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Last comments - Aleph
2556 LYDIA, Gordus Julia Pseudo-autonomous AE 15 under hadrian Amphora29 viewsReference.
RPC III, 2556; SNG Mnchen 179

Magistrate Ludus

Turreted and draped bust of the Tyche of the city, right.


2.23 gr
15 mm
2 commentsokidoki07/01/19 at 01:03Aleph: Isnt this a krater rather than an amphora? Ampho...
RI 077v img~0.jpg
Romulus265 viewsSeverus Alexander Denarius
Obv: IMP SEV ALEXAND AVG, Laureate head right
Rev: P M TR P VII COS II P P, Romulus advancing right with spear & trophy
Minted in Rome
Reference: RIC 85. RSC 351

Romulus, founder of the city, shares the attributes of Mars but not helmeted.
3 commentsmaridvnvm02/15/18 at 22:06Aleph: A nearly identical issue has the legend VIRTVS AVG...
Anonymous issue, 1st/2nd century AD. Tessera 3,13g, 18-20mm.39 viewsObv: Modius with three grain ears.
Rev: Cantharus.
Cohen VIII p. 272, 55; Gbl Antike-Numismatik 100; Mazzini pl. lxxix, 55.
1 commentsxanthos08/03/12 at 09:47cckk: I love this issue. Happy to see another quadrans ...
Anonymous issue, 1st/2nd century AD. Tessera 2,65g, 13-15mm.47 viewsObv: Helmeted head right (Minerva?).
Rev: ROMA.
Cohen, Tesserae, p. 271, 44.
1 commentsxanthos08/02/12 at 23:09cckk: Wonderful! I have never seen one of these in the ...
Trajan, Rome. 98-117 AD. Quadrans 2,52g, 13-15mm.45 viewsObv: IMP CAES TRAIAN AVG GERM, helmeted and draped bust of Minerva right.
Rev: S C (ex.), round shield, transverse spear behind.
Woytek 607; BMCR p.227 *, pl. 43.16, Stefano Johnson Coll., Milano.
2 commentsxanthos08/02/12 at 22:57cckk: Rare! Nice find.
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