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Last comments - Cleisthenes
Bramsen 1126small.JPG
Bramsen 1126. Bapteme du Roi de Rome, 1811.472 viewsObv. Laureate head of Napoleon left.
Rev. Napoleon, whole length, standing, his head encircled with a laurel wreath, full dress, richly embroidered, the imperial mantle over his shoulders; he is holding the infant with both hands in an elevated situation, as if about to plunge him in an elegant font below; on the top of the font is a Capenduncula, across which lies a branch of myrtle, also a small coffer or acerra, used for holding the incense, surmounted on the top with a cross; against the plinth of the font rests a large book ( the Bible ), on the cover of which a cross; behind the Emperor, on the right, a chair of state, the front ornamented with the initial letter N, within a laurel wreath ANDRIEU FECIT in Ex BAPTEME DU ROI DE ROME M.DCCCXI

AE68. Struck in 1814-15, the original 1811 strike had a different obverse.
5 commentsLordBest10/16/07 at 00:30Cleisthenes: Beautiful, just Beautiful!
Constantine II 33.jpg
F364 viewsConstantine II AE3

Attribution: RIC VII 182, Siscia, Officina 4
Date: AD 321-324
Obverse: CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate head r.
Reverse: CAESARVM NOSTRORVM, laurel wreath surrounding VOT/./X,
Δ SIS and sunrise in exergue
Size: 20 mm – “nearly fully silvered”
Weight: 3.27 grams

Constantine II assumed the title of Augustus, along with his bothers Constantius II and Constans, on September 9, AD 337 after the death of his father. He took the western provinces under his supervision. Constantine II and his brothers soon quelled an insurrection by their cousins Delmatius and Hannibalianus, who were subsequently killed. All seemed well between the siblings until Constantine II decided to overrun his brother Constans and extend his holdings. They met in battle during the spring of AD 340 at Aquileia. Constans emerged victorious while his bother Constantine II met his fate and was killed.
12 commentsNoah08/14/07 at 12:13Cleisthenes: A beauty!
Gela tetradrakme.jpg
Gela Tetradrachm160 viewsGela Tetradrachm
C.420-415 BC.
SNG ANS 91 JENKINS 469, 20
Ex Spink London.
1 commentsJan Terje R05/29/07 at 13:15Cleisthenes: I think your coin is beautiful!
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 14. Septimius Severus, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)383 viewsSeptimius Severus, AD 193-211
AE 28, 12.83g, 27.58mm, 225°
struck under governor Ovinius Tertullus
obv. AV.K.L.C. - CEVHROC P
laureate head r.
Youthful unbearded Herakles, nude, stg. facing, head r., resting with r. hand
on his club, holding in l. hand his bow and lion-skin over l. arm
ref. a) not in AMNG:
obv. AMNG I/1, 1275
rev. AMNG I/1, 1276 var. (has NIKOPOLI)
b) not in Varbanov (engl.)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
rare, EF+, superb green patina

Here Herakles seems to be prepared for starting his labors. One of my most beautiful Provincial coins!
11 commentsJochen05/10/07 at 02:19Cleisthenes: A beautiful work of art. Magnifique!
Greek, Macedonian Kingdom, Alexander III the Great, 336-323 BC, AV Stater169 viewsObverse shows Athena right.

Certified authentic by David R Sear.
2 commentsgoldcoin05/02/07 at 11:34Cleisthenes: A very beautiful coin!
RGS, Constantine the Great, AD 307-337167 viewsGold solidus, 20.14mm, 4.43g, gVF
Struck at Thessalonika AD 324
Diademed head right in Hellenistic style / CONSTANTINVS AVC SMTSΔ, Victory seated left holding wreath-bearing Nike and cornucopiae; shield below to right. ERCOA
Ex: Forum Ancient Coins
RIC 131 (citing 4 specimens); Cohen 102
6 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/02/07 at 11:36Cleisthenes: WOW!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Trajan / Denarius / Aequitas reverse124 viewsAttribution: RIC 118 (RIC II)

Date: 107-111 AD

Obverse: Laureate bust right, drapery on left shoulder

Reverse: Aequitas standing with scales and cornucopia

Weight: 3.41 grams
5 commentsAnemicOak01/24/07 at 11:55Cleisthenes: Very nice, indeed!
Carthage, Second Punic War. Circa 220-205 BC.107 viewsAR 1/4 Shekel (14mm, 1.71 g, 12h)
Obverse- Head of Tanit left, wearing grain-ear wreath, single-pendant earring, and necklace with pendants.
Reverse- Horse standing right; pellet below.
MAA 78; SNG Copenhagen 337.
3 commentsb7011/25/06 at 22:38Cleisthenes: Wow! What a beauty!
Julia Domna RIC IV, 37364 viewsJulia Domna, died 217(?), wife of Septimius Severus
AR - denar, 2.67g, 19mm
struck in Rome AD 211-217
Bust of Julia, head bare, draped, r. Hair elaborately waved in 5 vertical waves,
varying numbers of horizontal ridges, fastened in bun at back and queue
below it.
Diana, draped, standing front, holding long lighted torch, pointing slightly
upward to l., in both hands
RIC IV/1, (Caracalla) 373; C.32; BMC 2; RCV 6578
about EF
3 commentsJochen06/26/06 at 08:51Cleisthenes: Beautiful portrait
3.0 Bar Kokhba small bronze, year 3 (134-135 CE)172 viewsBar Kokhba rebellion (second Jewish Revolt against Rome)
Year 3 (134-135 CE)
small bronze (19.5 mm)
Hendin 739

obv. seven branched palm tree, symbolizing Judaea (like Menorah?)
SHIMON (Simon [Bar Kokhba]) in field below tree
rev. Bunch of grapes L'CHAROT YERUSHALAYIM (For the Freedom of Jerusalem) around
5 commentsZam06/26/06 at 08:48Cleisthenes: This is really a beautiful coin; congratulations :...
Judaea, Antoninus Felix, Roman Procurator under Claudius, 52 - 60 A.D.63 viewsBronze prutah, Hendin 651, TJC 342, Fair, 2.51g, 17.5mm, Caesarea mint, 54 A.D.; obverse IOU/LIA AG/RIPPI/NA (Julia Agrippina - wife of Claudius), within a wreath tied at the bottom with an X; reverse TI KLAUDIOC KAICAP GEPM (Tiberius Claudius Caesar Germanicus), two crossed palm fronds, L ID below (year 14);

1 commentsareich06/07/06 at 11:33Cleisthenes: Nice coin!
Ptolemy VI, 204-181 B.C212 viewsSilver tetradrachm, BMC-, SNG Cop -, gVF, 13.87g, 26.2mm, 40o, Salamis, Cyprus mint, 177-176 B.C.; obverse diademed head of Ptolemy I right wearing aegis; reverse PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, owl in left field, LE (regnal year 5) over SA (Salamis mint, Cyprus) in right field; superb portrait, fantastic style, extremely rare, possibly unique6 commentssalem05/02/06 at 02:03Cleisthenes: Beautiful!
Gaul Massalia AR Obol209 viewsGaul Massalia 4th Cent. BC AR Obol 0.77 gm. Youthful head of Apollo left / Wheel of four spokes with MA1 commentsb7004/27/06 at 09:23Cleisthenes: The is really a very nice coin!
TEMPLE or SHRINE, Volusian, Antoninianus660 viewsMinted in Rome in AD 252
IMP CAE C VIB VOLVSIANO AVG, radiate and draped bust of Volusian right
IVNONI MARTIALI, Juno seated within a distyle shrine, * in right field
3,60 gr
Ref : RCV # 9750, Cohen #45

The precise location of this shrine could be in the Campus Martius, or in the Campus Martialis (see RCV III, p 241, note under # 9730)
4 commentsPotator II04/22/06 at 08:45Cleisthenes: I agree with Jochen, "Beautiful reverse!"
Mysia Kyzikos 480-450 BC AR Obol177 viewsMysia Kyzikos 480-450 BC AR Obol
0.35g, 9mm
Obv.: Forepart of boar left, tuna behind
Rev.: Lion's head left
SNG Turkey 57

ex MediterraneanCoins
6 commentsareich04/14/06 at 11:15Cleisthenes: Wow! What a wonderful coin
J15G-War H-664.jpg
1st Jewish War, Æ Prutah, 66-70 CE88 viewsBronze prutah of 1st Jewish War Against Rome, 66-70 CE, 1.72 grams, 18 mm. Minted Year 3 (68/69 CE).

Obverse: Amphora with broad rim two handles and lid, year 3 (in Hebrew – שנת שלש) around;
Reverse: Vine leaf on small branch, inscription “The freedom of Zion” (in Hebrew – חרת ציון) around.

Reference: Hendin 664, SGIC 5640, AJC II, 261, 20, TJC 204-206

Added to collection: March 19, 2006
1 commentsDaniel Friedman03/21/06 at 06:22Cleisthenes: Very nice!
Anonymous Issue during the reign of Constantine I, AE3, 334-335369 viewsAnonymous Issue during the reign of Constantine I, AE3, 334-335, Siscia, Officina 3
Helmeted with plume, bust left in imperial mantle
She-wolf standing left, head right, suckling Remus and Romulus
17mm x 18mm, 2.67g
RIC VII, 240
8 commentsb7003/03/06 at 09:43Cleisthenes: Beautiful coin!
Augustus M SALVIVS OTHO RIC 431.jpg
Augustus Moneyer's As RIC 431298 viewsAS, 30mm, 9.73g.


Reverse: M SALVIVS OTHO around large SC.

Rome, 7BCE.

RIC 431, Common.

It could do with some more cleaning on the reverse, to bring out the SC, but I've never had the confidence to do it.
4 commentsRobert_Brenchley02/26/06 at 00:41Cleisthenes: I'd love to have an Augustus this nice
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