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Siculo-Punic AE Horse Galloping155 viewsCarthage
Siculo-Punic Mint
(no legend)
Wreathed head of Tanit left
(no legend)
Horse galloping right
Sassari 56-136, Holleman Munten List 106

Forvm Best of Type:
6 commentsWindchildPunico07/21/13 at 12:22MagisterRiggs: Nice coin! Looking for one of this style myself......
Punic Tanit Punic - SNG 351124 viewsZEUGITANA, Carthage. Time of the First Punic War. Circa 264-241 BC.

Billon Double Shekel (11.8 gm).
Obv.: Wreathed head of Tanit left, wearing triple-pendant earring and necklace
Rev;: Horse standing right, palm behind, pellet below.

SNG Copenhagen 190; Mller 104
2 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:38MagisterRiggs: Nice coin!
Punic D 2.jpg
Tanit Punic - SNG 35191 viewsBillon 2 Shekels - Carthage - 205-203 BC
Weight: 11.8 gms
Obv.: Wreathed head of Tanit left ; Rev.: Horse standing right, palm behind.

SNG 351
1 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:38MagisterRiggs: Stunning Tanit!
Punique D 1.jpg
Punic Tanit - SNG 351149 viewsBillon 2 Shekels - Carthage - 205-203 BC
Weight: 11.8 gms
Obv.: Wreathed head of Tanit left ; Rev.: Horse standing right, palm behind.

SNG 351
2 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:37MagisterRiggs: Such a pretty Tanit!
punic 1+.jpg
Tanit Punic - SNG 34458 views3 Shekels - Cathage - 220-215 BC
Diameter: 30 mm
Weight : 18.5 gms
Obv.: Wreathed head of Tanit left ; Rev.: Horse standing right, palm behind.

SNG 344
1 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:36MagisterRiggs: This coin has an attraction...something about the ...
Tanit Punic57 viewsPunic AE 20
Obv: Head of Tanit to the left.
Rev: Standing horse to the right, diverting the head. Bellow, globule.
2 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:35MagisterRiggs: Very nice! Great patina!
P 8+.jpg
Siculo-Punic - Carthago - Unit31 views400-350 BC
Weight : 2.5 gms
Diameter: 15 mm
Obv.: Wreathed head of Tanit left ; Rev.: Horse standing right, palm behind, > before.

M.P. 12 p.243
J.A. 18s p.367
1 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:33MagisterRiggs: nice! Love these long legged horses!
P 2 D.jpg
Punic Zeugitana63 viewsShekel - Carthage - 300-264 BC
Diameter: 18 mm
Weight : 5 gms
Obv: head of Tanit left
Rev: horse's head right

SNG 149
1 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:32MagisterRiggs: Pleasing Tanit!
Punic ++.jpg
Punic 3 shekels41 views3 shekels - Utica. Circa 1st Century BC. 28.2 mm (19.65 gm). Jugate busts of the Dioskouri right. Above, two stars / Two horses standing right; Punic '>TG' above.

Mazard 341; SNG 428.
1 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:28MagisterRiggs: Love this type!
P 1 D.jpg
Punic - Carthago - Shekel71 viewsShekel - Carthage - 300-264 BC
Diameter: 20 mm
Weight : 6 gms
Obv: head of Tanit left
Rev: horse's head right

SNG 149
1 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:26MagisterRiggs: Nice.
Punic52 views1 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:24MagisterRiggs: good style on horse the mane!
P 3 D.jpg
Punic128 viewsShekel - Carthage - 215-201 BC
Diameter: 22 mm
Weight: 7 gms
Wreathed head of Tanit left / Horse standing right, head reverted;

SNG 307
2 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:23MagisterRiggs: Like the Tanit on this one.
Punic First Punic War - Carthage90 viewsPUNIC. Carthage. 241 B.C. Shekel.
Obverse: Head of Tanit facing left.
Reverse: Ear.
SNG 235
1 commentsTanit05/30/13 at 12:22MagisterRiggs: I like this coin...hope to have one one day.
Antioch, civic issue38 viewsAntioch, Syria. Municipal Coinage, civic issue. AE20,weight 6.99 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / ΑΝΤΙΟΧΕΩΝ ΤΗΣ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ to left and right of Zeus seated left, holding Nike (with wreath) and sceptre in left, date in ex.

1 commentsddwau05/30/13 at 12:06MagisterRiggs: Nice.
Antiochos III Megas 223-187 BC. 45 viewsAntiochus III, Uncertain mint, Syria, AE20. 6.4g. Obv: Head of Athena in crested helmet right, ΜΑΛ lower left. Rev: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ, winged Nike standing left holding wreath, anchor counterstamp in inner left field. Houghton 6681 commentsddwau05/30/13 at 12:03MagisterRiggs: Interesting coin.
Seleucid Kingdom. Antiochos VIII Grypos 121-96 BC25 viewsAntiochus VIII Grypos 121-96 BC. AE 18.4 weight 5.54g. Radiate head right / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ ΕΠΙ−ΦΑΝΟΥ to left and right of eagle standing left on thunderbolt, sceptre over shoulder. Usually with date in exergue. BMC 25-28; Hoover HGC 1212; SNGIs 2501 1 commentsddwau05/30/13 at 11:50MagisterRiggs: I enjoy the Seleucids. They were an interesting b...
L. Manlius Torquatus and L. Cornelius Sulla - Manlia-476 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC L. Manlius Torquatus and L. Cornelius Sulla. 82 BC. Denarius. Mint moving with Sulla. L. MANLI before, PRO.Q behind, helmeted Roma right / Sulla, being crowned by Victory, in quadriga right; L SVLLA IM in exergue. Crawford 367/5; Syd 757; SRCV 286: Manlia-44 commentsBud Stewart05/20/13 at 14:27MagisterRiggs: Nice coin!
Punic 9 D.jpg
Punic 3 shekels118 views3 shekels - Utica. Circa 1st Century BC. 28mm (16.75 gm). Jugate busts of the Dioskouri right. Above, two stars / Two horses standing right; Punic '>TG' above.

Mazard 341; SNG 428.
2 commentsTanit05/19/13 at 15:02MagisterRiggs: Nice! I want one!
Tanit -1.jpg
First Punic War72 viewsShekel - Punic - Carthage - ~ 241 BC
D. 22 mm - Wt. 4.9 gms
Obv: Head of Tanit left
Rev: Plough
1 commentsTanit05/19/13 at 14:50MagisterRiggs: Interesting coin. Would love to have one of these ...
Seleukid kingdom, Antiochus VI Dionysos, 145-142 BC56 views16mm, 2.54g, serrated
obv: radiate head right, dotted border
rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOΥ EΠIΦANOΥΣ ΔIONΥΣOΥ, horse standing left, right foreleg raised
2 commentsareich05/19/13 at 14:11MagisterRiggs: Nice! I want one!
0101 - Denarius Marcia 82 AC34 viewsObv/ Laureate head of Apollo r.
Rev/ Marsyas walking l. bearing wine skin on shoulder; behind, statue of Victory on column: before, L CENSOR.

Ag, 17.5 mm, 3.78 g
Moneyer: L. Censorinus.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 363/1d [dies o/r: ~197/~228] - Syd. 737 - RSC Marcia 24
ex-M.Iglesias Alvarez, march 2011 (ex - Jess Vico, auction 125, lot 232)
1 commentsdafnis05/12/13 at 11:06MagisterRiggs: Gorgeous coin!
0077 - Denarius Vibia 48 BC40 viewsObv/Head of Liber r., wearing ivy wreath; behind, PANSA.
Rev/Ceres walking r., carrying torches, plow before.

Ag, 19.0mm, 3.66g
Moneyer: C.Vibius Pansa Caetronianius.
Mint: Rome.
RRC 449/2 [dies o/r: 54/60]
ex-Artemide Aste, auction 5E, lot 1151
2 commentsdafnis05/12/13 at 11:03MagisterRiggs: Lovely! Must be a pleasure to own!
0029 - Denarius Vibia 89-8 BC48 viewsObv/Laureate head of Apollo r.; PANSA behind, below control mark.
Rev/Minerva in quadriga r., holding spear and reins in l. and trophy in r.; C VIBIVS C F in ex.

Ag, 18.2mm, 3.90g
Moneyer: C.Vibius C.f. Pansa
Mint: Rome.
RRC 342/5b [dies o/r: 988/1097 (3b-5b)]
ex-LHS Numismatik, auction 100, lot 389
2 commentsdafnis05/12/13 at 11:01MagisterRiggs: Fantastic coin! What a thrill it must be to own!
49 viewsDenarius - 90 BC.
C. VIBIVS PANSA C.f. - Gens Vibia
Obv.: PANSA, laureate head of Apollo right, shell before
Rev.: Minerva in quadriga right, C VIBIVS CF in ex.
Gs. 2,8 mm. 16,2
Crawford 342/5b, Sear RCV 242

2 commentsMaxentius05/12/13 at 11:00MagisterRiggs: Wow, what a beauty!
NERO52 viewsAR tetradrachm. Antioch ( Seleucis and Pieria ). 67-68 AD. 15.19 grs. Laureate head, right carrying aegis. NEPΩN KAICAP CEBACTOC / Eagle standing three-quarters left, wreath in beak, wings spread, standing on wreath; palm branch in left field. ETOYC ςIP.
Prieur 92; RPC 4192.

1 commentsbenito02/01/13 at 00:43MagisterRiggs: Wow! Impressive coin...Talk about representation ...
CLAUDIUS33 viewsAE as. 41-54 AD. 11,33 grs. 6h. Bare head left. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP P P / Constantia standing left, raising right hand and holding spear in left. CONSTANTIAE AVGVSTI. S-C across fields.
RIC 111. C 14. von Kaenel Type 76.

2 commentsbenito02/01/13 at 00:23MagisterRiggs: super portrait!
CALIGULA87 viewsAE sestertius. 40-41 AD. 28,07 grs. 6h. Laureate head left. C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG P M TR P IIII P P // S P Q R / P P / OB CIVES / SERVATOS in four lines within oak wreath.
RIC I 53.
7 commentsbenito02/01/13 at 00:22MagisterRiggs: Incredible portrait! Super coin!
AUGUSTUS26 viewsAR denarius. Spanish mint (Colonia Patricia ?). 18 BC. 3,81 grs. 7 h. Laureate head right. CAESARI AVGVSTO / Temple of Mars Ultor: round-domed, hexastyle temple with acroteria ,set on podium of three steps. Within, aquila between two signa. MAR VLT across field.
RIC I 105a. RSC 190
1 commentsbenito02/01/13 at 00:20MagisterRiggs: Love the portrait! Lovely coin!
Lukania, Metapont, stater61 viewsca. 530-500 BC
27mm, 7.80g
obv: META; ear of barley in dotted border
rev: incuse ear of barley in a border of rays
(Noe 114)
ex. Knker Auction 83, lot 63 (17.06.2003)

6 commentsareich02/01/13 at 00:16MagisterRiggs: Wow! Quite a coin!
Roman, AUGUSTUS. 222 viewsFrom a Cistophorus of Pergamum. Struck c.19 - 18 B.C.
RIC I : 510
4 comments*Alex01/12/13 at 20:21MagisterRiggs: Wow, nice one!
Roman Republic, C. Antestius, 146 B.C.86 viewsRoman Republic, C. Antestius, 146 B.C.

Silver denarius, SRCV 95/1, Sydenham 411, Crawford 219/1e, RSC I Antestia 1, VF, Rome mint, weight 3.971g, maximum diameter 17.3mm, die axis 90o, 146 B.C.; obverse head of Roma right in winged helmet, C ANTESTI behind, X below chin; reverse Dioscuri riding right, puppy with both fore feet raised below, ROMA in a linear frame in ex, linear border
7 commentsRandygeki(h2)01/11/13 at 12:44MagisterRiggs: love the dog!
Q. Thermus M.f. - Minucia-19326 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC. Q. Thermus M.f. 103 BC. Silver denarius (3.86 gm). Head of Mars left / Two warriors fighting, the one on the left protecting fallen comrade, the other wearing horned helmet, Q THERM M F in exergue. Crawford 319/1, Sydenham 592, Babelon Minucia 19, RCV 19719 commentsBud Stewart01/04/13 at 21:32MagisterRiggs: Great example!
TEMPLE, Q.Cassius Longinus, Temple of Vesta845 viewsQ. Cassius Longinus -- AR Denarius. Head of Libertas right; LIBERT left, Q. CASSIVS right / Curule chair within temple of Vesta; urn to left and voting tablet inscribed AC to right. Crawford 428/2; Sydenham 918; Cassia 8.9 commentsfeatherz01/04/13 at 20:57MagisterRiggs: Extraordinary! She's lovely. Putting this on...
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Antinous Medallion937 viewsHadrian favourite,Antinous,Medallion 40 gr,39 mm,very fine condition,very rare8 commentsjames01/04/13 at 20:53MagisterRiggs: Fantastic coin! What a thrill it must be to own!
M.PISO M.f. FRUGI54 viewsAR denarius. 61 BC. 3,96 grs. Terminal bust of Mercury or Terminus right. Wreath and star behind.Two handled cup before. / M.PISO M.F.FRVGI above sacrificial knife and patera, all in wreath.
Craw 418/2b. RSC Calpurnia 23. Smyth III/39.
I.& L. Goldberg 59, lot 2330. Superior. Moreira sale part 1,lot 1679.
1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:40MagisterRiggs: Nice me it looks more refined than the r...
M. AEMILIUS LEPIDUS 36 viewsAR denarius. 61 BC. 3,97 grs. Diademed head of female (Roma ?) right / Equestrian statue of M.Lepidus holding trophy. M.LEPIDUS in exergue.
Craw 119/1a. RSC Aemilia 21b.
1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:38MagisterRiggs: I wish we knew who she was...I think I'd like ...
L.SULLA 17 viewsAR denarius. 81 BC. 3.86 gr. Diademed head of Venus right. / Double cornucopiae. Below Q. Craw 375/2. RSC Cornelia 33.
1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:37MagisterRiggs: Love the venus, just a bit plump and full of promi...
L.MUSSIDIUS LONGUS 199 viewsAR denarius. 42 BC. 4,02 grs. Diademed and veiled bust of Concordia right. CONCORDIA behind. / Platform inscribed CLOACIN on which there are two statues of Venus Cloacina. L. MVSSIDIVS LONGVS above.
Crawford 494/42a. RSC Mussidia 6b.
9 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:36MagisterRiggs: Wow! Quite a coin!
L. CASSIUS71 viewsAR denarius. 78 BC. 3,91 grs. Head of Liber ,ivy wreathed , right, with thyrsus over left shoulder / Head of Libera left, wearing vine wreath. L.CASSI Q.F behind.
Craw 386/1. RSC Cassia 6.
3 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:32MagisterRiggs: Love these two...another for the want list!
FAUSTUS CORNELIUS SULLA35 viewsAR denarius. 56 BC. 4.05 g, 9h. Head of young Hercules right, wearing lion's skin headdress, paws knotted below his chin; SC above FAVSTVS monogram behind. / Globe surrounded by four wreaths, the larger jewelled and tied with fillet; aplustre and stalk of grain below. Crawford 426/4a. RSC Cornelia 61 .
1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:31MagisterRiggs: Love the reverse!
C.MEMMIUS C.f. 41 viewsAR denarius. 56 BC. Laureate and bearded head of Quirinus right. C MEMMI C F before. / Ceres seated right holding corn stalks and ears. MEMMIVS AED CERIALIA PREIMUS FECIT. Craw 427/2. RSC Memmia 9.
1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:29MagisterRiggs: Beautiful coin!
ANONYMOUS 38 viewsAR denarius. 86 AD. 4.05 grs. Anepigraphic. Laureate head of Apollo right. Thunderbolt below. / Jupiter in quadriga right.
Craw 373/1a. RSC 226
1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:27MagisterRiggs: I really like this Apollo
SOCIAL WAR. Marsic Confederation.51 viewsAR denarius. Bovianum ?.89-88 BC. 3,97 grs. Laureate head of Italia left. VITELIV ,retrograde / Helmeted soldier standing facing, head right, foot on uncertain object, holding inverted spear and sword; recumbent bull to right facing.
Sydenham 627.
2 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:26MagisterRiggs: Interesting head...that alone would get me interes...
Q.CREPEREIUS M.f.ROCUS71 viewsAR denarius. 72 BC. 3,78 grs. Bust of Amphitrite right,seen from behind letter C before, symbol (crab) behind / Neptune,brandishing trident, in sea chariot right,drawn by two hippocamps,above C.
Q.CREPER.M.F. / ROCVS in two lines below.
Craw 399/1b. RSC Crepereia 2. CNR Crepereia 2/3.
1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:24MagisterRiggs: She is lovely!
Q. POMPONIUS MUSA 38 viewsAR denarius.c.66 BC. 4.04 g. 7h. Diademed head of Apollo right ,Q.POMPONI behind,MVSA before. / Hercules Musagetes standing right, playing lyre and draped with lion skin; club at his feet to right. HERCVLES before, MVSARVM behind. Crawford 410/1; Sydenham 810; RSC Pomponia 8. Smyth XII/45.

1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:23MagisterRiggs: Super! Not sure which side I prefer...maybe the H...
P. ACCOLEIUS LARISCOLUS37 viewsAR denarius. 43 BC. 3,92 grs. Draped bust of Diana Nemorensis right. P. ACCOLEIUS LARISCULUS / Triple cult statue of Diana Nemorensis. The Nymphae Querquetulanae ( Diana, Hecate, Selene) facing, supporting on their hands and shoulders a beam, above which are five cypress trees. The figure on the left holds a poppy in her right hand; the nymph on the right holds a lily in her left.
Crawford 486/1. RSC Accoleia 1.
1 commentsbenito12/28/12 at 15:20MagisterRiggs: LOVE this coin! What a beautiful reverse!
Q. LUTATIUS CERCO37 viewsAR denarius. 109-108 BC. 4,01 grs. Helmeted head of Roma right. ROMA above, CERCO under chin / Galley right with head of Roma on prow ; all within oak wreath. Q LVTATI over Q in field.
Crawford 305/1. RSC Lutatia 2.
1 commentsbenito12/24/12 at 03:03MagisterRiggs: Gorgeous!
GREEK, Macedonian Kingdom, Philip II, Tetradrachm, 323-315 BC 388 viewsPhilip II (359-336 BC), Tetradrachm, 14.31 g., 24 mm

O - Laureate head of Zeus r.
R - ΦΙΛΙΠΠOΥ / Π Horseman with palm r, flower.

Le Rider pl. 46, 3.

Provenance: Ex A.Tkalec AG, Auction 10/27/2011, Lot 58
7 commentsrobertpe11/07/12 at 02:02MagisterRiggs: Stunning coin!

RIC 38 (C) ; COHEN 27

9 commentsfrederic W11/06/12 at 00:28MagisterRiggs: Incredible coin!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caligula as 457 viewsAE As, 28.29mm (11.75 gm).

C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT, bare head left / VESTA, S-C in field; Vesta, veiled, draped, seated left on throne with ornamental back and legs, holding patera in right hand and long transverse sceptre in left; VESTA above, S-C to left and right. Rome mint, struck AD 37-38.

RIC I, 038; BMCRE I, 046.

8 commentssocalcoins11/06/12 at 00:20MagisterRiggs: I could hurt someone for this coin!
Augustus61 viewsAugustus, as (struck under Tiberius).
RIC 83 (tib).
28 mm, 10,94 g.
A.D. 34 - 37.
Obv. DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, radiate head of Augustus left.
REV. Winged thunderbolt between large SC.
3 commentsMarsman09/02/12 at 01:30MagisterRiggs: Like it!!
(05) CLAUDIUS (MINERVA)35 views41-54 AD
Struck 41-42 AD
As 26.5 mm, 8.06 g
O: [TI C]LAVDIVS CAESA[R AVG P M TR P IMP], Bare head left
R: S-C across fields, Minerva advancing right, brandishing spear and holding shield
Rome mint, RIC I 100
1 commentslaney09/02/12 at 01:22MagisterRiggs: Nice!
PONTOS, AMISOS, Circa 111-105 BC44 viewsAE20, 20mm, 8.13 g, 11h
Struck under Mithradates VI

O. Bust of Artemis right, wearing stephane; [bow and quiver over shoulder]
R. AMI-ΣOY, Tripod; no symbols or monograms

HGC 7, 240; SNG BM Black Sea 1139-40
2 commentsrobertpe09/02/12 at 01:15MagisterRiggs: like it!
1477 - Sextus Pompey, As189 viewsAs struck in Sicily c.43-36 BC
Head of Janus with features of Pompey the Great, MAGN above
Prow of galley right, PIVS IMP in field
16.57 gr
Ref : HCRI # 336, RCV #1394, Cohen #16
1 commentsPotator II07/30/12 at 00:52MagisterRiggs: Love this coin!
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