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Last comments - cmcdon0923
Shekel Tyre Civic Year 4 (123/2 BC)127 views5 commentsNemonater05/27/19 at 18:08cmcdon0923: Excellent details all around....especially the eag...
Class D follis, Sear 183617 views1 commentsPodiceps02/15/19 at 14:24cmcdon0923: It's actually a class "F" follis. Distinguish...
Byzantine Empire: Anonymous Class F Follis, Constantinople (Sear 1856; DOC III.2-F.2) - Attributed to Constantine X (1059-1067)27 views1 commentsQuant.Geek12/04/18 at 17:15cmcdon0923: Good detail for a class F
Russia: Boris Feodorovich Godunov (1598-1605) AR Kopek, Moskva (Спасский 81/6)23 views1 commentsQuant.Geek09/20/18 at 15:08cmcdon0923: Exceptional...full, strong obverse figure and reve...
Byzantine_Anonymous_Class_A3_Variety_3928 views1 commentsKevin P05/29/18 at 16:45cmcdon0923: Exceptional portrait and obverse !!!
Byzantine_Anonymous_Class_A137 views1 commentsKevin P05/29/18 at 16:44cmcdon0923: Wonderful detail, especially for the A1 type !!
Greek, Phoenicia, Tyre, 111 - 110 B.C., Judas' 30 Pieces of Silver, Year 1855 views1 commentsJoe Sermarini05/11/18 at 15:03cmcdon0923: very nice !!
Byzantine Empire: Anonymous Class A1 Follis, Constantinople (Sear 1793) - Attributed to John I Tzimisces (969-976)44 views1 commentsQuant.Geek03/26/18 at 04:11cmcdon0923: Very nice class A1 !!
12 Caesars (+2)64 views4 commentscmcdon092303/16/18 at 04:20cmcdon0923:
Nero, Emperor, Porcius Festus, Procurator, Prutah, KAICAPO27 views2 commentsNicholas Z05/01/17 at 02:01cmcdon0923: If by "help" you mean attribution....prutah of Por...
Roman Empire, Nero dupondius RIC 59652 views2 commentsCurtis H204/14/17 at 01:33cmcdon0923: Very nice coin !
Persian siglos, Darius I/Xerxes I, 505-480 BCE26 views1 commentsAquilaSPQR04/12/16 at 15:24cmcdon0923: Take a look at the Wiki for an attribution guide t...
Herod H.502 48 views1 commentsamibosam12/26/13 at 13:31cmcdon0923: One of my favorite varieties of Herod's coinag...
ANIMALS/PINK FLOYD. A themed collection of ancient coins.100 views9 commentsTIF11/24/13 at 21:08cmcdon0923: My absolute favorite group !!!! FABULOUS !!!
Byzantine Empire: Anonymous Class D Follis, Attributed to Constantine IX (1042-1055), (Sear-1836)100 views2 commentsSpongeBob11/11/13 at 02:09cmcdon0923: Very nice ! Wonderful obverse detail !!
Northwest Corner of the Parthenon.jpg
Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon, North West Corner of the Parthenon799 views1 comments09/21/13 at 20:21cmcdon0923: They've done some fixing up since I was there ...
Vitellius: 69 AD "The Year of the Four Emperors"64 views3 commentscmcdon092312/29/12 at 14:27cmcdon0923: bad. Must have "fat fingered" the number...
RIC 0619 Domitianus61 views2 commentsFlaviusDomitianus12/27/12 at 19:49cmcdon0923: Very nice !!
Domitian: 81 - 96 AD69 views3 commentscmcdon092308/22/12 at 01:13cmcdon0923: Thanks David. I bought it basically just for the ...
GREEK, Attica, Athens, 449-413 BC, AR Tetradrachm - Starr pl. xxii, 61219 views17 commentsLloyd T12/28/11 at 19:20cmcdon0923: Exceptionally well balanced coin !!
Hendin-506 / 1197 (02)83 views3 commentscmcdon092312/07/09 at 19:17cmcdon0923: Thanks Jay....the moment I saw this, I fell in lov...
Clay Pipe- Late Colonial USA38 views2 commentsJRoME01/27/09 at 17:33cmcdon0923: I would love to see an image of the dated piece !!...
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