?) mercenaries who preferred the types of Antiochus VII.

1 commentsareichJul 25, 2010
Karne, AE2034 views3rd/2nd century BC
20mm, 5.78g
obv: turreted head of Tyche right
rev: Asklepios-Eschmun standing right, holding serpent staff, being crowned by Nike standing on tall column,
ethinc in right, date (year 39?) and letter Gimel in left field
(BMC 111, 3. SNG Cop. 151/152)
areichJul 25, 2010
Lucilla, AE1822 viewsobv: ΛΟΥΚΙΛΛ [A ΣΕΒΑΣ]; draped bust right
rev: [ΙΕΡΟΚΑΙ[ΣΑΡΕΩ]Ν]; Artemis standing, r., drawing arrow from quiver at shoulder, holding bow
areichJul 24, 2010
Sicily, Akragas, litra42 views10mm, 0.59g
obv: AKPA; eagle standing left
rev: ΛI; crab
areichJul 16, 2010
Larissa silver fraction30 views11mm, 0.93g
obv: horse standing right
rev: ΛA; nymph Larissa playing ball
areichJul 16, 2010
Thasos trihemiobol, Satyr/ Kantharos43 views12mm, 8.84g
obv: naked satyr left, holding kantharos
rev: ΘAΣIΩN; amphora
areichJul 16, 2010
Philipp III, AE2012 views20mm, 5.34g
obv: diademed head of Apollo right
rev: BAΣIΛEOΣ ΦIΛIΠΠOY; horseman right, double axe above, monogram below
areichJul 09, 2010
Lydia, Thyateira, Athena/eagle, AE1418 views14mm, 1.10g
obv: helmeted bust of Athena, wearing aegis, right
rev: ΘYATEIPHNΩ; eagle standing facing, head right

SNG Aulock -, SNG Leypold -, SNG München -, SNG Tübingen -, Kleinasiatische Münzen, Lydische Stadtmünzen, SNG Righetti -, Lindgren -
areichJul 09, 2010
Mysia, Kyzikos, obol, tunny / quadratum incusum49 views520-480 BC(?)
8mm, 0.65g
obv: tunny fish left
rev: quadratum incusum

SNG Aulock 7328
1 commentsareichJul 09, 2010
Lydia, Akrasos, Athena / lion, AE1456 viewsAE14, 1.30g
obv: helmeted bust of Athena, wearing aegis, right
rev: AKPACIΩTΩN lion right

SNG Leypold -
1 commentsareichJul 09, 2010
Philipp II, AE1799 viewsobv: diademed head of Apollo right
rev: ΦIΛIΠΠOY; horseman right, dolphin and monogram below

ex Slavey
5 commentsareichJun 15, 2010
Istros drachm, ca. 4th century BC58 views18mm, 5.64g
obv: two young male heads facing, one inverted
rev: IΣTPIH; sea-eagle left on dolphin

ex Slavey
1 commentsareichJun 15, 2010
Lydia, Sardes, Synkletos / Hermos, AE2523 views25mm, 7.70g
obv: IEPA CYNKΛHTOC; draped bust of youthful senate right
rev: CA[ITTHNΩN EPMOC; river god Hermos reclining left
areichMay 28, 2010
Lydia, Tabala, Demos / cult statue of Artemis, AE1745 views17mm, 3.09g
obv: GHMOC; bearded head of Demos right
rev: TABAΛEΩN; cult statue of Artemis facing

ex Rohde
areichMay 28, 2010
Phrygia, Laodikeia, Helios / cornucopia, AE1513 views15mm, 2.20g
obv: radiate and draped bust of Helios right
rev: ΛΑΟΔΙ ΔΙΟΝΥ; cornucopia
(BMC 98; SNG Cop. 535)
areichMay 27, 2010
Macrinus Nikopolis, AE27, 14.23g16 viewsStatius LonginusareichMay 26, 2010
Lydia, Sardes, Zeus / Heracles, AE1727 views17mm, 3.32g
obv: ZEYC ΛYΔIOC; draped bust right
rev: CAPΔIANΩN; Heracles standing facing, head left, holding lion skin in left, resting club on ground in right hand
areichMay 24, 2010
Phrygia, Peltae, Athena / stag, AE1745 views17mm, 2.21g
obv: MAKEΔ; draped bust of Athena, wearing crested Corinthian helmet right
rev: ΠEΛTHNΩN; Stag standing right
SNG Copenhagen 638 (same dies)

ex Gert Boersema
areichMay 15, 2010
Cilicia, Aigeai, Tyche / horse, AE1833 views18mm, 6.27g
obv: veiled head of Tyche right
rev: [date?] AIΓEAIΩN; horse's head left
3 commentsareichMay 14, 2010
Lydia, Sardes, Tyche / Kore, AE1738 views17mm, 2.74g
obv: CAPΔ []; veiled head of Tyche right
rev: CAPΔIANΩN B NEΩKOPΩN; cult statue of Kore, flanked by grain and poppy
areichMay 14, 2010
Hadrian, Ionia, Smyrna, Zeus, AE3325 views134/5 AD, M. Antonius Polemos, strategos
33mm, 27.32g
obv: [AVT KAIC TPAI AΔPIANOC]; laureate head right, slight drapery on far shoulder
rev: ΠOΛEMΩV CTPATEΓOV AVE HXE CMYP; Zeus seated right holding scepter
Klose 19-25 (V8/R-, unlisted rev. die); BMC 328 (same obv. die); SNG Copenhagen 1362; SNG von Aulock 2210

From the J.P. Righetti Collection, 7162
1 commentsareichApr 30, 2010
Ionia, Smyrna, Zeus Akraios / lion, AE1884 viewsca. 193-235 AD
18mm, 3.82g, 6h
obv: ZEVC AKPAIOC; head of Zeus Akraioc right
rev: CMYPNAIΩN; lion right
Klose 53 (V9/R46); BMC 172; SNG Copenhagen 1285; SNG von Aulock 2183

From the J.P. Righetti Collection, 5530
M&M sale 15 (2004), lot 678 (unsold)

2 commentsareichApr 30, 2010
Maximus, Nikomedia, Hygieia, AE25116 viewsobv: Γ IOV OVH MAΖIMOC K; bare-headed and draped bust right
rev: NIKOMHΔEΩN ΔIC NEΩKOPΩN; Hygieia on throne right, feeding snake from patera in left hand, right hand raised to head, cornucopia on throne behind

ex Tkalec (e-Auction)

SNG Aulock 803 (same dies)
2 commentsareichApr 20, 2010
Cilicia, Anazarbos, Demeter / Artemis Perasia, AE1970 views113-114 AD
19mm, 4.22g
obv: KAICAP ANAZAP, veiled bust of Demeter right, poppy and corn-ear before
rev: veiled bust of Artemis Perasia right, wearing high headgear, torch to right, in field date ЄT BΛP

SNG BN 2026, Ziegler 122 for date ΓΛP
2 commentsareichApr 13, 2010
Ionia, Smyrna, Zeus Akraios / Amazon, AE20202 views20mm, 5.23g
obv: ZEYC AKPAIOC; diademed head of Zeus right
rev: CMVPNAIΩN; Amazon standing left, holding double axe in left, leaning on sceptre in right hand
2 commentsareichApr 13, 2010
Aeolis, Aegeae, Synkletos / Lyre, AE1559 views15mm, 3.26g
obv: [IE]PA CYNKΛH[TOC]; draped bust of youthful senate right
rev: AIΓAEΩΝ; lyre

SNG Aulock -; SNG München; SNG Righetti; Lindgren -; asiaminorcoins -; acsearch -
1 commentsareichApr 12, 2010
Lydia, Silandus, Tyche / crescent and star, AE1651 views16mm, 2.82g
obv: CIΛANΔOC; draped and turreted bust of Tyche right
rev: CIΛANΔEΩN around crescent and star
areichApr 12, 2010
Philipp II, Ionia, Colophon, Sheep_AE1612 viewsas Caesar
AE16, 2.00g
obv: IOV ΦIΛIΠΠOC K; bare-headed and draped bust right
rev: KOΛOΦONIΩN; ram right
cf. SNG Aulock 2020 (as Augustus)
areichApr 12, 2010
Philipp II, AE1891 viewsobv: diademed head right
rev: ΦIΛIΠΠOY; horseman right
2 commentsareichApr 10, 2010
Phrygia, Themenothyrae, Athena / lion, AE2035 views20mm, 3.93g
obv: bust of Athena right, spear over shoulder, wearing crested Corinthian helmet and aegis
rev: ΝΕΙΚΟΜΑΧΟC ΑΡΞ ΤΗΜΕΝΟΘΥΡΕΥCΙ, lion walking right
BMC Phrygia p. 411, 16; SNG Cop 740

1 commentsareichApr 08, 2010
Lydia, Silandos, Roma / Kore, AE2160 views21mm, 5.27g
obv: ΘEA RΩMH, helmeted and draped bust of Roma right
rev: CIΛANΔEΩN; cult statue of Kore between poppy and ear of grain

SNG Aulock 3169

ex Gerhard Rohde
2 commentsareichApr 08, 2010
Phrygia, Eukarpeia, Hermes / stars above crescent, AE1557 views15mm, 2.59
obv: EVKAPΠEΩN; draped bust of Hermes right, caduceus behind
rev: EΠI KΛ ΦΛAKKOV, small bucranium supporting crescent, two stars above (one obliterated by the hole), connected by a vertical line
BMC p205, 9-10; SNG Cop 366, Weber 7087
1 commentsareichApr 08, 2010
Phrygia, Flavia-Grimenothyrae, Zeus / Athena, AE2023 viewstime of Trajan
20mm, 4.60g
obv: EπI [M TVΛΛI]; diademed head of Zeus right, eagle before
rev: ΓPIMENOΘYPEΩN; Athena standing right, holding spear and shield set on ground
SNG Aulock 3601

ex CNG, 224, Lot: 422
areichApr 07, 2010
Mysia, Germe, Synkletos / Athena, AE2320 viewstime of Gordian III
23mm, 5.60g
obv: IEPA ΓEPMH; turreted and draped bust of Tyche right
rev: ΓEPMHNΩN; Athena standing left, holding phiale over altar, spear, and shield set on ground
SNG von Aulock 1093, Ehling 443

ex Lars Rutten collection
areichApr 07, 2010
Lydia, Tripolis, Serapis / Isis, AE1730 views3rd century AD
17mm, 2.24g
obv: bearded and draped bust of Serapis right, wearing modius
rev: TPIΠOΛEITΩN; Isis facing, head left, wearing kalathos and crescent, sistrum in raised right, situla in left hand
BMC 369, 33; SNG von Aulock 3312; SNG München 798

A sistrum is a (percussive) hand instrument, a situla a bucket-shaped vessel.
areichApr 05, 2010
Philip II, Phrygia, Temenothyrae, God on horseback, AE2536 views25mm, 8.52g
obv: M IOV ΦIΛΛIΠΠOC KAICAP; bare head of Philipp II right
rev: NEIKOMACXOC APXIE THMENO[...]; god with double axe on horseback right
SNG Aulock 8452 (same dies)
2 commentsareichMar 29, 2010
Phrygia, Hierapolis, Gerousia / Apollo on horseback, AE2498 views176–225 AD
24mm, 7.08g, 180°
obv: ΓΕΡΟVCΙΑ; laureate, veiled and draped bust of the Gerousia right
rev: ΙΕΡΑΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ; Apollo on horseback right, holding double axe
ex. Gitbud & Naumann

1 commentsareichMar 27, 2010
Phrygia, Hyrgaleis, Demos / Demeter, AE2840 views28mm, 12.44g
obv: ΔHMOC; bare-headed youthful Demos right
rev: YP - ΓAΛE - ΩN, date (year 306=222AD); Demeter standing left, holding grain ears and torch
Von Aulock, Phrygiens 341 (same dies); SNG Copenhagen -; SNG München -; SNG von Aulock -; BMC 5

From the J.P. Righetti Collection, 8516
3 commentsareichMar 25, 2010
Geta, Bageis (Lydia), Tyche, AE2925 viewsas caesar (198-209)
29mm, 11.98g
obv: Λ CEΠTI ΓETAC KAICAP; bare headed and draped but of Geta right
rev: EΠI ANTIΓ B ARX A TO B BAGHNΩ; Tyche with polos, rudder and cornucopia left
SNG Aulock 2917 (same dies)
areichMar 20, 2010
Severus Alexander, Philomelion, Eagle, AE1538 viewsAE15, 1.87g
obv: AV K CEVN AΛEΖANΔPOC; laureate head right
rev: ΦIΛOMHΛЄΩN, eagle standing facing, head right
Cf. SNG Aulock 3928 (Gordian III); Lindgren -; SNG Righetti -

CLICK picture for a much sharper version

Ex Rutten & Wieland
2 commentsareichFeb 18, 2010
Lydia, Sardeis, Athena/Temple, AE2053 views20mm, 4.38g
obv: EΠI TI KΛA ΦIΛINOY CTPA; helmeted bust of Thena (or Roma) left
rev: EΠ [MAPΧEΛΛOV TO B?]; CAPΔIANΩN; quadristyle temple

SNG Leypold -; cf. SNG Aulock 3137 (bust right)
1 commentsareichJan 28, 2010
Lydia, Thyteira, Athena/Athena, AE2042 views20mm, 4.04g
obv: helmeted bust of Athena wearing Aegis right
rev: ΘYATEIPHNΩN, Athena standing facing, head left, holding Nike in right, spear in left hand, shield at feet left

SNG von Aulock 3204; SNG Leypold 1258; BMC 31
1 commentsareichJan 28, 2010
Thrace, Ainos, Hermes / Asklepios, AE1822 views18mm, 4.39g
obv: bare-headed and draped bust of Hermes right, caduceus behind
rev: AINIΩN, Asklepios standing left, resting serpent staff (in right hand) on ground
areichJan 24, 2010
Phrygia, Prymnessos, Demos / Zeus, AE2020 views20mm, 4.59g
obv: ΔHMOC; laureate head of Demos right
rev: ΠPVMNHCCЄΩN; Zeus seated on throne left, holding patera in right, long sceptre in left hand
areichJan 24, 2010
Lydia, Magnesia ad Sipylum, Tyche / bull, AE2113 views21mm, 4.89g
obv: MAΓNHCIA, turreted bust of city-goddess Magnesia right
rev: MAΓNHTΩN CIΠVΛ; humped bull right
BMC Lydia p. 144, 43; SNG Cop 255 var (bull left); SNG von Aulock -; SNG Leypold 1029 var (bull left)
areichJan 24, 2010
Marcus Aurelius, Ionia, Magnesia ad Maeander, statue of Artemis, AE3021 views30mm, 13.74g
obv: laureate and draped bust right
rev: cult statue of Artemis Leukophryene crowned by two flying Nikes at her feet, two geese with outstretched necks, and wings raised
areichJan 24, 2010
Lydia, Hierocaesarea, Artemis / Stag, AE1539 views1st century AD
15mm, 3.46g
obv: draped bust of Artemis right, quiver over shoulder, arrow and bow before
rev: IEPOKAICAPEΩN; forepart of stag right
SNG Leypold 960
ex CNG auction 199, Lot: 338
areichJan 24, 2010
Lydia, Sardes, Synkletos / Demeter, AE2630 views2nd-3rd century AD
26mm, 11.75g
obv: IEPA CYNKΛHTOC; draped bust of youthful Senate right
rev: Demeter standing left, holding grain ears and long scepter
SNG Copenhagen 507; SNG von Aulock -; SNG Leypold -

From the J.S. Wagner Collection.
ex CNG auction 201, Lot: 244
areichJan 24, 2010
Pisidia, Termessos, Zeus / horse, AE1727 viewsdated CY 25 (47/6 BC)
17mm, 3.00g
obv: laureate head of Zeus left
rev: Horse galloping left; KE (date) above
SNG Paris 2133 var. (head right) or 2142 corr. (date?)

ex CNG, Auction 219, Lot: 298
1 commentsareichJan 24, 2010
Alexander III, tetradrachm, Tyre246 views28mm, 17.1g
obv: head of Herakles wearing lion-skin head dress right
rev: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, rev: Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, monograms
Price 3534, Müller 1592

CLICK for full-size picture
9 commentsareichJan 21, 2010
Thrace, Ainos, Poseidon / Hermes, AE2957 viewsAE29, 8.53g
obv: head of Poseidon right, monogram behind
rev: AINIΩN, Hermes standing left, holding kerykeion and purse; altar below
SNG Cop. 423-424
This type is attributed to the 2nd-1st century BC but it looks and feels pseudo-autonomous.

there is a second, smaller coin here:
2 commentsareichDec 31, 2009
Phrygia, Ancyra, Roma / Dionysos, AE1545 viewsAE15, 2.48g
obv: ΘEA POMH; bust of Roma wearing polos right
rev: ANKYPANΩN; Dionysos, half-naked, standing facing, head left, holding thyrsos and kantharos
SNG Aulock 3428

ex Roland Müller collection
areichDec 30, 2009
Phrygia, Apameia, Zeus / Eagle, AE1421 viewsAE14, 2.19g
obv: ZΕΥΣ ΚΕΛΕΝΕΥΣ, bearded head of Zeus right
rev: ΑΠΑΜΕΩΝ, eagle with spread wings left, head right
BMC 114, Weber 7031, SNG Aulock -
areichDec 30, 2009
Gordian III, Smyrna (Ionia), Heracles, AE2121 viewsAE21, 5.52g
obv: A K M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC, laureate and draped bust right
rev: CMYPNAIΩN Γ NEΩKOPΩN, Heracles standingfacing, head left, holding kantharos, club and lion skin
SNG Aulock 2230 (same dies)
areichDec 30, 2009
Lydia, Hierocaesarea, Artemis / Altar, AE1534 viewsAE15, 2.89g
obv: ΠEPCIKH; draped bust of Artemis Persica right, with bow and quiver
rev: IEPOKAICAREΩN; flaming altar
cf. SNG Aulock 2952 (bow to right, quiver left); SNG Leypold -

ex Roland Müller collection
areichDec 30, 2009
Lydia, Magnesia ad Sipylum, Tyche / Dionysos, AE1927 viewsAE19, 3.57g
obv: N(!)AΓNHCIA; turreted bust of Tyche right
rev: MAΓNHTΩN; Dionysos with thyrsos and rhyton facing, head left, panther(?) at feet left
SNG Aulock -, SNG Leypold -, SNG Righetti, Lindgren -, Lydische Stadtmünzen -

ex Roland Müller collection
areichDec 30, 2009
SPAIN, Castulo. Late 2nd century BC55 viewsSPAIN, Castulo. Late 2nd century BC. Æ 15mm (2.88 g, 10h). Diademed male head right / Boar standing right; star above. CNH p. 337, 48; SNG BM Spain 1354-7. VF, dark green patina, earthen deposits.

ex Auctiones 22 (June 1992), lot 431 (385 SFR)
From the Jörg Müller collection via CNG
4 commentsareichDec 29, 2009
Koinon of Macedon, Alexander / Athena, AE2627 viewsAE26, 10.92g
AΛEΞANΔPOC; bare head of Alexander right
[KOINON] MAKEΔONΩN NEΩ; Athena on throne left
1 commentsareichDec 24, 2009
Koinon of Macedon, Alexander / Buccephalus, AE2763 viewsAE27, 11.92g
obv: AΛEΞANΔPOC; head of Alexander right, wearing taenia
rev: [KOINON] MAKEΔONΩN NEΩKO; Alexander taming Bucephalus
4 commentsareichDec 24, 2009
Koinon of Macedon, Alexander / horseman, AE2534 viewsAE25, 13.99g
obv: AΛEΞANΔPOC; head of Alexander right, wearing taenia
rev: [KOINON] MAKEΔONΩN NEΩ; Alexander riding Bucephalus right
1 commentsareichDec 24, 2009
Lydia, Saitta, Synkletos / Hermos, AE2041 viewsAE20, 2.94g
3rd century AD
obv: IEPA CVNKΛHTOC; draped bust of Senate right
rev: CAITTHNΩN / EPMOC; river-god Hermos reclining left, holding reed and cornucopiae and resting on urn from which water flows
SNG Leypold 1152 (same dies)
ex R&W
areichDec 14, 2009
Ionia, Smyrna, Heracles / river god, AE1717 viewsAE17, 2.6g
obv: bearded head of Heracles right
rev: CMYPNAIΩN, river god reclining left

ex RF river god collection via Helios (Auction 3 Lot 407)
1 commentsareichDec 14, 2009
Thrace, Ainos, Poseidon / Hermes, AE2323 viewsAE23, 6.23g
obv: head of Poseidon right, monogram behind
rev: AINIΩN, Hermes standing left, holding kerykeion and purse; altar below
SNG Cop. 423-424
This type is attributed to the 2nd-1st century BC but it looks and feels pseudo-autonomous.

there is a second, larger coin here:
areichDec 12, 2009
Julias Caesar denar, Ceres / priestly implements69 views46 BC
obv. head of Ceres right
rev: priestly implements
8 commentsareichDec 03, 2009
Commodus, Tmolos-Aureliopolis, Tmolos crowning Tyche, AE3042 viewsCommodus, 177-192 AD, Tmolos-Aureliopolis / Tmolus-Aureliopolis, Lydia

30mm, 13.34g

obv: AV K M AVP KOMMOΔOC; laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind; countermark Δ on head
rev: AΠOΛΛΩNIΔHC CTPA ANЄΘ / AVPHΛIO / TMΩ; city-goddess, turreted, seated right, holding on her knee cista mystica; behind, mountain-god Tmolos, naked but for nebris round body, advancing right, placing a wreath upon her head with his right and holding in left over his shoulder a branch of wine with three bunches of grapes (?)

BMC Lydia, p. 324, No. 5, SNG Aulock -, SNG Leypold -, SNG Righetti -, Imhoof-Blumer KM -, Lydische Stadtmünzen -, Lindgren I + III -, Sear GIC –

ex R&W
areichNov 09, 2009
Nero provincial?26 views14mm, 2.68g
head right
IFA[] or IPAC, animal (wolf? lion?) right, club? above
areichOct 24, 2009
Moesia, Nikopolis ad Istrum, grapes, AE1561 viewsAE15, 2.1g
obv: NEIKO[...]; bust of Apollo right
rev: ΠROC ICTRN(sic); grape

ex Slavey
areichOct 24, 2009
Moesia, Nikopolis ad Istrum, grapes, AE1468 views14mm, 2.16g
obv: NEIKO[...]; bust of Apollo right
rev: ΠROC ICTRΩN; grape

ex Lars Rutten collection
areichOct 24, 2009
Lydia, Philadelphia, Demos / Artemis, AE2366 viewsAE23, 4.48g
3rd century AD
obv: ΔHMOC, bust of Demos wearing Tainia right, drapery on left shoulder.
rev: ΦΛ ΦIΛAΔЄΛΦЄΩN NЄIKOPΩN, Artemis hurrying right with dog at side, holding bow left and drawing arrow from quiver

SNG Aulock 3070; SNG Leypold 1105 (same dies)

ex R&W
1 commentsareichOct 24, 2009
Lydia, Philadelphia, Homonoia with Smyrna, AE2540 viewsAE25, 6.04g
obv: DHMOC ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEΩN NEOK; head of Demos, wearing taenia right
rev: K CMYP Γ NEΩ OMO; Kybele on throne left, holding patera and scepter
cf. SNG von Aulock 3068 (same obverse die, same reverse with longer legend); SNG Leypold -; SNG Righetti -; Lindgren -; Lydische Stadtmünzen -
areichOct 24, 2009
Lydia, Sardes, Zeus Lydios / serpent around omphalos, AE1549 viewsAE15, 2.07g
obv: ZEVC ΛVΔIOC, laureate and draped bust of Zeus Lydios right
rev: CAPΔIANΩN, serpent around omphalos

BMC -; SNG Aulock -; SNG Leypold -; SNG Righetti -; Lindgren -; Imhoof-Blumer KM -; Lydische Stadtmünzen –; SNG München -; SNG Tübingen -
areichOct 24, 2009
Lydia, Silandos, Athena / river god, AE1925 views19mm, 3.18g
obv: helmeted bust of Athena or Roma right
rev: River god reclining left

SNG Leypold -
areichOct 24, 2009
Elagabal, Ancyra (Phrygia), Asklepios, AE2533 viewsAE25, 8.75g
obv: ANTONEINΩC A; radiate head right
rev: MHTROΠ ANKYPAC; Asklepios standing facing

SNG von Aulock -; Lindgren -; SNG Righetti -;

Or is it Caracalla? Doesn't look much like his coins from there.
areichOct 24, 2009
Gordian, Cassandreia (Macedon), Zeus, AE2713 viewsAE27, 11.45g
obv: [] GORDIANOS; radiate and draped bust right
rev: C[OL]ΩNEIA CASS[ANDRIAS]; head of Zeus-Ammon right

BMC -; Lindgren -;
areichOct 24, 2009
Paphlagonia, Amastris, Homer, AE2847 views2nd century AD
obv: OMHPOC; head of Homer right, wearing taenia
rev: AMACTPIANΩN; male figure standing left, holding patera over altar in right, long scepter in left hand

SNG von Aulock cf. 6806 (same obverse die); BMC -; Lindgren -; SNG Righetti -; -; asiaminorcoins
1 commentsareichOct 24, 2009
Commodus, Perge (Pamphylia), Artemis, AE1322 viewsAE13, 2.73g
obv: KAI KOMOΔOC; laureate and draped bust right
rev: [ΠEP]ΓAIΩ[N], Artemis standing right, holding bow and arrow

SNG von Aulock -; SNG PfPS -; SNG Righetti -; Lindgren -; BMC -
areichOct 18, 2009
Adramytteion, eagle, AE12250 viewsAE12, 1.63g
obv: Zeus, laureate, facing slightly right
rev: AΔPA, eagle on altar left
12 commentsareichOct 18, 2009
Geta, Ephesos, stag, AE1721 viewsAE17, 2.95g
obv: []GETAC AV; laureate and draped bust right
rev: EΦECUΩN; stag right
BMC 289

ex Tom Vossen
areichOct 18, 2009
Caracalla, Thyateira (Lydia), Eagle, AE1617 viewsAE16, 2.07g
obv: ANTONEINOC; laureate and draped bust right
rev: ΘYATEIPHNΩN, eagle standing facing, head right
areichOct 18, 2009
Lucius Verus, Apollonis (Lydia), AE2717 viewsareichOct 17, 2009
GordianIII, Berytos, temple of Astarte, AE2730 viewsAE27, 14.7g
obv: IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS; radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: COL [IVL AVG] FEL / BER; tetrastyle temple of Astarte, large cult-bust within

ex H D Rauch summer auction 2009
areichOct 10, 2009
Geta, Hypaipa, cult-statue of Artemis Anaïtis AE2138 viewsAE21, 4.96g
obv: Π CE ΓETAC, laureate draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: EΠ KHPINT[...] YΠAIΠANΩN, cult-statue of Artemis Anaïtis facing

SNG von Aulock - , SNG Cop - , BMC - , Lindgren - , SNG Leypold - (cf 1003, same obv. die, same Magistrate (Kerinthos))

ex H D Rauch summer auction 2009, Lot 984
areichOct 10, 2009
Lydia, Sala, Athena / Kybele, AE1840 viewsAE18, 3.56g
obv: CAΛHNΩN; bust of Athena right
rev: Magistrate ???, Kybele seated left

cf. SNG Leypold 1183f. (different magistrates)
ex Lars Rutten collection
areichOct 10, 2009
Lydia, Silandos, Herakles/ Tyche, AE2027 viewsAE20, 4.18g
obv: bearded head of Herakles left
rev: CIΛANDEΩN, Tyche
SNG Leypold 1245 (same obverse die)
ex R&W
areichOct 10, 2009
Aeolis, Kyme, Athena / eagle, AE18134 viewsAE18, 3.57g
obv: helmeted head of Athena right wearing aegis
rev: KYM, eagle standing right
BMC Aeolis p. 114, 103; SNG von Aulock -

1 commentsareichOct 09, 2009
Geta, Istros, Demeter, AE2231 viewsAE22, 7.20g
obv: AV K Π CE ΓETAC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: ICTPIHNΩN; Demter standing facing, head left, holding long torch and ears of grain over altar

AMNG 508var (what's the variation?); Varbanov 646 (R6)

ex HD Rauch summer auction 2009, lot 982
areichOct 09, 2009
Septimius Severus, Ephesos (Ionia), stag, AE1826 views18mm, 2.47g
obv: [] CEOVNPOC; laureate head right
rev: EΦECIΩN; stag right
SNG Cop 413, BMC 83.262

ex HD Rauch, summer auction 2009, lot 948
areichSep 27, 2009
Pamphylia, Attaleia, Poseidon / Nike, AE1546 views15mm, 2.26g
obv: draped bust of Poseiddon left, holding trident around which dolphin is curled
rev: Nike with wreath and palm branch right
SNG PfPs 4, 154 (same dies?), SNG von Aulock 4615 (different dies)

ex Rohde
1 commentsareichSep 25, 2009
Phrygia, Kadoi, Athena / Dionysos, AE1835 views18mm, 3.29g
obv: helmeted bust of Athena right
rev: Dionysos standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos; panther at feet to left
SNG Copenhagen 240

ex CNG (209, Lot 175), from the D. Alighieri Collection
areichSep 24, 2009
Geta, Perge, Apollo, AE2624 views26mm, 9.56g
obv: Π CE ΓETAC K[]; bare-headed and draped bust right
rev: ΠEP[Γ]AIΩN; Apollo standing left, holding branch in right, left elbow resting on lyra on a tripod with snake coiled around it
areichSep 24, 2009
Julia Domna, Hadrianotherai (Mysia), emperor on horseback, AE2733 views27mm, 8.50g
obv: IOVΛIA ΔOMNA CEBACTH; draped bust right
rev: CTP ΔIOΓENOVC AΔPIANOΘEPITΩN; emperor (Caracalla or Septimius Severus?) on horse right, right hand raised
SNG Aulock 1152, BMC Mysia p. 78, no. 5

ex R&W
1 commentsareichSep 24, 2009
L. Marcius Philippus denarius40 views18x20mm, 3.77g
obv: ANCVS; diademed head of King Ancus Marcius right, lituus behind
rev: PHILIPPVS; aqueduct (the Aqua Marcia) surmounted by equestrian statue, flower below horse, A Q V A and MAR monogram between arches of aqueduct

The reverse of this coin refers to the construction of the Aqua Marcia in 144 BC. The moneyer was the step-brother of Octavian, the future emperor Augustus.

ex HD Rauch, summer auction 2009, lot 545
1 commentsareichSep 23, 2009
Lydia, Apollonishieron, Athena / Zeus Lydios, AE21122 viewsAE21, 4.35g
obv: helmeted head of Athena right
rev: [] AΠOΛΛONI; Zeus Lydios standing facing, head left, holding scepter and patera

cf. BMC Lydia, p. 23, nos. 1-3 (without magistrate name), SNG von Aulock - , SNG Leypold - , Lindgren - , Lydische Stadtmünzen - , SNG Righetti - , asiaminorcoins - , acsearch -
4 commentsareichSep 22, 2009
Mysia, Pergamon, Roma / Telesphoros, AE1665 views16mm, 2.87g
Mysia, Pergamon; 1st century AD; Pollionos magistrate
obv: ΠЄΡΓΑΜ[ΗΝΩΝ], helmeted head Roma right
rev: EΠI CTP ΠOΛΛIΩ, Telesphoros standing facing
Cf. SNG BN Paris 1961

ex Tom Vossen
areichSep 06, 2009
Lydia, Tabala, Senate / river god Hermos, AE2031 views20mm, 5.10g, 180°
obverse IEPA CYNKLHTOC, draped youthful bust of the Roman Senate right
reverse TABALEWN / EPMOC, river god Hermos reclining left, holding reed and cornucopia, resting on urn

SNG Aulock 3190; SNG Leypold 1250; Lindgren 825; SNG Righetti 1096; SNG München; SNG Tübingen 3832f.

areichSep 06, 2009
Lydia, Gordus-Julia, Synkletos / Dionysos, AE1971 views19mm, 4.86g
time of Commodus, 178-192 AD
obv: IEPA CVNKΛHTOC; draped bust of Synkletos (Senate) right
rev: IOVΛIEΩN ΓOPΔHNΩN; Dionysos standing facing, head left, holding thyrsos in left, kantharos in right hand, panther at feet left

SNG von Aulock 2980; SNG Leypold 942 var (without panther)

ex Gert Boersema
1 commentsareichSep 06, 2009
Mysia, Attaia, Demos / Heros, AE1948 views17-19mm, 3.03g
2nd century AD
Obv: ΔHMOC, diademed head of Demos right.
Rev: ATTAITΩN, naked youth (Heros?) right, left foot on rock.

BMC Mysia -, SNG Aulock -, SNG Leypold-, SNG Righetti -, Lindgren I+III -, Imhoof-Blumer KM -, Sear -, but cf. SNG Aulock 7203 for a similar reverse type combined with a Synkletos obverse.

ex Rutten & Wieland
areichSep 06, 2009
Mysia, Attaia, Synkletos / Heros, AE1939 views19mm, 5.34g
2nd century AD
Obv: IEPA CYNKLHTOC; diademed head of Synkletos (Senate) right
Rev: ATTAITΩN, naked youth (Heros?) right, left foot on rock

SNG Aulock 7203
areichSep 06, 2009
Mysia, Pitane, Roma / Telesphorus, AE1446 views14mm, 1.61g
2nd century BC
obv: helmeted bust of Roma right
rev: ΠITANAIΩN; Telesphoros standing facing
areichSep 04, 2009
Lydia, Saitta, Heracles / Isis, AE18 31 views18mm, 3.48g
time of Caracalla to Gallienus
Obv: head of young Heracles right, club behind neck
Rev: CAITTHNΩN, Isis, in long chiton, standing to front, head left, holding in raised right hand sistrum and in lowered left hand situla

BMC Lydia, p. 214, No. 14, SNG Aulock -, SNG Leypold –

ex Rutten & Wieland
areichSep 04, 2009
Lydia, Gordus-Julia, Synkletos / Dionysos, AE2031 viewsAE20, 4.40g
2nd - 3rd Century AD, Gordus-Iulia, Lydia.
Obv: IЄPA CVNKΛHTOC; draped bust of Senate right
Rev: ΓOPΔHNΩN IOVΛIЄΩN; Dionysos standing left, holding Thyrsos left and Kantharos right
SNG Leypold 942 (same dies), SNG Aulock 2980 var (that one has a panther)

ex Rutten & Wieland
areichSep 04, 2009
Lydia, Mostene, Tyche / Hermes, AE1867 views18mm, 3.39g
obv: ΛV - ΔΩN; turreted and draped bust of Tyche right
rev: MOCT - HNΩN; Hermes standing facing, head left, nude but for chlamys, holding caduceus and purse, at his feet to left, ram

SNG Aulock -; BMC -; SNG Leypold -; SNG Righetti -; Lindgren -; SNG Tübingen -; SNG München -
areichSep 03, 2009
Lydia, Silandos, Silen / grapes, AE1541 viewstime of Septimius Severus(?)
15mm, 1.79 g, 11h
obv: wreathed head of Silenos right
rev: Grape bunch; EΠI • A • AV-MAIOPOC around
SNG Aulock -; Lydische Stadtmünzen -; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC 10 var. (legends); SNG Leypold -; SNG Tübingen 3828 (different magistrate); SNG München -
areichAug 30, 2009
Lydia, Silandos, Silen / Tyche, AE1541 viewsLYDIA, Silandus. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Time of Septimius Severus(?), AD 193-211. Æ 15mm (1.97 g, 6h). Wreathed head of Silenos right / Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia.
LS -; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC -; SNG von Aulock -; SNG München -; SNG Leypold -; SNG Tübingen -
areichAug 30, 2009
Lydia, Sala, Heracles / Grapes, AE1438 views14mm, 2.39g
obv: bearded head of Heracles right

SNG von Aulock 3111; Lindgren 798; SNG Leypold -

ex Roland Müller collection
areichAug 25, 2009
Macedon, Silen / wreath, AE22 93 viewsafter 168 BC
22mm, 10.68g
obv: facing head of Silen
rev: MAKEΔONΩN in wreath

ex Freeman & Sear
5 commentsareichAug 10, 2009
Lydia, Thyateira, Dionysos/Pan, AE1749 viewstime of the Severans
17mm, 2.74g
obv: head of Dionysos wearing ivy-wreath right
rev:ΘVATЄIPHNΩN, Pan walking left, holding Lagobolon and grapes

SNG Aulock 3209; BMC Lydia p. 299, 44; SNG Leypold -; SNG München 590f.; SNG Tübingen -

ex Rutten & Wieland
areichAug 02, 2009
Mysia, Germe, Tyche/Athena,AE2227 views2nd-3rd century AD
22mm, 7.56g
obv: TYXH ΠOΛEΩC; turreted and draped bust right
rev: ΓEPMHNΩN; Athena standing left, holding patera over altar in right, spear and shield in left hand

BMC 11, SNG von Aulock 1097
areichAug 02, 2009
pseudo-autonomous, Diocaesarea, Tyche/eagle, AE20 29 views20mm, 5.31g
pseudo-autonomous AE20, time of Hadrian and Pius, Diocaesarea, Cilicia.
obv: AΔPI ΔIOKAICAPIΩN, veiled, turreted and draped bust of Tyche right.
rev: ΔIOKAICAP, eagle standing right, looking back.

Staffieri, Diocaesarea, 22, 7

ex Rutten & Wieland
areichAug 02, 2009
Faustina, Side, Athena, AE2525 views25mm, 9.61g
obv: ΦAVCTEINA CEBACTH; draped bust right, wearing chignon
rev: CIΔH-TΩN, Athena standing left with palm branch, dropping voting pebble in amphora
SNG PFPS 673, Lindgren II, 1161 A
areichJul 31, 2009
Lydia, Magnesia ad Sipylum, Sipylos / Asklepios, AE1962 views19mm, 3.15g
obv: CIΠYΛOC, bearded head of the mountain-god Sipylos right
rev: MAΓNHTΩN; Asklepios with serpent-staff facing, head left

SNG von Aulock 2998; Lydische Stadtmünzen -; SNG Leypold -;
areichJul 30, 2009
Severus Alexander, Thyateira, wolf and twins_AE2526 views25mm, 8.73g
obv: AVT K CEV ALEΖANΔPOC; laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind
rev: ΘVA-TEIP-HNΩN, She-wolf standing right, looking back at suckling twins
BMC Lydia p. 316, 128; SNG Copenhagen 624; SNG von Aulock -
areichJul 30, 2009
Lydia, Maionia, Heracles / Bow and club, AE1344 viewsAE13, 2.28g
obv: draped, beardless bust of Heracles right
rev: MAIONΩN; between gorytos with bow and club, bee above
SNG Aulock 3008; SNG München 299; SNG Tübingen 3718; SNG Leypold -
ex Roland Müller collection

A gorytos is a bow-case that stores the bow along with the quiver of arrows.
areichJul 04, 2009
Silandos, Athena / Tyche, AE19 22 viewsAE19, 4.82g
obv: CIΛANΔEΩN; Athena, right, wearing helmet and Aegis
rev: EΠI MAIΩPOC, Tyche left with rudder and cornucopia
ex Roland Müller collection
von Aulock 3171
areichJul 04, 2009
Lydia, Silandos, Athena / Tyche, AE1925 viewsAE19, 4.82g
obv: CIΛANΔEΩN; Athena, right, wearing helmet and Aegis
rev: EΠI MAIΩPOC, Tyche left with rudder and cornucopia
ex Roland Müller collection

SNG Leypold -
areichJul 04, 2009
Maximinus, Selge (Pisidia), Artemis Pergeia, AE1223 viewsAE12, 1.6g
obv: A K IOV MAXIMINOC; laureate head right
rev: simulacrum of Pergaean Artemis in distyle temple
Aulock 5312

Maximinus not Maximus
areichJun 25, 2009
Commodus, Prusa ad Olympum, Apollo Sauroktonos, AE2238 viewsAE22, 7.85g
Λ AI ΑΥΡΗΛΙ ΚΟΜΟΔΟΣ; laureate head right
ΠΡΟΥΣΑΕΩΝ; Apollo Sauroktonos standing right, holding bow in extended right hand. left resting on small tree

the 'small tree' doesn't look anything like a tree here
1 commentsareichJun 24, 2009
Alexander III, tetradrachm, Alabanda65 viewsAlexander III (336-323 BC)
AR tetradrachm 33x30mm, 16.32 g
Alabanda, ca. 169/8.
Head of Heracles right in lion-skin headdress
ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡοΥ, Zeus seated left, holding eagle and grasping scepter, Pegasus alighting left before, date E (Year 5) under throne
Price 2464.

ex Freeman & Sear

1 commentsareichJun 08, 2009
Faustina, Tripolis, Maeander, AE30143 views30mm, 9.75g
obv: [ΦΑΥΣΤΕΙΝΑ] ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ; draped bust right
rev: [ΤΡΙΠΟΛΕΙ]ΤΩΝ [ΜΑΙ]ΑΝΔ / ΡΟΣ; river-god Maeandros reclining left, holding long reed and cornucopia, resting on water-urn
3 commentsareichMay 17, 2009
Caracalla, Nysa, Men in temple, AE2836 views28mm, 11.7g
obv: AY K M AYPH ANTΩ[NEINOC]; laureate and draped but right
rev: EΠI ΓP - AVP - ΘЄO - TЄIMOY - NYCAЄΩ / N, Mên standing facing in tetrastyle temple, scepter in left, patera in right hand
areichMay 17, 2009
Caracalla, Perge, Artemis, AE1840 views18mm, 3.1g
obv: AV K M A[VP...ANTO] NINOC CE B; laureate, draped (and cuirassed?) bust right, countermark (owl or eagle?)
rev: ΠEPΓAIΩN; Artemis facing, head right, holding arrow in right, bow in left hand
areichMay 02, 2009
Hadrian, Thessalian league, Athena Ionia, AE2125 views21mm, 4.95g
obv: AΔPIANON KAICAP AΘECCA&Lambda,OI; laureate head (with slight drapery?) right;
rev: OX NI-KO MAXOY; Athena Ionia right

Lindgren II 1415; BMC 7 #77
areichMay 02, 2009
Maximus, Kios, Athena, AE1825 views18mm, 3.59g
obv: ΓIOV OVH MAXIMOC K [?]; bare-headed and draped bust right
rev: KIAN&Onega;N, helmeted bust of Athena right, wearing aegis

SNG Aulock -; Lindgren -; SNG Righetti -; SNG Leypold -; GICV -; BMC -;
areichMay 02, 2009
Moesia, Markianopolis, ? / lion, AE14107 views14mm, 1.6g
obv: bust of ?, wearing Taenia right
rev: MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN; lion right

AMNG - ; Hristova/Jekov -; BMC -; Lindgren -; SNG Righetti -; Sear GICV -; Moushmov -
Not known to Ivan Varbanov and the Varna museum.
ex iNumis
5 commentsareichApr 29, 2009
Side obol, lion / Athena33 views10mm, 0.59g
obv: lion's head left
rev: head of Athena wearing Corinthian helmet right
3 commentsareichApr 25, 2009
Gallienus, Syedra, judgement of Ares, AE2949 viewsGallienus, 253-268 AD, Syedra, Cilicia
29mm, 13.77g
Obv: AVT K ΠO ΛIK ΓAΛΛIHNOC CEB / IA; laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind
Rev: CVEΔPEΩN, Ares, cuirassed and helmeted, standing left between Dike, standing to left, head right, and Hermes, standing to right, holding Kerykeion and wearing winged shoes, holding the arms of Ares
SNG PFPS VI 1239 (same dies)

ex Rutten & Wieland (seller's picture)

'CNG notes on a similar coin:

Ares slew Halirrhothios, son of Poseidon, for assaulting Ares' daughter, Alcippe. The site where Ares came before the gods for judgement, escorted by Dike (Justice) and the herald Hermes, became the Areopagus (Hill of Ares) in Athens, the location of the Athenian law courts. Ares was absolved of murder. It is unknown why this event had such import for Syedra, but the scene appears frequently on its 3rd century coinage.

In fact, as Johannes Nollé and Margret Karola pointed out*, it is known why Syedra issued coins with this scene: In late Hellenistic times the inhabitants of Syedra suffered from repeated assaults of pirates. In these dangerous times, the people of Synedra contacted the oracle of Klaros for help and received the advice to erect a statue of Ares bound by Hermes and being judged by Dike in their city. This statue would protect them against the assaults of the pirates. The base of the statue with the inscription of this action was found during the excavation of Syedra.

*Götter, Städte, Münzen: Kleinasiatische Münzen der Römischen Kaiserzeit, Begleitheft zu einer Ausstellung von Münzen der Pfälzer Provatsammlungen, Münzen 1994, o. 23 f.'
areichApr 15, 2009
Lydia, Attaleia, Athena / Tyche, AE1946 viewsAE19, 2.85g
obv: bust of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet and ageis, (holding spear?)
rev: ATTAΛΕATΩN; Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia
SNG von Aulock 2911 (with spear); SNG Leypold 897 (without spear)
areichApr 10, 2009
Pisidia, Antioch, Men / altar, AE1338 viewsAE13, 1.65g
obv: ANTIOC; bust of Mên right
rev: COLONIAI; burning altar
areichApr 10, 2009
Gergis, Troas, c. 320 - 270 B.C.40 views1.841g, 13.1mm, 0°, Gergis mint
obv: three-quarter facing head of Sibyl Herophile, turned slightly right, wearing laurel wreath and pendanted necklace
rev: ΓEP; Sphinx seated right
SNG Cop 338

areichApr 10, 2009
Gordian III, Hadrianopolis, Athena, AE27 45 views27mm, 10.12g
obv: AYT K M ANT - GOPΔIANOC AY; laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: AΔPIANOPO - ΛEITΩN; helmeted Athena right with spear and shield right, head left, snake to right

Varbanov 3737, Jurukova, S. 223, 608 (V ?/R 588) (unconfirmed)

1 commentsareichApr 05, 2009
Rhodos AE Drachm24 viewsearly 1st century AD
Æ Drachm (35mm, 19.75g, 12h)
Sphairos, magistrate
obv: radiate head of Helios facing slightly right
rev: Rose seen from above; SFAIROS below; all within wreath
Ashton, Early 105-6 (same obv. die); SNG Copenhagen 870 (same obv. die); BMC 345 (same obv. die)

ex Numismatik Lanz (eBay)
areichApr 05, 2009
Caracalla, Augusta Traiana, Demeter, AE3145 views31mm, 17.35g
obv: AVT K M AVR CEVH ANTΩNEINOC; laureate head right
rev: AVΓOVCTHC TPAIANHC; Demeter(?) standing facing, head left, holding patera and scepter, to left cista mystica

ex HD Rauch, Auction New York 2009, Lot 222 (part of)
areichApr 05, 2009
Geta, Bizya, Zeus, AE2734 views27mm, 9.15g
obv: AVT KPA Π CE [Π ΓETAC?]; laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind
rev: BIZYHNΩN; Zeus standing left, head right, hurling thunderbolt.

Jurokova 69; SNG Copenhagen -; Varbanov 1497 corr. (Zeus described as holding thunderbolt and eagle; same dies)
From the D. Alighieri Collection.
ex CNG E-Auction 206, Lot: 222
areichApr 05, 2009
Ionia, Smyrna, Senate / Temple, AE2320 views23mm, 6.35g
time of Gordian III
obv: IЄPA CVN KΛHTOC; draped bust of Senate right
rev: CMVP NAIΩN NЄOKO·PΩN·; tetrastyle temple, within Tyche standing wearing modius holding cornucopiae and rudder
RPC VII 322 (obv.die) & 325 (rev.die)
areichApr 04, 2009
Lydia, Silandos, Roma / Apollo, AE1831 views1st-2nd centuries AD
18mm, 4.84g
obv: ΘЄAN POMHN; draped bust of Roma right, wearing polos
rev: CIΛANΔEΩN; Apollo standing facing, head left, holding patera and laurel branch
SNG Copenhagen 546; SNG von Aulock 3166; SNG Leypold 1241 (same obverse die)

From the D. Alighieri Collection, CNG E-Auction 205, Lot 283
areichMar 31, 2009
Phrygia, Flavia-Grimenothyrai, Artemis / Demeter, AE1862 viewsTime of Trajan, AD 98-117
18mm, 3.4g
obv: EΠI Λ TYΛΛI; draped bust of Artemis right (with bow and quiver)
rev: ΓPIMENOΘYPEΩN; Demeter standing left, holding ears of wheat and scepter
von Aulock Phrygien II, p.79, #370, SNG von Aulock -; SNG Copenhagen -

From the D. Alighieri Collection, CNG E-Auction 206, Lot 266
2 commentsareichMar 31, 2009
CELTIBERIANS: Bolskan. AR denarius64 viewsCELTIBERIANS: Bolskan. AR denarius (4.45 gm). Ca. 150-100 BC. Bearded head right, wearing bead necklace, Oscan word "Bolskan" contracted behind / Mounted warrior with spear right, Oscan word "Bolskan" over ground line below. SNG BM 695-704. A few scratches. Nearly very fine

ex Freeman & Sear
1 commentsareichMar 03, 2009
CELTIC. Danube Region. Imitating Philip III. Circa 2nd-1st Century BC. AR Tetradrachm42 viewsCELTIC. Danube Region. Imitating Philip III. Circa 2nd-1st Century BC. AR Tetradrachm (27mm - 16.44 g). Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress / Zeus seated left, holding eagle and sceptre; monograms in inner left field; I under throne. Kostial 907; CCCBM I 189; Göbl, OTA 579.9. VF, weak reverse.

ex Vauctions
areichMar 03, 2009
Phrygia, Akmoneia, Demos, clasped hands, AE2358 views23.1mm, 4.324g, 0°
obv: ΔHMOC; draped bust of bearded Demos right
rev: AKMONEΩN; clasped hands

BMC Phrygia p. 7, 23, SNG Righetti -, Lindgren -

1 commentsareichFeb 22, 2009
Lydia, Maionia, basket of fruit37 views12.8mm, 1.233g, 180°
obv: head of Tyche? right
rev: MAI-ONΩN, basket of fruit

SNG Cop -, SNG von Aulock -, BMC Lydia -, Imhoof-Blumer -, Weber -, SNG München -, SNG Tübingen, Hunterian -,
Lindgren -, SNG Leypold -

a coin from the same dies here:

areichFeb 22, 2009
Julia Domna, Rabbathmoba, Ares, AE2623 views26mm, 12.42g
obv: IOVLIA - DOMNA, draped bust right
rev: Statue of Ares standing facing, holding sword, spear, and shield
areichJan 26, 2009
Rhodos hemidrachm, Helios / rose, AR1336 views13mm, 1.4g
magistrate Dexagoras
obv: radiate head of Helios, facing slightly to the right
rev: DEXAGORA / R-O around rose with rosebud
ex Numismatik lanz
areichJan 26, 2009
Abdera, griffin / quadripartite square, AE1039 viewsAbdera, Thrace, ca. 390 - 352 BC
10mm, 1.3g
magistrate Hermonaktos
obv: griffin seated left, right forepaw raised
rev: EPMONAKTWN; quadripartite linear frame with pellet within each quarter
areichJan 26, 2009
Thracian Chersones, hemidrachm, lion / incuse square20 views13mm, 1.78g.
obv: forepart of lion right with head turned back
rev: quadripartite incuse square; amphora and AG monogram
BMC Thrace pg. 184, 21; Weber 2406; McClean 4066; Dewing 1305; SNG Copenhagen 837
ex numismatik Lanz
areichJan 25, 2009
Termessos Major, Heracles, AE31 25 views31mm, 12.3g
obv: laureate head of Zeus right
rev: Heracles

more detailed desription later
areichJan 20, 2009
Termessos Major, Homonoia, AE2930 views29mm, 12.4g
obv: laureate head of Zeus right
rev: Homonoia standing

more detailed desription later
1 commentsareichJan 20, 2009
Termessos Major, Nike crowning ?, AE3151 views31mm, 11.95g
obv: laureate head of Zeus right
rev: Nike crowning ?

more detailed desription later
3 commentsareichJan 20, 2009
Smyrna, Apollo / Homer, AE2242 views22mm, 8.65g
obv: hea of Apollo right
rev: SMURNAIWN, the poet Homer seated left; magistrates METRODWROS, PASIKRATOU
areichJan 18, 2009
Tragilos (Traelium), Macedonia, ca. 450 - 400 BC21 views10mm, 0.8g
obv: head of Hermes right wearing petasos
rev: T-R-A-I within wheel
areichJan 17, 2009
171 viewsCONSTANTINE II, as Caesar. 317-337 AD. Æ Follis (22mm - 3.19 g). Trier mint. Struck 321 AD.
obv: CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate and cuirassed bust left, holding Victory on a globe in right hand, mappa in left
rev: BEATA TRAN-QVILLITAS, globe set on altar inscribed VOT/IS/XX in three lines; PTR. RIC VII 312. EF, attractive brown patina.

ex VAuctions Sale : 213 Lot: 101, seller's picture
7 commentsareichDec 12, 2008
Taras, Athena / Heracles strangling the Nemean lion, AR1221 viewsAR12, 1.0g
obv: head of Athena right in crested helmet
rev: [TARAN], Herakles kneeling right, strangling the Nemean Lion
areichNov 28, 2008
45 viewsareichNov 18, 2008
Lydia, Akrasos, Athena / lion, AE1535 viewsAE15, 1.80g

SNG Leypold -
ex Lars Rutten collection
1 commentsareichNov 12, 2008
Lydia, Philadelphia, Tyche / Apollo69 viewstime of Septimius Severus
AE20, 4.3g
obv: FILADELFEWN; turreted bust of Tyche right
rev: Apollo standing left, holding lyre, branch
BMC Lydia, p.191, #32; SNG Leypold 1109 (same dies)
areichOct 18, 2008
Gordian III, Deultum, Athena, AE2460 viewsGordianus III. AE24, 239-244 AD, Deultum, Thrace.
24 mm, 8.35 g
Obv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: COL FL PAC DEVLT, Athena walking left, looking back, holding shield and spear.

Jurukova 355

Ex Lars Rutten collection. (his picture)
1 commentsareichOct 07, 2008
Elagabal, Antioch, Genius, AE2368 viewsPisidia, Antioch. Elagabalus, 218-222 AD.
AE 23mm (6.21 gm).
obv.: IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS, laureate head right.
rev.: ANTIOCH COL CAS, Genius standing facing, holding cornucopiae and ears of corn.
SNG BN Paris 1182 (same obverse die)

ex Tom Vossen
1 commentsareichOct 03, 2008
L. Julius Bursio, denar, Apollo Vejovis / Victory in quadriga30 viewsareichSep 28, 2008
L. Piso Frugi, denar, Apollo / horseman28 viewsareichSep 28, 2008
Kaposthaler drachm, Zeus/horse, AR1572 views15mm, 1.93g
struck 120-50 BC
3 commentsareichSep 24, 2008
Olbia, Sarmatia, c. 5th Century B.C., cast dolphin 27 viewsBronze cast dolphin, SGCV 1684 var, VF, 1.038g, 15.7mm, obverse dolphin with open mouth, raised eye and dorsal finareichSep 23, 2008
Olbia, Sarmatia, c. 5th Century B.C., cast dolphin28 viewsBronze cast dolphin, SGCV 1684 var, F, 0.955g, 16.1mm, obverse dolphin with large dorsal finareichSep 23, 2008
Faustina, Ankyra, cultus-statue of Ephesian Artemis, AE1925 viewsBronze AE 19, SNG Cop 139, aVF, 4.331g, 21.2mm, 225o, Ankyra mint, obverse FAVCTEINA CEBACTH, draped bust right; reverse ANKURANWN, cultus-statue of Ephesian Artemis

areichSep 23, 2008
Elagabal, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Ethnic in wreath, AE2662 viewsBronze AE 26, Varbanov I 3941 (R4), aVF, 13.494g, 26.0mm, 0°, Nikopolis ad Istrum mint, obverse AVT K AVPH ANTWNEINOC, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, from behind; reverse UP NOBIOU ROUFOU NIKOPOLITWN PROC ICTRW in six lines within wreath

1 commentsareichSep 23, 2008
Aigeai, Cilicia, c. 160 - 130 B.C., Tyche / horse's head, AE2045 viewsBronze AE 20, SNG Levante 1634, VF, 6.518g, 20.1mm, 45o, Aigeai mint, c. 160 - 130 B.C.; obverse turreted head of Tyche right; reverse "AIGEAION", horse head left, "WPA" monogram lower left

areichSep 23, 2008
Septimius Severus, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Athena, AE1862 viewsAE18, 2.75g
obv: AV KAICE - CEVNROC, laureate head right
rev: NIKOPOLI - PROC IC, Athena with Spear and shield left
ex Sayles & Lavender
areichSep 05, 2008
Caracalla, Ephesus, boar, AE1723 viewsAE17, 2.65g
obv: []WNEINOC; laureate head right
rev: EFECIWN, Calydonian boar right, pierced by spear
ex Lord Grantley via Sayles & Lavender
areichSep 05, 2008
Lydia, Tripolis, Boule/Hygieaia and Asklepios, AE2355 viewsAE23, 6.0g
obv: [IERA BOYLH]; youthful, veiled head of the Boule right
rev: TRIPO - L - EITWN, Hygieia standing right, facing Asklepios standing left

SNG Leypold 1335; SNG München -; SNG Tübingen -
ex Sayles & Lavender
areichSep 05, 2008
23 viewsareichSep 04, 2008
Septimius Severus, Perinthos, Athlete, AE1931 viewsAE19, 3.75g
obv: AY K L CEP - CEYHPOC P; laureate head right
rev: PERIN - QIWN, nude athlete standing facing, head right, crowning himself with right, palm frond in left
Schönert (Die Münzprägung von Perinthos) 453, rare
areichAug 30, 2008
Quadrans, Athena / Owl28 viewsAE15, 2.7g
time of Domitian (81-96 AD)
obv: draped and helmeted bust of Athena right
rev: owl right between S C
areichAug 30, 2008
Selge, Pisidia, Heracles / thunderbolt, AE1329 viewsAE13, 2.4g
obv: head of Heracles right
rev: thunderbolt
areichAug 30, 2008
Gordian III, Hadrianopolis, Helios, AE2553 viewsAE25, 8.1g
obv: AVT KM ANT ΓOPΔIANOC A[], laureate and draped bust right
rev: AΔPIANOΠOΛEITΩN, Helios standing left, holding torch in left hand and raising right

Jurukova no. 546
areichAug 19, 2008
Macrinus, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Apollo Sauroktonos, AE2947 viewsMacrinus 217-218 AD. Nikopolis ad Istrum, governor Claudius Agrippa.
AE29, 13.3g
Obv: AVT K CEV MAKPEINOC, laureate head right
Rev: Apollo Saurocton standing on one of his legs, with right hand on his breast and resting with the left hand on trunk with crawling lizard on it
3 commentsareichAug 19, 2008
Hadrian, Cappadocia, Drachm, Tyche24 viewsobv: ADRIANOC CEBACTOS, laureate head right
rev: Tyche seated left with rudder and cornucopia
similar to Sydenham 278a = Metcalf, Conspectus, 113a, though shorter reverse legend
'Metcalf lists this type under Caesarea, but classifies it as "anomalous", since the fabric differs from that usual at Caesarea and the type doesn't occur frequently in finds of Caesarean coins.' thanks to Pete B. and Curtis Clay
areichAug 19, 2008
50 viewsareichAug 15, 2008
54 views1 commentsareichAug 15, 2008
Caracalla, Cappadocia, Mt. Argeus on altar, AE2736 viewsAE27, 15.8 g
obv: AVT K M AVRH ΛI ANTΩNINOC, laureate head right
rev: Agalma of Mt. Argaeus on altar, on summit, star
Sydenham 484
areichAug 12, 2008
48 views1 commentsareichAug 11, 2008
Phrygia, Apameia, Tyche / Hekate Triformis, AE1693 viewsAE16, 2.35g, 2nd century AD
obv: AΠAMEIA, turreted and draped bust of Tyche right
rev: CΩΤΕΙΡΑ, Hekate Triformis, three-figured, each with double-chiton and wearing kalathos, holding torches
SNG v. Aulock 3475, SNG Leypold II 1438
2 commentsareichAug 10, 2008
Phrygia, Docimeum, Senate / Tyche, AE2451 viewsAE24, 7.6g
obv: IEPA ΣYNKΛHTOΣ; draped bust of the Roman senate (youthful) right
rev: ΔOKIMEΩN MAKEΔONΩN; Tyche with rudder and cornucopia facing, head left

areichJul 13, 2008
Sikyon, Peloponnes; Hemidrachm; Dove / Σ in incuse square30 views14mm, 2.27g
obv: dove flying right
rev: Σ; OLYM / PI - A / A; all in incuse square
ex Numismatik Lanz (eBay)
areichJun 28, 2008
Caracalla, Tium, Asklepios, AE2581 viewsBITHYNIA. Tium. Caracalla; A.D. 209-217
15mm, 10.0g, 30°
Obv: ANTΩNEINOC-AVΓOVCTO(C); laureate head right; countermark on neck.
Rev: TIA-NΩN. Aesculapis standing facing, head left, holding serpent-encircled staff.
Ref: BMC -; SNG von Aulock 965.
CM: S (lunate sigma) in circular punch, 7 mm. Howego 809 (47 pcs).
Note: While the latest coin bearing this countermark listed by Howgego was issued for Gordian III, considering that other coins bearing denominational countermarks were issues as late as Hostilian, the countermark was likely not applied until the time of Valerian and Gallienus.

ex Automan (description stolen from him)
areichJun 28, 2008
Boeotia; federal coinage, 426 - 395 BC; Hemidrachm; shield / kantharos26 views13mm, 2.55g
Boeotian shield
Θ - EB; Kantharos; above, club right; all within incuse circle
ex Numismatik Lanz (eBay)
areichJun 28, 2008
Aurelian_ORIENS AVG_AE21_3.55g_RIC V-1_64 Rome.jpg
Aurelian Antoninian, ORIENS AVG, RIC V-1 64 Rome53 viewsAE21, 3.55gareichJun 24, 2008
Augustus, Italica, Roma, AE2772 viewsAE27, 10.8g
obv: bare head right
rev: Roma standing left holding spear, shield behind
RPC I 61

ex CNG EA 188, Lot: 467
2 commentsareichJun 13, 2008
Tiberius, Italica, cornucopia and globe, AE1934 viewsAE19, 3.45g
Æ Quadrans
obv: PERM AVG; bare head left
rev: ITALIC MVNIC; cornucopia and globe
RPC I 72
ex CNG EA 188, Lot: 467
areichJun 13, 2008
Uranopolis, star / Aphrodite, AE1627 viewsAE16, 2.8g
obv: eight pointed star
rev: OVPANIΔ []ΠOΛEΩC, Aphrodite Urania seated left on globe, holding sceptre in right hand.
SNG ANS 914ff; BMC Macedonia pg. 134, 2ff; SNG Copenhagen 455ff

ex. Numismatik Lanz (eBay)
areichMay 20, 2008
Marc Aurel, Pautalia, three charités, AE2246 viewsAE22, 8.2g
obv: bare head left
rev: ΠAVTAΛIAΩN, the three Charités

Ruzicka: -
areichMay 18, 2008
Philipp I / Otacilia, Markianopolis, Hermes, AE2857 viewsAE28, 13.7g
governor Prastina Messallinus
obv: busts of Philipp I and Otacilia
rev: Hermes with purse, cloak and caduceus facing, head left
clashed dies
2 commentsareichMay 06, 2008
Gordian III, Seleucia ad Calycadnum, Athena, AE25107 viewsAE25, 8.83g, 0°,
obv: MAP ANTΩN ΓORΔIANOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: CEΛEUKEΩN, helmeted bust of Athena right

ex CNG Sale 60, lot 1214, 22 May 2002; ex FORVM
4 commentsareichMay 05, 2008
Cloelius, Roma, Biga, denar37 viewsDenarius, Rome, 128 BC, 3.71g. Cr-260/1, Syd-516, Cloulia 1. Obv: Head of Roma r., wreath behind, ROMA below, Rx: Victory in biga r., ear of wheat below horses, [T] CLOVLI in exergue. . Fine

ex HJB
areichApr 24, 2008
Renius, Roma, biga of goats, denar35 viewsDenarius, 138 BC, 3.36g. Cr-231/1, Syd-432, Renia 1. Obv: Head of Roma r., X behind head; Rx: Juno Caprotina in biga of goats r., C.RENI below goats, ROMA in exergue. . Areas of wear on obverse. Small chip out of coin on right edge, but does not detract from coins overall beauty. Good silver. Almost complete images in both sides. Nicely centered. Fine/aVF

ex HJB
1 commentsareichApr 24, 2008
Vespasian, Philadelphia, Zeus, AE2255 viewsLYDIA, Philadelphia. Vespasian. AD 69-79. Æ 22mm (7.70 g, 12h).
OYESΠACIANOC KAICAP; laureate head right
EΠIMELHΘ ΠOΛEM[]; Zeus standing left, holding eagle and scepter; altar before.
RPC 1329

From the J. S. Wagner Collection.

ex CNG, EA 185, Lot: 197
1 commentsareichApr 22, 2008
Caracalla, Tetradrachm, Emisa, Eagle48 viewsAR27, 13.2g
obv: AVT KM • AN [•••TΩNEINOC C] E • B [•]; laureate head right
rev: ΔHMARC EX VPATOC TO Δ; eagle standing facing, head left, wings displayed, holding wreath in beak; A below beak; between legs, radiate and draped bust of Shamash left

ex HJB
areichApr 16, 2008
Caracalla, Amaseia, Tyche, AE3130 viewsAE31, 16.15g
obv: AY KAI M AYR - ANTWNINWC; laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: Tyche with rudder and cornucopia left
areichApr 05, 2008
Domitian, Antioch, S C in wreath, AE2737 views27mm, 16.55g
obv: laureate head left
rev: S C in laurel wreath
areichApr 05, 2008
Marc Aurel, Antioch, S C in wreath, AE2538 viewsAE25, 9.58g
obv: AYRHLIOC KAIC CEBA EY CEYIOCYPATOC; laureate and draped bust left
rev: S C in laurel wreath, Δ below
Butcher 295
areichApr 05, 2008
Trajan, Beroea, legend in wreath, AE1929 viewsAE19, 5.47g
rev: BEPOI /AIWN in wreath
areichApr 05, 2008
30 viewsareichApr 04, 2008
ancient imitation of a tribute penny22 views17mm, 3.59g
obv: TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS (blundered); laureate head right
rev: PONTIF MAXIM; Livia on throne right, scepter in right, branch in left hand
areichApr 04, 2008
Hadrian, Hadrianotherai, Zeus, AE2446 viewsHadrianus AE24, 117-138 AD, Hadrianotherai, Mysia.
Obv: AΔPIANOC AVΓOVCTOC, laureate head right.
Rev: AΔPIANOΘHPITΩN, Zeus standing left, holding sceptre and patera, eagle at feet.
24 mm, 9.77 g
SNG Aulock 1148

ex Rutten & Wieland
areichMar 28, 2008
100 viewsSilver tetradrachm, Prieur 720 (1 example), SNG Paris 2331, Weber -, VF, 13.043g, 26.9mm, 180o, Aegeae mint, 132 - 133 A.D.; obverse AUTOKR KAIS TRAIA ADRIANO SEB P P, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse ETOUS •QOR• AIGEAIWN, eagle standing facing on harpe, wings spread, head turned right, goat in ex; rare;

Aegeae issued tetradrachms only during the reigns of Hadrian and Caracalla. The issues were probably related to visits of these emperors to the town or to its famous sanctuary of Asclepius. -- The Syro-Phoenician Tetradrachms and Their Fractions from 57 BC to AD 253 by Michel and Karin Prieur

dealer's picture
1 commentsareichMar 26, 2008
Gordian III, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Tyche, AE28146 viewsMOESIA INFERIOR. Nicopolis. Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ 28mm (13.15 g). Sabinus Modestus, consular legate. Laureate and cuirassed bust right,wearing aegis / Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cradling cornucopia. AMNG I 2084 var.; SNG Copenhagen 289 var.; cf. Varbanov 3321. EF, dark brown patina.

ex Barry Murphy, ex Lanz auction 135, lot 860
7 commentsareichMar 18, 2008
Septimius Severus and Julia Domna, Markianopolis, Apollo Lykeios, AE2845 viewsAE28, 12.15g
1 commentsareichMar 17, 2008
Caracalla, Heraclea Pontica, Heracles capturing the Cretan Bull, AE3039 viewsAE30, 16.35g
obv: laureate bust right
rev: Heracles capturing the Cretan Bull (his seventh labor). Rare, punctured in antiquity.
areichMar 17, 2008
83 views1 commentsareichMar 13, 2008
Antoninus Pius, Laodicea ad Mare, turreted Tyche, AE2580 viewsAE25, 12.0g
obv: []ANTΩNEINOC CE EY; laureate head right
rev: ΙΟΥΛΙΕΩΝ ΤΩΝ[]; turreted head of Tyche right

ex. Lanz (eBay)
4 commentsareichMar 12, 2008
Septimius Severus, Heropolis-Castabala, Dionysos, AE3150 viewsAE31, 14.6g
obv: [AVT KAI Λ CEΠ CEOVNPOC]; emperor standing left with Nike and spear
rev: IEPOΠOΛITΩN KACTABAΛEΩN; draped bust of Dionysos right
areichMar 10, 2008
Otacilia Severa, Selge, Nike, AE1323 viewsAE13, 1.1g
obv: [] CEOVHPAN; bare head right
rev: CEΛΓEΩN; Nike with wreath and palm branch left

cf. SNG Leypold 2146
areichMar 10, 2008
Maximus, Perge, Artemis, AE1858 viewsobv: ΓAI IOV OVH MAΧIMON CEB; bare head right
rev: ΠEPΓAIΩN; Artemis holding bow and torch right
Thanks, Jochen!

SNG France 3 nn 492-493
1 commentsareichMar 10, 2008
Vespasian, Gardara, Tyche, AE2259 viewsBronze AE 23, Spijkerman 26; SNG ANS 6, 1300, aVF, 9.368g, 22.4mm, 0o, Decapolis, Gadara mint, 71 - 72 A.D.; obverse OYECPACIANOC KAICAP, laureate head right; reverse GADARA, Tyche standing left holding wreath and cornucopia, date LELP left ( = 71 - 72 A.D.

Obverse countermarked with female? bust right, cf. Howgego 207 (Tyche). Another option could also be the head of Hadrian and applied during the Second Jewish Revolt ("Bar Kochba" uprising) led by Simon Bar Kochba against Rome, 133 - 135 A.D. In 135 A.D., Hadrian destroyed Jerusalem and founded "Aelia Capitolina" on the site. The Jews were dispersed throughout the Roman Empire.

ex Automan collection, ex FORVM
areichMar 10, 2008
Time of Vespasian, Thessalonica, Horse right / ethnic in wreath, AE1524 views15mm, 3.9g

obv: horse right, stars to right and below, star in crescent above
rev: ΘΕΣΣΑ / ΛΟΝΙ / ΚΕΩΝ in wreath
from Pat: H. Gaebler, AMNG III, Macedonia & Paeonia, p. 123, no. 33, Taf. XXIII, 33.
His is Æ16. He cites Berlin cat. 138, 57. Also, he says that nos. 28-33 ought to have been issued in the time of Vespasian; see Zeitschrift für Numismatik 24 (1904) 282, ff.
areichMar 08, 2008
Antoninus Pius, Philippopolis, Homonoia, AE1949 viewsobv: AVT K ΛI AΔPIA ANTONEINOC; laureate head right
rev: ΦIΛIΠΠOΠOΛEITΩN; Homonoia left, holding cornucopia and patera over altar
areichMar 08, 2008
Caracalla, Carrhae, Tyche, AE1564 viewsAE15, 2.3g
obv: []ANTONINVS PF(?) IMP CAES; laureate head right
rev: LI(?) ANTONINIAN COL []; turreted head of Tyche right
areichMar 08, 2008
Marcus Aurelius, Ninica-Claudiopolis, oxen, AE1617 viewsAE16, 3.2g
bare head right
pair of oxen right
SNG France 2, 783 (or similar)

Thanks to Archivum for the ID!
areichFeb 28, 2008
AntoninusPius_Cyzikus_legend_in _wreath_AE19_3.5g.jpg
Antoninus Pius, Cyzikus, legend in wreath, AE1932 views[ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ] ΑΔΡ ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟΣ; bare head right
KY - ZI in laurel wreath

(different obverse legend)
areichFeb 25, 2008
temple token from Antioch, Asklepios / serpent staff, AE1531 viewsSyria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch(?). Ca. 120-130s A.D.
15mm, 3.25g

'temple token' . Head of Asclepius right / Serpent-entwined staff. Butcher 12i; SNG BN 1855 (Pergamum).

long assumed to be from Pergamum in Mysia but accd. to Butcher Antiochene or of north Syrian origin.
'During the reign of Domitian there was constructed on the slopes of Mt. Silpius at Antioch a temple to Asclepius. Since the coins carry no ethnic or mark of denomination, it seems plausible that these were issued as temple tokens rather than as coin of the realm.'

McAlee, Coinage of Roman Antioch, p. 85, Fig. 14.
"Could be from Antioch, of Hadrianic date, judging from apparent find spots and officina letters A, B, G on some specimens, the same sequence as on civic coins of Antioch under Hadrian. Not included in catalogue, however, because lack of ethnic and date suggests they might be tokens not coins." (paraphrased)
areichFeb 22, 2008
Julia Domna, Laodikeia ad Lycum, Tyche, AE3137 viewsBronze AE 31, BMC 217 var, VF/F, 11.120g, 30.1mm, 180o, Laodikeia ad Lycum mint, obverse IOULIA DOMNA CE, draped bust right; reverse LAODIKEWN NEWKORWN PH, Tyche, wearing kalathos, cornucopia in left; full circle centering; scarce city

Two countermarks: bust right and monogram.

ex Automan, ex FORVM
areichFeb 22, 2008
Maximinus I Thrax, Ninica-Claudiopolis, colonist with oxen, AE2843 viewsBronze AE 28, BMC 8 var, VF, 10.706g, 27.6mm, 180o, Ninica-Claudiopolis mint, obverse [...] MAXIMINVS [...], laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse COL NINI CLAUD, colonist ploughing behind two oxen, in background vexillum, star before colonist

Obverse countermarked with:
1. D containing dot, all within circle, circular punch, 6 mm, Howgego 669 (49 pcs).
2. Six-pointed star, incuse, 6 mm from point to point, Howgego 451 (45 pcs).
3 & 4. Nike right in oval punch, c. 5 x 8 mm, Howgego 262 (34 pcs).

The sequence of application appears to have been 669-451-262.

ex Automan, ex FORVM
areichFeb 22, 2008
Gordian III, Seleucia ad Calycadnum, Athena fighting serpent-legged giant, AE28122 viewsBronze AE 29, BMC 38, gF, 13.808g, 27.7mm, 180o, obverse ANTΩNIOC-ΓΩPΔ(IANOCCE)BATOC (sic), radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse CELEUK-E-(ΩNTΩΠPOC)-KAΛV-KAΔ, Athena standing right, spear in right, shield in left, striking down serpent-footed giant, who is hurling a stone with right hand; nice green patina

Obverse countermarked with monogram of K and A, in 4 x 5 mm punch, Howgego 618 (52 pcs). The countermark likely refers to Calycadnum. Second countermark contains dot, in triangular punch, 6 x 5 mm, Howgego 670 (206 pcs). Not likely to be a denominational countermark.

ex Automan collection, ex FORVM
areichFeb 21, 2008
Septimius Severus and Caracalla, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Homonoia, AE2738 viewsAE27, 10.5g
obv: AV K Λ CEΠ CEVNPOC Π AV K [lots more]; facing busts of Septimius Severus and Caracalla
rev: VΠ[lots of letters] TΩN ΠPROCI], Homonoia facing, head left holding rudder and cornucopia
1 commentsareichFeb 20, 2008
Valerianus I. AE32, 253-260 AD, Cremna, Pisidia44 viewsValerianus I. AE32, 253-260 AD, Cremna, Pisidia.
Obv: IMP CAES P LICINI VALERIANO A OC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind.
Rev: APOLLINI PROPVG COL CRE, Apollo Propylaeus advancing right, cloak flowing behind, drawing bow with arrow at hip.
32 mm, 14.00 g
SNG Aulock 8607

not in Sear, SNG Righetti, SNG Leypold I, Lindgren III

a coin from the same dies:

ex Rutten&Wieland, thanks Lars!
areichFeb 17, 2008
Diadumenian, Deultum, emperor on horseback, AE2428 viewsobv: M O [PEL A]NTONINV [S DIADV]; bare head right
rev: COL FL P [AC] DEVLT; Horseman galloping and hurling spear with right hand cape extended behind
Moushmov 3573; SNG Bulgaria 170-172
areichFeb 17, 2008
Philipp II, Samos, Tyche, AE2936 viewsPhilip II Emperor AD 247-249, As Caesar AD 244-247
AE29, 10.2g
Obv: M IOY PHIΛIΠΠOC KAICAP, bare headed, draped bust right
Rev: CAMIΩN, Tyche standing left holding cornucopia and rudder

Arminius : 'from Samos ( the Aegean Island, islands off Ionia ) - should be scarce at least !!'
areichFeb 16, 2008
Caracalla, Pautalia, Asklepios riding dragon, AE2762 viewsAE 27, 13.6 g
obv: laureate and draped bust right
rev: Asklepios holding snake-entwined staff and riding a dragon right
Moushmov 4235
areichFeb 16, 2008
Commodus, Rhodos, Caria, Helios, AE1639 viewsCOMMODUS (177 - 192)
AE16, 4.15g
obv: ROΔ - IΩN; radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
obv: ROΔ - IΩN; radiate and draped bust of Helios right

BMC 422. SNG Keckman 789. SNG Cop. 912. SNG Tübingen 3612.

ex Numismatik Lanz (eBay)
areichFeb 14, 2008
Lucania, Athena / lion135 viewsHelmeted head of Athena right
Lion crouching right

ex Dr. Martina Dieterle
6 commentsareichFeb 08, 2008
Domitian, Dupondius, Fortuna, Rome74 viewsDupondius (AE 27-28mm) Rome, 86 AD. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM COS (XII CENS) PER PP Bust laureate left, with aegis (FORT)VNAE - AVGVST(I) / S - C Fortuna standing l. holding rudder and cornucopiae. 10,10gr. Almost very fine. Rare. Nice golden-brown patina.
C.124; BMC p.382, 383 and pl. 75.9; RIC p.195, 326(b).

ex Dr. Martina Dieterle
4 commentsareichFeb 07, 2008
Gordian III, Juliopolis, Bithynia, AE1640 viewsAE16, 2.6g
obv: M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC AV, radiate and draped bust right
rev: [I]O-VΛ-IO-ΠI(sic!) []TΩ, three standards
areichFeb 07, 2008
Valerian, Antioch, Standards, AE2131 viewsAE21, 4.7g
radiate and draped bust right
rev: ANTIO-OCHIOC, S A in exergue, aquila between two standards
areichFeb 07, 2008
Septimius Severus, Amphipolis, Æ 22mm44 viewsMACEDON, Amphipolis. Septimius Severus. 193-211 AD.
Æ 22mm (7.33 g)
Obv.: Laureate and draped bust right
Rev.: City-goddess seated left, holding patera.
SNG ANS 197-8. VF, brown patina.
From the Marc Poncin Collection
ex CNG
areichFeb 07, 2008
Lydia, Maionia, Zeus / Athena, AE2675 views26mm, 11.05g
obv: ΖΕΥΣ ΟΛΥΜΠΙΟΣ; head of Zeus Olympios wearing taenia, l.; with traces of drapery
rev: ΕΠΙ ΑΠΟΛ ΤΟ Β ΜΑΙΟΝΩΝ (uncertain); helmeted Athena (or Roma?) seated on cuirass and shield, l., holding Nike and parazonium

RPC online (temporary №) 9540; SNG Tübingen 3719 (magistrate name not clear)

Thanks to Lars for the attribution.
1 commentsareichFeb 04, 2008
Caria_Rhodos_Helios_Rose_AE28_12.26 g.jpg
Caria, Rhodos, Helios / Rose, AE2833 views28mm, 12.26 g

ca. 88-87 BC

obv: radiate head of Helios right
rev: P - O, Rose with rosebud left, helmet in left, thunderbolt in right field

BMC 320. SNG München 661. SNG Cop. 856

ex Numismatik Lanz (eBay)
areichFeb 01, 2008
Campania, Neapolis, Apollo / Man-headed bull, AE20139 viewsCampania, Neapolis, 270-240 BC
AE 20, 5.38g
Obv: Laureate head of Apollo, three-lined horizontal symbol behind head
Rev: Man-headed bull being crowned by Nike, monogram beneath
SNG ANS-470, BM-218

ex HJB
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Lydia, Sardeis, Dionysos / Zeus, 19mm97 viewstime of Vespasian
19mm, 3.9g
obv: EΠI - ΦΛ EICIΓO - NOY; bust of Dionysos wreathed in ivy
rev: CAPΔIANΩN; Zeus Lydios standing left with scepter and raven, torch to left
SNG Leypold 1194; SNG von Aulock 3138; BMC 65; SNG München 3137

1 commentsareichDec 21, 2007
Geta, Rabbatmoba, cult statue of Ares, AE2855 viewsBronze AE 28, Spijkerman, p. 272 and Plate 61, #32; Hendin -, Fair, 14.37g, 28.5mm, 0o, Rabbathmoba-Areopolis mint, year 105 = 210 - 211 A.D.; obverse AUT•K•P-EP•GETAC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, from behind; reverse PABAQ-MUBA, cult statue of Ares in military dress, sword erect in right, spear and round shield in left, on decorated base with torch-like flaming altars on right and left

1 commentsareichDec 13, 2007
Gordian III, Hadrianopolis, Artemis, AE2858 viewsGordian III 238-244 AD AE 28 of Hadrianopolis in Thrace
28mm, 10.4g
Obv: AVT M ANTΓORΔIANOC AV, laureate and draped bust right
Rev: AΔPIANOΠOLEITΩN, Artemis standing right, holding bow and arrows
1 commentsareichDec 08, 2007
Julia Domna, Pautalia, Hygieia and Asklepios, AE 2854 viewsAE 28 of Julia Domna, Pautalia, Hygieia and Asklepios
struck 202-203 A.D.
AE28, 13.3g, 45°
Legate Sicinius Clarus,
Obv: IOVΛIA - ΔOMNA CE, draped bust right
Rev: HΓE CIK[IN KΛAROV OVΛΠIAC] - ΠAVTAΛI-AC, Hygieia standing right, feeding snake from bowl in right, next to her Asklepios standing facing, his staff in right, gripping his cloak with left
1 commentsareichDec 08, 2007
Antoninus Pius, Flaviopolis, Kronos, AE1832 viewsAE18, 5.4 g, 0°
138–161 AD
obv: ΑΥ ΚΑΙ ΤΙ Α[ ]ЄΙΝΟΣ, laureate head right
rev: ΦΛΑΟΥΙΟ[ ] ЄΤ [ ]Π, veiled, bearded and draped bust of Zeus or Kronos right
BMC 6, pl. XIII.11 (rev.)
areichDec 08, 2007
Lydia, Saitta, Demos / Heracles, AE1896 views2nd century AD
18mm, 4.24g
obv: ΔHMOC; bust of youthful Demos right
rev: CAITTH-NΩN; Heracles standing facing, head left, leaning on club and holding lion’s skin.
BMC 11; Lindgren 788; SNG Leypold 1148

ex Tom Vossen
2 commentsareichDec 03, 2007
Macrinus, Perge, Nike advancing left, AE2555 viewsAE25, 9.8g
obv: AV KAI M OΠEΛ CEV MAKPEINOC CEB, laureate and draped bust right
rev: ΠEPΓ - AIΩN, winged Nike advancing left, holding wreath in extended right, palm fron in left hand
SNG PFPS 347 (same dies, additional CM on reverse), SNG von Aulock 4683 (same dies)
obv. on neck countermark: Eagle with spread wings (Howgego 168, no. 334)
areichNov 30, 2007
Hadrian, Alexandria, Demeter and Eleutheria, Drachm43 viewsBronze drachm, Milne 1407, BMC 806, F, 23.618g, 33.6mm, 0o, Alexandria mint, 135 - 136 A.D.; obverse AVT KAIC TPAINOC AΔPIANOC, laureate and draped bust right; reverse Demeter and Eleutheria standing, IH (=year 18) between

areichNov 22, 2007
Gambrium, Mysia, Apollo / Bull, AE930 viewsGambrium, Mysia, ca. 400 BC
AE9, 0.71g
obv: laureate head of Apollo left
rev: forepart of bull right, ΓAM above
1 commentsareichNov 19, 2007
Myrina, Aeolis, Athena / Amphora, AE923 viewsAE9
obv: helmeted head of Athena left, Griffin on helmet
rev: M Y on either side of amphora
areichNov 19, 2007
Caracalla, Thessalonika, Nike, AE2850 viewsobv: AVK M AVP AN-TΩNEINOC, laureate and draped bust right, seen from behind
rev: ThECCAΛ - ONIKEΩN, Nike advancing left, wreath in right, palm frond in left hand

Touratsoglou 133, same dies (V9, R30)
areichNov 17, 2007
Macrinus and Diadumenian, Markianopolis, Hermes, AE2757 viewsAE27, 10.1g1 commentsareichNov 17, 2007
Caracalla, Traianopolis, Telesphorus, AE1750 viewsCaracalla 197-217
Trajanopolis Thrace
17mm, 3.85g
Obv: AVT K M AVR C[E ANTΩNEINOC], laureate head right
Rev: TRAIANO - POΛEITΩN, Telesphorus facing, wearing hooded cloak
Schönert-Geiss 146 (V 67/R 124)
1 commentsareichNov 17, 2007
Caracalla and Julia Domna, Markianopolis, Asklepios, AE2652 viewsBronze pentassarion, Varbanov 1005, F,
AE26, 11.3g, 180°
obv: ANTΩNINOC AVΓOVCTOC IOΛIA ΔOMNA, laureate bust of Caracalla right facing draped bust of Julia Domna left
rev: VΠ KVNTIΛIANOV MAPKIANOΠOLITΩN, Asklepios standing facing, holding a serpent-entwined staff, E in left field

ex FORVM Ancient Coins
1 commentsareichNov 13, 2007
Trajan, Prusias ad Hypium, Bithynia, Homonoia, AE3439 viewsAE34, 29.9 g
obv: laureate head right, [AVTO N] EPOVAΣ TRAIANΩΣ KAIC []
rev: ΣEBACTH OMONOIA, Homonoia standing facing left, holding branch and cornucopia

1 commentsareichNov 13, 2007
Hadrian, Alexandria, Nilus, Drachm (AE34)30 viewsAE34, 21.5g
obv: laureate and draped bust right
rev: Nilus seated on rocks left, crocodile below

cf. Milne 1329ff., Dattari 1 795
areichNov 13, 2007
Caracalla and Geta, Markianopolis, Tyche, AE2766 viewsAE27, 11.7g, 180°, 209 - 212 A.D.
legate Flavius Ulpianus
obv: AV K M AV ANTΩNINOC AV K CЄP ΓЄTAC, laureate and draped facing busts of Caracalla and Geta
rev: V ΦΛ OVΛΠIANOV MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia, E in field
AMNG 652, Varbanov (Eng) I, 1086

ex FORVM Ancient Coins
1 commentsareichNov 12, 2007
Civic, Thessalonika, Pan / legend in wreath40 viewsAE16, 4.25g

Touratsoglou Emission II, Group A (time of Nerva/Trajan):

Pan naked on tip-toe walking left, shading his eyes with the raised right hand, holding pedum and nebris (fawnskin worn by Bacchus and his devotees according to OLD) in his left.
Tour. 3 (V3 R3): AMNG 29

Same type, other dies: Paris (Mionnet Supp. III/775), Munich, SNG ANS 811.
areichNov 12, 2007
Caracalla, Markianopolis, Homonoia, AE2764 viewsAE27, 9.3g
rev: V KVNTIΛΛIANOV MAPKIANOΠOΛI, Homonoia standing left, holding patera over altar in right, cornucopia in left hand
AMNG I/1, 640
1 commentsareichNov 11, 2007
Septimius Severus, Anchialus, Hermes seated, Æ2646 viewsTHRACE, Anchialus. Septimius Severus. 193-211 AD.
Æ 26mm (10.73 gm).
obv: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind
rev: Hermes seated left on rocks, holding caduceus and wearing petasos.
Strack 468; BMC Thrace pg. 84, 8; SNG Copenhagen 432. VF, tan patina.

ex Barry Murphy
1 commentsareichNov 11, 2007
Commodus, Markianopolis, Three Graces, AE2498 viewsBronze AE 24, Varbanov obv 704 / rev 705 (obverse legend not listed for this reverse variety), gF, holed, 6.7g, 24.3mm, 45°, Markianopolis mint, obverse AU•KL AUP KOMODOC, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse MARKIANOPOLEITWN, the three Graces side by side, Grace on left holds amphora, on right holds wreath (variety without dolphin and amphora at feet); very rare variety

areichNov 11, 2007
Pisidia, Antioch, Hermes/ rooster, AE1366 viewsBronze AE 13, SNG Paris 1069 var (rev legend) and cf. 1067 (obverse bust left, same reverse die) , SNG Cop 16 var (rev legend), BMC 1 var (same), choice gVF, 1.762g, 13.0mm, 180o, Antioch mint, obverse A-NTIOC, draped bust of Hermes right, caduceus across shoulder; reverse CO-LONI-A I, rooster standing half-right

areichNov 11, 2007
Phrygia, Eumeneia, river god Glaukon, AE2058 views5.967g, 20.2mm, 180°, Eumeneia mint, c. 250 A.D.
obv: EVMENEIA, turreted and draped bust of city-goddess Eumeneia right
rev: EVMENEWN, GLAVKOC in ex., river-god Glaukos recumbent with himation, reed in right, cornucopia left, vase below left from which river flows

BMC p. 214, 28, Weber -, Lindgren -,

areichNov 11, 2007
Macrinus, Amphipolis, Tyche, AE2367 views23mm, 5.5g

ex Rutten & Wieland
1 commentsareichNov 11, 2007
Severus Alexander, Amphipolis, Tyche, AE2348 views23mm, 5.25g

ex Rutten & Wieland
areichNov 11, 2007
Caracalla, Philippopolis, Zeus, AE3151 viewsCaracalla, 198-217, struck 210-217
AE31, 20g
Obv: laureate head right
Rev: Zeus seated left, holding patera and long sceptre
areichNov 07, 2007
Phillip II and Serapis, Tomis, Serpent, AE2763 viewsPhillip II 244-249 AD
AE27, 12.75g
obv: confronted busts of Phillip II and Serapis, [M] IOVΛ ΦIΛ[IΠΠ]OC KAICAP AVΓ
rev: coiled serpent left, MHTPO ΠON[T]OV TO ME ΩC

ex Ancient Caesar
areichNov 01, 2007
Gordian III, Tomis, Griffin, AE2646 viewsGordian III., 238-244 AD
4 Assaria, AE26, 11.1g
obv: AVTK MANT ΓOPΔIANOC AVΓ, laureate and draped bust right
rev: MHTPOΠONTO TOM - EOC, Griffin right, resting right paw on wheel

AMNG I/2 3498 (Thanks Jochen!)
areichOct 30, 2007
Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra I33 viewsPtolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra I, struck 180-145 BC
30 mm, 27.27 g
Obv: diademed head of Zeus Ammon right
Rev: Two eagles standing left on thunderbolt, side by side, a cornucopia in left field
Sear 7900var
ex Bart Lewis
areichOct 30, 2007
Macrinus, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Zeus, AE2562 viewsAE 25 mm. 11.5 g.
obv: laureate head right
rev: Zeus seated left, holding patera and scepter.
3 commentsareichOct 28, 2007
Civic_Phrygia_LaodiceiaAdLycum, Demos_AE25_9.7g.jpg
Civic, Phrygia, Laodiceia ad Lycum, Demos, AE2536 viewstime of Titus & Domitian
obv: Laureate bust of youthful Demos right, Δ before
rev: ΛΑΟΔΙΚεΩΝ, Male figure standing facing, head left, holding phiale and palm branch, vase at feet with small vexillum
AE25, 9.7g
Attribution: BMC 87
areichOct 28, 2007
Civic, Tium, Tyche and Zeus, AE3058 viewsBITHYNIA, Tium. Civic Issue. Circa AD 220-240. Æ 30mm (11.92 g). Diademed and draped bust of Tius right; c/m: H surmounted by star within circular incuse / TIA-N-WN, Tyche standing right, holding sceptre, facing Zeus standing left, also holding sceptre and sacrificing over altar between them. RG pg. 617, 10; BMC -; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock 923 (same obverse die); Howgego 825 (for countermark). Good Fine, light brown patina, some minor surface striations.

From the Garth R. Drewry Collection; Ex The Philip DeVicci Collection (Classical Numismatic Group 57, 28 March 2001), lot 800.
same obverse die as GICV 4894
1 commentsareichOct 28, 2007
Aradus, Phoenicia, Tyche/Aplustre, AE1126 viewsAradus Phoenicia circa 174 - 110 BC
AE11, 1.2g
Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche Right
Reverse: Aplustre
areichOct 24, 2007
Macrinus, Markianopolis, Eagle, AE2659 viewsMacrinus, 217 - 218 AD
AE26, 8.05g
governor Pontianus
obv: AVT K OΠEΛΛIOC CEVN MAKPEINOC, laureate, cuirassed bust right
rev: VΠ ΠONTIANOV M[APKIANOΠOΛEI]TΩN, eagle right, holding wreath in beak
AMNG I 714
1 commentsareichOct 23, 2007
Caracalla, Augusta Trajana, Thrace, Asklepios, AE2980 viewsAE29, 15.9 g.
obv.: AVT KM AVP CЄVNP ANTΩNЄIN, laureate bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder
rev.: AVΓOVCTHC TPAIANHC, Asklepios standing left, holding snake-entwined staff
areichOct 23, 2007
Severus Alexander, Markianopolis, Homonoia, AE2874 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235 AD
AE28, 11.2g
obv: AVT K M AVP CEVN ALEXANΔROC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: HΓOV M TEREBENTINOV MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN Homonoia standing facing, head left, holding cornucopia in left, patera over altar in right
1 commentsareichOct 21, 2007
Caracalla, Hadrianopolis, Apollo, Æ2652 viewsTHRACE, Hadrianopolis. Caracalla. 198-217 AD.
Æ 26mm (10.60 g).
obv: laureate head right
rev: Apollo standing right, holding quiver resting on ground and bow.
Jurokova - (V161/R286 - unlisted die combination). Fine, attractive dark brown patina with a trace of green.

ex Barry Murphy
1 commentsareichOct 21, 2007
Caracalla, Serdika, Emperor on horseback, AE3166 viewsThrace. Serdika. Caracalla.
AE 31 mm, 18.0 g
Obverse: AVT K M AVP CEV ANTΩNEINOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: OVΛΠIAC CERΔIKHC, Emperor on horseback right, holding scepter and raising right hand.
ex Silenos Coins

Tiathena: 'Very lovely! Beautiful horse! &nd beautiful patina!'
areichOct 21, 2007
Caracalla, Serdika, Hermes, AE3058 viewsAE30, 17.2g
obv: AVT K M AVPN CEVN ANTΩNEINOC, laureate draped and cuirassed bust right
rev: OVΛΠIAC CEPΔIKHC, Hermes standing left, holding purse in right, caduceus in left, chlamys over left arm
areichOct 21, 2007
Domitian, Side (Pamphylia), Apollon Sidetes, AE2430 viewsAE24, 8.7g
obv: ΔOMITIANOC KAICAP ΓERMA, laureate head right
rev: [?], Apollon Sidetes standing left with patera in right and scepter in left, pomegranate and laurel branch in left and right fields
areichOct 21, 2007
Elagabalus, Nikopolis, Concordia, Æ2770 viewsgovernor Novius Rufus
MOESIA INFERIOR, Nicopolis ad Istrum. Elagabalus. 218-222 AD.
Æ 27mm (13.04 g).
obv: AVT K M AVPN - ANTONEINOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind
rev: VΠ NOBIOV ROVΦO - V NIKOΠOΛITΩN ΠPO, CIC TP - ON in field, Concordia standing left, holding patera and cornucopia.
AMNG 1968; SNG Budapest -. Near VF, dark brown patina.

ex Barry Murphy
1 commentsareichOct 21, 2007
Macrinus and Diadumenian, Markianopolis, Asklepios, AE28126 viewsAE28, 9.9g
obv: confronted busts of Macrinus and his son Diadumenian, AVT KM OΠEΛCEVMAKPEINOC[...]
rev: VΠ ΠONTIANOV MARKIANOΠOLEITΩN, Asclepius standing right, head left, leaning on serpent-staff, mantle draped over arm

AMNG I/1, 749 (1 ex. in London) (thanks Jochen!)
Pscipio: I love that obverse die! And the reverse is beautiful as well on your coin.
2 commentsareichOct 21, 2007
Severus Alexander, Markianopolis, eagle, governor Iulius Festus, AE2751 viewsSeverus Alexander, 222-235
AE27, 8.9g
obv: AVT K M AVP CEVNP[] AΛEZANDPOC, laureate head right
rev: VΠ TIBIC VΛ ΦHCTOV MAPKIANOΠOΛIT, ΩN in exergue, eagle standing facing, head left, wreath in beak
AMNG 1019
1 commentsareichOct 21, 2007
Phillip II and Serapis, Markianopolis, Serpent, AE2566 viewsPhillip II 244-249 AD
AE25, 13 g
obv: confronted busts of Phillip II and Serapis, [] IΛIΠΠOC KAICAP
rev: coiled serpent left, E in right field, MAPKIANOΠOΛEITΩN
Hristova & Jekov, p. 236, fourth coin, (same dies)

ex Pars coins
areichOct 21, 2007
Caracalla and Julia Domna, Markianopolis, Tyche, AE2789 viewsMOESIA INFERIOR, Marcianopolis. Caracalla and Julia Domna. 198-217 AD.
Æ Pentassarion - 27mm (11.60 g). Quintilianus, magistrate.
obv: ANTΩNINOC AVΓOVCTOC IOVΛIA ΔOMNA, facing busts of Caracalla and Domna
rev: VΠ KVNTIΛIANOV MAPKIANOΠOLITΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia; Є in left field.
AMNG 678 var.; SNG Budapest 114 var.
Good Fine, light brown patina, small flan crack.

ex Barry Murphy
2 commentsareichOct 20, 2007
Abydus, Troas; Apollo / Eagle; AE1242 views4th cent. BC
AE12, 1.7g
obv: laureate head of Apollo right
rev: ABY, eagle standing right, cornucopia to right

SNG Cop 32 var
areichOct 12, 2007
Trajan, Aeolis, Myrina, Roma, AE1429 viewsTrajan, 98-117 AD
AE14, 2.33g
obv: [AVTOKPATOPA] TRAIANON, laureate head right
rev: [ΘEA]N RΩ MHNMYPI, turreted and draped bust of Roma right

BMC 42; SNG Cop 240
areichOct 12, 2007
Pergamon, Mysia, Herakles / Athena, AE1021 viewsPergamon, Mysia, ca. 300 BC
AE10, 0.84g
obv: head of Herakles right, wearing lion-skin headdress
rev: head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet, ΠEP below

BMC 33, SNG Cop 323
areichOct 12, 2007
Caracalla, Carrhae, Tyche, AE2040 views20mm, 5.4g
obv: laureate head right
rev: [COL MET] ANTONINIANA AVR ALEX, turreted and veiled head of Tyche right

BMC p. 86-87, no. 38-42; SNG Cop. 184
areichOct 12, 2007
Apollonia, Pontica, 1/2 Drachm28 views9mm, 0.75 g
obv.: Gorgoneion
rev.: Anchor
areichOct 11, 2007
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