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Shekel Tyre Civic Year 4 (123/2 BC)85 viewsPHOENICIA. Tyre. AR shekel (29mm, 14.07 gm, 12h). Dated Civic Year 4 (123/2 BC).
O: Laureate head of Melqart right
R: TYPOY IEPAΣ KAI AΣYΛOY (Tyre the Holy and Inviolable), Eagle standing left on prow, palm frond over wing; to left, LΔ (date) above club, M and Phoenician bet between legs.
- DCA Tyre 9. DCA 921. ex ClassicalCoins.Com 2005
5 commentsNemonater05/27/19 at 18:08cmcdon0923: Excellent details all around....especially the eag...
Class D follis, Sear 183616 viewsClass D anonymous follis. ca. 1050/1060 A.D. 10,5g, 27mm. Christ on throne / ISHS / BASILE / BASIL in three lines. Sear 1836.1 commentsPodiceps02/15/19 at 14:24cmcdon0923: It's actually a class "F" follis. Distinguish...
Byzantine Empire: ∆ Anonymous Class F Follis, Constantinople (Sear 1856; DOC III.2-F.2) - Attributed to Constantine X (1059-1067)20 viewsObv: IC-XC in field; Christ seated facing on throne without back, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium, raising right in benediction; gospels in left hand
Rev: IS XS / ЬASILЄ / ЬASIL in three lines; cross above and beneath
Dim: 25mm, 5.38g

Overstruck on an Anonymous Class C Follis
1 commentsQuant.Geek12/04/18 at 17:15cmcdon0923: Good detail for a class F
Russia: Boris Feodorovich Godunov (1598-1605) AR Kopek, Moskva (Спасский 81/6)19 viewsObv: Boris on horseback to right; MO below, O to upper right field
Rev: Cyrillic inscription in five lines - ЦРЬIВЕЛ \\ IКИКНSЬ \\ БОРIСЪθЕ \\ ДОРОВIЧЬВ \\ СЕЯРУСI (ЦАРЬ И ВЕЛИКИЙ КНЯЗЬ БОРИС ФЕДОРОВИЧ ВСЕЯ РУСИ; Tsar and Grand Duke Boris Feodorovich of All Rus)
Dim: 15 mm, 0.65 g, 10 h
1 commentsQuant.Geek09/20/18 at 15:08cmcdon0923: Exceptional...full, strong obverse figure and reve...
Byzantine_Anonymous_Class_A3_Variety_3925 views1 commentsKevin P05/29/18 at 16:45cmcdon0923: Exceptional portrait and obverse !!!
Byzantine_Anonymous_Class_A131 views1 commentsKevin P05/29/18 at 16:44cmcdon0923: Wonderful detail, especially for the A1 type !!
Greek, Phoenicia, Tyre, 111 - 110 B.C., Judas' 30 Pieces of Silver, Year 1849 viewsSL86641. Silver shekel, BMC Phoenicia p. 237, 85; Cohen DCA 919-18 (C); Baramki AUB -, NGC Ch AU*, strike 5/5, surface 5/5 (4280576-003), Tyre mint, weight 14.20g, maximum diameter 28.0mm, die axis 0o, 109 - 108 B.C.; obverse laureate head of Melqart right, lion's skin knotted around neck; reverse TYPOY IEPAΣ KAI AΣYΛOY (of Tyre the holy and inviolable), eagle left, right foot on ship's ram, palm frond behind, date HI (year 18) over club and palm frond left, ZB right, Phoenician letter beth between legs1 commentsJoe Sermarini05/11/18 at 15:03cmcdon0923: very nice !!
Byzantine Empire: ∆ Anonymous Class A1 Follis, Constantinople (Sear 1793) - Attributed to John I Tzimisces (969-976)36 viewsObv: +ЄMMA-NOVHΛ; IC-XC to right and left of bust of Christ facing, holding book of gospels, with nimbus
Rev: +IҺSЧS / XRISTЧS / ЬASILЄЧ / ЬASILЄ in four lines
Dim: 25 mm, 7.22 g, 5 h
1 commentsQuant.Geek03/26/18 at 04:11cmcdon0923: Very nice class A1 !!
12 Caesars (+2)52 viewsA not-so-virtual coin tray of the 12 Caesars, plus two additional who ruled during the 1st century AD.4 commentscmcdon092303/16/18 at 04:20cmcdon0923:
Nero, Emperor, Porcius Festus, Procurator, Prutah, KAICAPO26 viewsAE Prutah
Roman Provincial
Caesar: 50 - 54AD
Augustus: 54 - 68AD
Porcius Festus
Procurator: 59 - 62AD
Issued: 58 - 59AD
19.0 x 17.0mm
O: ΝεΡΩΝΟC; Legend in three lines, surrounded by wreath.
R: KAICAPO; Palm branch.
Exergue: Λε (Regnal year.)
Caesarea Mint
Hendin 653; Meshorer TJC 345.
Fiona's Mom
~2004 4/30/17
2 commentsNicholas Z05/01/17 at 02:01cmcdon0923: If by "help" you mean attribution....prutah of Por...
Roman Empire, Nero ∆ dupondius RIC 59652 viewsNero. A.D. 54-68. ∆ dupondius (30 mm, 12.61 g, 7 h). Lugdunum, ca. A.D. 67. IMP NERO CAESAR AV-G P MAX TR P P P, laureate head of Nero right, small globe at point of neck / SECVRITAS AVGVSTI, S C in exergue, Securitas reclining on throne right, resting elbow on back of throne, head on hand, and holding scepter; before her, garlanded and lighted altar against which leans lighted torch resting on bucranium. RIC 596; Lyon 210; WCN 531; BMC 344. Nice green patina, minor roughness on reverse.
2 commentsCurtis H204/14/17 at 01:33cmcdon0923: Very nice coin !
Persian siglos, Darius I/Xerxes I, 505-480 BCE25 viewsMy first ancient coin, bought on stationary auction in 2012.

Obverse: kneeling king holding a bow, at least that's what the description said. Personally I see there a spear, but I believe the seller.

Reverse: incusum.
1 commentsAquilaSPQR04/12/16 at 15:24cmcdon0923: Take a look at the Wiki for an attribution guide t...
Herod H502.JPG
Herod the Great H.502105 viewsSize: AE Lepton
Obverse: Anchor
Reverse: Galley
Date: 37-4 BC
Reference: Hendin 502
1 commentsJohn K05/22/15 at 14:16cmcdon0923: For whatever reason, this has always been my favor...
Herod H.502 48 viewsObverse: Anchor
Reverse: Galley
Date: 37-4 BC
struck by Herod the Great to
commemorate his tremendous feat of building at the port of Caesarea
Maritima, his Kingdom's main port
Reference: Hendin 502
1 commentsamibosam12/26/13 at 13:31cmcdon0923: One of my favorite varieties of Herod's coinag...
ANIMALS/PINK FLOYD. A themed collection of ancient coins.98 viewsFor an interactive presentation, go to this Prezi:

Recommend viewing full screen (icon at bottom left). Sound on. Click play; you can use arrow keys or mouse clicks to navigate even while in autoplay mode.

Individual pictures of coins and attributions will be added soon.
9 commentsTIF11/24/13 at 21:08cmcdon0923: My absolute favorite group !!!! FABULOUS !!!
Byzantine Empire: ∆ Anonymous Class D Follis, Attributed to Constantine IX (1042-1055), (Sear-1836)86 viewsObv: IC - XC.
Christ seated facing on throne with back, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium, and holding book of Gospels with both hands.
Rev: IS XS / bASILE / bASIL.
Legend in 3 lines.
2 commentsSpongeBob11/11/13 at 02:09cmcdon0923: Very nice ! Wonderful obverse detail !!
Northwest Corner of the Parthenon.jpg
Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon, North West Corner of the Parthenon786 views1 comments09/21/13 at 20:21cmcdon0923: They've done some fixing up since I was there ...
Vitellius: 69 AD "The Year of the Four Emperors"60 viewsAE As; Tarraco (Spain) Mint
Struck 69AD
Obv. - laureate head left; A.VITELLIUS.IMP.GERMAN
Rev. - Libertas standing left, holding pileus and scepter, S / C either side; LIBERTAS /RESTITUTA
13.77 grams
27.2 mm
3 commentscmcdon092312/29/12 at 14:27cmcdon0923: bad. Must have "fat fingered" the number...
RIC 0619 Domitianus58 viewsObverse: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM PM TRP VIII CENS PER P P - Radiate head right.
Reverse: COS XIIII LVD SAEC FEC - S C (in exergue) - Domitian standing left, sacrificing over altar; to left victimarius with goat and sheep, flute player and lyre player standing right; in background six-column temple.
mm. 27,56 - g. 12,82 - die axis 6
RIC 2 619 (C) - Cohen 87/8 - Struck in Rome 88 a.D.
Celebrating the anniversary of the foundation of the city.
2 commentsFlaviusDomitianus12/27/12 at 19:49cmcdon0923: Very nice !!
Domitian: 81 - 96 AD64 viewsAE As; Rome Mint
Struck 95-96AD
Obv. - laureate head right; IMP.CAES.DOMIT.AUG.GERM.COS.XV(???)
Rev. - VIRTUS standing left, with spear and parazonium, S C either side; VIRTUTI / AUGUSTI
10.06 grams
3 commentscmcdon092308/22/12 at 01:13cmcdon0923: Thanks David. I bought it basically just for the ...
GREEK, Attica, Athens, 449-413 BC, AR Tetradrachm - Starr pl. xxii, 61175 viewsHead of Athena right, wearing helmet ornamented with vine scroll and laurel leaves.
Owl facing standing right, head facing, AΘE to right, olive sprig and crescent to left, all within incuse square.
Starr pl. xxii, 6; SNG Copenhagen 33; Sear 2526.
(22 mm, 17.18 g, 10h)
17 commentsLloyd T12/28/11 at 19:20cmcdon0923: Exceptionally well balanced coin !!
Hendin-506 / 1197 (02)81 viewsHerod Archelaus - prutah
1.18 grams
3 commentscmcdon092312/07/09 at 19:17cmcdon0923: Thanks Jay....the moment I saw this, I fell in lov...
Clay Pipe- Late Colonial USA38 viewsLate 1700s. I found this on the bottom of a lake in MA. It has the initials L.E. on it and was found with another pipe with the date 1787 inscribed.2 commentsJRoME01/27/09 at 17:33cmcdon0923: I would love to see an image of the dated piece !!...
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