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Carthage, Second Punic War. Circa 220-205 BC.107 viewsAR 1/4 Shekel (14mm, 1.71 g, 12h)
Obverse- Head of Tanit left, wearing grain-ear wreath, single-pendant earring, and necklace with pendants.
Reverse- Horse standing right; pellet below.
MAA 78; SNG Copenhagen 337.
3 commentsb7001/06/10 at 09:58b70: Isn't it? This is one of my favorite coins in ...
Julias Caesar denar, Ceres / priestly implements69 views46 BC
obv. head of Ceres right
rev: priestly implements
8 commentsareich12/04/09 at 10:18b70: A very nice Julius Caesar denarius. Congrats!
Herakles174 viewsPortrait of young Herakles inspired by my Alexander III Tetradrachm. Pen and ink. also 2"x2"5 commentsmihali8411/20/09 at 22:24b70: Nice!
Attica, Athens837 viewsAthens, ca. 449-413 BC. Silver tetradrachm.
Denomination : Silver tetradrachm.
Size : 23.7 x 24.3 mm Weight : 17.20 grams.
Reference : Sear-2526.
Grade : gVF and better centered than usual with a significant part of the crest showing.
Obverse : Head of Athena right.
Reverse : Owl standing right, with an olive sprig and crescent moon over its shoulder, with a AQE to the right.
Ex-Calgary Coin 1150
8 commentsecoli06/26/09 at 11:55b70: Very nice example.
Anonymous Republican denarius 157-155 B.C.113 viewsSilver denarius, SRCV I 76, RSC I 6, Sydenham 376, gVF, Rome mint, obverse head of Roma right wearing winged helmet, X behind; reverse Victory in biga right, whip in right, ROMA in ex. Gorgeous dark toning.4 commentsAdrian S06/11/09 at 12:29b70: Nice early denarius!
Greek Attic Black Figure Plate57 viewsDate: Circa 450 BC
Diam: 34cm
3 commentsoa01/23/09 at 13:33b70: Fantastic!
Roman Bridge85 viewsAnother view of the Roman bridge in Calabria2 commentsTitus Pullo10/13/08 at 03:03b70: Really nice picture.
Kaposthaler drachm, Zeus/horse, AR1572 views15mm, 1.93g
struck 120-50 BC
3 commentsareich10/12/08 at 03:53b70: Very nice.
Phrygia, Colossae. Commodus36 viewsPhrygia, Colossae. Commodus. A.D. 177-192. Æ 34 mm. Zosimos, strategos.
Obverse: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Reverse: Artemis standing right, quiver at shoulder, holding branch and antler of stag standing behind her.
Von Aulock, Phrygiens II 575 (same dies).
Near VF, brown patina. 34 mm, 21.04 g.

Extremely rare - one of two known, the other in the Vatican museum.
3 commentsb7007/23/08 at 16:34b70: Thanks!
Julia Domna259 viewsImpression digitally laid over sculpted bust2 commentsScotvs Capitis07/23/08 at 03:11b70: Another excellent job!
Thracia, Lampsakos, Lysimachos, Thompson 47574 viewsLysimachos, 323-281 BC
AR - tetradrachm, 28.8mm, 16.85g
struck in Lampsakos, 286-281 BC
obv. Head of Alexander the Great, wearing taenia and horn of Ammon
Athena, wearing Corinthian helmet, in long robe, std. l. on throne, l. arm resting on shield decorated with lion's-head, spear pointing downwards behind her r. shoulder, holding in outstretched r. hand winged Nike who is crowning the name with a wreath.
in l. Field monogram HP (ligate)
in ex. crescent with cavity l.
ref. Thompson 47; Müller 401; SNG Paris 2542
about EF, a small scratch before the crescent, wonderful style, a Hellenistic artwork! For sure one of the 5% most beautiful specimens of this type!
ex Ancient Auction House (2003)
ex coll. Pete Burbules (2004)
ex coll. AlexB, Hongkong (2007)
ex Forum Ancient Coins (2008), thanks!
Now this gem has its place for some years at my home. Curious where it will go then!

According to Thompson Lampsakos was the biggest mint of Lysimachos in Asia Minor with c. 150 different obv. dies. When Amphipolis began about 288 BC its extensive coinage the issue from Lampsakos decreased.
13 commentsJochen01/08/08 at 03:40b70: Gorgeous coin.
Roman Trajan Denarius61 viewsTrajan AR Denarius. Struck 115 AD. IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TRP COS VI P P, laureate draped bust right / SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Trajan's column: statue of Trajan atop column on base, two eagles at base of column.

RIC 292, RSC 558.
3 commentsTanit12/20/07 at 14:50b70: Great coin!
ROMAN REPUBLIC, Pulcher Mallius Urbinius - Victory in triga - 111BC - AR Denarius65 views3.91g - 18mm - s.176var
There are 4 moneyers, "Q VR" - each seperated by a point. _T.ML.AP.CL
One of 2 of this type in this gallery but this coin has a different arrangement of moneyer's names than on the other coin.
4 commentsjerseyjohnjames12/16/07 at 04:00b70: If I remember correctly, there are only two republ...
Best of Type.jpg
ROMAN REPUBLIC, Q. Marcius Libo, AR Denarius, 148 B.C.818 views22 commentsRomaVictor11/18/07 at 03:39b70: That is one beautiful coin.
010 Æ28  Hieron II 2.jpg
GREEK, Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II (275-215 aC), AE28148 viewsStruck: 270-230 aC
Reference: Sear Greek Coins 1221; Calciati 195; BMC II 583; SNG ANS 909 (924)
Conservación: MBC+
Metal: Æ
Weight: 18,20 gr.
Diameter: 28 mm.
Obverse: Bust of Hieron facing left.
Reverse: Horseman galloping right carrying a spear. Below, in exergue, IEPΩNΩΣ (HIERONOS).
3 commentsJuan B10/27/07 at 15:20b70: Great coin!
Siculo-Punic, AE16167 views264-241 BC
Head of Tanit left
Horse right and palm tree
1.75 gr, 16 mm
Ref : SNG Cop. 111
7 commentsPotator II10/15/07 at 03:11b70: Great coin with a great patina!
Vespasian86 viewsVespasian. A.D. 69-79. AR denarius (19 mm, 3.33 g). Rome, A.D. 76. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head right / COS VII across field, eagle with wings spread standing facing, head left, on cippus . RIC 99a; BMC 180; RSC 121.5 commentsTLP08/23/07 at 07:56b70: A really nice coin!
Egypt, Alexandria, Hadrian, Dattari 7901123 viewsHadrian, AD 117-138
AE33, drachm, 22.10g
Alexandria, AD 133/134 (year 18)
Bust, draped and cuirassed, laureate, r.
rev. Agathodaimon, bearded, erected r., and Uraeus-Snake, erected l., confronted;
Agathodaimon, representing Osiris, wearing shkent (double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt) and
holding kerykeion with his tail; Uraeus-Snake, representing Isis, wearing crown of Isis (sundisk
between horns) and holding sistrum.
across field L IH (year 18)
Ref.: Dattari 7901
Very rare, VF
Thanks to Salem!

For more information please look at the thread 'Coins of mythological interest'.
8 commentsJochen07/29/07 at 03:25b70: I haven't seen one of these before. Very nice!
Constantinus, GLORIA EXERCITVS285 viewsCONSTANTINUS I, “THE GREAT”, 307-337 AD. Centenional (2,5 gr.; Æ = 17,40 mm.; 6:00 hs.). Mint of Siscia, 1st officina, ca. 334-335 AD. Obv. DN CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG. Diademated militar bust right. Rev. GLORIA EXERCITVS. Two soldiers besides two militar standars; ex.: ·ASIS·. RIC VII (Sis.) #235; Salgado MRBI #8276.f. Mint State. Shiny dark patina.6 commentsRicardo07/22/07 at 03:31b70: Amazing detail! Very nice.
Germanicus AE Dupondius115 viewsI love this one. I find it has real aesthetic appeal.

Germanicus AE Dupondius struck by Caligula. GERMANICVS CAESAR, Germanicus in quadriga right / SIGNIS RECEP DEVICTIS GERM S-C, Germanicus standing left with eagle-tipped scepter. Cohen 7.

Ex Künker 2006
6 commentsTrajan07/13/07 at 23:23b70: Very nice coin!
Germanicus RIC I, (Gaius) 57167 viewsGermanicus, died AD 19, brother of Claudius, father of Gaius Caligula
AE - Dupondius, 16.7g, 31mm
Rome AD 41.54
obv. GERMANICVS/CAESAR in two lines across field
Germanicus, bare headed and in military cloak, standing r. in a slow-quadriga
ornamented with Victory holding wreath.
rev. SIGNIS - RECEPT/DEVICTIS - GERM/S- C in three lines, between them Germanicvs bare-headed in tunika standing l., r. hand raised for greeting, in l.
hand eagle-sceptre
RIC II, (Gaius) 57; C.7; BMCR. 94
VF, nice patina!

This issue reminds on the triumph of Germanicus AD 17 due to his campaigns against the Germans, where he regains 2 of the 3 signs which were lost AD 9 by Varus in the battle of Teutoburger Wald.

For Latin scholars: The grammar structure on the rev. is the infamous 'ablativus absolutus' in connection with a chiasmus!
3 commentsJochen05/24/07 at 03:33b70: Nice detail!
F&I 3.jpg
SPAIN - FERDINAND & ISABELLA165 viewsType of currency: BLANCA
Mint: CUENCA dates:1474-1504 Measurement: c. 20 mm
obverse: FERNANDVS ET ELISABET around I circulate underneath of points that a crowned F contains, with C (mint)
reverse: REX ET REGINA CAST LEGION around I circulate underneath of points that one contains and crowned , with P
Variant: P in reversE
1 commentsdpaul704/21/07 at 03:35b70: Nice one!
Vrbs Roma126 viewsAnonymous Issue during the reign of Constantine I.
Obverse- VRBS-ROMA, helmeted bust left.
Reverse- She-wolf standing left, head right, suckling Remus and Romulus.
Alexandria mint, 17mm.
6 commentsb7004/17/07 at 14:36b70: Sorry, I don't know the weight or have a scale.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Commemorative VRBS ROMA - •ΓSIS•60 viewsRIC VII Siscia 2402 commentsblack-prophet04/05/07 at 02:20b70: Excellent! I really like coins with the shewolf an...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Commemorative VRBS ROMA - SMTSepsilon48 views1 commentsblack-prophet03/30/07 at 03:53b70: Nice one.
004. Claudius, 41-54AD. AE Aes.93 viewsAE Aes. Rome mint..

Rev. Minerva advancing right brandishing spear and shield, large SC

RIC I00. BMCRE 206.

Beautiful patina. gVF
1 commentsLordBest03/28/07 at 13:33b70: Very nice and great detail.
Attica, Athens, SNG Copenhagen 31200 viewsThe famous Attic owl, 449-413 BC
AR - tetradrachm (classic style), 17.1g, 24.2mm
obv. Archaic head of Athena r., with almond shaped eye, wearing crested helmet
ornamented with three olive leaves and floral scroll, wire necklace, round
rev. AQE right
owl standing right, head facing, erect in posture, prong tail, to left olive twig
and crescent, all within incuse square
SNG Copenhagen 13; Sydenham 2526
nice VF, good metall (Thanks to Salem!)
7 commentsJochen02/08/07 at 01:07b70: Absolutely stunning!
RGS, Constantine the Great, AD 307-337168 viewsGold solidus, 20.14mm, 4.43g, gVF
Struck at Thessalonika AD 324
Diademed head right in Hellenistic style / CONSTANTINVS AVC SMTSΔ, Victory seated left holding wreath-bearing Nike and cornucopiae; shield below to right. ERCOA
Ex: Forum Ancient Coins
RIC 131 (citing 4 specimens); Cohen 102
6 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/02/07 at 02:05b70: Fantastic coin!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander, AR Denarius / RIC 12394 viewsAttribution: RIC 123 (RIC IV, Part II), RSC 448
Date: 222-235 AD

Obverse: IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: P M TR P XIII COS III P P Sol advancing left raising hand and holding whip

Size: 20mm
Weight: 2.98 grams
4 commentsAnemicOak01/12/07 at 04:24b70: Nice coin.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander / Denarius/ RIC 10555 viewsAttribution: RIC 105 (RIC IV, Part II), RSC 401

Date: 230 AD

Obverse: IMP SEV ALEXAND AVG; laureate head right

Reverse: P M TR P VIIII COS III P P; emperor standing right holding spear & globe

1 commentsAnemicOak12/28/06 at 06:32b70: Very sharp!
AlexSmal copy.jpg
Licinius II, Ae 3, struck 317 A.D.204 viewsLicinius II AE 3
3gm & 21mm

Obv/ LICINIVS IVN NOB CAES; laur., dr., and cuir. r.; holding mappa in r. hand, globe and sceptre in r. hand.
Rev/ IOVI CONSERVATORI CAESS; Jupiter stg. l., chalmys across l., shoulder, holding globe and sceptre; crescent/A in fields.

SMAL in exergue. RIC VII, 25. Rare 2 chEF?
9 commentsMayadigger12/21/06 at 06:16b70: Sweet coin with a sweet patina!
M. Lucilius Rufus, Crawford 324/159 viewsM. Lucilius Rufus, gens Lucilia
AR - denarius, 3.77g
Rome, c. 101 BC
obv. Head of Roma, helmeted with winged gryphion helmet, r., PV behind, all within laurel wreath
rev. Victory driving biga right, holding reigns and in raised r. hand whip
RVF above, M. LVCILI in exergue
Crawford 324/1; Lucilia 1; Sydenham 599; Albert 1129; BMCR 1613
Good VF, broad flan

PV is short for 'ex argento publico' = struck from public silver
The Victory on the reverse refers to the Marius' victories over the Teutones and Ambrones at Aquae Sextiae in 102 B.C. and the Cimbri at Vercellae in 101 B.C. (Roman Republican Coinage by Michael H. Crawford)
1 commentsJochen11/18/06 at 06:11b70: Very nice!
Septimius Severus Color Impression474 viewsA quick colorized marble statue. Hair might be too brown for reality, I believe in older age it was peppered with grey like the famous family painting (the one with Geta scrubbed out), but he looked younger here so artistic license was used. Also, he should really be darker skinned but working on the white surface of the original pic made what I was doing seem dark ennough, in retrospect he should probably be a little more dark toned.12 commentsScotvs Capitis11/02/06 at 10:50b70: Your artwork really bring some of these images to ...
074. Theodosius II, 402-450AD. AV Solidus.507 viewsAV Solidus. Constantinople mint. Obv: DN THEODO-SIVS PF AVG - Three-quarters bust right, draped, cuirassed, holding spear over right shoulder and shield in left hand Rev: VOT XXX MVLT XXXXS - Constantinopolis seated left, holding cross on globe and scepter, her left foot sits on the prow of a galley and at rear of her throne, a shield sits; in right field, a 'star'. Exe: CONOB : AD 430-440, RIC X, 257 (s) Scarce, page 259/ 4.48 g. Choice FDC.
15 commentsLordBest08/09/06 at 08:29b70: Magnificent coin! It is amazing that anything cou...
RGS, Julian the Apostate, AD 360-363498 viewsGold solidus, 22.1mm, 4.46g, EF
Struck at Antioch in Syria c. AD 362-3
FL CL IVLIA-NVS P F AVG, diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right, with long beard / VIRTVS EXERCI-TVS ROMANORVM, helmeted soldier advancing right, head left, dragging captive with right and holding trophy over shoulder; ANT A in exergue. RCOA
Ex: Freeman & Sear
RIC 197 (citing a specimen at Vienna); Cohen 79 var
9 commentsLawrence Woolslayer08/09/06 at 08:25b70: Awesome!
1ag Marcus Junius Brutus64 viewsTook his own life in 42 BC after being defeated at Philippi by Antony and Octavian

Denarius, issued as moneyer, 54 BC
Head of Liberty, right, LIBERTAS
Consul L. Junius Brutus between lictors, preceded by accensus, BRVTVS

Seaby, Junia 31

Plutarch wrote: Marcus Brutus was descended from that Junius Brutus to whom the ancient Romans erected a statue of brass in the capitol among the images of their kings with a drawn sword in his hand, in remembrance of his courage and resolution in expelling the Tarquins and destroying the monarchy. . . . But this Brutus, whose life we now write, having to the goodness of his disposition added the improvements of learning and the study of philosophy, and having stirred up his natural parts, of themselves grave and gentle, by applying himself to business and public affairs, seems to have been of a temper exactly framed for virtue; insomuch that they who were most his enemies upon account of his conspiracy against Caesar, if in that whole affair there was any honourable or generous part, referred it wholly to Brutus, and laid whatever was barbarous and cruel to the charge of Cassius, Brutus's connection and familiar friend, but not his equal in honesty and pureness of purpose. . . . In Latin, he had by exercise attained a sufficient skill to be able to make public addresses and to plead a cause; but in Greek, he must be noted for affecting the sententious and short Laconic way of speaking in sundry passages of his epistles. . . . And in all other things Brutus was partaker of Caesar's power as much as he desired: for he might, if he had pleased, have been the chief of all his friends, and had authority and command beyond them all, but Cassius and the company he met with him drew him off from Caesar. . . . Caesar snatching hold of the handle of the dagger, and crying out aloud in Latin, "Villain Casca, what do you?" he, calling in Greek to his brother, bade him come and help. And by this time, finding himself struck by a great many hands, and looking around about him to see if he could force his way out, when he saw Brutus with his dagger drawn against him, he let go Casca's hand, that he had hold of and covering his head with his robe, gave up his body to their blows.
2 commentsBlindado08/09/06 at 08:23b70: Nice coin!
Helena -Posthumous196 viewsAttribution-RIC VIII Constantinople 33,38 or 48

Obv. FL IVL HE-LENAE AVG Head right with ornamental mantle and necklace with elaborate hairstyle
Rev. PAX PV-BLICA Pax standing left holding branch and transverse sceptre-Double strike
Ex.? Not sure but my guess based on style is Constantinople
5 commentsblack-prophet06/21/06 at 05:17b70: Gorgeous coin!
87 viewsDenarius - 82 BC. - Mint moving with Sulla
Obv.: Helmeted head of Roma right, PROQ behind; L MANLI T (T in horizontal position) before.
Rev.: Triumphator in quadriga right, crowned by flying Victory, L SVLLA IMP in ex.
Gs. 4,1 mm. 17,86x18,26
Crawf. 367/3, Sear RCV 287, Grueber II (East) 13

On the coins of this Sulla's issue, there is one of the best stylistic depictions of Rome's head
2 commentsMaxentius06/21/06 at 03:01b70: Awesome coin!
Obv. IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG-Radiate,cuirassed,draped bust right,seen from behind
Rev. ROMAE AETERNAE-Roma seated left on shield,Victory in right hand,scepter in left
Size 23mm
2 commentsblack-prophet06/21/06 at 02:23b70: Looks just minted. That is one nice coin.
181 viewsLegionary Denarius - 32/31 BC. - Mint moving with Mark Anthony (Patrae?)
Obv.: ANT AVG III VIR R P C, Praetorian galley right
Rev.: LEG III, eagle between standards.
Gs. 3,6 mm. 17,20x17,96
Craw. 544/15, Sear 1479, Grueber II (East) 193

2 commentsMaxentius06/12/06 at 09:18b70: Very nice example.
Lucius Verus * Armenia - AR Denarius * 161-169 AD.161 views
Lucius Verus * Mourning Armenia - Silver Denarius

Obv: Bare head, right: L VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS
Rev: Armenia seated on the ground left-facing, in attitude of mourning, weight placed on left arm, accoutered with bow and quiver, shield to front leaning and resting against raised right leg, vexillum behind: TRP III IMP II COS II

Exergue: ARMEN

Mint: Rome
Struck: 163 AD.

Size: 18 mm.
Weight: 3.3 gms.
Die axis: 180°

Condition: Superb! Near mint. Very clean with bright, silvery luster.

RIC III, 501
MIR 18, 62-14/10
Sear RCV 1537 (1988 ).
6 commentsTiathena06/09/06 at 09:41b70: I wish I could give more than 5 stars!
Syria, Antiochia ad Orontem, Augustus, BMC 13560 viewsAugustus, 27 BC - AD 14
struck 5/4 BC
obv. KAISARI SEBASTH ARXIEREI (starting upper right)
bust, laureate, r.
rev. ARXIE / RATIKON / ANTIO / XEIS / ZK (in 5 lines)
all in archieratic wreath
ZK = year 27 of the Actian era = 5/4 BC
BMC 135; RPC 4251; SGI 109
VF, nice sand patina

Refers to the acception of the title archiereus by Augustus. The Actian era is counted from the battle of Actium.
3 commentsJochen05/29/06 at 05:33b70: Great coin.
Constantine the Great233 viewsConstantine I, AE3, 324-325, Rome, Officina 1
Laureate head right
Campgate with seven rows, two turrets, no doors, star above, top and bottom rows empty blocks, one pellet in doorway, two pellets above
RP in exergue
18mm x 19mm, 2.84g
RIC VII, 264, sub-issue d
Note: RIC 264-269 includes a sub-issue, delineated by the number of dots on the reverse, with:
a = no dots; b = dot in arch; c = dot in arch, one dot above; d = dot in arch, two dots above; e = dot in arch, three dots above.
9 commentsb7005/24/06 at 04:27b70: Thanks guys.
CAMPGATE, Constantine I, AE3 Siscia141 viewsAttribution: RIC 214 (RIC VII)

Mint: Siscia, Officina 3, ΓSIS double crescent

Date: 328-329 AD

Laureate head right

Campgate with eight rows, two turrets, no doors, star above, top row arches and dots in blocks, bottom row empty blocks ΓSIS double crescent in exergue

Size: 18mm x 19mm

Weight: 3.19 grams
2 commentsAnemicOak05/24/06 at 04:24b70: I second Potator. Your gallery is a pleasure to be...
HAUTE ET MOYENNE SEINE20 viewspotin: bald head
region: Haute et moyenne seine
eastern France
75-50 BC
1 commentsfrederic05/03/06 at 19:24b70: Very cool looking coin. I may pick up some Celtic ...
CAMPGATE, Constantine I, AE3 Antioch164 viewsAttribution: RIC 63 (RIC VII)

Mint: Antioch, SMANTΔ

Date: 327-328 AD

Obverse: CONSTAN-TINVS AVG; laureate head right

Reverse: PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG; campgate with two turrets, star above, SMANTΔ in exergue

Size: 20.4mm x 20.7mm

Weight: 3.1 grams
3 commentsAnemicOak04/17/06 at 05:53b70: That is a very nice coin.
Islam D 3.jpg
ISLAMIC, Egypt, dinar, year 422 h.332 viewsDinar. Egypte year 422 h.
wt. 4.08 gms d. 20 mm
inner marginal insc.: second part of Shi'a Kalima
middle marginal insc.: initial statement of Kalima
outer marginal insc.: Quran 9:33
inner and middle marginal insc.: A Kaliph's names and titles
outer margial insc.: mint name and date.
This is an example of the "three circle" style, the second coinage type of al-Zahir (562-575 h)
3 commentsTanit04/14/06 at 02:54b70: Very nice.
Otacilia Severa AR Antoninanus / Concordia141 viewsAttribution: RIC 126 (RIC IV, Part III), RSC 17

Mint: Rome

Date: 246-247 AD

Obverse: M OTACIL SEVERA AVG; Diademed and draped bust right on crescent

Reverse: CONCORDIA AVGG; Concordia seated left, holding double cornucopia and patera, altar before

Size: 23.32 mm

Weight: 4.5 grams

Some additional info from Curtis Clay
"Your coin can be precisely dated to c. spring 247.
Not earlier, because it shows the altar at Concordia's feet which was added to the type c. spring 247. Not later, because Otacilia's obv. legend still begins with M, which was dropped from the legend c. summer 247.
These dates depend on the assumption that these changes were simultaneous with similar changes on the coins of Philip I, one of whose types bore the date TR P IIII, equivalent to 247 AD."

2 commentsAnemicOak04/14/06 at 01:17b70: Great coin.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Philip I AR Antoninianus / Roma reverse71 viewsAttribution: RIC 44b (RIC IV, Part III), Cohen 169

Mint: Rome

Date: 246-247 AD

Obverse: IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG; Radiate, cuirassed, draped bust right, seen from behind

Reverse: ROMAE AETERNAE; Roma seated left, Victory in right hand, scepter in left, shield at side

Size: 23mm x 24mm

Weight: 4.28 grams

Ex CNG, Electronic Auction 121, Lot 243, September 2005
1 commentsAnemicOak04/14/06 at 01:16b70: Very nice.
Carthago Horse/Kore179 viewsCarthago - Siclian Mint
Bronze Punic
Ae; 2.86g; 17mm

Head of Kore Left;
Horse standing right, Palm tree behind

SNG Copenhagen 109/113; Acquaro 193/324; Muller II 163
7 commentsarizonarobin04/11/06 at 02:56b70: Attractive coin.
Fausta, Constantinople386 viewsFLAV MAX-FAVSTA AVG
Mantled and bareheaded bust right with waved hair

Empress (as Salus) standing facing, looking left, head veiled, and holding two children in her arms

CONS / A in left field

RIC 12 ; Minted Late 326 AD
AE 19-20mm; 3.10g
Ex-CNG 69 lot 151, Ex- K. Kline
11 commentsarizonarobin04/11/06 at 01:56b70: I love that portrait. Great reverse too.
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 23. Macrinus, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)380 viewsMacrinus, AD 217-218
AE 27, 14.01g, 27.34mm, 45°
struck under governor Marcus Claudius Agrippa
laureate head r.
city-gate with three towers, all with three pinnacles, closed double-door
ref. a) not in AMNG:
cf. AMNG I/1, 1826 (for Diadumenian)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 3383
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
very rare, VF/EF, dark-brown patina, a wunderful coin!
16 commentsJochen04/09/06 at 03:41b70: Another stellar coin in one of the nicest gallerie...
Julia Mamaea, Felicitas333 viewsO: IVLIA MA-MAEA AVG
Draped bust right
Felicitas standing left, leaning on column with legs crossed, holding caduceus

RIC 335, S 8209 Rome Mint (year 222-235)
Ar Denarius; 2.80g;19mm

My current favorite coin I own =)
8 commentsarizonarobin04/06/06 at 08:26b70: Very nice!
M. Junius Brutus, Crawford 433/1156 viewsM. Junius Brutus, 85 BC - 42 BC, the most famous of Caesar's assassins
AR - Denar, 3.96g, 19mm
54 BC
obv. Bust of Liberty r., no jewels in hair above forehead.
rev. The consul L. Junius Brutus walking l. between two lictores preceded by an
exergue: BRVTVS
Crawford 433/1; Sydenham 906a; Junia 31a

The rev. type recalls the expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus, the last King of Rome, by L. Junius Brutus, the moneyer's ancestor, who in 509 BC was elected the first consul of the newly formed Republic. 'Libertatem et consulatum L. Brutus instituit.' (Tacitus Ann. 1, 1)
This type illustrates the strong republican view of M.Junius Brutus! Caesar should had know that
4 commentsJochen04/05/06 at 08:25b70: That is one nice coin!
GREEK, Macedonian Kingdom, Alexander III the Great Tetradrachm686 viewsOne of the best examples of a temnos tetradrachm that I have seen. It has a high-relief beautifully-struck centered obverse, and as well as a wonderfully-struck reverse. Still boasts a mint lustre and nice toning.5 commentspeterpil1904/05/06 at 08:24b70: Fantastic coin. I wish I could give more than five...
67 viewsAnonymous Republic Quinarius - After 211 BC.
Ob.: Helmeted head of Roma right, V behind
Rev.: Dioscuri galloping right, ROMA in a tablet.
Gs. 2,2 mm. 16,1
Craw. 44/6, Sear RCV 42

2 commentsMaxentius04/05/06 at 02:52b70: Nice coin.
Vespasian Denarius557 viewsStruck under Titus, 80-81 AD. Laureate head right, DIVVS AVGVSTVS VESPASIANVS / Shield inscribed S C supported by two capricorns.
8 commentssocalcoins04/02/06 at 04:34b70: Very cool coin.
RGA, Antoninus Pius, AD 138-161222 viewsGold aureus, 19.9mm, 7.02g, EF
Struck c. AD 153/4 at Rome
ANTONINVS AVG PI-VS P P TR P XVII, laureate head left / COS IIII, togate, bare-headed emperor standing facing, looking left, holding globe with extended right and scroll with left hand at side. SCOA
Ex: Harlan Berk
RIC III, 233e; Calico 1530 (same obv die); Cohen 314
4 commentsLawrence Woolslayer03/30/06 at 02:27b70: Awesome!
- SR 1395 Julius Caesar157 viewsGold aureus, 7.79g, VF
Struck 46 BC at Rome; Aulus Hirtius, Praetor
C CAESAR COS TER, veiled bust of Vesta (?) to right / A HIRTIVS PR, jug between lituus and axe.
Sear 1395; Craw 466/1
5 commentsLawrence Woolslayer03/15/06 at 18:15b70: I think that is my new favorite coin. C...
Unattributed Roman7 viewsObverse: DNCONSTA_?
Exergue: CONS_?
3 commentsb7003/15/06 at 04:41b70: Thanks Noah. I am working on IDing them myself and...
Constantinus SARMATIA DEVICTA Trier with silvering170 viewsCONSTAN - TINVS AVG
laureated head right

Victoria holding trophy and palm advancing right, captive at her feet

STR crescent

reduced follis struck 323 / 324 in Trier ( Treveri )

C.487 - RIC.435

great patina with silvering
2 commentsgb2940003/13/06 at 03:39b70: Very sharp coin.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander Pax68 viewsSeverus Alexander, 223 A.D., Rome.
OBV: IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG, laureate, draped bust right.
REV: P M TR P II COS P P, Pax standing left with olive branch and scepter.
1 commentsancientcoins03/13/06 at 03:38b70: Nice coin. Definitely 5 stars.
Laureated head right

Armenia steated left, mourning, left hand resting on bow and quiver; before her, vexillum and shield

Denarius struck 164 in Rom

C. 7 - RIC.81 - BMC.274
5 commentsgb2940003/12/06 at 21:57b70: Awesome coin. The portrait is great and I love the...
Draped bust right with hair in horizontal wawes and drawn into bun at the back.

Caracalla and Plautilla standing hand in hand, the former holds roll.

denarius struck 202 in Rom

C.21 - RIC.362
6 commentsgb2940003/12/06 at 21:55b70: Very nice!
Thasos Tetradrachm.jpg
GREEK, Thasos, AR tetradrachm188 views5 commentsOptimus03/10/06 at 00:52b70: Fantastic coin in a magnificent collection. It is ...
030 Zeugitana, Carthage, 310-290 BC83 viewsElectrum shekel-didrachm, 18.5mm, 7.43g, nice VF
Head of Tanit left, wreathed with corn; she wears necklace and triple-drop earring; dot before neck / Horse standing right on exergal line; three pellets under exergual line.
Certificate of Authenticity by David R. Sear, ACCS
Ex: Apollo Numismatics
Jenkins V, 282-2; Müller p. 84, 52
3 commentsLawrence Woolslayer03/08/06 at 09:12b70: Yet another fantastic coin. I don't think five sta...
GG, Carthage, c. 310-290 BC168 viewsElectrum shekel, 18.8mm, 7.76g, choice VF
Head of Tanit left, wreathed with corn; she wears necklace and triple earring; pellet in lower left field / Horse standing right on double exergal line; pellet in lower right field. COA
Ex: Glenn Woods
Sear 6462; Jenkins V, 249
2 commentsLawrence Woolslayer03/08/06 at 09:10b70: Fantastic coin.
Anonymous Issue during the reign of Constantine I, AE3, 334-335369 viewsAnonymous Issue during the reign of Constantine I, AE3, 334-335, Siscia, Officina 3
Helmeted with plume, bust left in imperial mantle
She-wolf standing left, head right, suckling Remus and Romulus
17mm x 18mm, 2.67g
RIC VII, 240
8 commentsb7003/08/06 at 05:30b70: Thanks!
C. Hosidius C. f. Geta, Crawford 407/1132 viewsC. Hosidius C. f. Geta, gens Hosidia
AR - denarius serratus, 3.79g
Rome 68 BC
obv. Bust of Diana, diademed, r., bow and quiver about shoulder, GETA behind, III.VIR
rev. The Calydonean boar stg. r., transfixed by spear, attacked by dog
C.HOSIDI C.F. in ex.
Crawford 407/1; Sydenham 904; Hosidia 2
rarer than the non-serrated type, VF

For more informations see the thread 'Coins of mythological interest'
2 commentsJochen03/08/06 at 01:16b70: Very nice looking coin.
Antoninus Pius 7.JPG
ROMAN EMPIRE, Antoninus Pius, 138-161 AD39 viewsAntoninus Pius
Struck 145-161 A.D.
Laureate head right
Antoninus Pius veiled as a priest, sacrificing from patera over tripod
Denomination: Denarius
RIC 183; Cohen 304
17 mm, 2.6 gm
2 commentsbaseball_703/04/06 at 10:48b70: That is a very nice portrait.
leg XIII.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS Legio XIII Gemina76 viewsSEPTIMIUS SEVERUS. 193-211 AD. Legionary Denarius (18mm, 3.41 g, 12h). Struck 193 AD. Laureate head right / LEG X-III GEM M V, TR P COS in exergue, legionary eagle on low perch left between two standards. RIC IV 13 note; RSC 269a; BMCRE 17 note. VF
1 commentssseverus03/03/06 at 18:02b70: Nice portrait!
Peloponnesos, Elis c. 352-248 BC77 viewsSilver hemidrachm, 16mm, 2.56g, VF
Laureate head of Zeus right / F - A either side of eagle standing right on capital, wings closed.
Ex: BCD Collection
Sear -; BMC Peloponnesus, pg 67, #83 and pl XIII, #9
2 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/28/06 at 20:42b70: That is one nice coin.
Diana and Victory * Roman Republican, Serrate AR Den., 79 BC.136 views
Diana with Bow and Quiver | Victory in Biga * Republican, Serrate AR Den., 79 BC.

Obv: Diana, diademed and draped bust facing right, hair pulled up and bound behind, bow and quiver over her shoulder; S.C. before.
Rev: Victory driving a charging biga to the right, holding reins and palm-branch in left hand and wreath in her right, control mark A . XI below.

Exergue: Off flan. [ TI. CLAVD TI. F. APN ].

Mint: Rome
Struck: 79 BC.

Size: 18.50 mm. (Flan circ. at largest).
Weight: 3.9 gms.
Die axis: 190°

Condition: Exceptional. Bright, clear, radiant luster. Both sides well struck though slightly off-center and with a very slight bend near the rim (ca. 190° obverse). Excellent relief and details on both sides.

Sear, 310.
Claudia 6.
Crawford 383/1
Sydenham, 770a
BMCRR, Rome 3103
Kestner, 3233 var. (control numeral)
5 commentsTiathena02/26/06 at 07:51b70: A very nice coin Tiathena. Congrats.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Marcus Aurelius - SALVTI AVGVSTOR1176 viewsSestertius Obv.: IMP CAES M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG P M, laureate head right Rev.:SALVTI AVGVSTOR TR P XVII S-C, COS III below, Salus standing left offering a patera to snake arising from altar, and holding scepter. Cohen 564. 23 commentspostumus02/18/06 at 18:28b70: Absolutely stunning coin.
MYSIA, Parion. Ca. 4th century B.C. AR hemidrachm.160 viewsMYSIA, Parion. Ca. 4th century B.C. AR hemidrachm (13 mm, 2.41 g). Bull standing left, looking back; cockleshell below / Facing gorgoneion.3 commentsb7002/16/06 at 09:10b70: Thanks for the nice comment and for the info Tiath...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Valens, AV Solidus142 viewsValens, 364-378 AD, AV solidus

Obverse: DN VALENS PERP AVG diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: RESTITVTOR REIPVBLICAE emperor standing, head right, with standard & Victory
Sear 4104

21mm, 4.39 grams
3 commentssseverus02/16/06 at 09:09b70: Awesome coin!
RGA, Septimius Severus, AD 193-211380 viewsGold aureus, 20.5mm, 7.24g, aVF
Struck at Rome c. AD 210
SEVERVS PIVS AVG, laureate head to right / P M TR P XVIII COS III P P, Victory advancing to right, head turned back, leading small captive by the hand, and holding trophy over shoulder. RCOA
Ex: Harlan Berk
RIC 232; Calico 2517 (same dies)
8 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/14/06 at 09:13b70: Awesome coin!
P. Clodius136 viewsP. Clodius --AR Denarius. Apollo, Lyre behind. / Diana lucifera, two torches. Crawford 494/23; HCRI 184; Sydenham 1117; Claudia 154 commentsfeatherz02/12/06 at 08:51b70: Awesome coin!
GG, Taras, c. 280 BC (Time of Pyrrhos)164 viewsGold quarter-stater, 11.7mm, 2.13g, aVF
Laureate head Apollo to right, with long hair; AP behind / Eagle with wings spread standing half left atop wingless fulmen; AP and TAPANTINΩN before. RCOA
Ex: Hess-Leu, 27th March 1956, lot 12
Fischer-Bossert p. 370, G59g and pl. 68 (this coin); HN Italy 986; Vlasto 49; SNG ANS 1043
4 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/11/06 at 08:08b70: Very nice.
GREEK, Macedonian Kingdom, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC Thrace1299 viewsAR - Tetradrachm struck in Lampsakos, 286-281 BC
Obv. Head of Alexander the Great, wearing taenia and horn of Ammon
Rev. BASILEWS – LYSIMAXOY Athena, wearing Corinthian helmet, in long robe, seated facing left on throne, left arm resting on shield decorated with lion's-head, spear pointing downwards behind her right shoulder, holding in outstretched right hand winged Nike who is crowning the name with wreath. In left field monogram HP (ligate); in exergue, crescent with cavity left.
28.8mm, 16.85g
Ref. Thompson 47; Müller 401; SNG Paris 2542
23 commentsalexB02/09/06 at 20:18b70: Beautiful coin.
ROMAN REPUBLIC, L. Papius. Denarius, 79 B.C.996 viewsObv: Head of Juno Sospita right, clad in goat's skin, control-symbol behind head.
Rev: Gryphon leaping right, control-symbol below, L PAPI in exergue.
RSC Papia 1 | CRR 733 | RCV I : 311.
11 commentsthe_Apostate02/09/06 at 20:17b70: Wow! Awesome coin.
Mark Antony Legio V Silver Denarius125 viewsSilver denarius, S 1479, Craw 544/18, Syd 1221, BMC 196, RSC 32, VF, corrosion, 3.263g, 18.03mm, 180o, Patrae? mint, 32 - 31 B.C.;
Obverse - ANT•AVG / III VIR•R•P•C, galley right with rowers, mast with banners at prow, border of dots;
Reverse - LEG - V, legionary eagle between two standards, border of dots;

This may have been the famous V Alaudae ('the larks'), a Caesarean legion which remained loyal to Antony but was later retained by Augustus. There are other possibilities, however: V Macedonica, a Caesarean legion about which little is known; V Urbana, disbanded after Actium (and therefore quite likely an Antonian legion); and V Gallica, a Caesarean legion that was probably the one that under Lollius lost its eagle to German raiders in Gaul in 17 BC.
2 commentsb7002/07/06 at 16:52b70: Thanks. The kudos go to Forvm for the description.
Silver diobol Mesembria, Thrace, c. 450 - 350 B.C149 viewsSilver diobol, SNG Cop 653, gVF, Mesembria mint, 1.295g, 11.2mm, obverse crested Corinthian helmet facing; reverse M-E-T-A within wheel, surrounded by border of radiating lines.3 commentsb7002/04/06 at 18:39b70: Thanks guys.
Constantine I12 viewsObverse: ?
2 commentsb7001/25/06 at 03:05b70: Thanks Victor.
Alexander the Great 336-323 b.c.214 viewsLifetime Issue Silver Drachm
aEF, 4.253g 16.3mm 45 deg, Lampsakos mint, Price 1356, Muller 398; Thompson 71, Series V
O: Herakles head right wearing lion's skin knotted at neck.
R:Zeus seated left, holding eagle and sceptre, both feet forward, Demeter facing with two torches in left field.
3 commentsb7001/18/06 at 18:18b70: Thanks.
Corinthian Stater Corinth, Greece, 345 - 307 B.C.202 viewsSilver stater, Pegasi I, p. 260, #420; Ravel 1030, VF, 8.331g, 22.9mm, 270o, Corinth mint, obverse Pegasos flying left; reverse head of Athena left wearing Corinthian helmet, Nike flying left behind6 commentsb7001/18/06 at 18:18b70: Nike with a bow.
Corinthian Stater Corinth, Greece, 345 - 307 B.C.202 viewsSilver stater, Pegasi I, p. 260, #420; Ravel 1030, VF, 8.331g, 22.9mm, 270o, Corinth mint, obverse Pegasos flying left; reverse head of Athena left wearing Corinthian helmet, Nike flying left behind6 commentsb7001/18/06 at 05:58b70: Thanks buddy.
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