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Last comments - Justin L
Titus, AD 79-8132 viewsSYRIA, Antioch.

AE semis, 23.10 mm (7.75 gm).

T CAESAR IMP PONT, laureate head of Titus right/ S-C within laurel wreath, dot in right field. Mint at Antioch, struck AD 76-77.

McAlee, 385b (R); RPC II, 2015; Butcher, 165b(iii).

1 commentssocalcoins01/17/19 at 15:56Justin L: Great youthful (kind of chubby) portrait!
Byzantine, MANUEL COMENUNUS, METROPOLITIAN TETARTERON SBCV-1968 DOC 15 CLBC 4.4.2 159 viewsOBV Full length figure of the Virgin, nimbate, orans, wearing tunic, and maphorion turned to the r. Manus Dei (Hands of God) in upper field to r.

REV Full length figure of emperor, bearded, wearing stemma, divitision, collar piece, jeweled loros of a simplified type and Saigon; holds in right hand scepter cruciger and in l. anexikakia

Size 20.53mm

Weight 4.2gm

Cosmopolitan Issue were minted in Constantinople, each of these coins had an added silver content of 3% and were also issued with a very light silver wash (Silver traces are common on Cosmopolitan issues but intact fully silvered coins are very rare.) These more than likely were tariffed at a higher rate than the Thessalonica issues that have been shown to have no silver content. Cosmopolitan issue are in general far scarcer than the Thessalonica issues

DOC lists 34 examples with weights from 2.32 to 4.9gm and size from 17mm to 22mm

The coins only flaw, wear on the Virgins face. Other that near perfect centering and a wonderful reverse strike.
6 commentsSimon07/16/18 at 22:14Justin L: Very nice, Simon! Great condition!
moneta 298a~0.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Julia Domna, Rome, RIC IV 574558 viewsJulia Domna AR Denarius
obv: IVLIA AVGVSTA. Draped bust right.
rev: PIETAS PVBLICA. Pietas standing facing, head left, both hands raised, lit altar left.
Struck 198-202 A.D. at Rome
RIC IV 574
Van Meter 40
7 commentsJericho06/19/18 at 04:48Justin L: Very nice! I think your's just beats mine of ...
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