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Nerone Sesterzio.jpg
Roman, Nero776 viewsOrichalcum sestertius, RIC 517, C 268, BMC 328, S 1961, EF, 20.2g, 34.3mm, 180o, Lugdunum mint, 66 A.D.; obverse IMP NERO CAESAR AVG PONT MAX TR POT P P, laureate head left, globe at point of bust; reverse ROMA in ex, S - C in fields, Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Victory, left arm resting on parazonium, shields behind; extraordinary portrait, dark green patina. Ex Forum5 commentsForza e Onore09/27/17 at 17:30TiberiusClaudius: Appears tooled -- the lack of wear on the high poi...
Helena AE Follis29 viewsHelena. As nobillissima femina. AD 306-324. AE Follis (20mm, 3.12 g, 6h). Thessalonica mint. Struck under Constantine I, AD 318-319. HELE NA N F, mantled bust right / Star of eight rays within laurel wreath. Choice EF, green patina, light smoothing1 commentsOctopus Grabus09/27/17 at 17:14TiberiusClaudius: Beautiful coin.
Constantine I AE Follis29 viewsConstantine I. AD 307/310-337. AE Follis (20mm, 2.76 g, 6h). Constantinople mint, 1st officina. Struck AD 328. Laurel and rosette-diademed head right / CONSTANTINI ANA DAFNE, Victory seated left on cippus, head right, holding palm frond in each hand; to left, bound captive seated left, head right, at base of trophy; A-//CONS. Good VF, black patina1 commentsOctopus Grabus09/27/17 at 17:14TiberiusClaudius: Appears to be heavily tooled, unfortunately.
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